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Yasir Qadhi
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One, what is the punishment for the picture makers? This mill in the hamlet in law? Number two who was who was still Pharaoh? Why not? Roseville? Himanshu rahuri and fusina woman's RTR Marina de la, la la la mejor

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de La Rochelle ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika wash, Mohammed abu allah sudo we just have a few more chapters to go. So inshallah we'll go over a short time today I want to give you some time to go home and do your exams. And then tomorrow we'll finish up get them so he'd be, isn't it?

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So we have the next chapter, which is what has been narrated concerning those that make images. Okay, what has been narrated concerning those that make images. Now why are we talking about images in a book of Toshi, what has images got to do with the heat, the first important thing of why we are talking about images, someone close the door, while we are talking about images in photography, is that images is the primary method through which shift is done. Okay, idolatry. People call about images, people worship and venerate walk stone idols that they've done some hands on. So when they make up an image, then this is one of the primary ways that will lead to shoot. There is another

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reason why we are talking about images when it comes to photography. Oh, he's

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very good. The second reason we are talking about images is that it is as if you are trying to imitate the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that Allah subhana wa tada is the creator, he is the image maker, one of our last names is almost always Okay, they are very different. They are the fashioner or the one that gives images, okay, the one that has given us our image, okay, I'll move forward. So when we make a smaller image or a picture, it is as if we are trying to compete with a large attribute of muscle and cartilage and all of these things that actually that we're trying to create by ourselves. So basically, there are two reasons why we talk about images and double

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crochets the first one deals with rubia the worship of Allah and it is as if we are trying to challenge the fact that or compete with Allah, what

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lordship how,

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by trying to create something ourselves by trying to make images ourselves. The second reason is images use with guru here, and that is an image of leads to

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leads to shoot, okay, images leads to shoot. Now, we remember we've said over and over again, that the Islamic Sharia does not take into account the intentions for doing these type of Acts. Okay? If someone were to say, I don't intend to compete against Allah, it doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is that his action is louder than his intention, what he is doing is an in and of itself prohibited, okay? That when it comes to these things, then you have to look at the outer form of what is going on was another one, you have to understand that certain things you look at intention and certain things, you look at the outer aspect of what you're doing. So when it comes to picture

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making, we don't care about the intention. If the person were to come to us and say I don't I don't really intend to worship this thing, or I don't intend to compete with Allah neither of the two, okay. We say in this case, it does not matter. Because whether you intend to compete with a lot or not, or try to compete, no one can really compete. Okay, can anyone really create life? No, no one can really compete, but your attempt in and of itself is prohibited and is a challenge to the lluvia or is a threat another threat but it is as if you are challenging and mocking Allah will be the first it

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will do that. Ready Allahu anhu narrated messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah said, who would be more on destiny, the one who tries to create the life of my creators, let them create an atom or let them create a grain or let them create a barley corn. Okay, in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah says, what type of as he says this

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as it could see it as much as it could see,

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I might have to change.

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That often said,

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Everyone should know by now.

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Okay, basic stuff, have you put

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that out there? What is the last couple of things have you who does greater wrong, who does more injustice then he who tries to create my creation, then let him create a value? Okay? Meaning the smallest answer the smallest, you know, it assigns it a an action, but it's not a proper translation. Okay. Well, maybe I'm gonna

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say that, you know, whoever does an attribute of good. It is not a public translation action because action. This is a nuclear term that is invented in our time, what is missing the Arabic language is a very small creation, the smallest, not the smallest, and like that, okay, so that's going to try to create this or

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Let them try to create a green a seed, okay? Or let them try to create a shader, a barley,

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corn or something, you know something about the shaders like the actual fruit that comes up to shine up the fruit with the stock. Okay, so unless Apple is challenging them that who does gray to wrong? And whenever this occurs in the foreigner Center is a rhetorical question. It's not a question Who does redraw you make a response? No, it's a rhetorical question meaning no one does racial wrongs, no one has greater wrongs. And he who tries to create a less creation. So let them challenge it and let him try to create a better the smallest animal, the smallest and let him try to create a seed, it returns without even considering living, it's considered something that's dead, well, you can set

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up okay, something considered nonliving things necessary to create this as you can,

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well, let's try to create a grain of barley. So, these people that you know presume that they are drawing or making images, they cannot even create the smallest atoms or the smallest animal or plant that exists. Okay? cloning does not create cloning does not create, you only mix and match cloning, you don't you don't form with life, you force you take cells, and you then let them go in another environment. That's it, you don't create themselves. Okay? cloning, they don't make cells out of nothing. They taste the same already found in an animal, and then they let them go in a certain culture. Okay, so cloning doesn't at all imply creations are secular challenges in the Koran, that

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ruler, that all mankind, a image a parable has been given or an example or method has been given. So listen to it.

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Listen to it, those that you call besides a lot, they will never be able to create a fly.

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Those that the court decides Allah, whatever you publicize a lot, they will never be able to create a fly, even if all of them got it for it. All of mankind of the gods, you could fly, they could never create a fly. Okay, this is our image. And he can never be proven wrong.

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If all of mankind were to try to create a mosquito on a fly, they could not do so. And then Alexa says Look at how beautiful this phrase is, by the way, these words these verses of credit I'm talking about one of these verses we'll put on

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the fly this year.

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incentive has

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it the last pages that I had, okay? It wasn't until it says that, though, that they called the site a lock and never create a flight. Even if they all came together and said listen to this address, beautiful imagery, LSA. Then Allah says, if the slide was to take something comes in, if this slide that Allah is greater than if the slide were to take something from them, they could not even get it back from the slide.

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Look at how beautiful imagery is, is that Oh, you Oh man, I miss a message or a parable is being given. So listen to it. All goes as you call this cyber law, whether it's Jesus Christ, or whether it's an idol, whoever it is, they will never be able to create a fly, or a network or mosquito even if they all gather together for it. And if this mosquito or this fly were to take something from them some small food or some sort of like a mosquito or take them to lunch, okay, could you get that blood back from the mosquito? No. Okay, could you go to look at the food that the flight took away? No, is the flower to take something from them, they would not even be able to get that back. So the

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point is, why are you committing ship? Why are you worshiping others besides Allah, Allah is the one that created the flight and created with the flexo from you. So worship the one that gives you light and gives you this thing The point is that Allah subhanaw taala will challenge those that created pictures and images to try to breathe life into it. So a lot of thing let them create even a natural mosquito, let them create even a green and see which is considered something that again,

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I see that somebody is considered dead, but when you put it in the proper environment, it flourishes and life comes out of it. So let them even create this semi destiny and they cannot do that now.

