Yasir Qadhi – Library Chat #14 – On the Najdī Dawah and the Issue of Istighātha

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "harvest of their words" concept and the "monster" approach to the topic. They emphasize the importance of avoiding confusion and the need for everyone to read their books to refute the "monster's" approach. They explore various examples and references to the Bible, including historical examples and references to the Mahabharata and Koran verses. They stress the importance of understanding the reality of the world and the potential consequences of the "monster" movement, including the "one and the other" movement and the "verbal" movement. They emphasize the importance of researching the meaning of "fit" and stress the divisive nature of the religious views of the world. They express their desire to return to their former roles as a chef and their desire to not defend themselves or their views as a threat to the movement.
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Miss min Hill Allahumma new law

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set on wanting more humans to law, what a curse word hamdulillah. All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one and the unique, he alone do we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and the one who answers the call of the week. So today, inshallah tada and this library chat, this library chat is actually going to be probably the longest video I have on YouTube, I'm going to be recording it in multiple parts. It's a very, very technical lecture. And it is only a benefit for those who are well aware of the nature of the Darwin school and are interested in hearing my thoughts about one or two key issues pertaining to this, this movement and

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also the issue of estate law. So if you are not aware of this movement in detail, you're not aware of technical terms, you're not aware of the the relationships that are taught between Ruby and rural here, then frankly, this lecture is probably not going to be a lot of benefit for you. It's really not meant for beginning students. And one of the reasons why I've been, you know, so delayed and even giving this lecture is that I genuinely don't believe that this lecture should be one that causes more confusion. Nonetheless,

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a longer lecture is warranted. So my sincere advice if you don't know these basic issues of nature, D theology and of their positions about Roby noodle here and of their issues about his co author and these terms are alien to my humble advice is go listen to lectures that are of benefit, I have lots of lectures online that are completely generic in nature, and leave this to an inshallah you are ready. Now this is going to be now with that caveat. So this is not so this is probably one of the more technical Actos I'll ever give. And it will also be very long, because I will I don't plan to record multiple lectures and put them online, I simply want a very long lecture, I will take

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multiple sessions to record but it's going to be one lecture. So take your time, pause if you need to, if you're going to be interested in listening, and, you know, take notes if you need to be my genuine methodology is not to talk more about the mistakes of other movements or of other people. That's not my main priority. Nonetheless, sometimes it needs to be done. And it's about time that I issued my own you know, explanation about my own trajectory and the last few years, and I do understand that this video will bring a ton of refutations. So be it that's not the goal here. That's not the point that I'm even doing this for. It's not what I am interested in. I sincerely

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believe I sincerely believe that all mainstream movements, that all people who believe in the can in the heart of God the sixth kind of Eman and have in mind and taqwa that they are inshallah huhtala upon enough head and taqwa and goodness, as long as they have genuine a man that they shall and shall Lo, tada be forgiven for their sins if they avoid the major sins, and they shall enter agenda. And what that means for me is that all of my sincere critics who genuinely believe in this theology, inshallah Tada, I hope and pray when azana Matthews will do to him and he really wanted Allah suited him with albinism. I don't think it is healthy for the religious folks of the oma to bicker amongst

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themselves and to have these refutations and counter refutations, and they don't want to be a part of that subculture. So this lecture is not intended to get involved in that even though of course, it will be perceived as such. That's not my goal or aim. It's not even intended to be a defense really, of my positions, even though obviously, it's going to come off like that. But that's not the the the Nia, the Nia, for me is that I do believe it is it is time for an explanation for my own students, I feel that I owe it to my students who are genuinely wondering why I have moved on from a theology that I myself introduced them to, you know, so many, many years, you know, I have been

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teaching classes within relativity with other Institute's even at COVID, and others. And I've written books even about this theology, the light of guidance class that I taught for a modem Institute, literally no exaggeration. 10s of 1000s of students from across the globe, attended. It was one of Malaysia's flagship flagship classes, and it was one of its most successful classes ever. And not just this, but obviously I have, you know,

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videos and lectures where I taught this theology. I wrote books about this theology. But obviously, I as everybody knows, I am no longer, you know, associated with that movement. And I think I owe it to my own students really, that's the motivation to explain and to clarify to them and leave it to them, and I leave them upon head and good luck. I don't, I don't think stuff would allow that they're evil people or the the movement is, is is bad, I do think it has potential for danger. And it has some, you know, issues that need to be clarified, but inshallah Tada, all mainstream movements are upon head and good. And Allah shall forgive the mistakes and sins of the pious and the

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righteous now, that all of that having been said, so the point of this series of mini lectures is going to be lumped together in one lecture, because again, I don't want to keep on giving more and more lectures that needs to be but a mini class does need to take place in this regard, that it's very clear for all of my students that I have not hidden this fact that I have moved on from the niche, the theology, and as I said, it's about high time when I explain it a little bit more detail about why this is the case. And obviously, recently, there was a q&a that I gave, in which somebody asked about how a person should deal with relatives that are visiting the graves and calling out to

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the saints. And I explained, there are three, historically there are three opinions, just factually speaking, then there's data which says it shook and one a one B, I said, and then the third strand, which is like the the more extreme, you know, mystical strands, they think it is good to invoke the dead. And then I said, the position I now hold, which is the bulk in the majority position of the woman, not that majority in and of itself means it's right. But it should be said, it's not something I'm inventing myself, but that it is only shooting if some conditions are met. And I even mentioned that it was researching this question that caused me to leave the movement. Now, as was

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expected, a lot of discussion was generated, a lot of reputation videos came out, I expected all of that it's not my goal to get involved in in defending myself or in attacking the critics. Nonetheless, once again, I feel that I owe it to my students, and those who are genuinely curious to explain in more detail, it's only fair that they asked me and this lecture will therefore be divided into multiple parts. Like I said, I don't know how long is going to be right now. But you will see by looking at the YouTube linker, the video is going to probably be a few hours all lumped together. And it's going to be divided into a number of sections. The first section will be personal is going

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to be my story, it's going to be my own

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interactions with this movement, and the causes that really made me begin to question and then move on. The second is going to be the more academic stuff which I'm going to mention three key points, three key academic points, and then a shallow to other conclusion and advice and realize that I'm intentionally going to make this long, I'm not going to, I'm not going to look at the time to be honest, I'm going to be opening up and being very frank in this one long video. And then he shot a lot of data after all of this is done and this video is done for me, inshallah, move on to other topics that I've been used to doing from before and after. So my advice to all of you, if you're

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still with me, take your time, and take breaks don't expect to watch all of this together because I'm not recording it all together. And also FYI, I don't really plan to engage in a back and forth now. I'm going to start off with you know, my own my own quick story in this in this movement.

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Um, the first time I was exposed to this movement was really as a child as a teenager 1986 I believe is the year 1987 I came across bill Phillips book on tauheed, the book of monotheism and obviously nothing like that has ever been written and, you know, the the engaging style and just, you know, the interesting facts presented there. Obviously, it was very convincing I, I was very attracted to that. In the early 90s. I got involved in the official set if you Tao of North America, the Quran and Sunnah society everybody who was involved knows me from back in the day, I became a key player traveling to the cities attending the conferences, all of the major draw out of that era knew me as

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their student, every one of them that you can ask anybody who was involved in the early 90s scene, they do me personally, they all in fact, grotesque is pretty much all of them wrote dusky as for me to get into the University of Medina, obviously I went to Medina in 1995 to 2005 and I thank Allah azza wa jal for one of the most blessed and one of the most fortunate times of my life I I look back at the time with a lot of fondness and thank Allah for for all that I you know, studied over there obviously in Medina. I did my bachelor's in Hadith and I fell in love with athletes.

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We're all athletes, not just naturally the Olympic athletes I loved and I still love, you know, the smell sifat. And this is beautiful and shout out to Michael I mean, how can you not love this field and I applied to the the master's program in theology right in the Islamic University of Medina. And I was planning to do my PhD, but 911 happened and I felt that I need to come back and do it over here. Now, again, I don't want to say this out with a villa with a villa as any boasting or bragging but so that you understand that

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I'm not somebody that is not aware of the arguments that are being presented. You can look this up and you can ask the teachers you can ask the students that were there, that the the master's level program was not easy to get into when I applied, and Alhamdulillah I had the highest grades in the entire university and the entrance entrance exam, the entire university, hundreds of people applied, I had the highest grades of the entrance exam. And then within the MA class, I was the top of my class, I was competing with subroutines and qualities and Mauritanians, the only Westerner, the only English speaker, nobody else was there at the time, at that level and whatnot, and unhemmed athermal

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hamdulillah. I mean, and again, I say this because you understand my story, you understand where I'm coming from, I'm not some, you know, a person outside or just was bad o'clock, and it turned away. No, I mastered pun intended, I mastered the field of nerdy theology. And I firmly believed in that theology, and everybody is aware of, you know, your history of Dynegy, that where my name is mentioned, and every single history book written about the western selfie that was of the 90s in the 2000s. My name is mentioned there, in academic articles and books as somebody who was very active, and one of the main activists when I came back, even before I came back, 1996 I think, I 96 I think,

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or 97, I gave the first comprehensive explanation of Cotabato hate, you know, cover to cover and it was a huge hit, the internet was just coming out if you remember those, remember, and I gave an entire series of cadabra to hate. I went on and did my while I was doing my Masters, you know, I translated of how I did have the dual hub, which is the four principles. You know, I've shared this was a book that I did and then I wrote shadow cash for Shabbat you know, critical study of shift okay. And this book remains to this day, this is a 200 Plus page book, okay. It is an exhaustive critical study of the meaning of short, I have one of the most

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deep books of him Abdul Wahab, which is cacheable heartache, clarifying the doubts. And I did my own exhaustive. commentaries based upon six or seven of the largest commentaries, I studied the book myself with multiple roadmaps when I was there, and I go went into a lot of detail. And I humbly suggest to my critics that before they quote me, snippets here and there of what they've read, please read this book, I am with my utmost humility, I am well aware of whatever things you're quoting. And please read the book, you will find quotations you can think you can use it in your, in your own videos, along with Stan, so I know this theology, and I believed in it, and I really,

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really thought that it was the religion that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam came with it made perfect sense to me. Everything fits into place, and I can still see why it makes sense to people. I sympathize with that I'm not hostile to them, I'm not antagonistic to them, I finished off 2005 and I intentionally I mean, my teachers wanted me to study the PhD, but I, I wanted to benefit my people, the English speaking world I wanted to I it was, it was a difficult thing for me because I would have been the first you know, American, the, you know, to, to finish off over there with a PhD, but I, I thought that my people have more rights over me. And I came back intentionally wanting

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to give Dawa, especially after the 911 environment where you know, things were changing so radically. And as soon as they came back, I started teaching the leader that I thought was the leader of this religion, with as much wisdom as I thought possible. And I was very careful not to spread to Fie and not to spread animosity and hatred, and inshallah my students can testify to that the 10s of 1000s of students that took light of guidance, I kept on emphasizing that, you know, I mean, how much of the course is good, I'm not saying the entire courses bolted out to be the 90% 95% is generic stuff, good stuff, you know, five or 10% I now disagree with that I used to teach and,

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you know, even those elements that I that I now disagree with of considering certain actions to be performed, I would always say we make excuses for the people. You know, we're gentle with the people, but their actions or actions of comfort of their actions or actions of should Can I always would, you know, advise them that there must be humility and kindness and, you know, don't break up the oma, etc, etc. But in the course of all of this teaching in the course of teaching 1000s upon 1000s, and of getting question

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And of giving Dawa and interacting and have seen the global scene and of going back and forth, in the course of being in the real world outside of one's books, you know, one begins to question. And one of the things that one of my teachers told me, if you want to learn something, teach it to others, if you want to learn something, teach it to others, it's so easy to memorize a few snippets. And I think, you know, when you start teaching, you're forced to think far more deeply than when you're just reading books, and when you're challenged, and when students come to you, and when you interact with other people. And so, throughout the course of you know, from 2005 onwards, I taught,

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you know, light of guidance and the other courses with other Institute's many, many times. And, as you know, the DA was seen as progressing and as I'm seeing the effects as well. And as I'm being forced to critically re analyze and think, you know, doubts that were there, but I would cast them aside, in my Medina days, there were their doubts, word flickers. Like, why is this theology so small? Why, why is something so clear cut, you know, not the mainstream of the oma, this is not a filthy issue. It's still heathen shit, it's a man and kafir. And yet we seem to be up against and do bond and you know, the scholars of Morocco and the scholars of Syria, everybody seems to be on a

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different wavelength. And in Medina, I dismiss it. And we are the holdover and whether Islam is going to be a holiday and whatnot. But you know, I mean, those things are cast aside, Okay, tell us but in the course of Tao, in the course of teaching and preaching, you know, you begin to really think deeper, and the repercussions of being in the data field and of seeing firsthand, you know, the realities of what you're doing. It forces you to rethink through. And I really began to feel that this is not the best use of my time, or my talents, or my energy or my knowledge to go and tell other Muslims, to hate other Muslims to go and teach other Muslims. What's wrong with other Muslims?

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It really began to bother me that my the bulk of my efforts in this theology in this methodology was to point out the faults of the religious folks. And you know, the religious folks are a small percentage of the oma. And this interpretation really began to say, to come to my mind, like what is going on with

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the emphases on the faults of other practicing Muslims, you don't need to be, you know, an edge to historically point out that knows the theology is a small fragment, it's a minority of the percentage of the oma and the vast majority of the oma disagrees with the nasty theologies analysis, and for example, invoking the saints and whatnot, the majority of them are things that it is how long but not sure, this is the default, as I said, of the bulk of the oma. So, for me, who is seeing there's the theology to be as clear as the light of day to me it is crystal clear, why can't the rest of the world see it the way that I do what is what is it with this movement that this movement

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seems to be so clear, and yet it is such a small minority? No, again to be to be very explicit majority vote does not mean it is right. You know, majority does not mean that that is the correct opinion. I'll be the first to say that, but at the same time, this isn't like a small fee issue. This is tawheed This is the kalama This is the essence of Islam. How could the bulk of the oma not understand the Kadima the way that I am understanding it? Why is it that, you know, University's official position on their data if their website by the way, log on and check their data if their website this isn't as University the Deobandi position on officially deobandi.org? Literally, I

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checked it a few days ago to make sure it's still there, the official position of the scholars of Morocco, the hiring committee of Morocco, of the shadow phase of Syria, you know, of Yemen, you know, why do they not see the our understanding, you know, the way that I've been taught what is what is it with these other movements out there? Now, again, this is me problematizing, right. That's not that's not an excuse. It's just problematizing. That's not excuse me. That doesn't mean it's wrong. It caused me to really start wondering what is going on to me, it is so clear, do I is Riba and directing an act of a bother to other than a law? And so making to our to the debt, it

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should, it is so clear, one plus one equals two, right? No ifs, ands or buts about it. The theology seems crystal clear, and yet still, the majority of odema and when you read and one thing that also troubled me, why was even Abu lahab so late in the oma Where were the rest of the survivors? Why didn't you know it happened before and it made complete sense to me and ILA is an object that is worshipped okay. This is a summary of what an ILA is an object that is worshipped even if you don't intend to worship they say your actions

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that constitutes a bother when they're done they will make that object into an EDA and do our is the essence of worship the Prophet system says so hence if you make dua to other than a law you have directed an act of worship to other than Allah subhana wa Tada, that's the definition, right? And what is the definition of schicken da to ask other than Allah, what only Allah subhana wa tada should be asked to ask other than Allah, that which only Allah is capable of doing. As I said, it's a very nice, foolproof watertight definition. Everything makes sense. Along with this, it appeals to one's fifth pillar, because we don't like turning to other than Allah, you know, and then my fifth

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row was Alhamdulillah pure, it still is inshallah pure like, you don't want to have to do that. We're not going to justify this is how long, but still, why do so many other groups disagree? And the the main, you know, the main point here as well is that for me, the theology of the courage, right, the the the religion of the quarter, as presented by Abdul Wahab clearly paralleled what we find amongst these other movements and groups that I'm criticizing. So to me, it is like the light the light of day, what they're doing, and that's basically the entire thrust of Russia, right, the whole point of crusher shikohabad is that he paints a picture of the kurush, right? And then

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basically, that that corresponds with these, you know, mystical Sufi movements or the interviews or whatever you want to call them. And to me, it's like, okay, very, very clear. Now, the problem with this is that the, for me emotionally, is that the bulk of the scholarship of the oma for the last 1000 years for the last 1000 years, did not see it the way that if another will have did, and I didn't have an answer to that, I would ask people over the other movement, and I spoke, and I'm not going to mention any names here, I can assure you every senior figure of every trend, you know, and there are spectrums amongst them, as you're aware, right? There are the mainstream, I would say, who

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consider these actions to be how long but not sure. And then you have you know, the minority. Again, in the in the spectrum of things, you have the the selfies, the deobandis, the babies, that type of spectrum there, right. So the Deobandi or the the mainstream of the Moroccan and Sha theories of Damascus and whatnot, generally speaking, you will find many amongst them say that it is how long and it should not be done, and it is Mancha. And then you find, you know, probably a lesser quantity, I don't have a statistics, but I mean, from my own interactions, and you see online as well, generally speaking, a smaller quantity say that it is mobile. And it is not a shift. The bulk

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of them are not on the theology. And this really troubled me and I did not have an answer. And I spoke with many, many people. In this regard. I'll only mention one name, because I think that's the only name I'll I don't mind mentioning.

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But I can assure you every single major a diary of other persuasions of Nanda and as you all know, this from 2005, to, I don't know exactly when 2000, whatever, and I was considered to be one of the most active, you know, NIJ D or certified to out of the Western world. I mean, this is something that is well known. And in that capacity, I would be very frank, one of the things everybody knows me for is my bluntness. My bluntness is what gets me into a lot of trouble. And I understand that I don't I don't mince my words. And I'm very blunt. So I would talk to people point blank, I would speak to other daughters like, and I remember speaking to, I'm not going to mention this person,

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they wanted the main founders and one of the main schools of North American, you know, very bluntly, like, you know, this idea of yours of, you know,

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saints and whatnot. This is this is shit, according to us. You know, I literally said to one of the senior people, and yeah, and he in his editing and whatnot, he didn't

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respond back to me, but I accused him of preaching not to being a preaching, shoot one of the most major Senior Director of the Western world. That's how that's what I'm trying to say, I'm, I wasn't Danny, this is what I was. The one person I'll mention is, I had the opportunity to study with chicago live in Veja, may Allah guide him and me to all that he loves. This was back before any of that others new fitness had begun. 2006 I think 2007 I had an opportunity to study we should have the live video got to know him. And I met him multiple times after that. But of course, what happened afterwards, I haven't met him in the last few years. And

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that's not related to this talk. So no need to mention anything more. But for those who don't know,

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shall go live in beta i, at the end of our few days, within those a few days was said with him and him that I got to know him very well. And it was very frank with the message here. All of these differences between these various movements, you know, no big deal I can, I can I can tolerate we can get along, but how do you expect me to tolerate shake between so and so I mentioned one of the people that's there in the gathering, and he's advocating shirk, when he says that you can, you know, call out to the, to the saints, you know, and this is how can you there is no reconciliation and she has been Veja. I remember that.

