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Ml Ebrahim Bham shares the virtue of helping others.

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah

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Allah Milena ba bada boom bada bada bada bada kitabi will actually add

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a module

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on it

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set of colloquialism

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My dear respected elders and brothers and hamdulillah

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we have just come out of the Mubarak and bless it 10 days of ledger

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and amongst activities, which have been commanded upon the believers in those days was the overhear the Kobani as it is known in our terminology, and also the Hajj May Allah Allah accept everyone's efforts in that particular regard. In terms of oath here in Kobani, Allah Allah says in the Quran, Leon Allah Allahu Maha, Maha Wallachian as

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needed as a blood or the meat reaches Allah but your taqwa

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your willingness to comply with the commands of Allah reaches Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is the purpose of orthaheel Qurbani the meet Allah in His puzzle and Grace has made it possible for us. So hamdulillah Brice can continue.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala. Many of the people have also gone for Hajj, may Allah tala accept the Hajj and amongst the aspects of Hajj we all know nebia Karim saw cinemas had had to remember or lay Salah Buddha's own indulgences that there is no reward for an accepted Hajj except gender. And a person comes back the way he is completely bald. We know newly born that's how he starts off is his armor. Now what is hajia mob rule? During the course of reading, what is the meaning of hajia mob rule? What is the meanings of an acceptance adage I came across a hadith and I thought I will make that Hadith today the basis of today's talk nebia Karim saw Salaam was asked what is hajima bruun

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this hadith comes in Muslim area. What is hachimura? So nebbia Karim saw Selim there were various other meetings also. But one of the meetings is the resources himself. It

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the sign of an accepted Hajj

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is to feed people

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and to make ceram to people.

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I found this very, very amazing because we are all aware of the spiritual dimensions of Hutch we are all aware that part of Hajj is the lights to stone the Jamaat to make Dwyer McFadden arafa to make the office era and all of that is established. But how many ever thought that when a cream sauce lamb was asked of hajima Brewer he gave this answer that part of her job role is to feed people and to make Salaam to people. So vanilla which tells you the importance of human relationships and also tells you the importance of helping others and that is the basis of my talk to them in Islam, helping others, solving the problems trying to help them in whatever difficulty they have, is not

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only an important virtue, it is a profound act of worship and ibaadat it is one of the greatest way we can show our devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed this in all the religions and emphasized upon this good deed of helping people who are in difficulty. It is a means of righteousness. It is a means of promoting peace on earth and it allows us to earn a lot Allah's forgiveness and very great rewards and amongst the benefits of helping others. Let me just give you the benefits among the first benefits that Islam made do Sookie madad Karna here port as income

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Orosco for wide Miss aka key Allah tala ki madad couscous add him to do slow to slow chemo

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kurta amongst the benefits is allows help is with those people who help others. And as help is was those people who help others and of course the very famous Hadith, that it is made mentioned by Abu huraira manifests and movement in Kuru pata kurata min kurata dounia nefesh Allahu kurata min kura Bo milky Yama, whoever relieves the distress of anyone in this world who seek the cliff cabinet or Korea. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove your distress in this world and in the after. You remove the distress of someone in this world and not gives you a reward that Allah will remove your distress in this world and in the year after. And the Hadith goes on to say Amen, yes, surah Allah

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ma serene, wherever relieves that difficulty of a person in this world. He sikita Khalifa aptos Kalia, Asana de Korea, you made things easy for him. Allah will make things easy for you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will reveal remove your burden and relieve you from your difficulty both in the school in the day after amongst the benefits of helping others ease and last Hannah what Allah will come for your assistance, help others and now we'll help you. The second thing, the second benefit of helping others, another forgives The one who helps others. Allah forgives the help who forgives others. Allah likes it so much when we help others that he forgives our sins. For something as

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simple as moving a thorn or moving a difficult item that is on the road for people in a hadith in Sahih Muslim Brothers listen to this hadith Subhana Allah and nebia cream sauce Salaam said and Abu huraira coats heavy sauce lemma said a man was going on the road.