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They also program I shared with you local on their arrest messenger silver level that it was so long said the people who will receive the serious punishment on the Day of Resurrection will be those who tried to make like illustration more also supported by them from even a vast radio level. I know that I heard all those messages a little while ago they were so I'm saying all the picture makers would be in the firehouse so we'll be freezed in every picture prepared for him and it shall punish him in the house. And one more. It is additionally narrated from Coronavirus radiallahu animorph, who has he, whoever makes the picture in this world will be charged with putting a soul in it and he

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will never be able to do it. Okay, in these narrations, the opposite of long winded he would send them is saying that the worst of mankind on the Day of Judgment, the worst people that are going to be punished. Now, whenever this occurs in the forest center, again, it doesn't necessarily mean that there's no one that's going to be punished more than him. But it means one of the worst people because we know who's going to be the man

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It's funny that Marx

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said, no human being will be punished. Worse than that. Okay? No human being will be punished worse than that out. Unless so far we don't like a homeless guy who educated

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that either the day that that his judgment will come, we will command take the people that sit down and punish them the worst of punishment. Okay, so this this idea that we take into context that amongst the worst people, or the worst category of people will be those that create images that they'll punish will be the most severe on the Day of Judgment. Okay, so the system says that the most severe people that we print on the digital are those that try to boast or compete with the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then the possessor also says, clue. So Williams in every person that creates pictures or images will be in the fire of every person, every image maker, a

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complete means an image, every image maker will be in the fire of *, okay. And then the person said, for every image that he has made, so the more he makes, the more function he's gonna get, for every image he has made,

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there is going to be a server will be created, that will punish him in the fire of health. Okay, so for every image, he makes a logo, create a soul or whatever, he creates a lot of work he will create, for every image that he made, if you made a million images, there's gonna be a million souls or million things are going to be created, that will punish him in the fire of health for what he created. Okay, and the last party, the person said, Whoever it makes an image, and what are solar cells, whoever makes the image in this life, then he will be asked, or he will be given the responsibility of blowing life into it, and how can you ever do that? He will never be able to do

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that. Okay, so we find that these, these ideas give us some very, very severe warnings about image making them severe, you can't get you can't get worse than this. Firstly, a live thing and how do you foresee this hideous question is speaking here, who is there that does more work to try to imitate me, the second, Lawson said that the people that are going to be punished, the worst on the day of judgment will be those that try to create with the compete with the creation of a law to imitate the creation of a lot. In other words, the image makers, if not best, also said there's a presence that every image makers in the firewall is image making, by the way, shoot in and of

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itself, in and of itself, is image making shift? No. So when we read this, have you ever read the 500, forevers, there's

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no, he's not gonna have it in the firehouse forever, if he would, if the person was a Muslim, that a lot of times it is saying that this person is going to go to the fire of health, but this doesn't mean he's going to live there forever. We said over and over and over again, no one will ever remain in the fire of house permanently, no one who has a shred of atoms with literally the amount of cohesion in art will ever remain in the firehouse permanently. So all of these ideas, we have to take them into context. So this idea basically means yet another punishment is that he's going to go to the fire of how another punishment is that alone was going to create a creation, that is going to

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punish you for every image that he made. So for every little image that he made every once in a while, and he makes it feel like okay, every image that he makes, Allah subhana wa tada will create something that will punish him in the fire of how and yet another creditor. So how many have we looked at so far, I think five. So that's the sixth punishment is that whatever makes an image, he will be given the responsibility, he will be given the duty of trying to blow life into it, and he will never be able to do so. So a lot of humiliating even more on a day of judgment, and order him to breathe life into what he has built. And he will never be able to do that.

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So can anyone be in a worse situation than him not only as a challenger, that no one has done more, not only as a processor and said that there is no one that is going to be punished more than him. Okay, not only being the fire of *, and not only will every single thing that he created become an object to punish him by, but the fifth finger five big dimension. The fifth thing is that a law will challenge him to try to make life into what you do. So five ways of punishing the image maker and each IRA and as you've mentioned here, each one mentioned separate thing each have you mentioned the super thing, five ways to punish the image maker. So this shows you the evilness and the great

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thing of making images in Islam. Next

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Muslim apart from that Elisa de la one who said to him, should I not deplete you an assembler was messages on

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your face all the pictures which you come across in the Masada hydration level list.

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So are you ready to mahalo attending a will? for admission? Okay. You were sending him out for admission? And he said, should I send you out with the same commandments that you don't have to study?

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Are you sure that I send you out with the same commandments? Or the same ruling that the prophets Allah Walters told me to do? The same advice to the public for the law I sent him gave me what he commanded me to go on an expedition

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battle? Shouldn't I give you the same advice? What is this? He said, Don't leave a single picture except that you destroy it.

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Okay? And it means that you find this choice, and every grave that you find that is above the ground that has you know, structures, or anything that destroy it. Okay. And we find that amongst who amongst our generation is the worst and grave worship, which groups,

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the Sophie's and

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all the babies in their room.

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Even though she has grown, you look at the email, for example, right? in Karbala as you find huge structures over the grace. And the purpose of Instagram said that don't leave he told I'd look at the irony. He told it.

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Don't leave a single drop of grade, except that you destroy it. Okay, they should know they should not be anything above a grade. So even the prophets grave there was there could have anything above what it is. It should have a level though. That is why when the Papa was live, and he very good for the remainder of this hobby, he believed them and he just left them out.