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That's what really struck me at the time. This is 2006 in a very year after Medina or whatnot, you know, his face became like, you know, angry because what they're calling for it is how long and it is bitter. And it is mancora. But it is not sheer chaos. He told me this to me, he's like, but what, what struck me. And that's what I remember was that the fact that he hated that so much, but he didn't say it should. And I was like, you know, I like that attitude. You know, I like that. You don't want them to do that. But to me, again, the the way in which the tower teaches you, everything fits into place, there's a holistic scheme, there's, there's a beautiful, you know, Lego block

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structure built up, everything fits in, and it's like, no, it is shipped, how can it not be shipped? How are you telling me is just how long? And so I remember this, but it didn't, you know, still it didn't really intellectually change me, it's like, Okay, well, that's good to know that you think it is, you know, how long but not sure can under less. So years go on. And the final catalyst for me to really just say I need to, I need to do more research, the final kind of story, believe it or not, it was the rise of ISIS. Now, I am not going to say and I'm not saying that ISIS is the same as the nurse did that work? It's not there are many differences. However, there are many differences. But

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they're also way, way too many similarities. If you know, your ISIS theology, if you know, their key points about dough heat and about to field and about Wella. And Barbara, you understand that, and the fact that they're quoting some of them haint founders of the movement, and the notions that are coming are coming from this movement, you understand that ISIS is way too similar. It's too comfortable. It's not the same. I'm not saying it's the same, but it is too similar to the original movement of Mohammed Abdul Wahab. And I realized that just like how all of us in the modern world are shocked at the fanaticism of ISIS at their feet of the rest of the world out there executing

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everybody who disagrees with them. You know, I realized that there's too many parallels, not the same, there's too many parallels about how the rest of the world was shocked for pretty much the exact same reasons at the early nudge de Dawa, and if you read the fatawa of global early ama, at the time, you know, even Aberdeen's fatwa against America will have a Sinani in Yemen, who's coming from the authority paradigm. You'll see I've said this many, many times. I am sympathetic to the 30 critiques of nationalism, I am not advocating relativism or Sufism not at an extreme Sufism, I'm not advocating that and I think it is wrong. But my sympathies lie with the bulk of the oma which is the

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official position of the bulk of the oma, which is that these actions are stepping stones to shift but not in and of themselves. Should they are, they are held on and they're bitter. But they're not. They're not you don't make defeat don't even forget to feed a little bit yet. It's not even shipped such that the issue of original comes right, that's the position of the dominant any mainstream movements of the globe, from Morocco, all the way to the Roma of bajada. Basically, that's what they're, they're saying, Now, for me, the last straw really was

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seeing that I am so disgusted by ISIS, and how can I be disgusted at a movement that is so similar theologically, and I'm saying this academically and I say I'm saying this as a sympathizer, and as a critic that is genuinely loving of the people of the movement. The the similarities between the theologies of ISIS, for those of you that have not studied please study don't just dismiss understand, the architects of that theology. And the notions that they're bringing in are very much the notions of first wave nature. Okay, so for me, the final straw was that I realized that this is not the religion that the Profit System came with. It's not the religion of Allah azza wa jal of the

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Quran. These people are crazy fanatics. And if they are, then something is wrong with the theology that I'm attracting, going to see what's up with that. And by the way, these are all things that my colleagues are innovative, they can attest to my closest students at the time. These are conversations that are beginning almost a decade ago, you know from now, and I basically you know, totally Institute I can no longer teach sleight of guidance, give me the other courses, but that course i'm not going to teach it. And for a few, a few months, I immersed myself in

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other books that typically I would only read to select and refute right, because see, here's the key point here is the key point and I'm now addressing not just my students, but the many critics that will be watching this video to find their 10 second snippets in order to refute. You see, when you're when you're Nia is just to refute. You literally have a wall you literally have a barrier that will not allow the the

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evidence is and the perspective of the other person to be understood by you. And I'm not trying to be dismissive, but think of Trump supporters when you quote them whatever fact that you want. Think of the flat earthers. Think of anybody who was already convinced of a paradigm, no matter what you say to that person, they are even more convinced because of what you said, right. And that is why I do not get involved with the refutation culture. refutations only cater to your own audiences by and large, generally the default when you refute, you're only validating to your own followers, right. And those that are outside the movement are those that are outside of who you are, they are not

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interested in what others are saying to you. So what happened for me around a decade ago, was that I psychologically unlinked myself to the Santa Fe tower. And I said, I want to see I genuinely want to see open minded not in order to find fault and refute which is what I was doing. Pre you know, that era, I'm not I have, I have a whole section of books, a whole section of Sufi books here. They're all I have them. And I have read them for my masters. I read them for my PhD, I'm reading them, but I'm reading them in order to find that one, you know, nugget that I think I can refute not even know what it's not that Bullseye is the is the appropriate word. Just like many of you are just listening

00:31:23 --> 00:31:39

to me now to find that 10 second Bullseye to refute. And, you know, for that audience, nothing you can say is of use because they have already made their minds up. You can't preach to somebody who is not interested in hearing the sermon if you like, right? So

00:31:40 --> 00:32:18

you have to psychologically be ready to listen, like what exactly is being is being said here. And that's why all of the writings I had read before this didn't really impact me because I was wed to my worldview of naturalism. I was committed to that worldview, and anybody who was outside of that worldview, I'm not I'm not they there's no chance of them being right in my mind, that's really what it is. There's no chance of that being right. So once once, there's no chance of that being right, well, then, no matter what they say, I'm just going to find what I need to and then refuted I've already had my mind made up these incidents, the global politics, you know, the the data, we're

00:32:18 --> 00:33:01

seeing the effects of teaching, and overall the uncomfortableness that I began to feel of always having to talk about issues that only bother you know, a small group of people they're only the religious group and finding fault with other religious people. I really D link to myself from the nested our spiritually psychological, I said, you know, let me understand really what is going on and, and I say this because again, I mean, I've studied the books I, my PhD is in theology, my masters from MA in Medina is an athlete I took from the great room, I studied with them, right, I'm an expert in their theology. Yet still, everything that I read up until these incidents that changed

00:33:01 --> 00:33:42

my mind, I'm not interested in what the other group is saying, I'm really not, I'm only interested in how to refute it, I'm only interested to find that snippet to show how wrong they are. So I made a conscious decision, a conscious effort to let go of my biases. I made dr to Allah subhana wa tada to help me understand what's going on. And then I read, and I read, and I read with a genuinely open mind. This began as I said, around a decade ago, and it eventually culminated in me, not just stopping teaching, lack of guidance, but eventually leachate leaving a mullet of Institute which I love immensely, it has done a lot of good and a lot of hair is in it Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah,

00:33:42 --> 00:34:21

thank Allah for that opportunity as well. But I felt that is a part of my my moving on. I should also, you know, move on to other Institute's and whatnot, I publicly wrote an article stating that I'm no longer considering myself a selfie. I have said multiple times that I've moved on from the teachings of even Abdul Wahab, the latest q&a was nothing surprising. I mean, obviously, I moved on, I don't understand why the backlash was so severe when this has been my position for so many years. But anyway, I do understand at some level, and you'll see why I understand. Also, I want to make one one other point before I get to the technical stuff, all of this transition all of these these

00:34:21 --> 00:34:59

changes that are happening. They have, they had nothing to do with my education or PhD, you know, at the institute that I did it from. I didn't take any classes on those days. And over there, I didn't have any quote unquote, shovel hot exposed from that university. On the contrary, you know, no doubt, the University shaped me in many ways for other aspects. And I've spoken about that. But in this issue of nationalism, and this issue of understanding the definitions of hate and chicken, what not really it was my own that was to the people and masses, and to become one of the icons and leaders of that movement for so many years.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

To see the harms that these types of teachings are causing, and to see global events that are linked to these types of theologies. That's what's shaping my views and my changes, nothing to do with my education. And another point, I'd like to also just mention for the record, not that it's a big deal at all, but I mean, a lot of people are associating me with a particular shift in muck of the shirt off, or the descendants of the process, and by the name of Dr. Sharif Hatem aloni. And they're saying that I am basically his student, and I've taken from him. Again, for the record, I want to be very clear here, and my colleagues at the motor Institute can testify to this. Actually,

00:35:39 --> 00:36:15

interestingly enough, I don't want to mention his name. But you can figure out from the context, one of the senior people have been Muslim, one of the one of the people is still a good friend of mine, I love and respect him, I hope the feeling will always be mutual. That when I began approaching him and constantly going back and forth, he was the one who said, Yeah, I said, You sound a lot like Hotmail. And I'm like, why does he say the same thing? He goes, Yeah. How would you read his writings? I said, No. And of course, I'd heard of him, but I haven't read his writings until that point. And so he's the one who introduced me to the writings of Shahada Maloney. And so I started

00:36:15 --> 00:36:51

reading and I was like, This is what I've been saying, this is it right here. I've been this exists. So I discovered those teachings. And I came to these conclusions. Before I read, I read your Hatem. And my colleague at a Muslim can testify to this, right. And once I discovered him, then I contacted some of his students, and I visited him and we discussed and we continue to discuss and we are on the same wavelength. But I want to be very, very clear here and not nothing that it wouldn't I'm not as tough for the law. If that were the case. There's nothing I'm ashamed of. But no Shahar Tim did not influence me should hide them, his writings did not cause me to change my my world views on this

00:36:51 --> 00:37:30

issue. On the contrary, I discovered him after I had come to my conclusions, and not knowing that I'm not the only one, there are many other people out there. And I do encourage all of you to listen to chahatein with only a great dad dementia, and somebody who's gone through pretty much the same thing, because he was and there's the you know, selfie in his younger days. And then now what he is saying is basically what I am saying as well, which is what the bulk of the oma says, Now I left, you know, as I said, all of that teaching, I stopped, you know, I did a sharp turn as well in my lectures, if you you know, I don't I don't I don't view talking about the mistakes of other

00:37:30 --> 00:38:15

practicing Muslims to be the best use of my time. And I've really, you know, moved on from from that that one. But I never explained in detail why. And as I said, This lecture is meant for those whom I feel they have a right over me, that's their house on me, right. And the end of the day, I acknowledge that I introduced many people to even Abdul Wahab, one of the most prominent I, I hope this doesn't come off as a post because I'm not proud of it anymore. But I think after bill Phillips, I would have been the one that was the most instrumental in introducing the ideas of the nose, the movement to the English speaking world for a long period of my 20s and early 30s. And the

00:38:15 --> 00:38:56

books that I wrote, and the lectures that I gave are all the manifestation of that. Now I think it's only fair that now that I've moved on from from that, that I explained to those that are genuinely sincere, that have a right over me, especially my students, I explain why that is the case. And then they are free to do as they as they decide and choose. And I do understand that I'm entering into the refutation, counter refutation territory. I do just humbly request, all of you that are watching this in order to, to refute and you think that that is the most beneficial to the oma, before you do that. Just read my book, the critical study of shooting and then don't rehash the same argument

00:38:56 --> 00:39:00

because I've written two books on this subject. Don't rehash the same stuff out there.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:44

And anyway, if you if you if you are sincere in your refutations, I pray that Allah subhana wa tada grants me sincerity and forgives my sins and I pray that we see each other in general because I am certain I am certain that in Allah's mercy, anybody who has a man and taqwa anyone who says the kalama and especially those who believe in the other can the six are kinda in the hadith of gibreel. And they have demanded that they are upon good and upon guidance and upon rightly guidance, guidance, and a shout out they will enter Jen all people of human and taqwa of Allah Hammond zeca her wattpad habermann this, anybody who turns to Allah wanting to purify their soul is sincere in

00:39:44 --> 00:40:00

this regard, and especially those who have the six or can, if you don't have the sixer can then you are upon misguidance and that's what is the elevator that I believe are those who reject the status of the Sahaba they reject the concepts

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

The sooner these are added without even if they say the Kalam okay. But anybody who says the Kadima and follows the hadith of God, and, and and and exhibits a man and taqwa and avoids the major sins, I don't want to make them a target of my animosity and hatred at all, the oma has far bigger, you know, issues and problems. And I think that it is a problem to problematize other pious Muslims, even as I understand that many pious Muslims are taught something that makes them problematize other Muslims,

00:40:33 --> 00:40:42

beyond other problems with humor, hope that, I hope that that makes sense to shallow data, I'm going to take a quick break, and then we shall resume.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:25

So I said that I'm going to discuss the nasty theology by mentioning three specific points about it. So this is now the more academic side, I went over some of the personal You know, my own history. And the the issue comes before I begin on the academic side is that the construction of any theology, whatever strand of Islam you you you ascribe to, is actually a very complex, multi linked and multifaceted field. And therefore, if you critique one aspect,

00:41:26 --> 00:42:05

automatically, you're critiquing other aspects. What I'm trying to say here is that every single theology, whether it is, you know, nudge, the, you know, Salafism, whether it is a very strands of Sufism, they have constructed an entire holistic model. And the issue comes that when somebody comes along and critiques one aspect of the model, the immediate defenses, oh, hey, that doesn't, that doesn't matter, because I'm believing. So if I critique x, you're gonna say, oh, but hey, y leads to x. And then z also leads to x. And so y and z are connected to X ray, like, oh, that proves x here. But you see, then you go back and look at z, and you look at y, and you realize they're also, you

00:42:05 --> 00:42:46

know, mistaken or out of line or something. So, it becomes far more complicated than one, you know, 20 minute lecture, which is why it's difficult to introduce a student who has studied one entire theology to another theology in a quick short lecture, you really do have to take a step back, it deals with definitions, it deals with the interconnectedness between those definitions, you know, so what I'm going to try to do, and there's going to be gaps, because even as I point out, you know, certain, you know, certain points that definitely, inshallah will be of benefit to the advanced students, I understand the instinct and I know what the the concepts are going to be are going to

00:42:46 --> 00:43:34

bring be bringing to bring in other aspects linked to these particular fields that I'm going to bring. So what I'm going to try to do shallow data is to concentrate on three particular areas, which I believe that the students of the energy hour should be familiar with, so that you can understand the perspective of other movements. The first of them is the the the claim that Mohammed bin Abdul have completely missed understood the reality of paganism in general, and especially oroshi paganism specifically. And because he misunderstood the oroshi theology, he could then make the argument which the average knows the believes that's what some members of the Muslim community

00:43:34 --> 00:44:16

are doing, in terms of reaching out to you know, the the dead and whatnot, is the same or in fact, even worse, because he says this multiple times than what the orange did. So if you set up the model of Satoshi paganism incorrectly, then yes, you can link you know, modern trends that I disagree with, I dissociate from I say they are wrong. They are, how long they are, be that I keep on making that disclaimer to make sure people understand those that are open minded, understand I'm not endorsing it, but to say something is how long and the brother is still a Muslim is very different than saying this is Schick and either other villages or in outside the fold of Islam. So that's the

00:44:16 --> 00:44:58

first point that even Abdullah will have misunderstood. What are she paganism and because of that, he was then able to make an invalid as an invalid and ology to what the, the the people of our times do. The second is to look historically at the reality of the repercussions of this type of theology. What happens when you believe and you subscribe to this type of understanding of tawheed because this isn't a fifthly issue. This is like tawheed versus Schick and if somebody is propagating Schulich and if an entire country or an entire Dola, such as the Ottoman Empire is subscribing to an ideology that you have deemed to be shooting, that's going to have repercussions legal

00:44:58 --> 00:45:00

repercussions, is going

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

To have ramifications. And to give you an idea of that, so you were going to take a little bit of a quick look at that, that's going to be the second point. And then the third very briefly, because this is the easiest to do, and you can even Google it yourselves, you know, very easily and a lot of people have done this is to simply demonstrate that the position of the vast majority of pre niche the ham buddies, and of the other schools of law, so you have the shaffir is the molecules in Hana fees. And you have, of course, the humble is, the vast majority of them have fatawa that clearly demonstrate throughout the last more than millennia, more than millennia, literally 1200 years, you

00:45:39 --> 00:46:15

have fatawa that demonstrate that the norm was very different than the way that the nature these are preaching it. So you really have to conclude that either the bulk of the oma was religiously misguided about the meaning of the Kadima and the applications of Tor hidden ship, or that even Abdullah will hubs understanding, simply was novel and new. And in fact, a very key point which I'm not going to elaborate In this lecture, because I actually believe it deserves much more research than has actually been done. I've done a very preliminary amount of research I've been, you know, flirting with the idea for many years to do more research, and that is to compare Ibn taymiyyah.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:53

With him Abdul hop, there are market differences. And that's one of the reasons why I have said very clearly that you cannot equate shirtless arguments, amias positions, anywhere with any fashion or form with even Abdul Wahab, this is not the lecture for that, but I want to put it out there. And I encourage, you know, this type of research, I hope that in shallow data, somebody does a far more detailed research about this issue. But that's not what today's is, you know, whenever we get there, that's not going to be something I'm going to go into a lot of detail because that requires more research. But the third point is that the bulk of the fatawa with regards to all of the issues that

00:46:53 --> 00:47:31

the nature, the theology, you know, problematizes seems to be that, you know, the rhythm of the past and macro, are held on this notion of it being shitty, or Cofer or whatnot is something that is very, very a typical and one does not find it. And I'll give you some examples. So to summarize, this is an introduction to my part two of this lecture, we're going to talk about even out of the dual hubs complete misunderstanding of the reality of paganism and oroshi, paganism, the repercussions of that theology. And very quickly, number three, not very long, the majority of the pre Ivanovic through a hub and even post you know, everybody outside of that movement simply does

00:47:31 --> 00:48:27

not agree with those notions. Now, first point, the reality of paganism and how even Abdul Wahab clearly misunderstood the religion of the parish. So what I did was that he he cherry picked specific verses of the Quran, and he extrapolated an image of the Quran, that is contradictory, that is contradicting not only what the origin actually believed, but in fact it it contravenes every single paganistic system in existence ever in humanity, he created a religion that never existed, the oroshi version of him and Abdul hubbs version, it never existed anywhere in the world. And because of this, because of his constructed notion of quasi theology, he was then able to premise

00:48:27 --> 00:48:54

his entire Dawa on the notion that what his adversaries are doing are is are the same things in fact worse than the religion of the origin By the way, no one in Islamic history no one as far as I'm aware, ever said that the practices of these you know mystical trends and some of them are worse than that of the correlation if not the hub says this multiple times I translated it in his case we should provide multiple times and

00:48:55 --> 00:49:31

he says this multiple times now, again, much can be said and this is the the big debate taking place between some of the you know, far bigger scholars, Jani Shanghai to Milan and Milan Romanian oceo. So we're gonna read it back and forth happening between them. In my humble opinion, I still think the both of them haven't done a simple manner that's easy and accessible, I think they're kind of anyway that's besides the point their methodologies of writing but I'm going to try a little bit in the next few minutes to explain and I do understand that the amount of time I have can never do justice to this, but hear me out and then inshallah Danny take it from there. So the basic premise

00:49:31 --> 00:50:00

of nerdly theology is that the missionary Kuhn, when they worship their gods or their idols, they did not ascribe independent powers of robia to their idols, rather, they only directed acts of worship to them. And they knew that these idols were totally incapable were completely powerless to actually do anything for them. Hence, the argument is that should of the of the orange was primarily on

00:50:00 --> 00:50:49

almost exclusively in Oulu, here in directing the act of worship, to that being, and the missionary corner of the horseshoe believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala as the rub. Now, the response to this is to say that this construction of paganism contradicts every single paganistic philosophy ever in human history. And the realities of worshipping statues and icons and structures is very different. And the kurush work following those realities. The notion of separating completely although he formerly will be here, so there is something called to do here there's something called will be there's no question about that. The notion of completely separating Hello here from robia when it

00:50:49 --> 00:51:35

comes to worship simply does not exist. When an end when a missionary when a pagan when an idol worshiper directs a prayer directs an act of him, he makes a pleat, he makes a case he makes an offering to one of the gods that that he worships whether it is the ancient Greek religion, or the Roman religion or Hinduism, whatever it whatever it might be, let's give an example. I mean, the Greek religion, let's say the God, Apollo, okay, there's a God called Apollo. Now, Apollo is not the the ultimate God. See, here's the point. Every single paganistic religion believed in a hierarchy of Gods without exception. And now, you know, there's always one creator figure, one creator, God in

00:51:35 --> 00:52:18

all religions. So, in Greek, in Greek mythology, it is Zeus, okay? In Norse mythology, it is Odin. In Hinduism, the Creator God is Brahma, you know, and now sometimes footnote here, sometimes the Creator God himself has a longer story, and maybe even an origin that's beyond our world. that's besides the point for our purposes, in every pretty much every single philosophy of paganism, there is one Supreme God of all the other gods, there is a king God, and that King God, the ultimate God, sits at the head of the hierarchy of all of the other many gods and the many gods don't have to be at the same level, you know, depending on which paganistic religion you follow, there could be a

00:52:18 --> 00:53:05

hierarchy within that. But the point being is that the, the Supreme God, the God, the kingdom of God, right, the Creator God is deemed to be somewhat aloof from the daily routine of men, and that this supreme god can intervene whenever he chooses to, and the supreme god can cancel out, you know, the mini gods, whatever they do. So the supreme god is the most powerful, but those other gods those mini gods are independent, powerful beings, semi independent, meaning that the Supreme God is always more powerful than them. And if he wanted to, you know, he could whatever Zeus is lightning, Thunderbolt, whatever it might be, he could get angry and you know, deal with that other God after a

00:53:05 --> 00:53:49

bit of a tussle after a back and forth whatever, the Supreme God will always win. And that's why there are interactions in Hindu theology and even in Greco Roman theologies where sometimes the supreme god is actually, you know, engaging with violently the other guys, and obviously always wins out in the end. Now, the point being, that the notion of there being a system that there's only one Lord and one all powerful entity, and the rest of those beings that are being worshipped are non powerful, are people that are not capable of listening or caring or hearing or responding, that notion is simply non existent. That's the reality of the so the reality of the oroshi faith is that

00:53:49 --> 00:54:36

these independent, these semi independent gods, some of whom they call the daughters of Allah, by natural law, that they were all in their own ways, powerful, not all powerful, and that they were all capable of helping them and capable of averting calamities and giving them what they want and of hearing them and the Supreme God was also capable, obviously, but the Supreme God was too far away too aloof, too disconnected from the realities of day to day. And that is why the the the dominant perception was that you're not going to worship that God except rarely, like when When the time gets really tough for either keyboard for the full key that will automatically senator Dean, you know,

00:54:36 --> 00:54:59

when they're about to drown, and now call us at that point in time now, experience had taught them that indeed, the Supreme God is the most effective, but theologically, they affirmed powers for all of the other gods. And they felt that that supreme god is aloof and there are many examples of this. For example, the koresh clearly felt that Allah subhanho wa Taala was not aware of

00:55:00 --> 00:55:03

have much of their daily routine and this is in the Quran

00:55:05 --> 00:55:44

with adequan Nakamura the line on timbira bacon right above vondom gym and the Lucha Libre animoca theorem minmatar I'm sorry that you assume that Allah does not know most of what you do without ecomondo cumulative anantapur become our back this one of yours that you have has destroyed you in the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. Even Massoud says and will definitely will definitely read. Even Massoud says that I was hiding behind the curtains of the Kaaba. And I heard three of the quraishi three of the people talking one called arshi and two people from the thief. And

