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Gifts of Islam for Women – Ep.02

Fatima Barkatulla


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Episode Notes

Ability to Embrace Our Femininity

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We'll breeze you around the mod to the sunset in the evening.

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When I'm drowning in onto horde in the deepest, darkest ocean

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the third

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gift that Islam has given me is it allowed me to embrace my femininity, and my womanhood.

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Now, what do I mean by that?

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Often, in our times, you know, we hear

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certain things like, for example, motherhood, being devalued, you know, and discounted as something significant, you know, women are only talked about in terms of their economic worth, they're only talked about in terms of how much money they're making. And that kind of makes sense in a capitalist society. And it kind of makes sense for governments who would like to have as many taxpayers as possible, right. But what that does, it diminishes the role than the traditional and the natural roles that women often play in society.

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In Islam, what I found is that

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all of the stages of my life are honored. I'm honored as a mother, I'm honored as a tutor. I'm honored as a woman who might work or who might teach or who might study. And each of those roles is important. And especially, and the reason why I mentioned motherhood is because it is so devalued in our times. Especially me as a mother. I'm supported

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by the structure of my community, to be a mother, to be able to be there for my children from a young age. So I don't,

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I'm not expected to financially provide for my family. That's not an expectation on my shoulders. That expectation is squarely on the shoulders of my husband. But what that signifies is that my role as a mother is seen as so significant, and so important. And so

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all consuming, and difficult, actually, that it's given the space and the time that it needs.

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Because often women when they become mothers become very vulnerable. And so I feel that my community has really supported me in that

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I was born

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I was born