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And he saw thorns on the road, Katerina Rica, Costa Rica and he removes those stones out of the way because it was causing difficulty for people and learn love this action so much that Allah forgiven incense. Allah forgive his sins For what? For helping and helping people by removing the thorns that is on the path of people. Today, what do we do we say bye, yes, city council calm.

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It is a work of the city council. Maybe it is. But what is wrong if we do something, we find something and we remove it. And law makes that particular action of removing thorns from the path of people the means of forgiveness. Second benefit of helping others. The third benefit amongst others. The via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Islam has taught us helping others in distress and fulfilling the needs indicates a strong faith and a sincere attitude of yours towards Muslim Brotherhood. When you help others, it shows your commitment to being part of the Muslim Brotherhood. So you would like to help people in your brotherhood and of course beyond the Muslim Brotherhood is

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also the common brotherhood of humanity. And I will give you examples with regard to that. Just to give you an example do Slovakia Madrid Karna Islami by charaka

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Islamic Society. So we find this most beautiful example in the life of the Sahaba in the teachings of our beloved nebia Karim Allah Allah wa sallam in the Battle of Yarmouk. Abu they found in jam raviolo who says, I went out to look for my cousin. He was in the thick of the battle. I said, Where is my cousin? Let me go look for him. I found him he was injured. He was wounded. He was always almost mortally wounded. He was on the verge of death. I went to go and give him a glass of water brothers a person who is on his deathbed How does he desire a glass of water. I wanted to give him a glass of water. Just when I was about to give him a Muslim brother next door. He also asked for

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water. He was also in difficulty. My cousin indicated don't give me water and give it to him. I rushed to go and give it to him. By the time I go in rush to get give it to him. Another person asked, give me a glass of water. I wish to go and give that third person a glass of water. When I reached him he has passed on. He had become Shahid Allah had given him Jenna, I rushed to the second person to go and give him a glass of water. Here also passed on I rushed back to my cousin whom I initially went out to help. At the time I referred him he had also passed one

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to help another person even in such a great time of need.

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It is part of Islamic brotherhood, that Allahu Allah Salim, and the Sahaba taught us. The third aspect with regard to helping others. It is part of Muslim Brotherhood, via Karim Allah Allah wa salam on one occasion via Karim Salah when he was Salam. You know there were certain guests and acronyms allow us who will feed this guest I don't have anything in my house. So one person and Sally came and said, I will take him home jasola he took him home. By the time he went home, the wife said bye. You have come here. There is no how there is not enough food.

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Just today styling got a real maybe you would have got something else you know.

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And there's there is no restaurants a time as a naked go Bismillah restaurant, no go somewhere. There's nothing like that. So well. What do you do? And then the answer he told his wife he said Nevermind. We will remain hungry today. But we will feed the guest. We will remain hungry today and we will feed the guests. So he said how would we do so he said just when we are about to eat. Then you put off the Lenten you put off the lights saying that there isn't enough oil and then particular way there will be darkness that guests will not understand and will not realize that we are not eating he will eat wasteful, we will remain hungry. The children will remain hungry. We will some

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way or the other. We will console them and put them off to sleep. They did that. The next day they came to me via cream sauce via cream sauce and said we Runa unfussy him Oh Carnaby him kasasa these are the people who give preference to others, even if difficulty comes a lot. The third reason and the third benefit with regard to helping others. It is part of Islamic brotherhood to help another person today, my dear respective brothers, this Brotherhood is gone very weak. And we find it very difficult to help one another. And really, sometimes when we look at our particular lifestyle, we will spend 1000s hundreds 1000s to be able for our own need. For our own holidays, you will spend