00:55:45 --> 00:56:23

one of them, one of them said that a total nulla yestermorrow. Kodama Anahata, one of them said, Do you think Allah can hear what we are saying here? And the other two said, if we speak loudly, maybe he can hear and if we don't speak loudly, he cannot hear okay? Now this was true there was hiding behind the curtains, long story. You can listen to read it up and whatnot, he was hiding behind the curtains of the, the collapse of the cabinet, right, the start of the cabinet, and he's listening to this conversation and the array show now debating Do you think Allah hears us or not? That's what the notion was that Allah subhanho wa Taala is too aloof. And the notion is that you have to go

00:56:23 --> 00:57:04

through the gods that have a connection to our lives, there's lots of mini gods that, you know, they've assigned various tasks, mini domains, mini kingdoms, and they're approachable, and we can go through them to get to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's no doubt that those mini gods were not completely all powerful. Those mini gods were given their Dominion by Allah. And that's something that is mentioned in the televi of the porridge, the baker luxury, calaca, Illa shuriken, who aleca tim likoma Malik, that there is we we we will respond to your call, Oh Allah, you have no partners, except for a partner that belongs to you. And he his kingdom belongs to your kingdom where he

00:57:04 --> 00:57:44

controls or he or you own what he owns. Now, very explicitly, the orange are saying that Allah has shed eat what is a shed eek, a shed, he is a partner, and a partner does not mean 5050. I mean, this is something that, again, in my own classes I do, I would do all the time, a partner can be 90 1099 1%, if you're in a business firm, and one, you know, there's the CEO or the founder has, you know, 80%, and the rest of the 20% all have a little bit. They're all partners, but they are partners, right? And this is the point the Ornish felt that God the Father or the supreme garter, and of course they called him Allah was indeed the most powerful but Allah azza wa jal had assigned

00:57:44 --> 00:58:29

independent, not what I say independent, I mean, they are now independent, Allah has now let them be who they are, and they're capable of doing whatever they want to do, unless Allah chooses to intervene. Right so they have independent powers eluxury can who elect him Lika Hua Malik, Allah has mukhiya over these mini gods and the Quran clearly affirmed that Dominion belongs to other than Allah as well. The Quran says 100 hamdulillah headed la de la mia Takeda den wollombi akula who Sherry Koon Phil Mulkey, Allah is praising himself by negating the belief of the orange right Alhamdulillah to a larger widow who has not taken any child the orange ascribed daughters to Allah

00:58:29 --> 00:59:09

what by the way means as you know, boy, boy and girl, well I am your Kula who Sheree conceal Mulkey and Allah does not have a shediac in the kingdom, because all pagan isms all of them assign kingdoms wiped by kingdoms. I mean, as you said, dominion is a better we're not a kingdom of dominion, all paganistic religions assign dominions to various gods, those gods are in charge of certain things. Look at Hinduism, look at the ancient Greeks and the Irish were no different. They believe that a lot, Rosa and manette had their own, you know, mukhiya they had their own dominions and Eliza which it was indeed the one who assigned and the one who was the greatest of all, but these other gods

00:59:09 --> 00:59:58

were very, very clearly independently powerful and could do as they pleased. And that's why when Allah uses organic terminology to describe these other false gods, he uses two very interesting phrases of them is the phrase masala and of them is the phrase Min junella that Allah mentions that you have taken a lead in Asia Luna mera la isla and after a certain age verse 96, those that have created besides a law, okay, other ILA they shall know what the reality is okay. So they have taken it was well known. They have taken an ILA and multiple LS and then what the * do men do in law he earlier they took from men do Neela and men do Neela does indicate lesser than a law, okay? They

00:59:58 --> 00:59:59

never made these earlier.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:34

Allah they never made these above above Allah subhanho wa Taala they took these arbab and they took these earlier as lesser than Allah and that's why Allah subhana wa tada says here in this verse what de Haldeman do de la la la la home Yun Soto Surya seen La La home Yun Salam means what? so that they could be aided the gods could aid them the gods could help them the gods could give them victory. A lot of scribes this belief to the origin the Qureshi believed these gods could give them independent victory. liars Tatyana Nasir home Allah says they cannot help you.

01:00:36 --> 01:01:17

And they can't even help themselves. That allows origin explicitly negates now here's the point that the origin believed that the gods could help independently and they believe their gods to be powerful beings. So tell me at verse 98 that Allah says in Nagoya, Mata abdomen doula house ah boo Johanna Antonia Hawaii don't you and all that you worship besides Allah subhana wa tada min do Nila lesser than Allah again these other gods they worship or not above Allah in their power they were lesser than Allah but they were gods. Locanda How would I really heighten Mahara do have if these beings were actual gods, they would not be going into Johanna meaning you thought that they could

01:01:17 --> 01:02:00

protect themselves, they cannot protect themselves. So and this is something that Toby himself says in the Tafseer of this verse. He says, one that ILA who will lead the yocto either Masha Allah, Allah He shade on the ILA is the one who is capable of doing whatever he wants. And no entity is is is able to do something that the law does not want to be done. So Allah azza wa jal is saying, These ILA that you thought could help you and help themselves, I shall round them up and throw them into jahannam. How can they be ILA once again, they're ascribing that power to their ILA. They believe their gods would give them sustenance, right sort of anchor booth for 17. In the Latina taboo, do

01:02:00 --> 01:02:39

women do the la de Lyonne lunella cumbrous on February horn de la her risk of those who you worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala they do not control your risk. So search for your risk in front of Allah subhana wa tada and worship Him and be thankful to him notice Liam licola cumbrous convey thought that these gods would also give them risk. Now, it is true that at some level the operation ascribed and this is the problem of even outdoor hobbies that he took certain verses and ignored others. And he cut off basically, I mean, not to cut off intentionally meaning he ignored is the better word he ignored many verses that that that puts the whole picture. And he claimed that the

01:02:39 --> 01:03:22

Orosz only that the Quraysh believed that Allah solely gives it as analyzer is the only one that harms and Allah is the only one that independently sends the rain down. If you ask them who says there and they will say Allah Subhana, WA Tada. All of this is true. They also believe this, that the Supreme Being the Creator, God does all of this but they also believe that there are many gods had powers and had the capacity to send the rain down to give it to them, to protect them, to harm them, to benefit them. And that's why once again, the the notion of the gods should be feared, Allah says in the Quran, what you have, we have funa Kabila dynamin duni. He, they try to make you scared

01:03:22 --> 01:03:59

of those gods that are lesser than Allah Min dooney he will you have before nikka October, he says, in the spirit of this verse, they're threatening you that if you abandon their gods, their gods will afflict you with a punishment, okay? Now, they're threatening you, if you abandon their gods and worship Allah, and you don't worship these gods, these gods will punish you, meaning these gods have the power to harm you. These gods are separate from Allah, their will is separate from Allah, and their power is separate from Allah. And if you abandon them, they will be angry at you. And this is proven in multiple stories of the Sahaba when they converted, perhaps the most famous of the

01:03:59 --> 01:04:38

multiple stories, but perhaps the most famous is that of Lima, the famous conversion of the man that he came to Makkah, and he embraced Islam, and then he returned to his people. This is reported in the most ethical hacking and a dyed in me and healthy in his books of Syrah as well that he returned and he said to his people, I have rejected a lot and a loser. You know, I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so his people said to him, what has happened to you all day, ma'am, it doesn't bother us, I will do them exactly. junoon. Be careful that you don't be afflicted with leprosy. You're going to go crazy. You're going to be crippled down. And they felt that by rejecting a Latin a

01:04:38 --> 01:04:59

loser, a Latin loser would punish Lima and he said to them, wait, nobody knows. No one can harm and benefit other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. The point being that the pagans felt that these other gods are independent and they would harm the man. This is the paganism of all human civilizations. Those other mini gods are real that

01:05:00 --> 01:05:41

exist they have the power to benefit and harm independently of Allah subhana wa tada and they are partners along with a law so that an adverse 94 man woman, not American should accumulate in exam to under home fee comb Shoraka, we do not see those whom you used as intercessors we'll get to intercession those whom you thought were our partners feeco musharaka Allah explicitly says all of these other entities you made them as partners on to me they affirming them to be shorter cap, and suitable Coronavirus, 165 woman and nasty Manya duck women do the light and dad in your head bounnam Coco Bella Valentina, I'm gonna shadow her buddy. Now. Now, this verse isn't a guitar, but Joe

01:05:41 --> 01:06:20

Hayden, we studied this so many times from the energy, the theology and they flipped it around 180. And they said, of course, the verse translates, there are those who take besides a love partner, and they love the partner like they love Allah. And the believers have a lot even more now than theirs Did that work took this to a very unreasonable, unrealistic, you know, notion which, if you talk, we should talk about this. And that's why there's so many tangents here. They derive things which are mutually contradictory amongst themselves. They said, If you love something strongly, passionately, you know, in a manner that is, you know, they didn't have the technical language here. They did not

01:06:20 --> 01:07:00

have the technical language or because they can't, they're basically saying that hope can be divine, which is of course true, but they can't define what type of Hope is about what type of who makes the divine. And Allah defines it in this verse because they pretty much ignored the first part of the verse that Allah azza wa jal is saying, there are people who took mindu nila he and dadda This is the key underlying this. They took lesser than a law partners a nid. Again, like I said, a partner doesn't have to be 5050 there's a knit machete there is an entity that they believe is another god besides Allah, and then they love that entity. Like they love Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now here's

01:07:00 --> 01:07:42

the point here, that the the the the ship of love occurred when they believe that this entity is a need besides Allah, if you believe there is a need besides Allah and then you love that nid This is should everybody schilke in muhabba, shirk in your dough hate now generic love of something in that you do not deify generic love of something that even causes you to do out on things on Islamic things. That generic Love is not going to be shooting if you don't believe that this entity is a need besides a lot otherwise, every sin that you do that drunkard when he drinks his alcohol, he loves the alcohol more than he loves the shit out of Allah doesn't make him a coffee or mushrik how

01:07:42 --> 01:08:23

many lovers are there that you know have died in their grief of love. And they didn't die out of fear of a loss of Hannah with our love of Allah. It doesn't make them confident wishing because the love of the beloved amongst human beings is not shaky love, it's not the love of a need. So to love a god other than a law should to love something strongly, passionately, powerfully, even if it causes you to disobey the Sharia does not reach the level of schilke unless there is a rub or a god involved besides a law. So the point once again, these corporations believe their gods could help them and they were semi powerful, and at times even challenging Allah subhanho wa Taala because this

01:08:23 --> 01:09:01

is the reality of paganism, look at Hindu mythology that the wars taking place. I'm not familiar with that much I can't I don't want to say something, you know, that's going to be incorrect. But you know, I'm talking about if you if you read the Mahabharata, and you read the mythologies that take place, that type of notion, the Greeks as well the Romans as well and the orange as well, at times their gods even clash with the Supreme God even though eventually always the supreme god wins. That's the notion of, of paganism and in sort of that MBI verse 43 amblyomma earlier to Intel, narrow human donita Do they think that they have gods that can come between us and them look how

01:09:01 --> 01:09:44

they're giving the powers to their gods? Allah is rhetorically asking um, let him early Hatton term narrow who mean do Nina do they think that they have their early has that will come between us and them liability ruined unnecessarily unforeseen him these entities cannot even help themselves without human use have been and they're not going to be aided against us. So the claim that the whorish perfected Allah as a Rob and didn't believe in any Arabs and Gods besides Allah Subhana, WA Tada. It is a false claim. You cannot have Oulu here without aspects of rabuka. That's the technical way of putting this. You cannot have worship, except that the entity that you worship, you must by

01:09:44 --> 01:09:59

default of your worship, ascribed certain powers of Arab certain constraints, not constraint, certain characteristics of a god to that entity. You cannot worship without believing that the entity that you're worshiping is a god

01:10:00 --> 01:10:39

God's by their definition, they combined between being venerated and worship, and between having certain powers. Now, you don't have to necessarily worship every entity you think is a God. But you will not worship anything that you think is not a god. No, in the paganistic system, you don't have to worship every God, but any god that you worship, right any god that you present your your, your your, you know, food, or your sacrifices to or you call out or invoke you are giving them powers that you believe the divine entity should have. And one of the most powerful verses that really demonstrates and there's so many again, it's like, *, let me put it this way. Anytime you study

01:10:39 --> 01:11:14

any one theology, you are being taught to read the text in a certain manner, it's like being put blinders on you, right? So everything you read, or a filter or glasses, everything you read, is going through those glasses. And as I explained, you know, an hour or something, or however long it's been that I made a conscious decision to take off those glasses. And let me see what the glasses of the other side are, if I can get the metaphor correct. See what they're trying to say. That's the point is that the the subscribers to the nursery theology, that they've just, it's been drilled into their minds that they have to somehow reinterpret or read in everything in the Koran

01:11:14 --> 01:11:57

that talks about the origin as somehow implying that the orange did not believe that the gods that they worshipped were actually gods. That's just illogical. That's something that has never existed in human history. So the series of verses that I think are very powerful, so tell me noon, versus 86 to 92 look this up sort of momentum versus 82 692. Now keytab tauheed, quotes the first half of this or section of it and other writings as well reread the entire section, Palmer Rabu samata, severe wa Sallim, se una de la, they say, ask them who is the rub of the heavens and the earth, the rub of the magnificent throne, they will say Allah, remember, here's the point, these verses that even our

01:11:57 --> 01:12:33

little hub uses, of course, they're valid, and Allah is the supreme rub. Allah is the rub of the of all of the other autobio Allah is the medic of all of the other. Allah is the founder, the term that is used is the Creator God. That's the technical term in mythology, there's always a Creator God, a lot for them was the creator god. So Allah saying, ask them who is the heavens and earth? They will say Allah, why don't you fear? Why don't you? You understand? Say Who? Who is the mallacoota condition? Who is the one who controls everything? They affirmed, Allah controls everything. It's not that they negated that their gods also control certain things. Again, this is the point it

01:12:33 --> 01:12:41

probably will have derive something that other verses clearly show is an incorrect derivation to affirm Allah supreme rubia

01:12:42 --> 01:13:21

does not imply that they didn't affirm Do we have other other gods? So the verses go on that? Sorry, I'm just fixing my my camera here. Sorry. The verses go on that. Say Who is the one who controls medical tradition? Who Georgia who controls everything, and he is the one whom everyone turns to and no one can turn against him? No one can protect you against him. If you truly know they will say Allah subhanho wa Taala. So how are you bewitched? Then, what's the next verse here? But at a noun will help you with a normal Academy. Now, here's the key point. Okay? If you don't understand I'm sorry for going so quickly. Go read the verses yourselves as the first three. A lot of firms that

01:13:21 --> 01:14:11

the kurush understand that there is one God of God's supreme god. Okay, now, what's the next verse? But the law human weathered in one Mark Anima hoomin illa Allah does not have any child. There is no other Illa besides Allah, either leather Hubba kulu Isla him Bhima Hola, aka, if that were the case, every ILA would have taken what that ILA created, and they would be fighting with one another Subhana Allah here and meiofauna lies above what they describe this is paganism, the quintessential reality of paganism. Every ILA has the power to create according to the Quran, every ILA would be a control of dominion and doing things in their own, you know, mini dominion, and every ILA is a mini

01:14:11 --> 01:14:58

Rob and a mini God in his own right, even though they have a kulu illa Hindi maharlika. If that were the case, then every ILA would go with what he created with, so to ascribe powers of a robe to other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And to worship any law other than a law This is the essence of the key point. Therefore, the orange like all pagan isms, ascribed to their Gods power, and the right to be worshipped, and their levels of power and levels of you know, worship that are done, but all of them are semi independent, other than the one supreme who is the God of gods or the king of gods are called him, the Creator God, all of them are creating, they are harming capable of harming capable

01:14:58 --> 01:15:00

of benefiting and they

01:15:00 --> 01:15:38

Act independent of Allah, and they are more accessible than Allah. Allah according to the Quran is too lofty, Allah is not accessible, maybe even most corrige like the Quran says that you thought that Allah is not aware of what you're doing, he's too distant, you know from you. And that standard, you know, the average person in ancient Greece, Zeus is inaccessible, Zeus is not the one you go to because Zeus is in charge of bigger things, according to them, you go to the lesser gods, and these are all independent gods. That's the message of the Quran. And the Quran then uses the oroshi theology to show that that theology is illogical. And it doesn't make sense. If you believe

01:15:38 --> 01:16:14

that the Supreme God is the Creator, and all powerful, then there's no need for these semi powerful intermediaries that you worship and acknowledge besides a lot. Also, there's a really good book that I encourage all of you to read those of you that you speak that speak Arabic, it is one of the earliest treatises ever written in our religion. It is a famous book that is called kuttabul snom, the book of idols by Nickleby. It's a an ancient book, don't quote me, I think 200 something is the other 300 something hijiri. And it is one of the earliest treatises written on paganism. And if you read this treaties, you will see that the jiahe the Arabs were just like all of the other pagan

01:16:14 --> 01:16:54

religions, that they believed in these independent semi independent beings, for example, and Kelby mentioned the story of Adam and Hatem and the gods of his people, when somebody did something sack religious, it had been heard Tim said, Just wait and see what the gods will do to harm you. And when nothing happened to that person, that's when it said, I don't believe in these gods, let me accept Christianity. And then he met the process of accepting Islam. The notion is that it's very clear they believe these gods to be all powerful, and when I say all powerful, not compared to Allah, but independently powerful. Now, all of this boils back to one simple thing. anila is an entity that is

01:16:54 --> 01:17:40

worshipped, right? By definition, and an entity that is worshiped. The only reason that you would worship an entity is because you believe that entity is a God and a god is an entity that has powers that are divine. And that's why ILA you know, here and Robo BIA, or at some level intertwined, you cannot have UI and Robo BIA completely independently from one another. That's really the main point of contention between the dual hubs message and between the Quranic painting of the of the mythology, the Quranic description of the mythology of the cottage, even Abdul Wahab cherry picked some verses of the Quran and constructed an alternative reality to the message of the Quran. And he

01:17:40 --> 01:18:23

believed that the or he said that all of these mini gods were powerless completely. They were completely dependent on Allah. They were not semi independent, but no paganistic religion ever posited this right? Well Makana Mao humann ila and either they have a kulu lamb mahalo, the kurush affirmed, there is a last created, right, what the Haldeman Mindanao Atlanta commune saloon they they took other than a lot of Georgia lesser than a lot they took their gods in order that they be helped. And Allah says the akula Homer is they thought that these gods will give them strength, there is a human strength not to not is that the way that we think of is. So this this construction

01:18:23 --> 01:19:03

of Ibn Abdul Wahab, which is a false construction, then allowed him to compare the mistakes and the mistakes is we're going to come to the mistakes of those who have fallen into some versions of the soul of some versions of asking the graves of Saudi hanaa, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and and they say or he said, what they are doing is exactly what the aurash did. But that is not the case. You know, the the the person of those trends, who goes to the grave of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked for his shift or whatever the construct that he has, and the vision that he has of who the Prophet system is, and the powers he gives the Prophet sallallahu it was said I'm talking about, you

01:19:03 --> 01:19:43

know, obviously, there must be some extremists who might think that he is a type of God or something but no Muslim, no person of a positive IQ is going to say I am worshipping the prophet SAW said Him because He is a God besides Allah. So we're going to come to the notion of course, asking and what we're getting there. But the point being that the soul of this person, when it comes to the cover of the Prophet system is completely different than the soul of the of the koresh when they did what they did. And another example there's so many examples, for example, the famous verse, that is again in the event it will have quoted this very clearly in his book who hate wedding. It didn't even do

01:19:43 --> 01:20:00

anything, ma'am. You couldn't make kids made into the room last marriage outcome was semirara. Mr. Jha will come. Well, you're not chlamydia Coronavirus should come again, this is a very clear verse which again, we were taught to understand and read in a certain way. And you just take a step back and you find the refutation of religious naturalism in the variable

01:20:00 --> 01:20:44

versus that they quote you, those whom you make dua to besides a law, they do not own a single date Pitt, ie the Quraysh felt they own a lot more than a date Pitt complete independent ownership and Allah says Maryam lacuna, Minh Kitzmiller, so this is Robbie Malachy. This is Mark This is you have a milkier. Here you have complete ownership and Allah is saying they don't own anything into their own home law. Yes, Mark. If you call out to them, they cannot even hear you. So they affirm that their gods can independently hear them. What Oh, Samir Mr. Jha Bula come, if they could hear you, they wouldn't respond to the orange felt these gods could respond to them. And on the Day of

01:20:44 --> 01:21:24

Judgment, they're going to reject your ship of them. The point being in this verse, Allah azza wa jal describes the belief of the orange with regards to these gods, these gods controlled and had power, these gods had creations that they're in charge of, and Allah says, No, they don't own even occur to me. These Gods heard their prayers and responded to their prayers, they had the power to respond independently. And Allah says, No, they can neither hear you, nor can they respond to you. So the the notion, therefore, of comparing this with somebody who is not a god, somebody whom Allah has given powers to that is very different and we're going to come to this right now shallow, two

