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The transcript discusses various examples and references to various topics including religion, religion, and the internet. It also describes a man named Subhanallah who is used to looing over women and children, cleaning houses, creating chaos, drinking alcohol, and setting up church services. The transcript uses various examples and references to different topics, including religion, religion, and the internet.

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Spelunky Rahmani Raheem in Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam wa ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira rubbish rally Saturday while you're certainly Emery, what Hello Look, that's a mainly sunny who only a mother. But the brothers and sisters are Salam. Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. We begin by praising Allah subhanahu wa taala. We praise Him, we seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We also send our Salam and salutations upon the Beloved Prophet Mohammed, Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and his friends. I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless each and every one of us. And I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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gather all of us in Jana Atul, for a dose me today in sha Allah hota Allah, I want you to speak about a very, very beautiful story. This is a story of Abu Bakar Rhodiola one's good deed that was done in secrets. And this is a story that has been narrated to us by aroma Rhodiola Huang.

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He said that during aboubaker reign, when Abu Bakr was Khalifa, there was something odd that he used to do every single day, Abu Bakr, the Allah one, he would come to the masjid, for solid wood furniture, he will lead the prayer. And then after solid wood furniture, he would go towards the outskirts of Medina for a while, and then he would return and normal Rhodiola one he said Abu Bakr would do this on a daily basis. And Omar, he said I became very curious about this and I want to the last one was very curious about the deeds that Abu Bakr used to do. As you know that Ahmad or the Allah one used to compete all the time with Abu Bakr, although Abu Bakr will always come out on top,

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but they always competed Subhanallah and therefore this made Ramadan, the law one very curious, what is Abu Bakr doing on a daily basis. So he said one day I decided to follow him. So he said after Salah to Fraser, I waited for Abu Bakr to leave the masjid. And when he left, he said I followed Abu Bakr behind him at a good distance that Abu Bakr will notice. He said, We went really far away, so outside of Medina in the outskirts towards the desert, opposite his home meeting opposite of Abu Bakr zone. And then he said that we came across this old house, very small old house, it was like a hut. And he said that I hid at a certain place so you know, no one could notice me. He said Abu Bakr

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Radi Allahu Allah and he went inside this house and he stayed there for a while. He said that the sun had risen. It was getting hot. So I would say maybe a couple of hours ago but go to the LA one spent time in that house. And then after that Abu Bakr came out and went back towards Medina. So I want to say I was very curious, so I decided to go and knock on the door. He said, I knocked on the door, and this very old, fragile lady open the door. He said, uh, Salam wa Leakey, you know, what is your situation?

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The old lady said, Well, I am very, very old. I am weak and frail. And I am blind. And she said that I have many, many orphans in the house. So I'm also a lot of children running around in the house, and they will orphans and they will probably her children's children. Maybe her children passed away Allahu Allah, but they will they will orphans living with her. And she said that there is no one there to help me. So I'm going to the Allah one. He asked this lady, who was that man who just came here? She said, By Allah, I don't know who he is. Law us currently is mu Aveda. He has never told me his name.

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And then out of the law, when asked what does he do? She said, Well, he comes to my house every single day. He cleans my house. He washes our clothes. He grinds the weeds. he bakes the bread and he makes the breakfast. Now Subhanallah Can you imagine those deeds or those things that Abubakar gala one was doing? He would clean their house, he would wash the clothes, he would grind the wheat he would bake the bread and he would make the breakfast. And Amara Allah when he asked every day, she said by Allah every day, May Allah reward him.

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Again, he was just amazed and

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He said to her, Do you pay him anything? She said by Allah I don't pay him anything. He doesn't take anything from me Subhanallah upon hearing this drama or the alarm when he began to cry, he said at Abdullah Khalifa Dhaka yeah back, you have exhausted the Khalifa is who will follow you. Yeah Babak SubhanAllah. How can a man, a man who was a leader of the Muslim ummah, the Khalifa of the Muslim ummah, the Emir of the Muslim ummah, spends that much time doing something that you would think a slave would do. Subhanallah yet he would spend that time helping this widow, this old, fragile, blind woman and her orphans Subhanallah he would do this on a daily basis, keeping that deed secret

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between him and Allah, not talking, not telling anyone about this, not telling about not telling him what to do Allah one his closest companion at the time, not telling maybe his family, not telling that lady who he is Subhanallah keeping that between him and Allah, Allah He we would have never known this narration if it wasn't for our following Abubaker imagine the other secret deeds that Abu Bakr probably has or had, and we don't know about it. Subhan Allah, this is a massive, massive lesson that we learned from the story. We learn a huge lesson and that is a secret deed that you can do that only you and Allah subhanahu wa taala know about. So in sha Allah Huhtala let's find a deed

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a good deeds that we can do that only you and Allah subhanaw taala know about and of course, keep this deed according to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salah meaning don't do something that is an innovation and against the Sunnah do something good that is according to the Sunnah Inshallah, and there's so many things that you can choose from, that could be in a form of sadaqa it could be you know, type of vehicle that you are doing, it could be you know, funeral prayers or something, you know, during tahajjud time, a certain certain date that you were doing at that time that no one else have to know about Subhanallah but think of something that you can do that only you and Allah

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subhanahu wa taala know about it. This shows the sincerity between you and Allah this shows us sincerely that you are doing it for the sake of Allah subhanahu wata Allah. There are so many things even even below the Allah who when he had a deed that later on was exposed to us of course by the Susa Salah we also saw and heard the footsteps of Billa in paradise and he asked Villa Lea Villa What are you doing? You know that may be here footsteps and below the ALLAH and he said, I don't really do anything different but I when I make my will do you know I? I pray to raka of sunnah pray or nephila prayers after it. And the promises Salam said that is it. That's the reason why I can

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hear footsteps in paradise Subhanallah so think of something that you can do that will give you the entry towards Paradise because you're doing it sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to help us learn many, many lessons from the great heroes of Islam. I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us all be companions of these great heroes in paradise. I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to forgive all of our all of our sins and elevate our status and gather us all in general for those which are stackable. Oh, well salam Wa aleikum wa rahmatullah he wabarakatuh