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he didn't build a big structure over his grave. No, he made sure it was pure and simple. So the point of this is a departure from the palace, he says you should not tell you should you wish to do make sure you just take every picture, every image you find destroyed. Okay, and every grades that you find is above the ground, level it make it straight, make it to the level of the ground that we set below that level of ground means like a mount. Because you're allowed to put a mount on top of the grave, we understand a mount right, like half a foot or something. So then when someone passes by, he sees this a great, but above that a big structure. No, that is definitely not allowed. You

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can't have a structure above that. What is the point of this heading? The point is is is that the process of the law was done was so concerned about so he was so concerned about the age was that he made sure that the law hunter did not leave any statue or any image except that he tore it apart. Likewise, the same for grace. Okay. And the reason for both of this is that both of these objects need to ship when you have a grave that has a huge structure around it when you have a an image of something that automatically needs to ship. Now before we move on to the next chapter is a question on everyone's mind about images. Let's divide images into a number of things. Firstly, there's 3d

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Firstly, there's 3d images. Okay, what do I mean by 3d images? Do you know what I mean by 3d images?

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3d images mean?

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three dimensional

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life then if there was a statue, okay, I start to another famous statue an icon you're going to throw in with some custom you find a little human being you know, the statue like this is made out of clay from it's a 3d image.

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figurines. Yeah, exactly. figurines. Anything that 3d resolution has x, y and z mean, you can feel it and grasp it versus a 2d thing like a piece of paper. Okay? I mean, an image on a piece of paper is two dimensional, was a three dimensional is something that, you know, sculpture, anything, okay? This is by Iijima by unanimous consensus prohibited in Islam, you know, animus consensus of the ruler of the past and the present? No, it allowed

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3d images, whether it's a Cinderella or a figure, anything, doesn't matter whether it is a little little thing or a big thing, as long as it has a spirit meaning an animal, meaning a human being or an animal. Okay, so images of rocks and trees. And so we already talked about before this is allowed. Rocks, trees,

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cars, this is all about if you make an image of it, you know, anything that has no life?

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It's about anything that does not does not have a spirit as a more very precise wording.

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Okay, we'll get to the question. That's okay. So anything that is 3d and has a spirit, an imitation of a spirit soul? In other words, a human being or animals, this is prohibited by law. We'll move on to the next category, 2d images 2d images are what?

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Pictures drawings, okay, 2d images or pictures. Okay, drawing 2d images. According to the vast vast majority of erla vast majority, only a few small amount and that's when you're allowed to just ignore it and they say there is HMR. Okay, that there are also prohibited 2d images, 2d images also prohibited. Okay. Like I said, there's a very few above the past that allowed it but in reality daddies are sort of specific, for example, but how do you provide a show which everyone knows the process and refused to enter the house? When he saw the 2d images on the kitten? They weren't 3d images, okay. And he said the angels don't enter the house where there are images. Okay, so he

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refused to enter the house of a 2d image number three. So according to the curriculum, like I said, the vast vast majority of imamura we have the former da has they all say 2d images are also okay. The third category art

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The third category are not really images, but let's say

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no nice reflections. Okay? For example, a mirror. Okay, a mirror? Is that really a captured image? No. Okay, you because why don't by the way considered an image because it's not captured, it's not transferred. It's just a reflection of light. Okay? Likewise,

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television falls under this category. Okay, I'm not talking about whether whether TV froze or I'm talking about specifically, suppose we had a camera setup right now, okay, that I'm sitting here there's a camera set up, for example to the sisters thing, okay, and the transmitting a television screen. Okay? This according to the vast majority is allowed, okay? We're not we're not recording, we're just talking about live transmission right now. Because it's life being transmitted. Okay, according to the majority share containers, they allow us also they allow this type of stuff, immediate transmission, because the same thing, suppose you had a bunch of mirrors setup, okay? It

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would be possible to arrange it so that any work, you know, those that image could be transferred, it's a reflection of life. It's not storage. This is a difference though. This is allowing the for what's going on.

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Okay, the fourth category would be storing light images, which is all called photographs. Okay, storing light images. So neither is it the second category, surely, noise is the third category truly, it's in between the two, do you understand? Right, what is the second category? Okay, in the back, okay, in the back.

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2d images such as a hand sketch, a painting that you yourself have made. Okay, what is the third category? anywhere?

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light reflections. Okay, so now the fourth category in between, where you store a light reflection, which is what we call it, our times photography, this, this obviously does exist for the public's time. Okay, this is something that exists in our time. And this is why the river has made it hard. And the majority of them have said it is prohibited and it falls under the surah. Amongst them ship it when vas Rahim Allah to Allah, and also shares, reclaiming and also Shahada, Danny, they all hold the same position that it is not allowed to have photographic images. Also, because they fall under this prohibition, they say that even if even if you are not creating the creation, because it's just

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a storage of life, you cannot get out of the fact that the angels will enter the house where an image is kept. Okay, you see what's up with me, it says even if you're not creating anything, because you don't drive, and you don't actually it's just throwing the light that comes from you and destroys him in a special filter, or a special lens or a special camera, or whatever. Even if you get out of that problem, you still have the problem of

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of what

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an image exactly that the angels don't enter the hustlers image. And also you still have the problem of shake. Okay. I like to say anyone that knows any money or any Sufi family, they know this, okay? You go into the house, any other house, you find a picture of it, which they wish, okay, with GoPros and everything and flowers around him all the time around the picture. You know, I've seen this. And also you go to any of these, you know, extremely stupid, same thing. Okay, same thing like this. So the majority of the time, they have prohibited even photographic images based on the other reasons that we outlined for that type of stuff. Okay, so we divided pictures or images into four

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categories, right? 3d by Iijima by agema it is prohibited 2d hand drawn hand painted, like 99.999 is practically gerada scholars have made it Okay, come on. No, we had to do some very good discussions of this point, buddy. And he literally destroys the arguments of those that pretended to allow it I thought they about he really shows that they have no basis system or even 2d images are how long? Okay, there. We said the third category, which is allowed, are those images that reflect off like they're not really images in the first place. Okay, mirrors, bodies, not images are allowed. Okay? Likewise, if you have a television transmission going on, okay. Now, obviously, we're not talking

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about television archives that has other problems, but we're just talking about the television transmission of my son vision going on the concept. Okay.