01:21:24 --> 01:22:05

main verses that need to be mentioned here in light of all that has proceeded proceeded. pseudo universe verse 18, and sudo Zuma Zuma reverse three is always used sudo universe verse 18 way I will do them in dooney la he Malaya de Roma and faraway Odin how she found her in the law, they worship besides a lot lesser than a law, that which will neither harm them nor benefit them and they say these are our conduits and intercessors to Allah subhana wa Tada. So valid verses it is what it is. It's been copied himself comments on this, Allah criticizes the pagans who are worshipping their gods thinking that these gods can benefit and harm them my liable rowhome Allah and fire him

01:22:05 --> 01:22:45

independent of Allah subhana wa tada and thinking that Allah subhanho wa Taala is too distant for them. So they go through these intermediaries and they say, we will come to Allah subhana wa Taala. To go through an intermediary that allow once you to go through is the essence of tawheed to mistakenly make an intermediary to Allah subhana wa tada that Allah has put there is a problem and it is how long and to create an independent intermediary that is a God and to say that this God can harm and benefit you. That is where should occurs. And we're going to talk about this and a clear example in a while. The point being the orange clearly affirmed an entity Muladhara Humala and

01:22:45 --> 01:23:27

follow him they felt they felt this God could benefit them and harm them. And the same goes, man, boom, Ilya gorbunov, Allah is alpha, we're only worshipping them so that they can bring us closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. We need to understand this verse. In light of all other Quranic verses, which is in harmony with all other paganistic theologies of the globe, there's a pantheon of gods the supreme god is too high is unaware you need the mini gods to give your food to to give your sacrifices to you need the mini gods to have a direct relationship with and those mini gods are going to take your case up to the highest God. Remember the Quran itself affirms that the Quran

01:23:27 --> 01:23:31

worship these gods for benefit lander home Yun sologne. That

01:23:33 --> 01:24:14

Leo condyloma is, so Allah mentions this excuse. And he mentioned this theology and Allah azza wa jal also mentioned the term Riba worship is something that the Orisha understood they were doing, and they understood that the worshipping a god and this is something that is very clear your actions, whatever they are, are going to be based upon your intentions, this is the heavy, intimate amount of money yet. So whatever you do, if it is not done with the intention of worship, it cannot constitute worship, it can be how long it can be, sooner or later, it can be wrong, it can be tawheed. But if you are not intending worship, it can never be a type of shoot because you're not

01:24:14 --> 01:24:16

intending worship. And

01:24:17 --> 01:25:00

with the issue of asking someone for something, the issue of asking someone for something, this is an entire spectrum. And again, this requires a much longer topic and lecture, I'm going to have to summarize this issue and even though it's very important, but inshallah with this summary, you will understand, the mere asking of someone could be something that is completely permissible, maybe even must have or maybe even why Japan was being done to mcru to how long it could be sooner or beta. But as long as the asking is done to an entity that you believe is not a God is not created, there is not a body in your heart, you are not assuming this entity should be an ILA, or to be our

01:25:00 --> 01:25:40

Rub, that the action that you're doing cannot constitute shear, you can be doing something how long because the shear isn't, does not allow you, you can be doing a bit, because it's going against what you have been told to do by the prophet sallallahu. It he was selling them, it can be a major mistake, it can be a stepping stone, but it is not going to be an action of worship, if you don't consider it an action of worship. And you will not consider it an action of worship, if the entity you're asking is not in your eyes, a god and a number of examples can be given. I mean, obviously, the most obvious example is this such the how the such the can be an active tauheed. And it can be

01:25:40 --> 01:26:16

obligatory, what it is done what the last command, and it can be held on more of a crew, and it can be sure all of it depending on the needs. And this is something that very clearly we can you guys can understand the concept of this such that when the angels are told to do search, then the search that is of the highest actions of worship, right says that it's of the highest actions of worship, if you can understand this search that has a spectrum, the point that majority of odema, make dua also has asking is a better term, because there's a technical drop, and there's a generic drop. This is another key point. There's something called a technical, the technical da is the action of

01:26:16 --> 01:26:57

worship, and there is generic asking generic and this is one arm this is not a point of theology, all of the advanced students know the Quran uses sometimes generically the word do have that letter Judo even don't call the Prophet system, and the Koran uses the term technically, that will enter massager the life allotted room Allah either, so the technical drop, and the generic da are overlapping in that all of them are request, but the technical da is the request of worship. So that's something a well known no questions there. The point being that you can make a mistake in the generic, asking the generic drop, it will only become a technical drop if you intended to be a

01:26:57 --> 01:27:05

technical drop. Now, let me give you two examples in shallow data that helps clarify that there must be intention.

01:27:07 --> 01:27:49

And if you don't have intention, that in fact, it cannot be considered to be worship if your paradigm is different. Let me give you two simple examples. Let me ask you a question in here that when you give charity for the sake of Allah Subhana without a religious cause, can you give to impress a person can you give to impress so I, I attend fundraisers you know, all the time I give lectures at fundraisers all the time, it's something that is part and parcel of who I am, I have attended 1000s of fundraisers, if somebody were to raise his hands and give $1,000 or $10,000 and the goal is to impress other people. The goal is to impress me as the speaker we all understand this

01:27:49 --> 01:28:32

is minor Schick This is a showing off this is a minor ship that the shipyard has forbidden because the giving of charity is an act of worship, and it should not be done to Allah subhanho wa Taala should not be done except to Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay, now, imagine the time of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah who was sending the Battle of Tobruk he stood up solo senem. And he said, you know, we need, you know, fundraise. We need people to give, okay, the Sahaba here's the question. When they gave their charity, put yourself in their shoes, when they gave their charity, did they intend to please the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam as well. When they gave their charity, when they're

01:28:32 --> 01:29:11

putting it in front of him, I will block a number of competing with one another, right? They're seeing the effects of the smile on the profit solar systems face. I mean, this is what Obama did. And it is human psychology, put yourself in their shoes. Okay. When you give your charity for the Islamic cause for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it is the prophets of Allah who I'm doing fundraising, he is the one telling you to give. Would you not want to please Him? Question? Is that chick? Is that shut up to want to please the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for an act of worship? I mean, I'm sure some of these will say it is but nobody said it is it's not it's it's it's something

01:29:11 --> 01:29:49

with allotted in the series books of Heidi and human nature. You want the profit system to be pleased, pleased? Why is it not sure to please the Prophet system in this act of worship? What what why is it not? I will tell you why. Because they understood that the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, the pleasure of the process of will come and the pleasure of Allah with the pleasure of the profitsystem will bring the pleasure of Allah, they are making a linkage, but that linkage is not shook, because they understand that the Prophet says it is not an ILA is not to God, our will to be learned, none of the Sahaba felt this and they understood to please Him to make him happy to show

01:29:49 --> 01:30:00

him their good deeds and what they're doing. That's not like showing me or anybody else, right. So there's the clear notion of what your what your paradigm is to what to the entity that you are

01:30:00 --> 01:30:41

Doing the good deed for a second example, which is a little bit more complicated, and it's been mentioned by a number of scholars but I've, I can develop on that the second example the, the and by the way, this is an actual conversation that took place between me and a Medina student, I went over this with with him. So I said, What is the shadow of drop? So he said the shadow drop is to ask a created entity for something that only Allah azza wa jal is capable of doing. I said, Okay, life and death. Who is capable of that? He said, Only Allah Allah is Maria Lopez, Mohammed, Allah is the one who gives life and takes it away. I said, Okay, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, a lot of xojo did he not

01:30:41 --> 01:31:21

give him the power to with his with Allah's permission, right to heal motel the evening? Didn't Jesus Christ, get that power to resurrect the dead? He said, Yes. But Allah gave him that power. I said, Okay, bear with me. Allah gave him that power. Okay, now put yourself out. Let's go back to the time of Jesus Christ. And let us imagine that Jesus Christ has just resurrected Lazarus from the grave. He's just resurrected somebody from the grave. And one of his Sahaba one of his Muslim believers, he believes in a lot of Georgia, he believes in anything he's a follower. He knows Isa has been given this this right. He sees Lazarus resurrected, and something stirs in his heart. He

01:31:21 --> 01:32:01

says, Yeah, he says Yasuda, la Yeah. Kadima to LA. You know, yo, do Hello, my mother passed away recently. Can you please You know, resurrect her as well. Okay, this is a Muslim, believing in Allah understanding who Jesus is. And he asks Jesus to resurrect the dead. I asked him my my interlocutor. I said, Is this shirt? He goes No, because Allah gave Jesus that right I said, by the way, five minutes ago you said it would be shared but Okay, fine. You understand now that the the Muslim who comes to Jesus in his lifetime in front of him and asks Jesus to resurrect the dead, knowing that Allah has given him that power, that is not sure. Jay, you suppose now while this scenario is taking

01:32:01 --> 01:32:39

place, there's a Roman centurion okay? And he believes that there's Titans and there's Gods walking on earth and he believes in notes whole mythology and he sees Jesus you know, snap his finger and resurrect the dead in front of his eyes. And this Roman believes that you know, this Jesus entity is a walking God He is one of the I don't know, Titans or whatever you want to call it. He is one of the the, the Pantheon Sir, you know, here on Earth, right? And he rushes forward, and he says, hey, my mother died. Can you resurrect my mother from the dead? Okay? And the man thinks that Jesus is a walking God. Okay, what is this as the brother He goes, this has shed keys, he's basically asked him

01:32:39 --> 01:33:18

of something that, you know, he feels he feels that a lot of xojo that this is what a lot of soldiers, I said, Look the exact same two things, right? The exact same two questions when the Muslim asks it understanding who Jesus is, and the rights of Jesus is hella is mobile. And the other person, the centurion, when he thinks Jesus is God, and he's asked him to resurrect the dead with the assumption that Jesus is God, it becomes schilke. What is the difference? The actions are the same. It's the knee, it's the paradigm. Okay, bear with me now, okay. And this shows you that the exact same action can change from being permissible and being a part of tawheed to becoming shift

01:33:18 --> 01:34:09

based upon the paradigm. Now bear with me, these are two, you know, two extremes here, right? So isn't a bad? Yes. Here's the point. Listen to me. Now, when the Muslim asks Jesus to resurrect his mother, he doesn't think he's making dua as an a bother to Jesus. He's making a request an action, a statement of you know, give me something that this Muslim would never say this is, this is a bother. He is asking Jesus something that he knows in this case, we know, Allah gave Jesus that power, the Muslim wouldn't even think of the term Riba or do now, the centurion, the pagan Centurion, when he sees Jesus do this, he is thinking, this is a God, and I want to worship this God. And I'm going to

01:34:09 --> 01:34:51

ask this God, like I asked, you know, the other gods, hey, God, give me you know, life or resurrect my mother or whatnot. And this century, and in his own mind is making dua to this entity that he thinks is an Eli, that's the point if you understand this example, right, where the actions are exactly the same, but the paradigms that are the two are coming from are so different, that the one is the heat, and the other is shift. Now, if you understand this, realize, in between these two, there are many, many variables and many different shades in between going from, you know, tawheed, all the way to ship. There's many different variables here. And so to elaborate on that, now, so in

01:34:51 --> 01:34:59

Jesus's lifetime, we all agree that if a Muslim believer in Jesus were to go up to him and say, Hey, Jesus, can you resurrect my mother, you know, I know Allah has given you this power.

01:35:00 --> 01:35:36

I'm asking you what Allah has given you we all understand that this is not not at all surely not even problematic is completely haggard and Jesus and say, okay, fine, Jesus, I know I know it's fine. It's up to it's up to Jesus Allah gave him that power right to heal Mota be, isn't he This is in the power of Jesus Christ. And the same action if it's done by a pagan with the assumption that Jesus is a walking Titan or walking God, that would be the essence of shoes. Now let's get into a little bit of a gray area here, which is where it gets problematic. Imagine Jesus is lifted up to the heavens, he's no longer walking on this earth. Okay, a Tabby tree of Jesus's time. So a student

01:35:36 --> 01:36:02

of this habitat, Barry, he believes that Jesus is alive in up there. And he says, you know, we have been told in our tradition that the angels, you know, they believe they take our systems to Jesus, let's just say okay, and so this Dabiri says, Why don't I ask the angel to take it up to Jesus, because I know that he has that power. Now, the paradigm of this Dabiri, the holistic, you know,

01:36:03 --> 01:36:43

framework of where he's coming from, is the same as the Tabori in terms of his own internal Iman, what's changed as that of the Sahaba of Jesus? I mean, what's changed? Is that the connection now, right, he is inventing it, the notion of an angel going and taking it to Jesus, it is not something that the shipyard has told him. So we say this is how long and it is better. We say Allah didn't allow you to do that. We say it is religious innovation, but it's not shirk. Because from the tab Barry's paradigm, he's exactly the same, the library of Jesus, you get my point, he's exactly the same as the Sahabi, who was talking to Jesus directly, right? There's no difference in how they're

01:36:43 --> 01:37:19

viewing it in, in the emotional and the psychological and the theological ramifications of all they're asking is exactly the same. But we say to him, this is how long By the way, in this case, Jesus is actually alive now, right? So that's an interesting point. Now, next scenario. Okay, next scenario. Imagine in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Imagine a Muslim, you know, a Bedouin, not very knowledgeable, okay, he reads the Quran, or he leaves the Quran, and he hears that Allah gave Jesus the right to resurrect the dead. And he's in the time of the process and imagine he comes up to him. And he basically says, jasola, Allah, Allah gave Jesus the right, the

01:37:19 --> 01:37:59

power to raise the dead, I know that you are more beloved to Allah, who will say this, let's say then Jesus, surely Allah must have also given you that power, can you raise, you know my mother for me. So now he is making a request, based on his misunderstanding, based on his mistake, what is going to happen, he will be told, he should not ask that, but it's not going to be considered cheating. Because why? Because he is assuming mistaken, but he's assuming that Allah gave the Prophet system that power, it's not independent, he's assuming that that power is something that is gifted from Allah to the Prophet sallallahu. It he was setting them now pause here, anything that

01:37:59 --> 01:38:33

the processing was gifted, we can ask him directly when we're in front of him, right? The fact that we are no longer in front of him, the max that can be said is that it is how long it is be that it doesn't change the hate to shoot because your paradigm is exactly the same. That's the key point that people need to understand you. So this so have you have, you know, hypothetical scenario, asking the Prophet system to resurrect the dead, he will be told you can't do that, you know, the process of, you know, a login, he said that power, you know, now one step further, and yes, we're becoming more dangerous. Yes, this is how long Yes, this is very, you know, opening up the door for

01:38:33 --> 01:39:10

evil, but it's not shit, because my point here, the next paradigm, is that someone has the exact same theology as the Sahabi of Jesus, same theology. But now he's added to it that surely the Prophet system must have this power, and surely in his cupboard, he's still alive. And surely, you know, Allah must have given him this, this squadra. And I know that in his orbit of the Prophet is alive, I know that he can hear I know that he can hear me if I go to him. Now he goes and asks directly from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. There is no doubt this is dangerous. There is no doubt it is how long There is no doubt it is bizarre. Why? Because Allah didn't allow you. There

01:39:10 --> 01:39:50

is no evidence for this. Right? The Prophet system did not allow us to do that. And that's why we say it is haram, and it is Mancha. And it is bizarre, but it is not should because you are the framework of this man in front of the grave of the Prophet system. His own internal theology is exactly the same as the theology of the Sahaba of Jesus. The only difference is that the Sahabi of Jesus, you know, is speaking to us directly asked for this person, he has invented a linkage between him and the prophecies of that linkage. It is not Schick that the process of can hear me and he has given him powers that he believes the process and has given him that power is not shit because Lisa

01:39:50 --> 01:39:59

has that power, right? It's a mistake. So here's the point. The mistake of this Muslim is problematic and it is how long and it is bizarre.

01:40:00 --> 01:40:08

But it cannot be shipped because the asking is done from the same paradigm as the Sahabi of Jesus did. I hope you understand this example here.

01:40:09 --> 01:40:55

It's an interesting spectrum. We can work this even further by giving other examples along the spectrum. But the point here is that making and this is a please, please understand what I'm saying you're making a mistake in giving a power to a creative being that is given by a law. Let me repeat that making a mistake in giving a power to a creative being that is coming from a law. That mistake cannot be Schick, you are wrong, it is wrong, it is sinful, but it is not shark, the shark would be that you are assuming that this entity is a god, this entity is independently powerful, and even Abdul Wahab basically created a theology of the Quran that allowed him to go there and say, when a

01:40:55 --> 01:41:37

person asks, you know, the Prophet says, This is what the origin and we say no, he did not do that I just explained to you via this analogy of Jesus and being a created servant, and one whom Allah has given powers to versus a demigod who is independent and can benefit and harm and there's a pantheon of gods here and the notion of the entity being alive and dead. This is where how long and soon and Bedard comes in Okay, once the entity has moved on, there is no connection between you. And so, we say it is how long you have been given that permission permission, but it cannot be shipped because the paradigm as I said internally is the same. And what makes it shift is not the asking, what makes

01:41:37 --> 01:42:27

it shift is the belief that the entity that you're asking is worthy of being worshipped it is an ILA it is somebody that has the power to bestow independently, okay. So, this is in a nutshell, the first point that I wanted to mention. So to summarize, when you direct an action of worship, you know, it is an action of worship, and the entity you are directing that action to must by necessity be a God in your eyes. And a God is not a God unless it has powers of a god. Okay, and so Riba and Voodoo here, and Robo BIA, are all linked together, you cannot do or Avada of an entity that you don't believe is an Eli, it's as simple as that. Okay. And it really goes against the simple Hadith

01:42:27 --> 01:42:36

in the amount of money yet. The irony of ironies, then there's these say, and this is correct, that for any action to be accepted to, to two conditions must be met.

01:42:38 --> 01:43:16

Nia is lost, and matava following the process, and this is correct. Okay, but they don't apply the same thing on the opposite, that for any action to be considered shoot, there must be Nia, how can you claim that an action is shooting when there is no need to commit shooting, so the nurse does say you're committing shit. And the the person of the Sufi background over says, extreme services, I'm not committing shoot, and that is I don't care what you say you're still committing should and this goes against basic theology, your actions are only going to be shipped if you intend to commit should and that's why the Quraysh said, Man, Buddha whom you contributed to Lucifer, we're only

01:43:16 --> 01:43:56

worshiping them they understood, even Abdul Wahab said and this is of course famous in him that the orange was smarter than the Sufi is because they understood the reality of worship. And we say no, the Quran were not smarter. The Quran understood what they're doing is worship, because they're directing it to many gods and asked Who are these people that are making mistakes, and it is wrong, and it is our raw material, and it is a stepping stone to evil. They do not intend worship, and they don't make these beings into Gods just like the Sahabi of Jesus understands Jesus has these powers. And he's asking of those, it is possible for extreme Muslims to make a mistake in giving powers to

01:43:56 --> 01:44:32

entities that don't have them. And it is possible for them to then ask those entities thinking that Allah has given them those powers. That's wrong. If Allah didn't ask, by the way, Allah allowed us to have Allah told us then Yes, we do. And so what we know is that we're allowed to ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when we are in front of him things that Allah has given him and that's why some of the Sahaba asked him directly, for example, the head Ethan, as a Muslim, of the famous, freed slave of the process of raw fear that the Prophet system said to him, What do you want me to give to you, you know, you gifting him a parting gift? What do you mean to give to and look at what

01:44:32 --> 01:45:00

he asked him? I asked to be your companion in gender right now. The Sahabi knows that the keys to gender belong to Allah subhana wa Tada. The Sahaba is not making the Prophet system, the creator of gender, the Lord of gender, but this is what that asking and in his lifetime, we could ask him, right, I'm asking this is not I'm asking you to ask a lot. This is I'm asking you Yasuda law to be your companion in gender. This is like somebody asking Jesus Christ can you resurrect it?

01:45:00 --> 01:45:37

For me, he knows that this is something that you know, it's in his domain. But he did it doesn't consider him to be a God doesn't consider him to be an ILA. Now, when the processor has moved on, he's gone to the other, we're not allowed to ask him this, it is how long to do. So those that do so they make mistakes, they make mistakes by thinking the profit system can still hear me by thinking that we can have this conversation by thinking it is allowed to do this, those mistakes don't reach the level of should just like are often asked the Profit System I want to be with you in January Otto Salalah. Right, that paradigm, a modern practitioner of those trends will have the same

01:45:37 --> 01:45:55

internal theology when he goes in front of the cover, but we say it is wrong because why Allah has not allowed us to ask after the going of the prophets of the law has him it becomes a hot arm issue, and it becomes a moon card and it becomes a beta, but it does not become sheared. That's the key point here. And that's

01:45:56 --> 01:46:31

point number one. So again, to summarize, the theology of the Quraysh was like all paganistic theologies across the globe across all times in places. And it is that theology that the Quran affirms even Abdul Wahab, cherry picked a few verses, and constructed an alternative reality. And based on that alternative reality, he could then make the outlandish claim that what these extremist superiors are doing is worse than what the co founder of moko were doing, which nobody in human history ever said before Him shall I'm going to take a quick break and then come back and continue.

