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In this video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we delve deeper into the Second Fitan- the battle of Al Harrah or the massacre of Al Harrah- during the time of Abdullah Ibn Zubayr RA.

The battle of Harrah took place under the leadership of Yazid Ibn Muawiyah. He delegated an army 12000 strong under the command of Muslim Ibn Uqbah Al Marri to go and attack Madina if the people of Madinah fail to give allegiance to Yazid . Yazid informed Ibn Uqbah Al Marri that he had a free hand to do as he pleases for 3 days and nights in Madina and not spare anyone barring a few home like those of Abdullah Ibn Umar, the grandson of Ali RA and Ibn Abbas.

Abdullah ibn Ja'far RA approached Yazid to speak to Abdullah ibn Hanzalah RA who was the chieftain of the army on the side of Madinah but there was no truce of whatsoever kind.The battle began and it was ruthless in its execution with many Sahabas and their families losing their lives, plundering of wealth and riches, violation of women, killing of innocent children and much more.

Al Marri is often referred to by Muslims as “Musrif ibn Uqbah” and not as Muslim ibn Uqbah because his atrocities had crossed all boundaries.

In a Hadith relating to Fitnah, once the Prophet ﷺ stood over one of the high buildings of Madinah and said to those below, “Do you see what I see?” They said, “No.” He said, “I see afflictions falling among your houses as rain drops fall.”

The army of Yazid then ventured to Makkah to continue their siege and try to annihilate the army of Ibn Zubayr RA. The Ka'bah was badly damaged by fire during this time and was rebuilt by Ibn Zubayr in the shape of a rectangle. The opposing forces would have none of it and using catapults , succeeded in causing further destruction of the Ka'bah yet again and then the shape of the Ka'bah assumed a square shape which is what remains till this day.

Explicit details are given in this regard and the role of Marwan Ibn Al Hakim in this civil war is also brought to the fore.

Please do listen intently to acquaint yourself with the Islamic history.


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