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Short circuit TV like that. Yeah. Is that that type of stuff, okay. The concept is alone. Okay. Now the outcomes. So far, there's hardly any stuff in these three outcomes. The number four which is in between two and three. Okay. No, not motion pictures. Without staring it in a video cassette No. Or in a or in a or in a photographic image. Okay, this is where the stuff comes. Some of the organizing allowed, and most of them they prohibited, okay? They prohibit this type of imagery. Okay.

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Let's see, am I leaving any count in pictures? Think I'm leaving something out of pictures though.

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But the point is, because of the fact that's really actually every person like the POS system says the highlight is clear and the harm is clear. And between the two are matters that are

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doubtful. Okay with the shabbiha Okay.

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So I believe it was the shabby hat, then he has policy for the rest of his religion. So I say that, as best you can call pictures with a sharpie, meaning the gray area at best, even though the AMA really has some cleverness is to say that it's hard. But I'd best call it with a sharpie. Isn't it more befitting that the Muslim avoids these seven things? Also, look at the punishments here that often small punishments being given, you know, look at these punishes the dimensions is heavy. I mean, you can't get worse than this, you know? So I say what if, let's say there's a 5050 chance, okay, pictures on?

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Hello, would you like to be around, you'd like to take that chance with these risks as long as you know, I mean, it's not some small thing that, you know, our son is gonna challenge you to create license and punish you for every single picture that, you know, whichever color you you you made, that's going to punish you on the day of judgment and as a pirate, and so on and so forth. So it's not a very

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nice thing to think about sort of a nice picture.

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No pun intended. Okay. Move on to the next chapter. So but the point is, that the reason why is why are images being mentioned two reasons. One of them is a challenge to Ria, which is what? imitating illustration, okay, the second is a challenge to here, which is that pictures are the first step to shift. Okay, pictures of pious people. And this is goofy. Give me example, by the way, the names of those five idols, what were they called? What are the five items that people have lost time? No, not not. The latter is also not an

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example ticket.

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Nothing was one of them.

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You should know.

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Right? And wet and swap. These are five things is a juicy question on the exam, by the way.

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Notice one of the big reasons. Okay, move on to the next chapter. So the point is, these five people war, this war, these five people, they were pious people in the people of North time, what did people do after them, they built images of them. Okay, and this was the first stepping stone to shift. We said the first time shaker trade was was at this time. The first time ship ever existed humanity was when these people made images of their saints, quote, unquote, saints. So images are included. And because of these two reasons, okay, move on is our doctrine number 62. The provisions of taking notes frequently, are the most exalted set and protect you. Okay, in this chapter, we're

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talking about giving us all the time and this is something I find a very common how many Muslims you know, I slip out, I didn't do that as well. I did do that. I swear.

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Every time he uses the name of Allah all the time, even for the smallest thing, okay. This is not proper etiquette, proper adapt With the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We talked about this a little bit before. Now we're getting a whole chapter dedicated to this, that you don't just mention a large name in vain all the time. Of course, you mentioned there was a physical footprint, right and forgot, but you don't mention it in vain all the time. I swear I heard him say that I saw Well, you don't always use a lesson this month. This is not proper. So

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in the first verse that says guard your guard your

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guard shows swears guard your vows. Okay? What did they mean guard them? What does it mean? guard that means careful when you use them. Okay? Don't just sit them in vain. Careful, be cautious when it comes to mentioning the last name. Okay? Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Okay, email is one thing and Amen. And another thing, okay.

00:28:33 --> 00:29:01

Guys, your email or your thoughts? Okay. So this is in this verse. What is the point of this verse? Be careful, God, you're a man. Don't just use it like that. Don't throw away. Like even, like, one of the more facilities said that. Don't swear too much. Okay? If that. If that's interpreted as saying that don't sweat too much. Okay, when it says God, you're a man he means don't swear too much. Don't always use a last name like that. Okay? Now move on.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:19

is narrated from mobile hereto read the loved one that he heard and lives messenger Salallahu alaihe. Salam saying, by swearing may persuade the buyer to purchase the goods, but he'll be decided to remove dressing. Okay, in this case, in this idea Department said unskillful

00:29:21 --> 00:29:57

hillfolk are swearing all the time, always giving you know what is the mean by swear when you go to a guy to buy something and say, Oh, I swear I bought this thing for 455 years. I'm just aficionados, I'm only selling it for 60 just making the smallest profit off of it. You know, one of the things I swear you won't get this any cheaper than what you're getting from me. Okay, all the time giving us just to cause the other guy to buy it from him. So the process of said that swearing all the time, it might get you your money. You might be able to get the guy to buy your stuff, but the possible so the law says that it destroys your custom your urges, it destroys your reward, and it destroys the

00:29:57 --> 00:30:00

Baraka of the transaction. Okay, so when you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:13

Keep on swearing in this manner, you might let that you might be able to get the guy to buy your stuff, you might get some money from it, okay, but you are not going to get the bulk of that of that transaction. And in the long run, this is going to be for your own loss.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:16

Okay. The point is that

00:30:18 --> 00:30:47

by using a lot of names, we just have this thing all the time. A person is as if he doesn't really realize the size of a law that is just using his name in vain all the time. So even though the guy might be convinced he might buy your stuff from you, in the long run, in the long run is going to lead to your destruction, because the login or remove the account from your transaction, even if he's even if he's truthful, obviously, if he's lying, he's gonna have a sin. If he's truthful, there's no sin. But still, the point is, don't use our last name. And these type of all the transactions now

00:30:49 --> 00:31:30

just narrated from someone or the loved one who did or list messages from a lover musallam said, there are three types of people from around the room that speak to any level he bless them. And for them as a severe comment. They're a grain adulterer, an arrogant beggar someone who has made over and his merchandise that is he does not purchase except for slang. Notice he's also plus one, okay, this needs to process a little loss and it says three people alone will not speak to them, nor will he purify them and they will have a severe punishment. So, this shows you then that when Allah subhanaw taala speaks to the believers is a speech of mercy that the believers they the very fact

00:31:30 --> 00:32:04

that a lot stick to this, it is a sign of His mercy. Okay. It will also speak to the disbelievers that he was thinking of a speech of punishment, okay, He will speak to them a speech of punishment, taunting them, and ridiculing them and causing them to be punished in the fire of * because of his speech. So the disbelievers will also be able to hear the speech of a lover that feature is not going to be a speech and blessings Okay, it will be a feature punishment, what is the delivers, they are going to hear the speech of Allah that will in and of itself be a reward. So the fact that Allah we must speak to them, he will be He will punish them by not speaking to them, okay?