01:46:41 --> 01:47:20

So the point that the first point that I made was that not every asking that is done to other than Allah subhana wa tada automatically becomes the day that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, a draw or a bird. And Allah says in the Quran, that when the Messiah, the law hit fella, federal law he had all of these, of course, are authentic and valid, but everybody admits that and asking doesn't automatically become the type of drop so the question arises, what type of asking becomes the type of do either a profit system or a bother and Allah says one and massage they lay falletta the Roma la Haida. So the point was that when you understand the religion of the pagan Arabs, and

01:47:20 --> 01:48:03

you understand the religion of the Polish, and then you understand the the other day we're doing to their idols, obviously, that is clearly the type of drive that is forbidden because they intended to make do up How can you accuse somebody of worship when he himself says I'm not worshiping my mindset is not that of worship in moto bindi yet. And therefore, when a person is intentionally wanting to worship, he knows intrinsically, this is a drop, and the Explore the example I gave of Jesus Christ, in shallow water should make it very clear that the same action, there's a spectrum the exact same action, it can be completely permissible. And it can be absolutely sure, depending on the paradigm

01:48:03 --> 01:48:23

of the one depending on the beliefs, depending on the ideology of the one asking, and our examples are in between the Roman situation Centurion and this hobby of Jesus was alive and speaking to him directly. Our examples are in between. And that's where all of this controversy occurs. Now, that was the first point that the now we're gonna move on to the second point.

01:48:25 --> 01:48:30

By the way, somebody gifted this to my wife, her, you can have a bit of a laugh here, okay, I don't need Google. Okay.

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01:48:33 --> 01:48:38

you can move on to the second point. The second point, is something that I have,

01:48:39 --> 01:49:20

you know, shied away from giving a full lecture about, and it's not something that I like to do to point out the faults of other movements, it's not something that I like to do, but I feel especially responsible, because in the end of the day, you know, I was the one who introduced this person and this movement to many, many people. And it's only fair, as I said, that my students have a half over me that I clarify and explain, you know, why I've had this change of heart. And one of the reasons being that this message was presented to me in the 90s. And remember, by the way, the internet has changed a lot of things. It's one of the reasons why we are forced also to be so more vocal about so

01:49:20 --> 01:49:56

many things, you know, unfortunately, it's not good. But unfortunately, the the democratization of knowledge I've called it or others have called it as well. The the notion of just putting everything out there for everybody. That's not how knowledge is taught. Knowledge is taught by building the basics and foundation and working your way up. Unfortunately, the The internet has flattened the curve. And so things are thrown out. And people hear things that are very confusing. They don't understand that it's not good for one star to be, you know, to to to be exposed to every single facet of controversy and laugh and whatnot. It's not good. And that's also one of the reasons that I

01:49:56 --> 01:50:00

avoid the refutation culture because I don't think it builds our

01:50:00 --> 01:50:08

Mr. antiqua. And that's also one of the reasons why this particular segment is coming so much after I have begun, I don't even know how many hours have gone by. And

01:50:09 --> 01:50:20

I hope that inshallah you understand the wisdom behind this that I don't like to. To emphasize even the title of this, I'm going to make it a generic title topic so that it's not explicit, and only those that are

01:50:21 --> 01:50:36

aware and interested, should be listening to this type of stuff. Otherwise, I keep on saying from the beginning, I've said, if you don't know these movements, and you're not familiar with these concepts, then go study something that is more beneficial to you. Nonetheless, some awkward facts have to be mentioned. And that is that

01:50:37 --> 01:50:39

I was gonna say, when I was taught this theology,

01:50:40 --> 01:51:12

I was taught a, what I now consider a romanticized version. And this was pre internet era. And you know, you're only exposed to what your teachers tell you. And also, by the way, one thing I think a lot of people don't understand is that pre internet era, you didn't even have access to scholars and books, except with great difficulty. I mean, I myself was not able to even read or purchase books that I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, obviously, it is banned, it was banned, I don't know what's going on. Now. Everything seems to be hot out right now, you see,

01:51:14 --> 01:51:54

things are changing so radically, but it was banned at that time to even have any treatises or pamphlets or books that are critical of the theology. And I remember to this day that the first time I acquired such books, the University Library did not have these books, you had to get special permission, and I was not able to get as an undergraduate. I don't know if that is the case now. But when I was in Medina, they have a special section called, you know, the big books, for example, you know, and it is not allowed to go there, except by applying or if you are a master's student in our key that you have the right to go there. And so you have to get special permission. And only when I

01:51:54 --> 01:52:35

got into the master's program, I was able to go to that section. And, you know, they had Plato and Aristotle and other books over there. And, you know, these things are forbidden, you know, to to be read outside. I don't know what the situation is right now. This I'm talking about the mid 90s, late 90s. But in any case, I remember that the first time I managed to get those books was when I traveled to Egypt for the first time as an adult in my life for the first time I traveled to Egypt and you still see the series. Ironically, I was teaching the theology of Ibn Abdul Wahab for what is it a Hooda. TV, I mean, this is 2001, I want to say 2001. And you see, that's the first time that

01:52:35 --> 01:53:14

I'm doing a television show, you know, my beard, Mashallah subotica was the only full you have clips online from that, and I'm summarizing, in my own way, get up into heat. And it was the first time that I went to Egypt. And I went to all the bookstores. And I purchased and acquired for the very first time treatises and books that were critical. And this is actually one of the books that I bought add in that bazaar in Egypt, which is a book that has been translated into English as well. And it is the criticism of Sulaiman, even Abdul Wahab, for his younger brother Mohammed Maldonado have it's actually a very scholarly book, a very erudite book. And I remember reading this book

01:53:14 --> 01:53:47

cover to Cairo, so excited to get this book back in 2001. I remember reading and thinking that, you know, I'd be able to refute this instantaneously. And I remember being very confused, like, wow, this is not something I'm able to refute. And I put it aside so that maybe I don't understand I'm still, you know, a graduate student, my Messiah has so much more knowledgeable than me. And, you know, this is a reality when you're part of a movement, there's a psychological and emotional connection, that a lot of people they don't even understand there is a psychological connection to your movement, a group think that that is, and it's, it's natural, there's nothing wrong with that

01:53:47 --> 01:54:26

you automatically want to associate with your group and think like your group, and when somebody comes in, basically criticizes your entire group or show something wrong with it, there is a natural defense mechanism that kicks in, I could not, I read this book cover to cover. And I was shocked as a hard word. I was like, confused is a better word like because that's not the image that I had, of the critics have been out there we'll have the image that I had was basically a bunch of Whirling Dervishes, and you know, wanting to go into and worship any, you know, other than a lot of trying to justify that worship and reading this book, it seemed to be a very erudite, very scholarly, and

01:54:26 --> 01:54:35

actually, I was like, I can't even answer some of these things. And I just left it for many years. Until, you know, the idea came, like I said, finally clicked like, I need to understand what's going on.

01:54:37 --> 01:54:59

And I read the book again, but this time with an open mind when I first read it, I read it as a critic, when I first read it, I read it wanting to refute and defend the ideology I was upon and that's why I'm not going to get to it but the second time I read it I'm like, okay, I agree with everything here. It's actually exactly what I you know, my I would my self concluded without, you know, directly reading the book if you get my drift.

01:55:00 --> 01:55:39

If I had already reached those conclusions, and then I read the book, I'm like, oh, okay, that's exactly what I had been saying. And the point that needs to be mentioned here is that the the the theology of even Abdul Wahab it does, the beliefs that he's teaching, it necessitates a certain level of fanaticism, that is dangerous for the oma right. Now, see, here's the point. It's no big deal. If you say that, you know, going to the pub and asking, the cupboard is shirk, in and of itself. It's a you know, it's no big deal. Honestly, it's a it's a position that, if that, were it, no, no problem, okay? And it's good that people are warned from doing that, right? throughout this

01:55:39 --> 01:56:13

whole lecture. I've been saying, you should not go to the grave, it's no problem to say that it is shit, you know, in the sense that you're preventing people from doing it, that it's good, you're closing the door. The problem comes that what do you do then? With those that don't agree with you? Okay. It's one thing if you feel it, and you don't do it, how long did it last? I mean, let me give you an example. If you said that, you know, drinking alcohol makes you a coffee, for example. Okay, if that's the way you felt, okay, good for you don't drink alcohol. We don't want you to drink alcohol. But the problem comes, what are you going to do when you see somebody else drinking

01:56:13 --> 01:56:55

alcohol? And it's how long and you think it's good? For sure. Right? That's the problem. And this problem is compounded when you're dealing with practices that are prevalent in almost every single Muslim land, and practices that are sometimes sanctioned, sometimes considered more back sometimes considered more cruel, sometimes, you know, considered how long but nobody considers them to be shipped. And you come along, and you say that these practices that nobody ever considered to be shipped, or q4 October, you consider them to be shipped or covered up. But what are the implications of that? Right? Those implications were manifested in the early nudge the data, and the fanaticism

01:56:55 --> 01:57:36

of this movement is not an aberration that goes against their beliefs and ideals and theologies. It is a logical consequence of their own beliefs, Mohammed Abdullah, Abdullah, have made claims that no human being before him ever made, such as the Muslims of his time, those that did some of these practices were worse than Abu lahab. And Abu and Abu Jalla, who, beloved, you're talking about, you know, senior scholars of the Shah fairy, and humbly and Hanafi and medical schools, the Imams of harem, he's talking about them by name, the ones that are leading the slit up in the harem, and he's saying these people are worse than a Boogeyman. Because you have to do that when you come and you

01:57:36 --> 01:57:51

say that, you know, these practices are all shitcan, Cofer Akbar, and this is exactly what Sulayman the older brother says. And I have this actually, you know, I don't know if you can see it actually have this, you know, marked when I read this like, um, it's very

01:57:53 --> 01:58:33

intriguing, like, he literally says, he mentioned certain things and he goes, you know, some of them are made these things macro, some made them how long some made the permissible, you know, but none of them, made them Cofer Akbar. None of them made the people who did these mortared until you came along. And for a huddle had even been before he became a fan he may come you derive these interpretations without optimal Iijima and you broke agema worker photo omata Mohammed and sobre la vida he was setting them up. Kula whom you made Cofer of the entire oma because you said that whoever does these deeds is a coffee woman them you can feel her for her coffee and whoever doesn't

01:58:33 --> 01:58:58

make coffee of the one that that is doing them is also a caffeine and then listen to this. This is the older brother of sodium ion. They've been a certain amount of alcohol, the older brother Mohammed Abdul Wahab right he's also a scholar. He's a trained somebody he studied you know, with the roadmap his time Now listen to this, okay? These things matter at builiding muslimeen How do you deal with these matters have filled the Muslim lands?

01:58:59 --> 01:59:04

What am where to Sorry, I lost my place here. My dad will either Muslim wearing the

01:59:06 --> 01:59:16

anomala Muslim in an accident so bear with me. And the people of knowledge say that these things have been around for more than these practices such as visiting the graves traveling to visit the graves.

01:59:17 --> 01:59:53

even asking the people over the grave where to buck with the grave these things he doesn't agree with. That's the point. So the man does not agree with these things. He says they're wrong. He says they're, you know how long or die or you know, don't do them. But he's saying you guys made to feel you guys have took it to a level of Kufa. And then he goes, these practices were prevalent amongst the people for more than 700 years. And none of the people before made Cofer until you came along. Rather all of the scholars of the previous times considered those Muslims who did these things to be Muslims

01:59:54 --> 01:59:59

and Muslim in they consider them to be Muslim. As for you, you have considered them to be confirmed.

02:00:00 --> 02:00:39

And more Ted and you have made even the How to main Shetty Fein Buddha Ted you have considered Makkah and Medina and the people who live in Mecca and Medina to be monitored, even though we know from our shitty that the prophets have said Islam is going to be preserved in these places. And even the judge will not be able to enter MK and Medina and you have made the people of Mecca and Medina mushrik and Kapha. And you see, this is the necessary corollary, what's going to happen when you say that, you know, whoever doesn't consider this to be Shrek is himself and we should it what's going to happen is the entire world becomes Macerich, the entire Muslim Ummah becomes mushnik, other than

02:00:39 --> 02:01:18

you and of course, you will be forced to say that and so the man challenges his brother, he says, Bring me who said this before you bring me and he By the way, as for me, I have no claim. This is a much longer discussion, and maybe one day I'll have it, but the scholars of the Hannah Bella, who oppose Mohammed even though have including his brother, and including even our father, and including the senior humbly scholar of Mecca at the time, they all said that even Abdul Wahab has completely misunderstood. In fact, you know, what, if I can find it quickly here? The key point here, yes, here, okay. There's a chapter here on

02:01:19 --> 02:02:03

the right is that right? Asking other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And he is saying if somebody asks, you know, with the intention that the end the person doing it can can have the power to save them and whatnot, this is go forever, nobody says anything other than this. And then he goes asked for your your, the bringing of Ibn taymiyyah statement that whoever calls out to the entities and puts to what cool mix, to what, what color I like him and puts his trust in them, then this is comfortably GMR he goes look at the evaluator look at the wordings of Ubuntu, me and others that they are saying whoever calls out and puts their to work well there is an and here and that what

02:02:03 --> 02:02:45

could is put in the one that you know has the power to benefit and harm you. The mere asking he says is not unnecessarily cool for a cabal and he says that you have taken your mfah him from these ibadat and misunderstood ignore him and they've been Tamia Okay. So now again, you can say Sulaiman misunderstood have been Tamia. And even though he was correct, then you're also saying a large group of somebody scholars. My simple point is that don't don't make a simplistic assumption that even Abdul Wahab is the same as it been to me. I have said many times and maybe one day I'll give a longer lecture, but there is more more research that needs to be done in Tamia was very different

02:02:45 --> 02:03:03

than Ibn Abdul Wahab there is no correlation between them in terms of the tech field of the masses, and the point being you know, when you come and you say that the entire oma is captured because of my understanding, you're going to have to admit that my understanding is unique that nobody before me had this understanding.

02:03:05 --> 02:03:32

And this is exactly what even Abdul Wahab says this is the Cerruti publishing of a doodle destiny. This is the one printed into y'all. This is the famous one by Mohammed opossum initially and others this is the edition that is the official edition. I'm not getting some, you know, addition from somewhere else and volume 10 page 51 they don't teach you this in Medina, they do not teach you these things in Medina, what they teach you is a selection that is as I said a romanticized third wave

02:03:33 --> 02:03:33


02:03:35 --> 02:04:17

Mohammed Abdul Wahab says okay, literally you can see Mimmo however you cannot see sorry but min Mohammed integral hub lm and your pseudo la he had he had keytab this is from Mohammed Abdul Wahab to anybody whom this book reaches okay I said I'm sorry como la cetera. Then he goes one way to combine FC Let me tell you about myself will la la de la ilaha illa who that I swear by Allah La putana to the IMA I studied knowledge and while I talk to them about open ended Lima alpha and I'm pretty sure that those who know me they know that you know, I have knowledge and from that time frame when I was learning my my studies, la de forma de la ilaha illallah wa la de feu Dena Islamic

02:04:17 --> 02:04:27

cabela hodel hydrilla de mundo la homie he waka Daddy, commercia Ulema min Houma La Jolla una arafa the liquor, okay, I need you to understand this okay.

02:04:29 --> 02:04:30

He is saying that

02:04:32 --> 02:04:59

la de feu Marina La ilaha illa Allah, I did not know the meaning of La ilaha illa Allah until Allah blessed me with this knowledge of Islam, and none of my scholars knew the meaning of La ilaha illa Allah ma mean Homura judon arafa dyadic okay. Even a global hub is admitting that he is the first person in human history to bring forth the type of theology that he

02:05:00 --> 02:05:39

is bringing forth he has to do that because he can't quote the people that are you know are necessary to be quoted. And so he is saying none of my teachers understood now by the way he studied with his own father, he studied with Hamlet somebody scholars have noted he studied with Rama in Basra and Iraq, he studied with scholars of Medina who are very well known scholars and many that the Quran is cool, I'll go over this in more detail. And so he's basically saying, I'm the first person coming and and saying these types of things. And that's why you need to understand he considered the entire world to be Michigan cafe, except for his followers. Now the problem comes

02:05:39 --> 02:05:43

that the nasty Tao spoon feeds you certain phrases.

02:05:44 --> 02:06:16

And I did the same in my book cacheable heart in which he says I don't make to feed him anybody who does this ignorantly and that's if you go back to my lectures position one beat but his actions are all one a he literally killed people and I'll give you some examples today as well. He murdered people he massacred entire tribes because they disagreed with his interpretation that was no rosewood village and he considered Makkah and Medina to be pagan Bushwick territories imagine Mecca and Medina and there are too many examples for this. You know, for example, in the famous

02:06:18 --> 02:06:56

the history on one alleged volume one page 261 there is a letter preserved from through the bin Abdulaziz, the founder of the kingdom right the sruti kingdoms is what's called slavery the bin Abdulaziz route, right this is this route even Abdullah Aziz to all of the people eat a calf at the eyelid, the Mecca to all of the people of Mecca and the other words and the quality of the soul bond This is not the official salt on the all the of the Sultana of the Ottomans in Mecca, right? He's writing a letter This is not so Mohammed will have did not conquer Macau in his lifetime. He did not conquer America, he they conquered nations in his lifetime. As soon as he passed away within a few

02:06:56 --> 02:07:34

years. The first steps through the state attacked Mecca and conquered and conquered Mecca to the for the sort of the territory okay. This is the letter that was written, I think three years after the death of Mr. Grewal how by the very people who who studied with him, right. These aren't some, you know, 1000 years later. This is his students. This is his sons and grandsons. This is his batch that was with him. They write a letter to the people of Mecca that letter is preserved. What is that letter from Sudan Abdelaziz to the people of Makkah, and the roadmap and the azawad, which is the the Turkish Lira that they have over there, and the audio of the Sultan, Salam O Allah many tab

02:07:34 --> 02:07:40

alhuda not even a Salam Alaikum Salam O Allah, Manitoba, Al Huda, and then

02:07:41 --> 02:08:21

he says that you are the neighbors of the house of Allah and you have been protected by the protection of Allah meaning you are in the cabinet. There's a big thing there, right. What in the lucuma Dini law, he was truly he and I am now calling you to embrace the religion of a law and the religion of His Messenger what boulia lol kita beetaloo illa kanamycin Silva and Benny never been in Atlanta with the Ilaha what initially could be his Shea and what I definitely babbling about about doing the left and to follow furusato the ANA Muslim moon, right. So if you do so, then you are going to be safe, you are going to be safe, you're going to be safe follow this will alter your

02:08:21 --> 02:09:06

model to Allah and was set up okay. He is literally saying to them, I am inviting you to embrace the religion of Islam. This is what the prophet system wrote to heraclius in Rome, right dad with me. So he's writing this to the Albi of the Muslims. He's writing this to the the ruler of Makkah, and he think enter into the embrace, embrace the religion of Islam. If you do so you will be safe. Can you imagine the arrogance to assume that Mecca is a pagan land and the ruler of Makkah, have to embrace Islam there in terms of the * don't have to embrace your religion. This is the logical fanaticism that takes place. This isn't a misinterpretation. This is even Abra hubz theology and he surrounded

02:09:06 --> 02:09:48

mcca there was a siege for many months that people of mcha began to die from hunger and starvation. Very sad and tragic, you know, realities. Finally, the Sharif clan was forced to surrender and the terms of their surrender, and the letter that they had to write is preserved in a doodle asendia. Okay, this is the famous book is if you know University theology, and again, I asked the advanced students to read this and ask yourself, would you like this type of Islam? Do you think this is the religion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Volume One? Page 314 Okay, volume one page 314 that after he negotiated the surrender, he forced the aroma of Makkah to, to agree to these to this

02:09:48 --> 02:09:52

wording, okay. Natasha do not know. Mk. Walder una butanna. worked in

02:09:54 --> 02:09:59

my nephew Huracan and has a dean Illa de cama de Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab

02:10:00 --> 02:10:41

Whether he was demonstrating to Haiti whenever you should kalydeco via GitHub, and who will help Khalid Elijah coffee he would write what number what coffee maca one Medina to sabich on one muscle was Shambo ladymum mineral vida de la and min and why should helmet karate if you had no clue for a movie and we'll be headed dummy well Maddie and Mooji will include Ethan now one of them yet hopefully had a dean well yeah maybe he will you worry or Hello where your ID who for who and then a car from Bella who will yummy okay well why do you want a Muslim in one Muslim in Jihad okay tell who had to wait for him in mahadi way or maybe her the dean or she had to be daddy what catchable

02:10:41 --> 02:11:17

hold for purolator either, and then all of the famous Roma Abdul Malik ibn Abdullah William Hanafi, the Mufti of Mecca of the henna fees and Muhammad Yunus Allah have been put on him the Mufti of the Shah fairies, and Mohammed bin Mohammed, the Mufti of the Maliki's and Mohammed Mohammed dimuth, and another Maliki and Mohammed ma the Mufti of the Hannah Bella, who was against the algo hub, by the way, and Abdullah happy the derivation so on and so forth. All of them make this signature now I didn't translate the Arabic please. If you don't trust me go and look at it yourself. They are saying here that all of the undersigned all of these imams of the Houghton and the Mufti is of the

02:11:17 --> 02:12:00

various met hubs. We testify that what Mohammed Abdul Wahab is calling to answer them who disease that that is the tawheed and it is negation of Shrek and it is the religion of Allah and it is the Hulk that there is no doubt in it. And that what used to happen in Makkah, and in Medina and in muscle and in Syria, and in all other lands until now from all types of ships that are mentioned in these books meaning the books have been rocked that will happen weathers others that this is all copper, and it was allowed to kill us mobile dumb and it was allowed to take our properties and it would have caused us to be in the fire of * forever. Why MLM yet hold we had the dean whoever

02:12:00 --> 02:12:32

doesn't enter into this religion. What is he talking about this religion. The Mufti is of the Hannibal and Jeffries and Malik His work of thought. And so the religion even though hub is this religion, and so they're entering into the religion. Again, guys will light your heart and it really it hurts will law he ended the humiliation that must have happened. These are people that are starving to death, they're going to be killed if they don't accept it. And even Abdul Wahab enters Mecca with his army. Sorry, not a balgo I'm sorry, he had passed away his army, the first sort of the state, the people that met that's associated with him. They're the ones who conquered MK again,

02:12:33 --> 02:13:12

don't quote me as an 1803 1804. In a few years after he passed away, and don't quote me on that you can look at it but moko was conquered just after the death of him Naga will have by the first 30 states are the disease conquered Mecca, and they're forcing the Imams and the 50s. To sign that we used to be so far and we've accepted Islam, we repent to Allah azza wa jal, we confess that our properties were Hillel, our lives were Helen, when you attacked us, you didn't do any wrong. You had the right to attack us because obviously the accusation was You shouldn't have attacked us we're Muslims, and they were forced to confess that we were held at them until we accepted this Deen and

02:13:12 --> 02:13:21

the people of Makkah and Medina were all good for until they embrace this Deen. You see, this is the problem of the fanaticism and the same goes as well.