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sometimes almost quarter million to give someone five grand or 10 grand or under they will become difficult for us. But this is part of Islamic brotherhood to be able to help another person. And then the fourth thing that what am I have made mentioned, amongst the benefits of helping others is is that a generous person, a chivalrous person, a person of magnanimity a person of good character, he cannot see anyone in distress without in a hurry, and as soon as possible without any delay, trying to come to his assistance. Sophie adme kissy kissy cotreatment hideous at this actor kisi Kolkata Cliff may need the acceptor or what was key more I would admit delicata a person who is

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generous he will try to come to us assistance as soon as possible. look at an example the Quran has quoted. When a ma ma ma da de la Mata mina naseous born as a masala salat wa salam works from Egypt and comes to meridian in Iraq. He comes he is so tired. He is so helpless. He is so in difficulty. And not Allah says

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when he finished this, he goes into one port and image two are up in neelima and delta la aminophylline 14 or live in need of anything that you can give to me. I'm in difficulty. There is no one to help me. I got no resources. I'm here in a foreign place. There is no one to look after me and care for me. But when musala salat wa salam comes to meridian. He finds people who are taking water in buckets from the well.

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Well, what did I even do? Well, what can we do need to resort to women who are very modestly dressed, and they were in the side? They were away from the people he asked them what why Where are you? He said we also our father is very old. He's He's so old. He can come and pick up the water. He can come and throw water from the well. We are the only ones in the house. We are waiting for the crowd to recede and then we will go and throw water from the well. masala salat wa salam goes in the midst of the crowd and draws water from them in the world and he gives it to them and he goes and give it to them. Even in that state, a person of magnanimity a person of generous of generosity

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cannot see a person in difficulty in come to the end of companies assistance.

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He gave me great pleasure when there was no water in in Mayfair foods with this recently, I saw one WhatsApp message one youngster saying any old people who cannot take water, please contact me I will go and get water for them. So that is the reality of a Muslim. so generous person will not be in any way allowed to see people in difficulty without doing anything in return. Even if he's in a difficult situation. I gave the example of the Musashi Serato Sam, then Allah tala opened up his way he got married to one of those women

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Allah Allah has made mention of it the incident is in the 20th juice of the Holy Quran. Then Allah will grant you his favours as long as you are helping others Allah will grant to his famous Allah tala keep up the SATA up Lobo Casa method

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therefore it comes in

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to fee only a fee and not Allah is in the assistance of a person as long as he's assisting others as long as you are assisting others and natella will be at your assistance. So hon Allah, Allah tala abunda Hamid a or na civetta chapter co Banda apne bikin mustard now

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these are the TCP IP dunia What a beautiful Hadith that we read the entire Hadith, Abdullah Omar the mountain who says there are some servants of Allah tala, whom Allah has bestowed with special blessings by which they help other people. As long as they help people with the wealth and influence. Allah will keep bestowing his blessings upon them, if any one of them keeps away from helping people, so he was helping people and I was giving him blessings. If he stops helping people, Allah will withdraw his blessings from him. As long as he keeps helping people, Allah will give him more blessings. How many times do we really think about the how of the benefits with regard to

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helping people via Kareem sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and among the six things with regard to the benefits of helping people is nebia cream sauce Salaam Salaam Subhan. Allah, Allah Karim saw Salaam could not rest and used to be anxious when you see people in difficulty. The tribe of mother came to Medina, they were very, very poor. There were signs of poverty upon them so much so that they didn't have any clothes to the head sex, you know, the clothing the SEC, and they tore open the SEC from the from the neck, and they just put that sec over them and put a small hole in the sec. And there is a way they covered the bodies. When the BIA Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam soldiers, maybe

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sauce them cried. And then we saw some when home is the only thing to give Allah we have very little to give the peace Allah Allah Allah but upon the member, and he said, Oh people give charity and Morocco

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to Russia, give charity before the time comes that you will not be able to give charity and atrocities in the Holy Quran that people who don't help others who don't give charity. On the deathbed, they will make dwara pillola heartily Illa

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for a subject of akumina Salim those who don't help other people on the deathbed, they will make dua Oh Allah give us a little bit more time that now we can will mix up can go and help people and I will say is too late. Whether you