00:32:05 --> 00:32:44

And then he is not going to purify the water is a key and he will not purify them of their sin, and they will have a severe punishment. So these are three people that have extreme, extremely gotten misguided Australian Allah is British for the punishment. Who are these three people? The first one of the person said shame upon him, which means an old fornicator. Okay, a person who is still after women, even though he's old, you know, the point is, is not his place. I mean, that might give more of an excuse to a young man, right? When an old man is doing it, how much greater the foolishness and the in the evil of what he's doing. Okay, so an old man is still fornicating. Okay, I obviously

00:32:44 --> 00:33:05

the same applies to a woman. And the second thing is an arrogant beggar now is that the right is the biggest to be arrogant. Okay, so the point is when a when a person is so arrogant that even when he has reached a state of being a beggar, he's still arrogant. So the point is, is is is so great, that even if he's a beggar, he's still going to be arrogant. So this happened. What did someone say about arrogance?

00:33:11 --> 00:33:46

Even an attitude of arrogance, whoo, my person wasn't even an actress with a small bit of arrogance is not going to enter Paradise. Okay, even if man we could have person who has the type of artists will not enter Paradise and wonder about the progress of the work and they go through a lot. We all like to have good clothes, you know, we would all like to have good shoes. So the process of this isn't arrogance. arrogance is to look down upon people and to reject the truth, to reject the truth and knowing it's the truth. And you might think, how can anyone do that? Believe me, brothers, people can I know, people can I know plenty of people, they know the truth. And yet out of some

00:33:46 --> 00:34:22

reason, they might not they will not accept it. Okay? For example, He might have to give up his status, he might have to give us the position he has. Okay, he might have to give up something that is more deliberative. So he knows the truth. Again, he's gonna reject it. So arrogance needs to look down upon your fellow Muslims think I'm better than everyone else. And to presume or to reject the truth. arrogance, by the way does not mean believing you are right. This is not arrogant. Muslims, do we believe we're right and the Christians are wrong? Yes. Is this our guest? No. If you doubt this introductory Islam, okay. Likewise, that as soon as you lie, do we have any doubts about it? Or

00:34:22 --> 00:34:55

we adopt or the she has, you know, misguided and qadiani abilities in the Sufi tradition? No, this is not arrogance. realize this because I remember some brothers, they have just have a concept is that how different targets you can say you're right, and everyone else is wrong? No, I'm not saying I'm right. This is a learned lessons thing. And I believe in I'm willing to say I'm right, I am only motor submit to online is messenger. And because as submitted, I know whatever asked the minister is correct. Therefore, I can state of a surety and I'm assuming that all of these groups that we are mentioned are gvt groups. This is not arrogance, by the way. The processing did not say this is

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

arrogance. The process meant to reject the truth when you do it. That is arrogance. The opposite

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

Not to know the truth and then think it's not right? No, this is a part of being a man. So the second person that will not allow that will not see too is a person who even even even if he's a beggar, he's going to be arrogant. So imagine how, you know, how arrogant is going to be if he wasn't a beggar. Okay? And the third person

00:35:19 --> 00:35:23

is that he who has made a lot his merchandise, what does it mean? He has made a lot of merchandise.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:36

Yes, he always swears by a lot. He's not, the boss doesn't explain, he will not buy anything until he is one two, and he is not going to swell unless he himself swears. So when he goes to someone, he's going to make sure

00:35:37 --> 00:36:11

that that person swears to him that this is his lowest price is going to come and this is you know, he got it yourself for a low price, then we begin to make sure that everything is in proper order. Likewise, when he says he makes sure he also swear by logically, or this is the best thing you're ever gonna buy in the market, you want money to be better than if you have my personal guarantee. I swear by my you won't get a lot out of this using a large name in vain. Okay, so the process of them said that this type of person alone with my system on the Day of Judgment, someone who just doesn't think of a life such as in merchandise, okay, so the point is, think of a lot in better terms. Don't

00:36:11 --> 00:36:43

just think of him when you have to sell your merchandise and swore by law. And that's just don't watch events like that too many, most of them have problem with soil. A lot of the time I sold my livestock, I swear to God, I didn't do this. Don't do that in vain. Of course it's allowed to, and you have to in some occasions, on some occasions in the court of law, you have to swear by Allah, but don't make it a repetition that every small thing that happens, you're going to mention a lesson for it. Okay? The point is use it in its proper place, when it needs to be done when someone needs to be reassured. Yes, use emarketing Okay, but don't just make it your merchandise every time you

00:36:43 --> 00:36:50

introduce them to use, put it out by Allah subhana wa Tada. No less heavy or too much. One more

00:36:51 --> 00:37:30

to watch. And it is reported in Muslim from Iran, Venus and rhodiola. One of those messages from Allahu Allah wa sallam said, the best of my own lies my generation than those who follow them than those who follow them. And Ron said, I don't know if he mentioned after the generation two or three, and there will come a generation who will be ready to witness without being requested to do so. And also there will be pressure, they will be treacherous and untrustworthy. They will take those values but never fulfill them. And obesity will be seen in the fossil record in Muslim and Al Bukhari from even Masuda de la Juan, who is at the Prophet sobu level, they were so upset. The best of mankind is

00:37:30 --> 00:37:39

my generation and those who come after them, then those who come after them. They have to come up people whose witness will go ahead of their sin earth will go ahead with their witnesses.

00:37:40 --> 00:37:44

Ibrahim Rahim Nevsky Rahim, Allah Safari,

00:37:45 --> 00:37:50

Rahim Allah said, in our childhood, we were beaten by our elders to stand firm on witnesses and coconuts.

