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So don't want to come around to LA who Brocato

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a lot of white Bulava

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Hi Dee

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Hi ye smart Elijah

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Hi Fi

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then hamdulillah

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Nana who understood understanding I want to start zero and I want to be learning surely and fusina on in sejati are Melina Mejia hello hello medulla homonuclear in Fela herd era or shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Cherie color wash I don't know Muhammad Abdul Hora solo

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as narrated in emammal biography is a collection of a hadith.

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Aisha Radi Allahu Taala Anna was one time sitting with some women, and they were having a discussion and they were talking

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and one woman

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in no uncertain terms, she says, Well Allah He and She saw but Allah she said Wallah, he loved Hulan Nell Jana, but uh slumped on my syrup, when as an eight

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so she said to Aisha,

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by Allah, I will surely enter paradise.

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I have I have I am a Muslim. I'm a believer, right.

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I have not stolen

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I have not committed

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fornication, adultery.

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And then the conversation changed. And that night, that woman had a dream, the woman who made this claim

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and someone came to her in the dream and said to her

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Who are you to impose a decision on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you will go to Jana, and remember she said by Allah, I will go to Jana.

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And perhaps

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you have been stingy and withheld.

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Giving something that actually does not enrich you. Or perhaps you spoke about things that did not concern you.

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And so when she woke up, she was quite alarmed from this dream. And she immediately went back to Asha of the Allahu taala. And, and recounted her dream to her. And I should only Allah on her told her call all the all your friends who are with us that day. And she shared with them, this incident,

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brothers and sisters, this story really highlights to us the essence of what it means to not speak without knowledge, to not speak about things that don't concern you. And in this scenario,

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she foolishly said that she by Allah will surely enter paradise. None of us, no one here has that knowledge about who's going to paradise and who's not going to paradise.

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That is Allah's right.

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In fact,

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we know from the Hadith of the rasa Salam, about two men who had an argument one person was indulging in some sort of haram and another person was so angry in their rebuttal and rejection of that sin that they said that Allah will never forgive you.

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Brothers and sisters, we are living in a time where

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our mass media and social media news etc. It fosters this culture of asking everyone to share their unsolicited opinion in things that they are not qualified to speak on.

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And if you look in the story of eyeshadow, the Aloha Anna with this woman

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to speak about something about Allah's right to speak on behalf of the Divine to speak on behalf of Allah's decisions,

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is probably one of the worst ways to speak about something that doesn't concern you.

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This concept of minding your own business is something that the pumps of Salem has taught us

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as one of the greatest virtues that we should all take upon ourselves to learn in practice, as Narrated by Abu Huraira, the Allah one that the prophets are setting themselves mean Hosni Islam in Turku melayani.

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generates the process of themselves. It is from the goodness of one's Islam of one's faith of whatever you want to fill in the blank with your faith, your spirituality, your religion, all of that.

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To do what to leave what doesn't concern you.

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And the Quran also talks about this concept of minding one's own business, where Allah subhanaw taala describes the characteristics of the believers but after a while moving on, the believers are successful. Alladhina Humphrey Salatin has shown they are tranquil and they are focused and they have crucial in their salah.

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Well, Levina Hemani love we Morty alone. The second thing after taking care of their soul is to abandon idol speech. And emammal basically,

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gave a Tafseer of this verse and explanation of this verse and he said, it is this level this to to abandon idle speech from it is to not speak on things that don't concern you.

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So why is it brothers and sisters that the promises sallam said, it is from the goodness of your Islam to leave what doesn't concern you? Why did the pastor said and say that? It is because

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when you focus on what is important and what benefits you

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that is a reflection of your knowledge of where your priorities lie.

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And so conversely,

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for someone to waste themselves in things that do not concern them in a negative way, a negative reflection of their own religion of their own spirituality and their faith. Why is that?

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Because the prophets Allah wa salam tells us In another Hadith as Dehradun Bukhari and Muslim

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in which he says

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either Santa or how Islam?

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If one person was to show the goodness of their Islam, how does it manifest? So Kulu has an 18 year old who took the beer actually, I'm Sally, her, every good deed that they do is multiplied by 10 times until it reaches 700 times. Well Colusa yet in Yamaha hooked up initially and person who does one bad deed, it's written as one bad deed. So the person the time that a person spends to go, think about things that are useless, wasting their time, indulging in topics that don't concern them, they could have used it, as opposed to setting themselves here, to better themselves.

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Also, brothers and sisters, when we indulge in things that don't concern us, it leads to a lot of other sins, potential sins, to backbite, to gossip, to spy, to look to ask about things, and come to pre judgments that you have and conclusions about certain people. Why, because you are focused on proving that you are right, and justifying why you're being nosy.