02:13:22 --> 02:13:24

The loot the ruler of mcca

02:13:25 --> 02:14:02

this the next page if you turn the next page here, that the shitty Phil Holly was his name, the ruler of Mecca was also forced the shitty family the descendants of the Prophet system, they were forced to admit to that the same pretty much same language here that we were not Muslims. We're not embracing the religion of Islam. What used to happen was all types of shit. And now you know we accept this religion, woman Hala Murphy Haddad Kitab demon, a Muslim with shambler Allahu coolamon. Can Allah Dini him, Allah de Humala Hill and for her Catherine mushy Rican, this is what they forced the hottub Sheriff to sign the I think the 34th descendant of the profits of the law is not that the

02:14:02 --> 02:14:39

lineage Gianni automatically makes you a better person but will lie it hurts will lie it hurts. This is a direct descendant of the profits that they send directly, you know, from the lineage of it and has an rhodiola one and you're going to come along and you're going to say that he was the ruler of Makkah, his family ruled Makkah for hundreds of years and 1000s really, and now you're going to say that, you know, they were highlighted them. They were outside the fold of Islam until even Abdul Wahab came along and you know, taught them to heat and then he is forced to confess that the people who disagree with this teaching from the people of Muslim and Sham and Iraq, and whoever is

02:14:39 --> 02:14:59

following their religion that they are upon now is a Kaffir and machinic. What is their religion? The people of Sham and Iraq, they are the ultimate Empire. Right? What is their religion? their religion, according to them is simply outside the fold of Islam. And that's really again, it is a necessary fanaticism when you come to this notion that

02:15:00 --> 02:15:33

These types of practices that the max that you should say they're held on, and I say it is how long and don't do it and avoid it. But when you start tinkering with the definitions of tawheed This is the repercussions that that happen. The entire Ottoman Empire becomes like the Crusaders like a pagan wishek Empire. And this is something that is explicitly clear, even Abdul hubz followers explicitly, without a doubt, made the fear of the entire Ottoman Empire. And in fact, there are many places the look of volume nine

02:15:35 --> 02:16:22

volume nine page 291, volume nine page 291, familiar mucus filled with shaky meta Dola to the key word abajo por la macatawa, leading him that for her calf who don't miss loom, whoever does not make the feed of the pagans, like the Ottoman Empire, and like those who worship the graves and like the people of Makkah, is a cafard like them. Listen, if you think that the Ottomans are not captured your capital, right? If you think that the people of Makkah are not cafard you're a cafe, this is coming straight from the first generation the people who studied with By the way, this particular tweet is volume nine page 291. It might be from a bellhop or it might be from his students. There's

02:16:22 --> 02:17:08

a bit of a you know, discussion there, but even if it's from his students, this is what is being taught. And there are so many instances of this, but one of the most explicit and clear cut manifestations of the fanaticism of this of this theology is the assassination that Ibn Abdul Wahab directly commanded the assassination that he commanded against his one time ally, before even so rude. Before the this particular tribe, there was another tribe. And his name was Eben wamba, the leader of the person that urban Rama was the first person to give him protection. And after after a while, even Mambo just began to doubt and didn't realize this seems to fanatic and whatnot. And so,

02:17:08 --> 02:17:32

in fact, we'll have to refuge with the events route, right? And even Warren Buffett was still the leader of his of his tribe. Now, what was the cause of environmental doubts and whatnot, he had been the greatest Hammadi scholar alive at the time and have the tradition of assault, which is a totally different tradition, even further growth to treat is you know, I should have brought it down. It's actually it's actually behind me over there has a treatise, it's online, you can all find all of this stuff online here.

02:17:35 --> 02:17:57

Even a father wrote a treatise in which he refuted this the theology he criticized even Abu lahab as being a tuxedo fanatic, and he started writing letters to even more and more begins to begins to change, change his ideas, and you know, start you know, start doubting, you know, what is what is going on. And

02:17:59 --> 02:18:39

this doubting between vacillating between the hub, and even if it was enough to consider him to be motivated. And so even Abdullah hub, and the details are in the books, and this is the irony, these details are not found in the books of the enemies. They're found in the first image, the historians that are writing as praise they're writing from within the tradition, you know, Teddy nudged and others you know, if you look up a page one or three of the 30 footers and whatnot, they they mentioned this with glowing praise, you know, this isn't, this isn't something that is embarrassed, they embrace it, because it is a logical manifestation of their theology. What did he do? He found

02:18:39 --> 02:19:23

some people from within the tribe that didn't like him, and he basically said, it is obligatory on you if your loved one is messenger it is he emotionally blackmail them, right. He literally told them, if you understand tawheed, then your leader is emotionally motivated, and he needs to be executed. Okay. And they felt Okay. Well, the sheriff was saying it, okay. And so this is unbelievable. In the ledger of 1163 hijra. That group of renegades Okay, they stopped and they attacked even more and more after Salatu Juma and they executed him in the masjid after site after Jumeirah believing that he is a pagan, mushrik martyred and the books of his urbanist, the history

02:19:23 --> 02:20:00

Ravel and an embrace and praise that they kill the mortality. And they you know, the dino law as the origin was, you know, you know, helped and whatnot. And see, here's the point that the assassination in Warhammer wasn't like a political thing that you know, you don't like a journalist and you chop him up in an embassy. I mean, that's something that politicians do and they have to answer to a lot of agenda and, and they will have to face a loss ratha on that day. This isn't one of those things. This is a scholar, giving a fatwa that a person is a motet and should be executed for theology for heresy, right. And this is because I've been

02:20:00 --> 02:20:39

It's not that even Rama himself went to a grave, it's not that he's invoking the dead. It's not that he's justified in what amber is thinking that maybe even at the hub is too fanatic, it's too, you know, after spectrum. And to prove that point, I do have responds with basically executing and killing even more and more. And therefore, the point is that, you know, you need to, and this is again, so back to live in my personal story is that the, one of the main causes that really just bothered me was that you, what are you going to do when you say that this is shitcan, Cofer, and the bulk of the oma doesn't agree with you, there's going to be a sense of isolationism and a sense of

02:20:39 --> 02:21:19

hatred, not even not even hatred, but a sense of like, okay, all of you guys are bored, and we'll do and that's just dangerous for the oma. Even those that don't make requests to those of the upper, they don't think it's schilke. And that notion for those who think it is should is not acceptable. So there's no way around it. The repercussions of this theology are quite dangerous, and we see those repercussions and like I said, with the rise of ISIS, I understood that if you understand early in the history, you see the same fanaticism the religious zeal that is in them you see that over there. And I realized that something is not right here either. This is the religion of a large

02:21:19 --> 02:21:56

origin in which case Okay, we're gonna have to figure out what to do with this or else I have it wrong. And the as I said, the main catalyst for me was to see that level of fanaticism and to recognize that this is not something that I'm comfortable with right? I'm not comfortable with considering look good and Medina to be pagan lines I'm not comfortable with considering the Ottoman Empire to be Dola mushfiqur and whoever doubts that himself becomes a cafe. And the reality is that even if you add the other bludgeon, you're saying that essentially the ark after the actions and that's dangerous, and not to get personal here.

02:21:57 --> 02:22:33

But if you look at the the the viciousness, you know, of, even the the photo, or the video that I gave right about, well, that's how Rahman and steppingstone to cover, look at the viciousness of the reactions of the people online. And I am saying something that is the position of the majority. This is the position of Deobandi official position of Durban This is the position of Donald if this is the position of the scholars of Morocco of Syria of Sham, you know, and I said, it is how long and it is more cut, and it is bitter, but see, he knows the theology teaches that it is shook, and there's nothing worse than shook. And so the fact that I've said it's how long and not sure, right,

02:22:34 --> 02:22:57

so I've had a lot, you know, I've had to feed enemy, you know, by ISIS, but generally speaking, generally speaking for the previous, quote, unquote, controversial views that I felt the necesitaba has not made two feet of me, you know, the, my, I understand my position of judo, Judo is a minority position, I'm not attracted to not of course, it's a minority position. I know, I understand, have other views that some might find problematic, but generally speaking,

02:22:58 --> 02:23:37

they haven't made two feet of me, for those of us, but after this video, you know, I got my have an admin, you know, that deals with Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, and the admins telling me like, you know, you're getting threats of execution, the phrase and DACA is used multiple times, and you guys are hermetic now. And, you know, one guy posted, you know, on Facebook or something that if we lived in an Islamic State, you know, yes, it would have been executed by now. Okay. Now, we can dismiss this as as that of a fanatic giant. But we see what happens when those fanatic giants are given power like ISIS, right? We can dismiss this that. And by the way, I'm saying we can dismiss

02:23:37 --> 02:23:37


02:23:38 --> 02:24:18

I don't want to mention names. I still love my teachers immensely. But we know for a fact that some of the most beloved and respected icons of the energy of our times people that I have met most of these and let's not say any more than that, requested the kings of their times to execute to execute people that disagreed with their footwork. This is in the 90s. This isn't d&d back in 1700. This isn't the 90s This is when we were I was studying and whatnot. They considered some of the icon so any Nomad No, no need no problem to mention the names of the other side. Mohammed Ali will moleculer hammock and I also made statements about him as an entity that I regret. And I don't I still don't

02:24:18 --> 02:24:55

agree completely with that theology. He's May Allah give him gender. He has a position. He has said that he said this, but I don't agree with it. But he's not. He's not an evil person. He's not a ball model for saying these things. Right? He is following a tradition and I'm following another tradition. I agree with Intel. IBM will claim that these things should be avoided. I agree that they're not Yeah, I need something they should we should encourage them. They're a stepping stone to deviancy, but to claim that they're more than this, that anybody who practices This is shooting, you're going to get to this notion of petitioning the king. King Fahad gets a petition from one of a

02:24:55 --> 02:24:59

no not what the I don't want to say tomorrow. Yeah. I love these people.

02:25:00 --> 02:25:44

For them, even if they are mistaken, they are sincere in shallow data. And it was my emotional attachment to my teachers and to the great icons of this movement. It was my emotional attachment to some of my teachers and some of my the great mentors that delayed my departure just because in your heart You're like, come on, I love these people and they're good people. But you see, you can be good and still have a mistaken theology and ideology. Right. So the point is they actually asking for had to execute. One of the most prestigious scholarly you know, people have a strand of Islam. You see Muhammad Ali Maliki a lot how he represents pre niche D, pre niche, the scholarship he he's

02:25:44 --> 02:26:16

following that line. That's you can imagine the people that even Saru is forcing to confess their coup foreign war dead. That's, that's Allah will Maliki's branch that's basically they're going back because obviously, that interpretation of Islam it became underground, but it was preserved either with Maliki you know, for a while Todd Haddock was in Harlem then he was banned. He continued privately and whatnot. And you know, what, no member and of course, there are many people I met many of them myself. I didn't study with them, because at the time I was initially but I met them and I knew you you knew who they were, you knew their scholars, you knew their teaching private halaqaat.

02:26:16 --> 02:27:00

But I never attended, because obviously I was not of that understanding. But the point being that we can dismiss this level of fanaticism as being from ignorance, you know, Jihad Oh, yeah. So called there should be executed as as India. I mean, but the point is, it's, it's a natural corollary to what they're being taught, right? It's not an aberration. If you're going to say that this issue than the natural repercussion is the bulk of the oma is condoning should and if that's how you're going to define it, then 90% of the oma is basically and and so here's the, here's the the main issue for me that really troubled me, the inevitable conclusion of this methodology is that you

02:27:00 --> 02:27:46

prioritize refuting other Muslims, you prioritize problematizing religious folks that disagree with your interpretation, because for you that should. And for you, that's Cofer. And you turn a blind eye to the 90 95%, of the oma, who doesn't care less about your internal disputes between the religious folks, and they're not even on any wavelength to study Islam. And they're far away from the dean. And you're in you're the bulk of your efforts, the the thrust of your, you know, Tao and whatnot, it becomes refuting other religious folks, people that want to come close to Allah and His messenger. And because you think that these are very important things, and I'd haven't even begun

02:27:46 --> 02:28:29

and we're not going to do that today. But I have another lecture. So the modern Salafi Dawa, it's two key points are its interpretation of tawheed. And its interpretation of data. Okay, its interpretation of tawheed. And its interpretation of data. Both of these are contested, both of these are somewhat unique. Both of these are minority positions within the grand scale of the, if you follow Nash D theology into heat and beta, the inevitable consequence of this is that the priority becomes other Muslims who don't agree with your interpretations of the hidden beta. And you then not that it's intentional, but it's not that important then to deal with the problems of

02:28:29 --> 02:29:13

politics, the problems of the world, the problems of globalization, the problems of Uighurs of China, the problems of Muslims not practicing all of this is put to the backburner because all of a sudden, you have to refute the wish record or the deviance and you know, again, I say this a lie. I say this coming from a position of genuine love for my teachers and my movement, a genuine I know how it feels to be a part of that they are good people, many of them are, you know, a genuine Avi De Anza. Dean, but you see, that's not how you decide the veracity of a movement, the movement itself prioritizes refutations of others, because that's what the movement is about. And look at again

02:29:13 --> 02:29:56

online. Look at what this movement does. Look at the I mean, I'm sorry to use the word obsession but it seems to be like a pathological obsession of exposing the deviant season it can do it's just like bro Okay, move on. Even if a person is a deviant how many people listen to full anonymity as opposed to how many people listen to a versus the rest of the oma? Are you the May Allah protect all of us suppose you think I'm a diva? Okay, help us move on and do something for the rest of the oma. But that's not going to happen because the dot would teaches them that there is nothing more important than correcting Tor hidden data and sooner. And, you know, most selfies of our times, most of them,

02:29:56 --> 02:29:59

they make fun of the methods other than mentalism selves, most of them they

02:30:00 --> 02:30:44

Consider the Middle East to be outlandish and and just you know crazy folks and whatnot always kicking off and on what not, you know with with utmost love and gentleness and genuine concern. Modern Salafism is a type of mechanism, all of it, all of it. Modern Salafism, modern not classical method is modern Nash de Salafism is a type of Methodism, because all that you're worried about is who's on and off your understanding of Islam. And you don't understand that, you know, maybe if somebody has a different interpretation, maybe they're not the worst evil out there. Maybe there's bigger things out there, the grand scale of things, somebody who disagrees with you about your

02:30:44 --> 02:31:21

interpreting Islam is not an evil person, somebody who genuinely loves a lion, His Messenger reads the Koran, you know, a believes and they kind of sit prays to God wants to be good, wants to be pious, and then they disagree with your definitions of tawheed or sooner or bitter or whatnot. inshallah, tada, okay, have an academic discussion and, you know, make do offer them shake hands and part and then do something else. But you see, when you have defined tawheed, and should have the way that set of interviews do, and then you've defined soon and bizarre, the way the self image, these do, what happens, you start concentrating on the faults of other practicing Muslims, and you ignore

02:31:21 --> 02:31:59

far bigger problems, you know, every single, every single movement has a certain reputation to it, right? Every single, you know, stereotypical reputation, the ability of user like this, then the result is a quarter like this, that, you know, let's be honest here, you know, it really troubled me. And I tried to defend the movement a lot when this was going when I was a part of it, that the reputation of the niche the selfie movement, is that in many communities, it just causes havoc, it wreaks havoc, it breaks the bonds, it just brings up issues that are of little relevance. And, you know, for the longest time, I was blaming the club and the wisdom and and whatnot. But you come to

02:31:59 --> 02:32:41

the conclusion that it is what this strand of Islam itself prioritizes, right, this obsession of correcting the mistakes of Shere Khan to hate them from their perspective. Maybe if you just thought deeply and you realized your definitions are wrong, and the majority of the oma their definitions are, you know, more accurate than yours. What, what extremist Sufi is do is not good, and it is wrong, but it is not Schick, once you get to that all of a sudden you can breathe, and you don't go to sleep hating other Muslims and you go to sleep wanting to refute other Muslims. And that is why I say,

02:32:42 --> 02:33:30

May Allah forgive me? May Allah forgive me. I know that myself and others I know, and I confess and I admit and Allah, Allah escalus forgiveness that a lot of this reputation culture that we are seeing, and a lot of this harshness and nastiness between practicing Muslims. This is a direct consequence of the selfie that what, and asked us forgiveness that, even though from my defense, I never, and my students know this, I never taught that type of harshness and whatnot, but it is the inevitable consequence of an SD Salafism, it's the inevitable consequence that you start hating other Muslims so much. And to me, it was one of the biggest Wake Up Calls that it doesn't make sense

02:33:30 --> 02:33:36

to me, it really doesn't. But if you hold on to your definitions of tawheed, and shared concern, and better,

02:33:37 --> 02:34:15

there's no there's no way out, you're gonna have to feel this. And I understand, you know, the harshness that is being generated against me, because of my claim that invoking the dead is potentially should have said it clearly, as potentially should potentially go further, but not inherently, just to say this, and people are saying, I'm in the UK, and I should be executed. Along with Stan, I thank Allah, I thank Allah that the Wahhabi state is not actually in effect, or else they might drag me and execute me like a blob that will have executed even more than that, and others simply for questioning and doubting, and sapan a lot. Yeah. And he went to level of, you

02:34:15 --> 02:34:17

know, interpretation is that, but nonetheless,

02:34:18 --> 02:34:40

you know, I say this and I'm gonna take my other break here and then continue that I asked a lot of forgiveness for my own mistakes of the past. And, you know, to my critics, I say, I know inshallah, many of you are sincere, I know that I know that you feel that the religion of Allah is being destroyed by these types of opinions. And I would have felt the same way

02:34:41 --> 02:35:00

20 years ago, and I maybe even did feel I'm not gonna say to that level, I never went to you. You know, you can see my videos, whatever I did, I didn't go to this level of ridiculous refutations and whatnot. I I spoke with the people I disagree with directly by the way. I'm not going to mention names. I said this in my last 2030 minutes or whatever. I literally

02:35:00 --> 02:35:35

went up to some of the main icons of other movements and other institutions other Institute's of North America. And I literally said to their faces politely, however, that is, politely excuse me, you know, politely I said that, you know, this photo that you said, I have to say I strongly disagree with it, because it is a festival of sugar literally said this to multiple people, and back and forth between them, because that's the way I was I didn't go behind their backs and release YouTube videos by name. Well, having said that, I think once when I was 1920, I think once when I first started, I mentioned a brother by name that I shouldn't have mentioned.

02:35:36 --> 02:36:12

And I publicly apologize for that. But um, you know, and this is the inevitable consequence, you know, of the da da. But anyway, I'm going to take my next break, and then we're going to come back for another video. As for me, I say clearly that all of my critics who are sincere, and who genuinely think they are defending the religion of Allah subhana wa Tada, that inshallah Tada, Allah would reward you for your efforts in your refutations Allah would reward you in the year and inshallah to Allah, I pray that Allah rewards my efforts as well. And I pray that Allah subhana wa, tada unites all of us in jinn together when assigning them of use will do them in healing in one

02:36:12 --> 02:36:17

another sort of nimotop Goblin, I'm going to take another break, and then come back for the next video and show load time.