00:37:51 --> 00:38:31

In these heavy, obviously, very beautiful as is very important, it is a process and said, the best generation or the best nation is my generation. Okay, so from the time of the creation of Adam until the day of judgment, no generation has come as good as the generation of the Sahaba. No generation. But that's not what individuals have are better than the prophets. No, we're saying as the generation as a whole group of people, no group has ever come as good as the Bahamas, as a companion to the progress of a lot of it. What does this show by the way, it shows you that your father had reached a perfection of the mind, no one can go above the level of this habit. So they were perfect

00:38:31 --> 00:38:44

in their Arpita. They were perfect in their they were perfect in their marriage, meaning the way that they call to Allah, they were perfect in their data. They were perfect. And this year. In other words, if you want to know your religion, go back to

00:38:45 --> 00:39:12

this Hades shows you if you want to know your religion, go back to the Sahaba. This is one of the strongest proof that we say almost almost in this as it goes on as soon as they put a full stop. Okay. And it's almost as except for the sheer victory, we have to go back to the quad and the amount. They don't look at the center. But in general, the Sunni Muslims also have to go back to the front of this and one of the babies has the same thing. The qadiani Believe it or not, says the same thing. Okay. The Sufi says the same thing, the Chinese Hasidic.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:48

What is there to cause us to be different from this, we say we have to go back to the forearm and the center based on the understanding of the first three generations of Islam. And this Hadees which is why do Muslim shows you why the process instead the best generation, or my companions, and then those that come after them, and then those that come after them? And what this narrator he says, I don't have to mention two or three other narratives so that he mentioned how many, three clear, authentic areas ensure that the profit or the loss in dimension three, that's the habit, describe their own and their own, okay, three generations, the fact that they are the best generations means

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

what means they're protected, they're upgraded, they don't have any big gaps in your IP, they don't have any innovation. Neither they protected the worship. They don't do any innovation. They worship Allah the way that he should be worship, okay. Likewise,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

perfected the production manager etickets. Okay? Likewise, they perfected the Dawa. How they give them to the way of their professor their knowledge is to have done this, then should we not turn to them to understand our religion? Of course. So this is the difference. All the good stuff here we go to the Quran and the Sunnah. We say what goes on is soon enough, but based on who's understanding mine, yours, a mom, so and so? No, we go to the poorer and the sooner based on the understanding of the setup of the prior generations of Islam, that's the harbor, the tablet.

00:40:34 --> 00:40:52

This is the differentiation between us and every single other group within the form of discipline, okay, that we take our religion based on the understanding of the Father, how did you understand this religion, because we consider them to be the best of all generations, okay. And this is by by the testimony of the promise of the law. Likewise, what is alleged to

00:40:55 --> 00:40:58

be a loved one, when we get to settle your loved one, it is in the

00:41:00 --> 00:41:00


00:41:01 --> 00:41:23

please with them, as they are pleased with him. In other words, Allah is pleased with her Sahaba and the Sahaba peace with Allah and His messenger. Okay, so this shows you only Allah has only used this video was requested by Hubbard neurodegeneration after the hour before the Father. I'm not pleased with him. Because the people, he has said that I became fascinated with a topic that could be filled with these people, according to

00:41:25 --> 00:41:27

the best of the best, because

00:41:29 --> 00:41:45

these people No, of course, no matter what, like many other mistakes that she has, they don't realize that by cursing the companions, they curse the Prophet, and they curse a lot automatically. They don't realize this, like we said, How could the Prophet choose these people to these companions, once he's had injuries that he chose?

00:41:46 --> 00:42:01

He chose to be his father in law. And he chose Obama to be the one who let the people in. And he took over because he his best friend in this life, and the day that he died over progressive religion. Is this not showing that the Prophet is the most ignorant, this is exactly what this

00:42:03 --> 00:42:14

implies. And this does not imply also that Allah did not choose for the puppet, the best companions. So and like he said, it's in the code the same codebase as the public because of what she was

00:42:15 --> 00:42:18

told not to give any more code. But he said that the she has

00:42:19 --> 00:42:46

the she eyes, they don't realize that their stupidity, they curse a lot is messenger. They don't realize, because how could a lot use for the profit to the left and the type of companions? And how could the Prophet himself not be through them? for 23 years, he's a worker, and he's not going to be able to cover he's a dishonest person. In fact, he said in one of these that I love him for most of all his men. Obviously, he thought it was the word Ayesha was when he loved the most of all women. And then I've met him as a father. And it was funny.

00:42:47 --> 00:43:02

And it was it. He said, I cannot take it. Right. But if I were to take a colleague, who doesn't know what to say, in a case of Brazil, I cannot take a colleague because a lot of technical difficulty, but if I was effective for me, it would be a boubakeur. Okay.

00:43:03 --> 00:43:04

It would be

00:43:06 --> 00:43:41

okay, we'll be okay. So the point is that the Sahaba are the generation that understood the religion of Islam the best. Therefore, when it comes to understanding itself for ourselves, we preferred the understanding of the Sahaba versus the understanding of any item that comes after them. Okay, any renovation any major, you know, any sound philosophy or methodology or a group? Does not has we have so many different groups? You know, each one has a certain boundary that existed a lesson for this century. Okay. I don't want to mention it, but I hope you understand what I'm talking about. Each one has a certain boundary. Okay. And the author, we're going to go to the parameter center, other

00:43:41 --> 00:44:03

than the person who's understanding on that boundaries, understanding. Okay, so you'll find that all of the books are based on the understanding of this type of guy. Okay, I'll give boundaries, when as we go back to the plot, and as soon as based on the understanding of the set of the Sahaba. Okay. Now, the point of the tidy is we went straight into this, but it showed us some benefits.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:35

The point of this is the partner said, after the three generations are going to come people, they are going to give testimonies left and right. They're going to testify, swear by me all the time, even though they have not been asked to So in other words, they use the last name in vain all the time. They love to mention a last name for these false and vain talk, okay, they're going to give testimony even before they are called to do so they are going to be treacherous and untrustworthy. And they are going to perform virus but never fulfill them. Again, what is it about? Who remembers one of ours?

00:44:38 --> 00:44:44

It's something that's discouraged. But once it's made, you have to feel fulfilled. Can you give me an example of or gets visited today?

