Yasir Qadhi – Kitab At-Tawheed – Part 18 of 18

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses chapters 63 till 67 of the book – Kitaab At Tawheed in this final part of the series.

Chapter 63 deals with the topic of the Protection of Allah’s Covenant and the Protection of His Prophet’s ﷺ covenant and what is the difference between the two.

Chapter 64 deals with what it is to swear and to take Oath (binding) upon Allah. We have been severely warned against taking an oath binding on Allah and that how the Hell-fire is closer to us than the laces of our shoes and so is the Garden (Paradise).

Chapter 65 discusses the topic – None asks Intercession of Allah before His creation. The Prophet’s ﷺ disapproval and rebuke on saying: “We seek intercession of Allah upon you.” is elaborated upon. The Prophet ﷺ did not disagree by the request for his intercession before Allah. We are also acquainted with the meaning of Subhan Allah. The Muslims asked the Prophet ﷺ to pray for rain. How it came about makes for an interesting listen.

Chapter 66 deals with what the Prophet ﷺ did to safeguard Tawhid and how he closed the paths to Shirk. He has given a stern warning to people against exaggeration and what one should say if it is said to him: “You are our master.”

Chapter 67 provides a clear explanation of the verse – “They made not a just estimate of Allah…”  Numerous facts come to the fore, some of which are – mentioning of the two Hands of Allah and the heavens in the Right Hand and the earth is in the Left, the mention of the tyrants and the arrogant ones along with that, the statement that the comparison of the seven heavens and earths would be as small in Allah’s Hand as a seed of mustard in one of yours, the greatness of the Kursi (Allah’s Footstool) in relation to the heavens, the greatness of the Throne (Arsh) in relation to the Kursi and that the Kursi, water, and Throne exist separately, the distance between one heaven to the next heaven and the distance between the seventh heaven and the Kursi,the distance between the Kursi and the water, the fact that Allah’s Throne is above the water and Allah is above the Throne (Arsh), the distance between heaven and the earth, the sea (Bahr) above the seventh heaven being equal to the distance of 500 years between its lowest and highest depth.

And Allah knows best.