02:36:27 --> 02:37:18

So I was talking about the ways of responding to certain aspects of nepotism that is problematic. And I move on to the final point, which will not be as long and also the conclusion. And this is the easy part to do. And this is something that every single student of our work is well aware of. And that is a very long, long, long list of scholars from the third fourth century of Islam, up until modern times, who disagrees with many aspects of the theology. And the more you study, the more you learn how to refute these scholars, but you can't deny that they existed. And the disagreements that nationalism has, with other strands of Islam is something that is well known. And the entire, the

02:37:18 --> 02:37:59

fact that there's so much to laugh between the nature of these and these other movements about key issues of nudge the leader about issues that they deem to be a hidden shake, it should be, at least at the very least, pause for us. And I was going to quote you the fatawa directly from the websites, but I thought, you know, you can simply google it, I just quickly looked up. So that makes sure that it's on their websites, I looked up the abunda.org. And they have an entire article about the reality of Shrek and of asking the dead. And they basically say the exact same thing that if you give powers of rubia, if you believe that, that entity is a God that has independent powers, then

02:37:59 --> 02:38:36

this is a should have looked up the data lift up the official, as hurdle lifter, they have a similar photo, even though they go more than the deobandis. And I, again, for the record, I disagree with some aspects of the oceti photo when you look it up, but this is the official data lifter. So if as her and they opened, or mushrik institutions, which is what is the theology would, you know, entail? And then honestly, you really have to think long and hard, you're basically making a bit and then I looked at Morocco, and of course, you know, I did not look up, but you can look it up, it's well known, you know, the the Syrian, you know, shaffir is the, the various movements in Yemen, you if

02:38:36 --> 02:39:18

you keep on looking at, it's well known, I've interacted with these movements, and I don't need to quote your specific names. But just for your reference, I did look up just to make sure that it's online, the official photo of Alaska and the official photo from the obon. So that to make sure I can say, Hey, you know, these are something you can look up yourself, and they explicitly have fatawa, that it is not shirk unconditionally. And again, to claim, therefore, that the Nez de Tao is correct, which is a minority, which is a later interpretation, and the mainstream trends of the oma are not just incorrect. It's not a filter issue, but actually preaching should you see the remnants

02:39:18 --> 02:39:51

of original nationalism To this day, right? This is an interesting point. And there's this and was forced to tone down in the book that I'm still writing, I keep on telling your writing it, I delineate a demarcate three phases, first wave, second wave, third wave of nationalism. And then there's a fourth wave that we're currently seeing right now with MBs and whatnot. This is a fourth wave of data, which is an interesting wave, which I'm not discussing now, but that what we were taught was third wave, and third wave was very toned down, and they exaggerated the author who held that their first wave really dismissed red The main difference between first wave nationalism and

02:39:51 --> 02:40:00

third wave nationalism is the issue of other cultural and third wave nationalism. The default position is basically a bit jaded But still, you

02:40:00 --> 02:40:40

Cat, what do you what are the budget roadmap as well? What are the budget one of the great movies of the Hanafi method in Pakistan? They don't have a budget if this is shipped, right, what would you say to the people who are coming from these institutions? So the the official position therefore, of the bulk of the muda hip is well known the shaffir is the Maliki's the humble is something that is well known. And the reason why I don't need to quote you is because it's simple Google, the the movements that refused to do that well have done a lot in since the 90s. Ever since I was introduced to the movement, well known they've they've they've produced a lot of fatality, I'm not saying that

02:40:40 --> 02:41:17

every single photo is correct. Obviously, there's a spectrum from that movement. And I personally, am against, as I said, many times, because many of them, were saying it's permissible to ask the dead, and I'm saying it's impermissible to ask the dead. But if the left doesn't reach the level of Chinook and coho, that's the point here, and you find even pre niche, these you find plenty of fatawa in this regard. And if you open the door to not just issues of asking that if you open the door to the issues of, you know, other bidders that initially is considered to be either major bid as or even should. And this is what a man will have himself mentioned. There's entire chapters,

02:41:18 --> 02:41:45

you've taken things that might be mcru might be hot arm and you've made them into shoes, and he talks about Nether and to Baroque and others of these things, and he just and he considers this to be one of the biggest problems of the Dow if you open this door, issues of tawassul issues of turbodiesel issues of visiting the grave issues of asking the Prophet system directly in front of him when you're in when you're asking him to ask Allah subhana wa Tada, you find that in reality,

02:41:46 --> 02:42:22

the strand that you know, that was preaching is a typical it is a minority and even entertain me I didn't know if I am actually have a few aspects that the energy that I would consider to be better or should even have been applied to multiple times, which is why, you know, the hard corners these they really have an awkwardness with some of his writings. It's well known and I will tell you from being in Medina, you know, they they say oh, he used to be a Sufi and whatnot. So the remnants of the Sabbath still were over there. And also, by the way, one point for the advanced students is that the Nez de da obviously it claims to link itself to the early athletic creed and the early ham

02:42:22 --> 02:43:05

buddies, but obviously realize that the nest the Dow is a far later development than the Dow and its emphasis is absent in early humbly Islam in my humble meter was filled with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the early hanabi law explicitly explicitly said that you should travel to Medina and get the bottom of the grave of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they did the Baroque with Saudi hain multiple early humbly scholars allowed asking the Prophet system in front of his grave you know to make sure I'm not saying it's allowed I'm not saying it's allowed but be consistent here. Here you are with this vitriol and animosity against me and anybody else how about you know

02:43:05 --> 02:43:42

and more fuckin others how about the early all the Abuja Allah, Allah call the Abuja Allah was explicitly asked about somebody who calls out to the prophets of the law while he was sending for help for him when he's lost or something. And his response was, he is more likely he is mistaken for help is sought from Allah alone. And the Prophet system has now passed away this is the technical language who are mostly he is mistaken he should not do this. It is well known. You know, Chef mother is currently one of the greatest icons of the humblest school and ironically, he actually wrote an entire book about visiting the graves and the proper etiquette and what to do what not to

02:43:42 --> 02:44:24

do full of quotations that had been Tamia there. And when you read it, you might think that he's sympathetic to his previous view, but he's sympathetic cynicism. But in reality, here's the point that knows the Dawa claims people to be of their creed when they're not. And he economy is one of them that when you read that particular book, you might you might say, find passages that you'll read in those the theology but when you read a Academy's poetry, and when you read when he's talking about the profits of the laquanda, he was sending him he's literally addressing the Profit System, his poetry, and he is talking and asking his shift directly in his poetry. And then he said that,

02:44:24 --> 02:44:27

you know, the elbow side, his poem is of course full of shooting.

02:44:28 --> 02:44:59

academies is very, very similar, even but the wrong perhaps the greatest, somebody, a jurist under the Ottomans, was asked about is the author you know, with the dead and he says that, if the person intends that, that being can help him to discover, but if he is using this as a type of dua to Allah then this is not allowed allow you to judge is this is even but the wrong you know, perhaps as I said, the most famous of the ultimate habila this is technical language. Now again, you know, when you say this to your modern Danish

02:45:00 --> 02:45:37

He doesn't even know what to do with it. And typically he'll just dismiss it, oh, they're all wrong and bought and well done. Okay, be consistent, make duck feet of them, if they were alive, you would have executed even better on. So again, one needs to be very consistent in one's methodology. And as for now, again, this is now I'm going to spend a few minutes here but I want to make a disclaimer, even taymiyah deserves a much more detailed study. And I have not to this day come across somebody that I believe has done justice to comparing Tamia to monogamy will have I've read a few attempts, but if anybody knows, you know, send me an email or something I haven't done. I've wanted to do

02:45:37 --> 02:45:41

this. And I started a project many many years ago and I have some basic points and whatnot. But

02:45:42 --> 02:46:22

they've been Samia is somebody that has been interpreted by many of the modern nudge these to be basically preaching protagonisti theology, but this is simply false and it can be it can be proven, you know, indisputable, you can say, you can say had been to me I had views that were on the more harsh side against the other you know, without him in terms of visiting the graves, of course, he's one of the first to prohibit visiting, traveling for the greys he's probably the first probably the first ever to say that it is better to travel to Medina to with the intention of visiting the grave of the Prophet system. Maybe he is one of the first I don't know of anybody who said it in that

02:46:22 --> 02:47:00

particular wording without explicitness as much as he did, but still, okay, even Tamia has his views and we respect and imitate me immensely, but there is no question that a bit Timmy is not on the same wavelength as even Abdul Wahab and there's numerous evidences for this and this is one of the problems of nepotism is that they spoon feed you specific, you know, paragraphs you know, with my utmost you know, love I say this, you know that the critics that are releasing these videos, I know for a fact that they haven't read even taymiyah cover to cover, they haven't read many of his writings and absorbed they literally are they go to the reputations of the niche these the PhDs and

02:47:00 --> 02:47:37

masters written at the University of Medina sometimes for some of my own colleagues or people even after me and they open up these books and they find the quotations of imitate me and they say potamia says that all you should all do is go for etc, etc. And even Tamia has a far more nuanced a far more critical view. It's a much more interesting spectrum and it requires more study. Still, it hasn't really been done in cathedra rights even considers a student had been kathiria is the student of Tamia. Kabira. Katia writes, in the in the events of the year seven or seven hedgerow he's he says that Albert is actually the famous his teacher, and they've been telling me a student,

02:47:38 --> 02:48:19

bizarrely is the teacher will be courteous and the student also will contain me and the colleague of even Tamia that will reside, he was there, and he narrates this, I witnessed that in show one of 707 the Sophie's of all Hera, they complained to the rulers about Ibn taymiyyah, and about what he accused of an alibi of, and other issues of his so even to me his views about how to be and about other issues, they were found to be problematic. And so, they they took his case to the court is one of the reasons sorry, one of the times he was jailed, was after this, this trial, and so, they set a trial for him, and even a thought accused him of various things, even alcohol By the way, this is

02:48:19 --> 02:49:00

even alcohol Allah This is the famous author of an hichem right the one that this book is is very famous and beloved by many Sufi movements, this is the same event Allah he was given to me as adversary and contemporary, he did not like given to me he used to like him and then he flipped on him. Later on, he had been accused me of various things. Even Kathy does not mentioned what they are, but of the things is that he accused me of disrespecting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam by saying that the Prophet system should not be asked of anything, okay. So this is one of the things that he was accused him of. So, even taymiyah responded and he said, Listen to this now, law

02:49:00 --> 02:49:41

you still also illa billahi right. A lot oath which means any help supernatural help is only sought from a law, whether you still have to be Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is still got the 10 b Marinelli Reba okay this is a potamia speaking, and you do not seek help from the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom a help that is in the genre of ibadah when I can use the West so to be here with the shofar obey the law has his origin and rather you may do the West suit, and you may do use him as the to get to shift out of the prophets of Allah xojo. So for about how they didn't have hardly Sally, if you had issues, some of them said what he said is okay, and I'll call the brother Dini

02:49:41 --> 02:49:59

been jamara he said, this is this is clearly to Adam, this is being disrespectful to the Prophet system and the thing goes on. The point is this isn't me as terminology right. Law used to have also been the basis and is still authored and be mandatory. But why did he have to add that phrase in the end? I'll tell you why. We see why he added that phrase because

02:50:00 --> 02:50:38

Even taymiyah did not view the mere asking of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in and of itself to be shipped. And this is something that is crystal clear and it is proven in multiple places, okay? Simply to ask the Prophet system to go to his grave and ask I'm talking about asking him directly. We're not talking about asking him to ask Allah subhana wa Tada This is asking the Prophet, so instead of directly and there are many, many evidences for this, and of them is the, the famous book that he wrote, which is called kuttabul is the author, which is also called a rudderless. Berkery right. And Bukhari is one of the focal height of the shaft theory at Berkeley

02:50:38 --> 02:51:25

was a Mufti appointed by the state of the Shafi school, and well known Shafi school scholar, and he wrote a book he wrote a treatise, defending asking the profitsystem directly after his passing right now defending so al Bukhari wrote an entire treaties, even taymiyah wrote his GitHub is still hot, and he refuted this book very, very harshly. And he said that at Berkeley is a ball and he says that this is Johanna. And he says that this is not allowed. But he never once called Buckley key never even use the adjective shidduch against Bacary never used you know the adjective This is schilke that you're calling to, he did not make to feel of victory. Right? Bacary by the way he had some

02:51:25 --> 02:52:02

clout and power and he riled up, you know, some of his, some of his his followers to to basically manhandled me It's really sad. They physically, you know, surrounded in Timmy and wander the streets and you know, they kicked his turban out kick, knocking, the hit, they hit I don't know, if they, I don't know if they hit him in the face or not. But they they accosted him even taymiyah This is a bakeries, you know, students and whatnot, a bucket, he gave a fiery thing against him and to me, his students surrounded him in Tamia, and you know, just manhandle him, his turban, you know, fell off and whatnot, really sad. And that shouldn't happen to this level and the way it happened. Later on a

02:52:02 --> 02:52:44

bucket, he got into trouble with the state, and the circumstances change and the state wanted to punish him, you know, for something well known story, Ibn taymiyyah got involved directly in Tamia himself got involved and protected Albuquerque. Now, Albuquerque is the guy he didn't repent, quote, unquote, from his treaties that you should ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam contrast this to even Abdul Wahab, who literally executed even more armor for reading the letter of urban alpha and thinking that it might be right and he kills him in his Masjid after slaughter Juma I mean, I'm sorry, but please don't. Don't make a fool out of yourself and compare Yvan Tamia to Ibn Abdul Wahab

02:52:44 --> 02:53:10

schatten Emma Bina Huma, the two are not even in the same ballpark. They're not even in the same galaxies, to be honest, intellectually, reading wise, writing wise, in any field, they're just there is no comparison. And that's all I'm going to say. And especially there's no comparison in the actual verdicts and the actual realities of considering these things to be shipped and the people who practice them to be sure. And I'm going to just

02:53:11 --> 02:53:17

ask the advanced students of Ibn taymiyyah, who read Arabic to please read if the last author, Mr. Clean,

02:53:18 --> 02:53:53

I don't maybe I should quote some things I don't I mean, we don't have time for all of this. And it leads to a back and forth I know. So again, I'm not planning to release other videos to go ahead. And you know, you do your refutations and whatnot, because you've already made up your minds. But for those that haven't made up their minds for those that are genuinely interested. And for those who, in their heart of hearts, they know something is wrong about a small strand of Islam, that is claiming the entirety of the oma is misguided. And that all that it does is that it refutes and uses nasty language and considers everybody else to be more tender and confident we should. If you find

02:53:53 --> 02:54:31

that to be problematic, then you're going to have to be willing to read and to explore, you're going to have to be willing to listen to the other side with an open mind, which is what I decided to do a decade ago and not with the intention of refuting and taking a 10 second clip but genuinely seeing where they're coming from. So for those of you that are advanced students, if you're not certain, Mr. Payne Mahadev. This habit time is a famous book of Ibn taymiyyah, in which he you know, again, he's very, he talks quite a lot about he talks quite a lot about having a path that is different any you should be different in your rituals and your habits from those who are against the salado

02:54:31 --> 02:55:00

stopping meaning the the non Muslims, and he has so many interesting passages in this, but especially I asked you for the this is the standard edition by the nosological. The famous there's one famous addition that NAS rapa did I have that copy here, I asked you to read from volume to page 169 onwards, read the next you know, 7080 pages and read, not with the intention of trying to find an edge, but rather read with an open mind. What is

02:55:00 --> 02:55:39

If Tamia trying to tell you because honestly this is eye opening the eye opening and I'm genuinely worried to say anything because it's gonna for those that are never read this, which is the majority of the nose DS and the majority of those who look at me, for those that have never read this, you're going to get angry at me for for explaining what even taymiyah you know has has written over here. What? What caused him to Jamaat amendment Salah hajra to whom invalid mK bodeen minute mBiA was solder hain for all the Italia to who will who will go to Malaysia dedica beshara. And for your Tibet what asuna. What you have to do is the Bible of Hollywood to Holly Hi, Dina, because I believe

02:55:39 --> 02:55:44

that he was so nutty Rasulullah He is a very, very delicate and a very nuanced

02:55:45 --> 02:56:30

5060 pages read it had me worried to summarize it, but he does not consider the mere asking of the dead to in and of itself be sure. And in fact, he goes so far as to actually say sometimes they might even give you what you want. But that doesn't make it Hillel, sometimes the the prophet or even the the solder hain might, you know, respond. But it's not that it doesn't make it stand out because the idea is not based upon based upon tangible. He's not saying that he does say sometimes that he was imagined. He does say that it's exaggerated, but he actually does affirm that sometimes it does happen. And that's the amazing things. You know, he mentioned that.

02:56:31 --> 02:57:09

He mentioned that many of his teachers, you know, would actually do stuff like this, and he knows that they were great people have elements and zofran and whatnot, and he doesn't deny that it is a reality. And on page 253 again, and please don't just read this one snippet I'm asking you to read if not the entire book at least this entire section paid 169 onwards. He mentioned on page 254 to 53. He mentioned the Hadith the famous Hadith that along with average are probably worth it in Yoruba don't make my grave the process of saying don't make my grave into an idol that is worships and he's against you know, I'm doing all of this. And then he goes well if he hadn't Bobby ma Yoruba

02:57:09 --> 02:57:47

man and the woman simio or the salami macabre nerissa la la vida he was sent him Oh kobudo at him in a solder pain. What no say who say you can smell a dynamic company they added her when we dyadic for her the kulu who happen Lisa memenangkan fee will unburrow a gel lumen radica Wow. vamo Okay, he is saying it might even be that they heard the sound of the other from the other of the profitsystem or other people. He is literally affirming what the niche these makan considered to be COVID and beta and Lola. He is saying it might happen but it doesn't make it permissible for others to go and seek it work at Attica isn't my usual and then he mentioned the narration that it is it is mentioned that

02:57:47 --> 02:58:25

a man came to the puppet of the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them during the time of the drought and asked him to to you know, for Shaka la he complained about the drought. And he saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who told him to go to Omar and Omar then did so that that is still is this off? He goes I'm not talking about this. When we threw her the Yakubu Cathy Ron lemon who aduna Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen to this, this happens to those that are at a lesser level than the prophets. Allah said them, what are the four main hadda we'll call air and I know things that happen of this nature. The Bedouin comes and asks, and he sees the process of

02:58:25 --> 02:59:04

event. I'm not saying whether the incident is authentic or not even taymiyah affirmed it even taymiyah said it happened to me, he said it might have happened, it doesn't justify us doing it. This is the nuance of it been Tamia. He is saying if an ignorant person did it right, it doesn't mean we should go and do it if he was successful in the process and hurt him and gave him What do you want and here and this is very explicit Okay. What could it go to Alibaba him Linda v Salallahu. It he was selling them only lady human Almighty He has written for to Kabbalah who for in the heart of the Walker, Catherine Walesa who Amanda Hanafi he he didn't call the chick he didn't call it

02:59:04 --> 02:59:44

Cofer. He does think it is a bit hard, even if they did it and it was successful. This is the nuance of admin Tamia and this is my position 110% he does not consider this to be sure why they can tell I'm not going to translate this because if you don't understand this then maybe it's best you don't because it is frightening if you if you think about me as an HD and then you read this stuff. You're going to make two feet of me I'll just put it that way. While they can tell them an easy job and be so lovely. He was sending them up. Old lady at heart would like to say in in lace me my doula is Baba so I want to repeat that right? Well, I like an IJA button B look at it says IJA button ob Solo

02:59:44 --> 03:00:00

is a lady. The hula is set in listen ejabberd tend to be slow assembly. How will you sir alien Listen, where What is he saying is happening here right? He is saying lay some emo doula and establish it doesn't indicate that it's good.