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are more genuine. I'm Muto Nicholson. On that day, you will say why didn't I help people? So that particular aspect we were making mentioned, so maybe I should have said this. And then people came, someone came with a deer hump, some demos at dinner, some of the Sahaba say that when the reoccurring saucer was taking this, he was beaming with joy, why he could be a means of helping the people who are in poverty. So among the aspects of helping people is that shouldn't have to be a cream sauce, the reward of helping people so panela the reward of helping people. Can you imagine what is the reward of helping people, maybe a cream sauce and I'm sad for me to walk with my brother

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to fulfill his needs. And we saw some studies, which have done live near past later on used to coat for me to walk with my brother to fulfill his needs is more beloved to me than making a ticket for one month.

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For me to walk up to a biker such as

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Kilimanjaro or in key Morocco. Yeah, a maniac at coffs Harbour sabab.

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For me to walk with my brother to fulfill his needs is more rewarding than making a ticket for one month. Not that aitikaf is not important is important. But I'm just giving the example with regard to how rewarding it is. So panela and part of

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and part of helping others brothers is that we share in the feelings of joy and sorrow. Do Soca Americana music Yep. lb k one k Hoshi or Rami I'm sorry cuja part of helping others is to be part of the joy and sorrow. When amazing incident caffeine molecule the ultimate incident is very well

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narrated in the books of history. He was boycotted by an obeah cream sauce known for 50 days. And he felt very, very despondent. He was very worried. After 50 days he was sitting after fudger and he was thinking what's going to happen to me? What will happen to me? If I die in the state? What will be my situation in front of Allah? When someone came in said, God, Allah has announced your forgiveness. Gabriella said, I ran as fast as I could. Right I ran as fast as I could. I entered Machida never we never saw Salaam was waiting for me. But he said before I reach Nabi saw cinema, telenovela was at the door of Machida NaVi, he embraced me

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what such happiness, that term that day I die, I will never forget the embrace of de la hora de la Toronto, he shared in my happiness he shared in my happiness. He said he embraced me in such a way because I was happy. But he embraced me in such a way that I will never forget that particular incident, share in people's happiness, share in people's joy, shame, people sorrow, this is part of the aspect of helping people. Now many people will say how do we help people? Well, how do we help people that we give you a hadith and inshallah we will conclude with this one, as it is also one day said, if a person has 360 joints, right, and it is compulsory for you to give psutka for every joint

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cybercity Ursula, we don't have money and we saw some gave various ways. He said, to make this beach also Saqqara give this but in that Hadith, I want to relate one aspect but what nobody saw Salaam said is also part of South Africa. Where as Allah Haji from untreated nurse, whoa, show cotton, our azmin uncertainness part of giving setka for the joints of your body is to remove a stone from the road, or to remove a thorn from the road or to remove a bone from the road it is.

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So let's look at this in another era Chateau de la to go and tell a person who is lost show him the way to tell him to go to Google Maps you won't show him so go go and help him part of this two ways of helping when I was in the hydration leader The amazing thing you know there was one group so when I went to speak to the group, the alum of the group told me he said one person not donated umbrellas because was very hot. He umbrellas. He donated umbrellas for the entire group. And he made this particular why he said when I'm giving you those umbrellas make dua, that the way I have given them umbrellas to shade them from the sun. Make dua Allah Allah shade me on the day of Tiamat when there

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will be no other shade. And I said Savannah look at this innovative way the men came to the assistance of people look for in a way innovative ways to help people find ways look for ways to help people for Allah He made the respect of others to help people is a very, very great, very great rewarding, helping others he was I was stressed helping others reflects our gratitude to Almighty Allah wa Singh Kham acid Allah really be good to others that were unlucky Allah has been good to you. Helping others forbids you from the fire of jahannam. Helping others makes it easy for you on the day of karma, helping others becomes a means of the erasing of our sins. Let us make a

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commitment whenever we find the way in time. We will make it a point of our life to help others inshallah will we do so?