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When the sisters, there are a few reasons as to why we are like this, my some of us sometimes can't help ourselves. And that is because we live in a society in the Western Hemisphere, where our society promotes this absolute rule of freedom of happiness, you pursuit of happiness, and liberty and to do whatever you want to do.

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And so as a result, sometimes we hold back from calling out what should be called out, because we are constantly told to mind your own business. And on the flip side,

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sometimes we overshare because of the way of how we were brought up through our parents or elders are sometimes where your integrity and honesty and virtue is being questioned.

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So as a result, they feel they feel entitled to ask you about everything about your business, because what do they say? Well, if you have nothing to hide, then why don't you tell me see that emotional manipulation?

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Why did you leave at this hour? Which car did you drive? Why did you order this? Why did you come in from this side door? Things that do not concern but then sisters. So what are the pertinent parameters? What are the parameters of what concerns us and what does not concern us? That scholars have said the first parameter is, know what you're supposed to do for yourself? Know what your obligations are to Allah subhanaw taala what is haram? What is halal? What is wedge? What is obligatory? What is what is disliked even in the things that are halal for you, if you are wasting too much time in it and indulging yourself in it, it could become a problem.

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Additionally, brothers and sisters

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another parameter that we should consider is the only time someone else's business is your business is when something is blatantly haram and that has been committed in front of you. And you are in a position of authority to change that.

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So let's say you're in your house and something is being done that is haram. Yes, it becomes your business. Someone is assaulting someone outside. It's not time for you to turn away and be like, Oh, am I gonna start my business? No. You see something that is wrong that is blinking to the wrong you must stand up and speak out of Golikova Mustafa.

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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But then sisters, social media does not help us when it comes to learning to mind our own business, because our society

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has taught us that overshare that knowledge is power. So we tend to overshare look at all the reality TV shows the garbage TV shows, TV shows that are out there.

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People knowing the stats of which quarterback through how many touchdowns within the first five minutes of a game in this division, how does that benefit you? Okay, you know, that's that and then

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but more importantly, brothers and sisters, just for the sake of knowing is not always okay.

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When the Prophet sallallaahu Salam told them Verily Allah has written upon you the the obligation of what to perform Hajj.

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It was understood from the context that it is only required once. But one man, among the companions of us as salam stood up and said, but messenger of Allah every single year,

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you could say, oh, he's just asking, no, it was a useless question. And the pastor said him, in fact, he became angry. And he said, If I had said, Yes, you would not have been able to fulfill that.

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Other areas where we can practice the art of minding our own business,

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is to remember, do we like it? If people come and ask about our business, people like to us? You know, oh, is this person married? How many kids do they have? What are their names? Why is that important to you? Oh, is that person married? Why do you have a sister you'd like to marry that brother to?

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someone dies?

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How did they die? How is that your business how they died?

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Someone passed away your obligation is to do what make to offer them ask Allah to,

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to grant them paradise, knowing how exactly they died in what time and that doesn't benefit you. Brothers and sisters.

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Look at the guidance of the Prophet SAW Salem.

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Ma there was a man who came to the processor Hikind in his arm, this companion, the processor, lamb, he wanted some money.

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And so he said, message of ALLAH, I need some money, give it to me, I need some help. So the Prophet SAW Selim gave him and then some time later, he asked again, and the process LM gave him.

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And then the third time, he has some positives and sell them gave him and then the person sell them privately advised him. He said,

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if you you know, this money is very attractive. Who and how that money is like sweet, it's like addicting. It's something very attractive.

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And so whoever asks With and becomes greedy and asks,

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With without, right, there's no there's no barakah in their money. But whoever asks and has a right, then that money will be blessed.

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And so I can bin his arm. Now the Allahu Allah and he said, after that, he said, I will he made a vow to himself, he said, I will never ask for what I do not need. And so during the time of Abu Bakr and the time of Amara, the Allah one they would offer to him here is from the money that came from wars and spoils. You get a small share? And he would say no.

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But what is the importance of this hadith here? And that is when the person Selim gave him money when he needed? Did he ask him? What are you going to do with your money?

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Did he ask him? What caused you to do this? What financial decisions have you made that caused you to be destitute and poor? No.

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And if you think about how shaitan tricks us, into us, justifying our stinginess, sometimes, to people who need money, is we think the worst of them. Hmm. If we give them money, then maybe they might go do drugs. Seriously, if I give him $2 He might go buy cocaine, broke cocaine doesn't cost $2.

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If I give him $2 He might go buy Hummer. That's none of your business.

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You give it for the sake of Allah, what he does with what comes to them or what she gets, that's between them and Allah subhanho wa taala.

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We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to give us guidance, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to focus on what is important. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to protect us to hide our faults

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and to cover our sins rather than attina for dunya Hassan I will fill out Latinos in Okinawa Banagher Robin Allah to the globe and eat her Daytona

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Well, Helena Mila Doom Kurama in Naka, Intel Wahab Salah