03:00:00 --> 03:00:39

To go ask him, because he is the one who said, sometimes you ask me things, and I give it and it will still, you know, be harmful and lead you to the fire of health. And sometimes the Prophet system was asked things and he responded, they continue to ask me and I have no you know, choice except to give them because Allah and His Messenger, not stingy. Me, I don't want to but I sometimes do it work through heart without eating al Mohler. Hey, listen to this is page 255. Okay, walk through how hula is silent animal, mother hen. Lima home female head, low lamb yuja boo la palabra la puri de la palabra de mano home comma Anissa Idina, beautiful hayati, kanuka. Radek, Wolfie him

03:00:39 --> 03:01:17

Mooji will O'Meara Bill hooroo ji min, el Medina t. This is again, most of these people that are begging and pleading in front of the grave of the Prophet so I sell them if they were not responded to meaning by him, their Eman would go away just like those people that begged the Prophet system in his lifetime for money and whatnot. And he gave it to them you know, he reluctantly because he's not should be done but he still gave it to them because he says Alan his message are not going to be stingy. And he gave it to them, not because it allowed it shows that it's allowed but because it's not befitting that somebody keeps on asking asking asking and you know, the response is not given

03:01:17 --> 03:02:00

for how the other either work or you're going to karma to the Sahaba If this happens, this is a karma for the one in the public. It doesn't show that it is good to go asking and again for Jin soo work that you can both go to millicom it will have article added and that you to do during the caboodle MBA was solid hain Mifflin New Zealand and work while America during the winter work Chris Shelton will back me up when different Nadia and her Amanda Russia to go to him Fiji Ronnie Milan Mota was discovered in defending the bow to him or her solely alone. She was seconded here in the house when the zoo did either either be Mr. Hanna half for jeans who had her own lace M and a new

03:02:00 --> 03:02:49

fee for jeans who had her own the reality of it is there it doesn't justify us going to the COBOL one I feel COBOL MBA it was sorry Hina minca Rahmatullahi wa Rahmatullahi wa in the law human Hurmati well, karma t fo karma yo hambo Uk total healthy, lacking Lisa had mo the root of CD, the liquor This is it been Tamia what kulula the lie actually is the Bible sadati adjusted to it, I will no secret and this is urban Tamia. This is not nationalism, this is not nationalism. Even Tamia is basically saying that it's possible that sometimes the Prophet system or assign a person might hear this and somehow you know, do give what you are asking to do. It doesn't make it Hillel, it should

03:02:49 --> 03:03:15

not be done. Can you believe this isn't me go read the philosophical still theme. Now I know the response, you're going to quote me column which month from here and there remember if the law is one of the most exquisite books, and it's one of the later books, so please don't take an ambiguous statement of event a media and then you know, say that you bring all of it together and most importantly, this is the point. A lot of these they are not just measured. This is unfortunately one of the problems of

03:03:16 --> 03:03:58

the way that Islamic Studies occurs in the in the eastern lens is that they don't study history, and they don't study the context. You can't just read gushue bohart without looking at even Abdullah hubz actions in his lifetime, and you cannot read Ibn taymiyyah without looking at how he dealt with his own opponents in Tamia did not make to feed of a single person in his lifetime because of the issue of asking the dead even Tamia did not say Albuquerque is emotionally concavity didn't even accuse him of doing actions of shit but I'll give you a little bit jet. He didn't even say that. So please don't quote me. And I know the quotations I've read have been Tamia hums realizada

03:03:58 --> 03:04:34

hamdulillah you know, for 25 years I'm really given to me And anyway, I don't want to say much more than I've read it been Tamia much of it. I'm not gonna say right every single, you know, Book of events aimed at him Did I love to read Ibn taymiyyah and believe it or not, I do consider myself to be at a million if you like in my epistemology, my overall framework and that doesn't mean I have to agree with everything that he says. But there is no way you can compare him and Tamia to, to even Abdul Wahab look at the fanaticism of the nasty Dawa and then look at how Eben Tamia dealt with Al Bukhari. And so please be more cognizant of those differences in any case.

03:04:36 --> 03:04:59

And more research needs to be done I'll be the first to say more research needs to be done. And I've been wanting to do this for the longest time myself and perhaps if I were in fully academia, and I didn't have to, you know, do all the videos and the all the stuff that I do with other responsibilities, perhaps I would have, you know, that's one of the paper topics I would love to have written on a contrast of even taymiyah and if inhabited will have in any case, that was my my third point. So

03:05:00 --> 03:05:06

To summarize my three main points to bring up when it comes to my personal, quick and easy

03:05:07 --> 03:05:17

issues that you need to think about about the issue is that, number one, Nazism, and even Abdul Wahab totally misrepresented the

03:05:18 --> 03:06:02

religion of the Quran. And because he misrepresented it, he could then mistakenly claim that what these Sufi groups do and whatnot, that they are the same, and they are not the same. Okay, that's the the first point. The second point is that one of the things that you need to understand is that this type of thought, and this type of definition, it inherently breeds a level of fanaticism and intolerance, that not just is theoretically dangerous, is demonstrably dangerous. And the nature itself and its own history is the best indication of this, attacking hundreds of villages, killing 10s of 1000s of people attacking and laying siege to the house itself until its people are dying of

03:06:02 --> 03:06:41

starvation. And they're forced to surrender, considering the people of Makkah and Medina to be mushrik and kapha, calling the dodo with money to be a donor Michigan to paganistic Empire, everybody, other than his movement, and his followers are, you know, kofod machico. And if you doubt that, then you are a Kaffir and this entire paradigm of nationalism, that it is doubted Islam, and anybody who oppose it is that of Kufa, all of this, if you read Buddha saniya you realize it's not a misunderstanding, this is naturalism. And then you still see it to this day, in the whiffs that, you know, to this day, the refutations that take place and the hatred and the the fit and and the

03:06:41 --> 03:07:18

discord against pretty much every other movement out there. Why concentrate on the religious folks, there's 90% of the oma doesn't care about these controversies. Look at what's happening socially, politically, globally. But see, if you feel that your religious brother is preaching Schick, then obviously there's nothing bigger than shift because they're problematic wise, right? So then, of course, you prioritize, you know, somebody who has a misunderstanding of this regard. But if you understand, okay, I disagree. This is how long but you know, there's so many problems happening, then you reorient your frame of looking at the world. So my argument in the second point was that

03:07:19 --> 03:07:57

nerdy theology inherently is divisive. And when you couple their notion of Suna and their notion of beta, along with the notion of the hidden neurons, you know, should you understand why wherever this goes, unfortunately, it pains me to say this, but wherever this that will goes, it's in its followers, generally speaking, they cause issues and problems in their communities, because that is what the dogma teaches. And this is a whiff of original nationalism, that's first way of Nazism would kill their opponents. Third Way of Nazism anathematize is to deers of Sikhs, their opponents, everybody's a move to their unconfident body and we'll did that with is still there. Why prioritize

03:07:57 --> 03:08:34

the people coming to the masjid and make them the enemies why cause hatred amongst them you have, even if you think they're wrong, dear brothers and sisters, there's an omen out there, so many other things out there. But again, if your paradigm is as it is, you cannot help but then, you know, make these issues to be the biggest problems. And I think that that's a huge issue. And as I said, on a personal note, that deep down inside I realized that, you know, I myself by by even preaching generically, you know, to hate and soon and bitter, but even preaching these things generically in those definitions that it does problematize these things, and then I realized after my own research

03:08:34 --> 03:09:13

that that is a minority opinion historically. And there are other alternatives. I've given a longer lecture about the definitions of data and how you can listen to that and even obtain me again, and his actual stance on the motive is not like modern selfies and everybody who's an advanced student, you know, this so this is the second point I mentioned, that the theology is inherently divisive, it is inherently prone to hating other religious folks it is inherently refutation culture, and you know, Methodism is but a logical consequence and all of Salafism in its own way is a type of soft medical is a modern Salafism. It is a type of soft medical ism, this is the theology and that the

03:09:13 --> 03:09:51

final point that I mentioned was I didn't go into a lot of detail, but open your eyes to the fact that so many scholars from the third century You know, there are humble eurodam that talk about traveling to Medina to the abode of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam making dua, you know, around the graves tawassul and yes, even is still author there are fatawa and you know, if you say that it is how long at least you say, okay, it's how long and it should be avoided, but nobody said it was surely because the way that the nasty Dawa says And as for the quarter had been Tamia that it is COVID but he might and I know this quote, and it is found, again, that we can go back and forth and

03:09:51 --> 03:09:59

back and forth, please, the same the person you think that is quoting that look at what he himself says and look at how he himself dealt with Albuquerque.

03:10:00 --> 03:10:38

Also look at the quote in more detail. There is this notion of util worker, the point is he asking the dead is potentially should some aspects of it art could be should your paradigm could make it should but in and of itself, it is not going to be sure unless other conditions are met. And even taymiyah understood that point, this is my my point. So this is the third point that look at what other scholars have said, and look at the fatawa of the vast majority of scholars of this oma who either said it is haram and left it at that, and that is in our field and so many others have been withdrawn, or some of them said it is permissible. And any at least you can see this, if that have

03:10:38 --> 03:10:45

between them has been within the fold of Islam. Now, as they finally wind down, I don't know how many hours have gone.

03:10:47 --> 03:10:54

Or they finally wind down and conclude if you're still here, I have no idea how many people are going to be watching this, I realized that

03:10:56 --> 03:11:31

there is a lot of loose ends. And please understand, and I'm not trying to stop for the last stuff for a long mela Forgive me, I'm not trying to toot my own horn or brag, I fully am cognizant that there are many loose holes, I fully am cognizant that we can take this this is, this is like a healthy way I talked about in my other lecture level one, level two, level three, this is a healthy level two with aspects of level three. Okay. And I fully understand that you can now go to a level three, and then bring back your refutations and do and back and forth. It's not as if we're doing this for the first time. You know, I mean, a few years ago, you know, she had had to allow me and

03:11:31 --> 03:12:03

soltana Dr. soltanto, Romania, may Allah protect the both of them. And I like to the other between them. And I liked the back and forth, and I read the entire thing back and forth. You know, that's an interesting back and forth. And, you know, there's interesting points on both sides. You know, I actually, believe it or not, you know, I appreciated much of support and our ladies, you know, refutations and benefitted from that. And I do believe by the way that it needs to be responded to from the other side. And I don't know if they plan to do that or not, I mean, but it is possible to respond. It's not the end, it's not as if his position was divided, decisive, he had some good

03:12:03 --> 03:12:43

points, and they needed to be responded to. But in the end of the day, as they're wind down the series is a series of long series meaning of these all of these lectures, I fully understand that there is potential for, you know, gaps, and for, you know, part threes and level three refutations and whatnot. And I want to make it very clear that generally speaking, I really at this stage, I really don't plan to go further in this regard for the public. Even this, I think was more than enough. I am not because time does not permit me to. But because I really don't think that this is, this is useful. See the the point that I'm trying to make throughout this entire, many hours that

03:12:43 --> 03:12:48

are spoken, I think three, four or five, I don't know how many hours are spoken, I'm going to now slice together the videos at the end here.

03:12:50 --> 03:13:36

The point that I'm trying to make is that I genuinely believe that it is a problem to problematize, the pious of the Muslims, even if they disagree with you. And if I want to embody that spirit, then I have to also try my best to not get involved in the refutation culture, as well as my witness. I didn't intend for this long, long lecture, to be a refutation, or even a defense of my fatwa. It was long overdue that I explained to my students, especially my students, those that I taught physically one on one, and they number in the hundreds of 1000s of hamdulillah. Because of the institute's I worked for him because I traveled the world teaching this subject and the many 10s of 1000s that

03:13:36 --> 03:14:25

have read my books and listen to my updated lectures and series. You know, I taught this subject for Huda TV, I had a whole series with them. And then for Islam channel, and then for other for the peace TV as well that had series and whatnot. And I've done this and I was very much admire and follower of goodwill hub. But as I said, things troubled me and I have now moved on from that. But even as I have moved on, I want to make it very clear that I have never and to the best of my knowledge I have never in the past nor in the future, intend to disrespect any of my teachers. They are sincere people and charlo Tada many of them I consider them to be of the Odia of a lot of xojo.

03:14:25 --> 03:14:59

Many of them I consider to be of the Roma and Aberdeen as ohanian people of New silicon and everybody, they have all shaped me, I am grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for all of them. And I am very, very, very thankful to Allah and I want to say even as tonically proud, in a humble sense, proud and thankful to Allah that I spent 10 blesseth years at a Gemma Samia, Phil Medina. And even if I have moved on from the theology of that Jamia, I have never ever once spoken a word against that institution.

03:15:00 --> 03:15:39

It is a shining beacon of beauty and light, even if I politely have moved on and disagree with certain aspects, but overall I am thankful to Allah subhana wa Tada, it is one of the best blessings of my life to have spent 10 years you know, in the city of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and I would never say anything against that institution or against the people in it, even if, as I said, You know, I have now other interpretations but you know, they're good people over there, the University is a blessing to a lot of stuff. It's a blessing to the oma from Allah subhana wa tada and it produces many fine art and roadmap. And then the end of the day, you know, one of the most

03:15:39 --> 03:16:20

difficult things for me, in order for me to move on I had to think about you know, my own, you know, my own teachers and my own involvement with the drama and you know, I was very blessed and fortunate you know, Allah blessed me to be in that university during I think the the last of its great days, I'm not trying to talk about the modern you know, what's happening and I'm not going to talk about it, but those who No no, but I am thankful to a lot that I studied there in the 90s and the early 2000s before all these changes took place, and I think that I caught the have the best days of the best days of the jam app. And also thanks a lot that I was there during the timeframe when I could

03:16:20 --> 03:16:59

meet great great, you know, teachers and what are bees and interact with some of the greatest icons, you know, of the movement and I respect them immensely. I am immensely grateful to Allah subhana wa tada that I interacted with chefman bas multiple times I literally sat at his feet literally those who know know the story you know for an hour and a half they literally over there and it with the microphone and interesting story one day maybe I'll say publicly but those who know know, had fought with him in his house spoke with him one on one, you know, she had had been Djiboutian as well went to his house sat in his car, he put me in his car, we had a I have a recording somewhere of a

03:16:59 --> 03:17:39

conversations, we had a q&a with him. I'm immensely one of the one of the most profound impacts that have ever that has had that I've had the honor to study with Chuck up north a mean, for an entire summer in Grenada, the year that through the year that ended the year before he passed away the very final summer program that he held in his Mr. Vernazza. And it was a timeframe where, where certain things that happen in the genre that, you know, I wasn't accepted to the master's program. And he heard of that story in the details. And I met with him privately, and explained to him and he wrote me in his own handwriting, he wrote me a desk with my name on it. And it's one of my most treasured

03:17:39 --> 03:17:51

and prized possessions, his handwriting, I still have it in my file somewhere. And I put that paper of deskey at when I applied for the masters. Again, I talked about that story, elsewhere. So

03:17:52 --> 03:18:10

it's not It was not easy for me. That's why I thank you for coming with me as well in my PhD in my first Patriot, whatever, I've thanked him and my parents, and I thanked him and, and others and, you know, I'm not going to lie here. It was difficult for me. Well, like it was difficult for me to come to the conclusion that

03:18:11 --> 03:18:49

some ask some ask because again, guys, it's not as if every single thing that ever comes from their mouths is wrong. No, it's just certain things that happen good enough, you know, love of a law and following the Sunnah, generally speaking, very excellent stuff, but there's certain things certain things about the movement that I now disagree with, and it was very difficult for me because I genuinely love genuinely love, these great aroma. And I consider shakin Earth, I mean, a Laird Hamilton to be a bit older, a lot nicer. biokinetic when I was a girl, he impacted me at a spiritual level at a spiritual level more than at an academic level. And so it's not easy for me to move on.

03:18:49 --> 03:18:50

But you know,

03:18:51 --> 03:19:29

I it took me a while to understand that those emotions don't mean that the theology is right, just like I can see deobandis immensely respecting their a cabinet rule of law and understanding that doesn't make the abundance and right you know, to love a chef and to love a teacher is good, and it's important, and it's a part of Tobia, it doesn't make the teacher right. Imagine if I had been studying at another Institute, I would have loved another whole group of Roma. And as her scholars and the scholars in Morocco and studying in, you know, lay it all on and studying in Yemen with the hebat anybody who studies with a group of teachers loves them, and it becomes almost impossible,

03:19:29 --> 03:19:59

almost impossible to break away. And when they break away, understandably, the people of the movement feel very hurt and very, very troubled, and therefore the bitterness against them is much more than to an outsider. So I fully understand that this the the, the, the the refutations against yours truly, they're coming from a sense of disappointment and it's so easy then to blame all of these other factors you know, I've even been to accused of being a CIA agent or yield corrupted

03:20:00 --> 03:20:44

So that, but I tell you, as long as my witness this issue, this issue was not related to my education at the PhD level, it was not related to any other factor. It was related to troubles from within my own heart, about the repercussions of this dow up and about seeing that some of these things just don't add up, and about seeing the reality of ISIS and all of these things triggering me to really set aside my prejudices and biases and see, is it possible that I might be wrong? Is it possible after all these years, and I did this in my 30s, and I, you know, left the movement in my 30s. And if I were to change my movement to another, I'm not the first and I won't be the last to do

03:20:44 --> 03:21:01

so. And the truth is more beloved to me than a shallow to either my ego. And I was mistaken for a few years of my life on some issues. Again, it's not as if the entire thing is bought, there's some things I was mistaken on. And I now believe it's not as if I converted to another movement. I am not, you know,

03:21:02 --> 03:21:45

on the Sufi today, because I'm not a believer, I'm not a Deobandi or whatnot. I actually now believe that every single mainstream strand of Sunni Islam has good in it every single and that includes the NHD data, it has good It has contributed a lot to the oma and also every single strand has certain things that they can work on. And benefits II This is now I am post a selfie now, post it if you like I'm still I'm still a 30 overall, and I do consider myself to be a me and as I said into my epistemology and paradigm, but that doesn't mean that I'm literally molded, and wed to everything you've been telling me it says, you know, he's a great alum, and I overall out of all of the aroma

03:21:45 --> 03:21:55

that I have read, I find myself agreeing the most with the sword with the paradigm of Ibn taymiyyah. That doesn't mean that I have to agree with each and everything. But

03:21:56 --> 03:22:40

no movement is divine, every movement is composed of scholars and the scholars are not mousumi only the edge of the of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is what is Mausam every single person and every single movement and every single group of scholars can be taken from and left except for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In the end, if you're still with me, after all these hours, success is with a lot subhana wa tada alone. I do not plan to go back and forth with my critics, even though I know that this long, long video will be sliced and diced and you know, 10 seconds here and 30 seconds there and Zenda and Cofer and whatnot will happen. But in the end of the

03:22:40 --> 03:23:23

day, to all my critics, I say, if you are sincere, I expect to see you in general and shallow data. If a larger forgives my sins, I expect to see you there. And if you are not sincere, and you have other issues in your heart, then you have bigger problems, and Allah will take care of that in this world before the next. As for me, I don't see the need to defend myself or to defend the views that I'm preaching or to get involved in the reputation culture because there's far bigger problems facing the oma and I don't think it is the best use of my time and the talents that Allah has given me and the knowledge that Eliza has blessed me with. It is not the best use of my time to speak ill

03:23:23 --> 03:24:05

of other religious Muslims practicing Muslims who is a deviant who is not a deviant, who is a threat Who is that? This is all trivial. All religious folks in sha Allah to Allah that are upon the love of Allah and wanting to follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah everybody who says the Kadima and follows the six or can have the hadith of God is upon fair even if they have some mistakes. I'm not saying they're Muslim, they're upon fair and good and it is not from the my, you know, current understanding to now prioritize them as a threatened enemy and anybody who says the kalama and has religiosity even if they are not following the six Archons I mean here for example, you know, the

03:24:05 --> 03:24:06

the sheer groups or the

03:24:07 --> 03:24:46

you know, the these or whatnot, okay? They have bigger mistakes, but they're still Muslims. We don't make defeat of them. Anybody who prays who has the kind of Islam and says the Kadima anybody who does will go to pray anybody who lowers his head to Allah subhana wa tada and follows the kelemen. By this I mean, if you believe in a prophet out of the womb, that's it. No, you have gone against the Quran, but that's what I mean. But to make asking, and I don't want to go all the way back here. Even though we'll have said, If you ask the dead you make him a god. And I disagree with that. No, you don't. You don't. And in fact, hardly anybody ever said that. Even Eben Tamia clearly did not

03:24:46 --> 03:24:59

say this as it is in his writing. So that's why they don't go against the Kadima when they ask others than a lot if they have the right paradigm that as I said, anybody who says the Kadima and lowers his head to Allah subhana wa tada is a Muslim and he

03:25:00 --> 03:25:09

Who does will do and practices, the five are can or wants to practice I should say because even if you fall short and you don't manage to do but you want to you want to

03:25:10 --> 03:25:23

be a good Muslim you want to live alone as messenger, and you have some taboos and whatnot and shallow to under there within Islam and now we work with them to see how to be better, but it's not a priority to speak about, you know, other

03:25:24 --> 03:26:07

individuals and whatnot. And one final point too shallow to either take it or leave it at that my sincere sincere advice to those who really wish to, to refute and to call out deviancy and heresy. I understand that everything I say is gonna fall on deaf ears, I understand you will still want to refute May I humbly suggest that after you've done the refuting? Can you also provide lectures that are of benefit to the nonpracticing of the oma, can you talk about if you think that so and so is a deviant and so don't listen to his Sierra and his Heaven and * series and his complete lies of the companions of his or her last boyfriend, Belleville? Then I asked you humbly to produce

03:26:07 --> 03:26:45

something that is for the masses that they're a man that comes closer to Allah subhana wa tada they can find comfort and strength they they feel proud to be Muslim. Can you preach to the average non practicing Muslim in a manner that empowers him even as you dismiss all of the major drought and although the successful preachers has you tried to kick them out because you discover their deviances Okay, I understand that some of you really think that that is the priority. Surely you understand that as you kick all of them off, you should also produce something for the rest of the people. So may I humbly suggest that also do this and you know, may Allah zoologia bless your

03:26:45 --> 03:27:19

efforts in preaching Islam to the masses of the oma that's what I want to see. May Allah xojo increase your your your your Eman and taqwa and your contributions so that the oma benefits and I understand if you think that fula needs to be refuted, that's your paradigm. Okay, once you've done the refutations, can you move on to that which is a benefit for all and ask Allah Xhosa, for me and for all of you, if lost until fear and he died and said that for that one and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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