Omar Suleiman – Do Not Wish to Meet Your Enemy in Battle

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The concept of profit is discussed, with emphasis on the need for fear and deception in achieving profit sales. Pr steadily testing actions and avoiding harm to partner's reputation is emphasized, along with the need for protecting one's faith in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing one's intentions and avoiding harms to reputation.
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So I want to come back until I, Ricardo, now come on somewhere. So no, I mean, he was like the human learner. So welcome back. And again, I apologize for starting a little later tonight. So the topic is connected to what we left off on a few nights ago. And inshallah Ty will connect to a consistent theme over the next couple of nights as well when we talk about reflection, and what our religion calls us to. And I want you to see if you can find the connection between this hadith and some of the things that we've already spoken about, especially in the discussion about plague and about how to deal with a global pandemic and some of the hardships that we're facing right now. And of course,

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we know that hardships are different types, there are spiritual hardships, there are physical hardships or emotional hardships. And there is a consistent methodology from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam on how to deal with those hardships. So the idea that we're going to talk about the profit slice that I'm selling at hand that's Oh, people that are men No, the part I do do not wish to meet your enemy was that a lot and afia and ask Allah subhanaw taala for security for either Peter Wong, home, hospital, white level and an agenda to tackle with LSU. But if you have to meet your enemy, so don't wish to meet your enemy, and ask a lot for protection, but if you meet your enemy, the know

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that Paradise is under the shade of those sorts, okay? So if you end up meeting your enemy, if you end up in the battlefield, know that Paradise is going to be under the shade of those swords. So this Heidi speaks about number one from from an ideological perspective. You know, last time I mentioned

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to the Prophet slicin could you barely complete overhaul it couldn't unlock on that fighting was prescribed upon you at some point fighting was allowed to the profits by selling as a rock star as a permission and it is hated to you. And what that means is that the profit slice on them is not one who liked war. He did not like battle he resisted having to take up arms against those who were aggressive towards him for over a decade. Right. So this is uh, you know, speaking within the same thing that you hate to fight you hate battle you hate war, so loud to memory while I do do not wish to meet your enemy, so no one should wish to be in the battlefield. But if you end up in that

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situation, again, then know that Paradise is under the shade of your shorts. Now let's under the shade of those shorts. Let's connect this to another hoodie. The prophets lie Selim mentioned that if Massey had the job, if the Antichrist or to arise in your time, and you heard that he was in a place, the prophets lie Selim said, Do not go to him to challenge him. Instead, flee away from him, right flee from a land that you hear that he's gone to, don't go to him to try to challenge him. Alright. However, we also know from a hadith that there will be a young man that will challenge the job and will expose his deception. And that person will be greatly greatly rewarded, okay, that

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someone is going to expose his deception at some point. But the chances of you being that person, don't don't bank on being that person instead, be a person who does not put their faith at risk. At the same time, the Prophet slicin gave us a prescription to read the first time I had to memorize the first 10 out of sweat that calf, and he also in another narration, splice that I'm set to memorize the last 10 assertive calves. So there's a prescription on how to deal with the jog, if you see him. And obviously, belief would expose the disbelief that would be written on his forehead, but don't go look for him. And you would still have the reward and shot lots of having been one who

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resisted his call. You don't have to prove your faith by going to him and letting him challenge your faith with all that he has. The same thing again is true with the battlefield. Okay? have this sense that Islam your faith is worth more to you than your life, right. And if you were challenged, and you and you had to be put in a situation where you had to sacrifice even your life where you had to be killed and persecuted your religion is not important to you, right? And so if a person was thrust in that situation, then you know, your faith will shine and let your face shine, but don't go look for that test. The same thing is true with the plague, right? And you can see the consistency in the

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Prophet's life. And I'm sad that arises in the land that you're in, stay in that land. If it's not in that land, if it's not in the land that you're in, don't go to the land that you've heard of that plague arising in, don't go put your faith to the test. And the famous discussion between honorable hapa will be a long time. And I want to be there john, why were aborted leader of the law and was said to him at a federal and other law, are you running away from the decree of Allah? He said, I'm fleeing from the decree of God to the decree of God, right, because I'm taking my precautions, okay. What do we take from all of this inshallah tada in terms of our understanding of Allah

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Understanding of God and what the consistent message is here. The consistent message here is that a lot in his mercy is not one that requires of you pain requires of you to put yourself to the test, in some effort to prove your loyalty to the worship of him, and to prove your servitude to him subhanho wa Taala. But at the same time, if Allah decides to test you, then Allah has given you the equipment, the tools, the spiritual reservoir, the mechanism to be able to overcome that test and know that there will be a great reward in that test. So you don't go thrust yourself into tests as a means of trying to prove yourself to Allah Subhana Allah, because in the moment I'm not open yet

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actions are but by intention. So the intention that, you know, I will be sincere to Allah, no matter what happens to me, no matter what trial comes my way, whether it's in the in the form of a person, or in the form of an illness, I will remain faithful. Okay, that intention is enough to realize the reward of whatever it is that you're seeking. But if Allah sends the test to you, indeed sends to you the test that requires the action on your part, the know that the reward is going to even be greater, you'll have the reward for the intention and the reward for the action of staying firm, staying put, staying committed to Allah Subhana, WA tada and faithful, no matter what happens to

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you, okay, so don't wish to meet your enemy, whether it's in the form of a person or in the form of a disease or in the form of a trial, don't test the law, Allah will test you. And when a law tests, you know that Allah is testing you to bring about a greater reward from you. And know that when Allah Spears you, Allah is sparing you. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's excluding you from the reward. And this is all part of the mercy of who he is,

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and how we interact with him with all of our deeds, and with all of our intentions. And with everything that comes our way. You don't have to thrust yourself into hardship. But react when hardship comes connected to a loss of Hannah Montana, and Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we have a Lord that does not test us beyond our scope, and inshallah Allah will kind of reflect on some different aspects of this, in the coming nights with the lights are on as well. So again, the test is not needed for you to realize the reward of that test. The intention is sufficient that I will respond with faith if the test comes to me, but I will not go put myself in that test. By the way, the last

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thing I'll say on this, this is also true with some of the stuff that you interact with online.

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Putting layers of protection between you and things that could possibly pollute and corrupt your email is actually a good thing. That's a means of sincerity, that's a means of proving your sincerity to a loss of hands on, right. So don't go engage things online, that are going to potentially compromise your emaan just in you know, in some in some pursuit of, of showing a loss of habitat or something about yourself, right. You know, safety is part of a man, putting barriers between you and things that could potentially harm your faith is actually part of faith itself as well. And so it goes back to that and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make our intention sincere, and

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to not test this beyond our scope. And that if we are to be tested that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the proper response that a lot inspires us with the proper response that we may realize the maximum reward as well alone, I mean, because I pull off agents that I work with why because

Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects on the idea that while Allah may test us with hardships, He does not ask us to put ourselves in harm’s way to prove our loyalty to Him. At the same time, when Allah does test us, He has given us the tools to handle the test and gain reward from it.

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