00:44:45 --> 00:44:47

a vow it's an English word house.

00:44:55 --> 00:44:59

Yeah, I will just say that we pray that God is my son is cured from his illness.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

Okay, this is about sort of part of the process and is describing them and he's getting angry at me to throw them in a way that shows that they are not worthy of praise is that they're always devout and never fulfilling, okay. So, this shows you

00:45:13 --> 00:45:55

that giving house is not encouraged and fulfilling vows is obligatory. Okay? Giving vows. Initially, we said this many times to give a vow is discouraging. Once you have started though, you have to fulfill it. Okay, once you have made a vow to Allah, you have to fulfill it. And then the partner said, obesity is going to become common amongst them to cure obesity in America is a multi billion dollar business, multi billion dollars. Turn on the TV anytime you are bound. Well, I'm not advising to deceive, I'm saying if you were to do so, okay, you are bound to see commercials about dieting. Okay. And this is a sign of love of this world to be fat and to be you know, it's a sign of a lot of

00:45:55 --> 00:46:15

this one is not proper for the believers to be like, this is not proper, it's not. But it's not proper, that the partners have said that there's going to be obesity will be prevented prevalent amongst them. Okay. So it's not proper for the believer to now some brothers, they This is genetic, we're not talking about genetic cause we're talking about, they just stopped themselves all the time. You know, this is not proper, or the characteristic of a believer.

00:46:16 --> 00:46:18

The point of this is what is the point of this study?

00:46:20 --> 00:46:21

What is the point of this Huggy?

00:46:24 --> 00:46:42

As always, is one point there's another point, they give testimonies all the time. Shahada they always give customers always swore by lowest without any need to do so. Okay, this is the point of the Hadees. Likewise, in the next idea Department said the best generation or my generation and then those are follow them and then those that follow them, three generations clear. Okay, the father.

00:46:43 --> 00:47:11

Okay, then they are going to come a generation. their testimony will be preceded by Khalid he translated us their vows in the rosary and produces testimony. In other words, they just love to use a last name and their own son, this works all the time. They don't think about what they are saying, okay, there are people that they love to live they don't understand the problems or the dangers of life. They don't understand how dangerous it is. That is why they you'd like to use a last name in vain. And if you end up I wish I went over this quite in detail.

00:47:12 --> 00:47:13

Very good. The student the student

00:47:18 --> 00:47:21

and the teacher of the teacher, know

00:47:24 --> 00:47:28

a student of the student and a teacher as a teacher of

00:47:29 --> 00:47:41

environment is the greatest link in the line between the Masood and Abu hanifa but i'm not i was the greatest scholar that linked up to Mr. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah Tada.

00:47:42 --> 00:48:18

I said, they meaning our elders, they used to hit us when we were children when it came to giving testimonies and promises that don't do it in vain. They must instruct them to do it with the proper manners and etiquette. Okay, don't use a lug name event all the time. Okay, be used to give them the proper thing to do when it came to mentioning a lovely when it came to testimony when it came to giving witnesses Okay, so with that the lectures for today shall have the finished question answer first. Okay, first question. How do you preserve memories if you cannot take pictures? The way people have done so for 1000s and 1000s of years use your memory? No.

00:48:21 --> 00:48:32

If all image makers are in *, regardless of intention, and how can people say okay for our purposes, your intention costs and all of a sudden data and videotapes, tape and lectures and VCR becomes Okay. Okay.

00:48:33 --> 00:48:41

The point is, because of the fact that the fourth category that we mentioned is a difference of opinion. Okay, what is the fourth category of pictures?

00:48:43 --> 00:48:54

storing of light images, okay, because of the differences between the authors have been a bit more lacs about it. When it comes to other two, no one that says okay to make images with our purposes, no one that says okay to make,

00:48:55 --> 00:48:56

to make

00:48:57 --> 00:49:11

hand drawn pictures for our purposes. But when it comes to this fourth category, this is where they have been locked, because there are limits, they realize that this is a string of lights. Okay, so then they say that it's different kind of work from the other two. This is when we say different things.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:19

Can we take pictures or videotape done in Islamic countries against the Muslims like browsing in Kashmir for the purpose of jihad,

00:49:20 --> 00:49:54

the rhythm of days that specific with the fourth category, again, we said we divided images into four categories. When it comes to the fourth category many of them are even though they said it's Haram. In general, they said for certain reasons. It will be okay. Just support kind of a because of the fact that it's something that's new, and it doesn't fall under the second or the first category or the third one, excuse me. Okay, so they said that for quote unquote, Islamic reasons, which means visiting a lecture or videotaping the situation of the Muslims in Bosnia, or teaching our children like you know, medical foods they need to know you see pictures of stuff, you know, any student not

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

just medical, me anything, they need these pictures of things that are going to be taught to them, so they became a bit lacks when it came to

00:50:00 --> 00:50:02

that type of stuff. Okay.

00:50:03 --> 00:50:06

The question is about adding pictures and hiding them.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:42

Well, the age is different for the house. Really? I haven't heard any discussion of this by the bed for sure if they're out in the open for sure. I'll be reading my say yes. Okay. Well, I will ask them. I don't know about the 3d to be honest. I don't know. But for sure, for sure. Having them on the walls and having them in open places for sure. This means the angels are not convinced. Okay. So the fixation on the foot. Oh, by the way, before moving on, concerning pictures all the time, they say that sometimes it is, such as your passport photo, your ID, this is Buddha, it's a necessity isn't just for the betterment of society that people have passports, okay? You don't want criminals

00:50:42 --> 00:51:13

and murderers running all over the place, you need to have IDs. Okay? So they stay in these matters, pictures, pictures, photographs. And again, the reason there's a difference of pictures is because of what it's a different category didn't exist at the proper time. So the LMS still famous for going to town with a bit more luck with it. That's why they allow us to certain things. Okay. Now, the next question. You say we have to believe someone who uses a list name and a note. It is our obligation as a Muslim to believe his words? What is the question always worth less? Should we still believe each time it becomes a habit normal sometimes to say, well?

00:51:14 --> 00:51:34

Yes, it is still a person should still believe it. Apollo's name is used unless you know for a fact. Or you have some very, very, very good reason to doubt it. Otherwise, in general, you must believe the person even if he's making a habit, okay. And you should perhaps you might want to remind him, if you are doubtful, the minute you say Brother, do you realize you're using a last name here? That's a very big thing.

00:51:36 --> 00:51:36

Which is why,

00:51:37 --> 00:51:38

you know,

00:51:39 --> 00:52:06

the Why is the big thing. So perhaps, you know, you might stop to do so. But in general, you do. So what are the five punishments of an image maker? Very good question. What are they quickly was the first one I'm gonna have to look for myself. The first one, Allah Himself said, whether there was no say, No one does more wrong than him. Okay. The first one says no one does more wrong than him. So I'm not challenging him, no one is more wrong than you that will make the image. Second thing

00:52:07 --> 00:52:39

the president said he will have the worst punishment of the of judgment. So the thing, the power system said, as a picture maker, every image maker is going to be the fire of house. Okay, first thing, whatever image he makes, whatever image you make, will be used against him, yes, it will be used against him. Every image, you make a lesson, no data will create something from that image, Allah knows what and it will punish him. And the last thing along with challenge him to do what to put life into it, and he's not going to be able to do that. So Allah will challenge him and humiliate him to breathe life into what he has done and he will not be able to do that. These are

00:52:39 --> 00:52:40

the five things.

00:52:41 --> 00:52:42

The first one is that

00:52:43 --> 00:53:21

have you could see that no one does more wrong than him. Okay. I have been drawing since the seventh grade. As soon as I found out images with soldiers around to draw, I've only drew nature, etc. However, I kept my previous pictures recently, I made slides out of them, and plan to send them to college, hoping that I can get scholarships. I admit some of the slides have images with souls. Can I wait to destroy my pictures and slides after I send them? Or would it be better for me to destroy them immediately destroy them immediately. And send them the images and stuff that doesn't have souls? Okay? It's all whatever you want to draw the solar system on the moon or the sun, draw big

00:53:21 --> 00:53:52

mountains, draw the trees and waterfalls, and I've seen some excellent paintings. Pure nature if you look at them and you like Mashallah, that's very good. You know, if you have the ability for large, lesser desirability, fine, use it for other stuff, you know, use it to draw waterfalls and streams and rivers and whatever the type of stuff that's very beautiful to look at snow, snowy landscape, whatever you want, send these pictures and they shall give me a lot of words you and a little bit about this. Notice that whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah is going to replace with him something better than what he left. If you leave this type of drawing for the sake of a

00:53:52 --> 00:54:10

lot, inshallah Lola's replace you with something better than what you left for his sake. Okay. I would like to know if one commits a sin and repent for his or her forgiveness from Allah and Allah forgives him, then will that sin still be revealed to everyone on the day of judgment? In other words, sins that were forgiven for? Will they be built on the development or will they be ignored?

00:54:12 --> 00:54:47

inshallah, the true believer hopes that his sins will never be exposed to others on the Day of Judgment. The true believer hopes that Allah subhana wa tada will never embarrass and humiliate him on the day of judgment and expose his sins to others. It is the hypocrites and of course, these are the people whose sins will be exposed in front of all of creation. The foster system said that Allah subhanaw taala will cover up the servant in his cover his servant in his cover, okay. And he will ask him, did you not do this thing? And he will say yes. Do you not do that and he will say yes, and he will go on and on and on and on until the believer feels that he will be destroyed. Okay, until

00:54:47 --> 00:54:59

the believer feels he has been destroyed, because a lot of just listening to this all the time, and a lot of coverage is coming that anyone else can will see that only a lot will be there with that mess. Okay, and then Allah will stay there. The eye

00:55:00 --> 00:55:32

Get them from other people in this world and today I will hide them from everyone to our forgive. Okay, there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim, the famous Heidi, if not best marriages, that last night that was a that I have hidden from this distance from other people in this world and today I forgiven them from you. So the true believer, he will go through a reckoning but it will not be in public so we hope and pray that it shall boundless that it will not. And that's what person repentance is sin is going to be transformed to a good deed. The one who repent from his sins, that sin is going to be transformed to a good deed. Okay, so in one Hadith, what Allah subhanaw taala

00:55:32 --> 00:56:08

transforms, when a man sees all of his sins, and because of his repentance and goodies, along with treasury bills into good deeds, okay, he will say all my husband's besides these, I don't see them here, you know, so he's gonna say give us some more sense of they can be transferred into good deeds. Okay, so inshallah we hope to have a lot and we perform a good job. And we pray that Allah does not expose our students in this life or in the hereafter. Now, I know some people that respond to her every, every Thursday, or Friday, Is this right? Do you know what I will do this? I don't specifically know any group of people that does this. But if they're doing it as a religious

00:56:08 --> 00:56:17

doctrine, no, it's not right. You should reflect behind your prayer. And you shouldn't need to do hours every day. But specifically Thursday and Friday, the driving factors in innovation is innovation.

00:56:19 --> 00:56:43

What should you do? If you have to pray in a house full of pictures and statues, don't pray there. Try not to pray there. If it's your house, then try to go to a room where there are no pictures of statues, you know, your own room for a meal. Make sure there's not sufficient stuff is there. If your parents don't listen to you, and they refuse to move the pictures and statues, then try your best you know, unless that's your lesson, which is you can't you know, and if it's if it's not your house, then you know try to pick someone else's simple thing. Each Other

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi provides great details on the chapters 61 and 62 of the book – Kitaab At Tawheed.

Chapter 61 deals with what punishment is in store for the picture-makers. there is intense condemnation of those who make pictures because it constitutes not having proper regard for Allah. There is also firm declaration of the power and ability of Allah and the incapacity and weakness of those (who attempt to create). The picture-makers will get the most severe punishment (on the Day of Judgement). Allah will create a soul in place of every picture and the maker of that picture will be punished by it in Hell.

Chapter 62 discusses how it is forbidden to take oaths frequently.there is admonishment to protect oaths. There is also a threat of severe punishment for those who do not buy or sell without swearing.

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