Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #16

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The upcoming days of celebrate Earth Day are discussed, including manners, good manners, and federal holiday events. A man named John claims to have been a Muslim man, and a woman named Alicia claims to have been a woman. The discussion touches on manners and culture, including the lack of good manners among Muslims and the difficulty in practicing good behavior. Muslims should practice quiet behavior and be good, but success is unclear.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We are the results he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 day 16 so where up with with the second half of Ramadan first half is already gone. So now is the final countdown. Now the time you know we start with we're gonna have to start counting from you know, not not forward but you know backwards, I hope and I asked lesson heinola Tada.

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Again, we still have some more time so I asked the last panel of data to to forgive our shortcomings and to help us increase in our a bear that in the final upcoming days of Ramadan. Are you working as an assistant of Mr. Barnea a book our superiority to teenagers agenda

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what The Omen Sharma who tada now does indeed mean head he said see that

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waka fi

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min Ramadan, Hakka Subhan Allah what is called a no doubt we do have a deadness and in a small madonn cut model with no fee on this with Fanny, for us, Allah Subhana Allah tada and fill in alumina, the hamdulillah there's a man walk at eight o'clock. We're not able to look up FEMA bokkeum in Haiti and a resident of Canada and mubaraka

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Tyler winner in Sharla, Tadashi Ma,

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am an Shamil were an interstate XL

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the asset and your phone or last

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minute or any active carbon I mean I'm not that's not ideal insha Allah tala comma colon and very handy dandy bed that who above was sick with your shot low tide itself in the column that just

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any old web editor

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Yeah, and you had the last hour tada

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Phil, Phil keytab he Hakeem

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called subhana wa Taala salatu salam ala Allah who

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were in the Kabbalah, Allah, Allah can have him today my brothers and sisters, we're talking we're going to talk about a topic which also is related to the topic we talked about yesterday, about truthfulness today inshallah, we're gonna talk about manners, you know, good manners, which is another very important way that will lead us to agenda. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes his prophet in the Quran he calls him we're in the color the Holo can certainly you are upon good manners or good moral conducts, what are the so my brothers and sisters in fact, one of the best ways and one of the

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nicest and easiest ways to that will lead us to gender is distrustful of and it's really sometimes you look at the situation of the Muslim Ummah especially you know sometimes even those who who think they are religiously committed you know the fact that they you can see them you know in front of them outward and inward even you know but the outward looking like the good Muslims you know wearing proper you know a tire you know it's time to cut tire and but somehow by the left is not the lack of a good Muslim or good Muslim from the appearance you think they may look like mesh I'd love to buy like a lot but from there the inner or from their dealings with people. They really like good

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manners and good more conducts

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and the Prophet Mohammed Ali is sort of slim when he talks about things that we put way in the museum. Things that would put way in the balance of records is just

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me being in a shirt and lithoco any sort of dilemma shall eat without killing me Daniel my piano

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and meezan I should know what a shout out Marian rockin with me on my piano. McBain has sought to serve

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Muslim and

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a poorly sought to sell them Justin holiday

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is appealing visa

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and poorly sought to sim and can even be left with human effort failure from hiring our smart, qualified audience. If desired that future Africa, South Africa

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you could at least start to see them too. Howdy. Howdy. Masuda Anima in Venice, la he had he embarks on a coma where they took these Yolanda hat off to Sydney

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In that he has a one aka one auto motor home late when I can do a video on that video

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and man that doesn't follow

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the same here man alien law

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okay see that man oh Heather and Kathy the minute Muslim means of how much better yeah and you any Latina several home and the

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lesser boohooman and muslimeen were lacking luck they said luck and Muslim they said luck area Samia.

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Mr you suddenly were lacking some harmala

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see agent engine hi

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mahaska Omaha Allah Duma Xhosa to hatzopoulos awesome colloquium.

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Enough federal credit, why the federal complaining just full of hatom as warm as hydrocodone.

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hydrocodone li le

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give a candidate a sort of cinema, an associate who

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had a tablet in employ him at home Adham Yahoo. Yahoo De La

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Colonia Ibrahim men

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yeah the huddle calbuco Anima who can

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help and calphad unbuffed min Alicia tech on both middle

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and elite and your staff is

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medical director. Dr. mercola who has Kelby had on the familiar hectic ambitious ombudsman kalbi for about him in Canada can book field gender worksheet if you're not capable of military at war in Canada, in general.

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It can be

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an issue for one level either. Justin solo

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had he recently heard of a local NBA, Ashleigh. Mo was

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the head of Islam and you didn't use the physical kodachi

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jehovahjehovah Janine Jani Shafi either kinda hateful Jennifer here for hire min min min kalbach are in Canada creative enough for killbuck asadmin the head

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Java be under

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Yo, yo, Mohammed Enza when you do an open limerock VNC The horseware is a solid wisdom la

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was awesome you can do with any hobby, also the estimator la estimator, we usually couldn't see that too. But then the mahama service processor

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to sorry, it also needed measured or measured and ready to suddenly fee whatever version is admitted. Phil endoluminal

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it's about wall Enderman. But

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how can you fathom and for the members to have a

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bullish to Waterloo otaku can be felon macmaharaj the homeless

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hasn't been any doctor entity but we'll have Dr. Chuck McCann, Lisa

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and kilimo jameelah

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acquitting the head

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of lahoma Mohammed what are

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the today's political drama and any sort of

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that in mg Fie, Fie Fie Hagerty, I think high level Lee made a form of image it is

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an empty field, it has a free Forever Living mental pmla an adjective of immaturity, an image of Nepali Shahada

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your code is not to say that

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your code is to select

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the muscle and have been Allah what have been ness Illa I have been noticing a lot law and fair holiness

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and for holiness if disseminated hello hello Muslim out other than Who's your

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own little healer,

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Sudan and gender blue to gender equality South Sudan. I love what a Fijian una hora, Jenna you love while I'm in botany, our Bodenheimer

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via the Hala

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Lehman I learned that

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was a typo sia

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will suddenly be nice your oneness, Nia

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even a learner can

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whatever I see

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what suddenly be lelee one nestled near

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at the level of the home What are

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my brothers and sisters?

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Since we're talking about this topic of good manners, and I think this is really a very important topic that we are lacking today amongst lots of Muslims.

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A man came to one of the Jewish man came to a predecessor by the name of Adam and he told him

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this my dog

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my dog, is it Who is it cleaner than your beard? What is your beard cleaner? And better than than than my dog? He's trying to provoke him

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the mantle them if my beard makes it to Jenna she's definitely better than your dog

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but if my beard does not make it to gender your dog is better than me

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as the man is trying to provoke him

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that Jewish trying to provoke him But Abraham though and him responded in a very nice manner

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look at the analysis now to you go to the massage it in Ramadan

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and you see some time some very good Yeah, very bad. I'm sorry very bad mannerism and all especially from either youngsters or even some of the uncles who don't know how to talk to our youngsters

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you know, screaming and yelling and also disrespect from certain you know, youth and whatnot lack of mannerism.

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But he has

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the Prophet as I see them when he was talking about this woman who used to pray and and and and fast. Salaam Malema. She prays and she fast but she she is rude to her neighbors.

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She mistreats her neighbors the Prophet says she is from hellfire. She's in hipfire

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What did her suffer due to her Salah did not benefit. The Salah that she prays Did not you know it's not the problem is not with Sadat. The problem is with her.

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She mistreats her neighbors,

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the prophet Mohammed and so somebody told us about this, about the the these mentions in general. You know these houses in Germany that Allah subhanaw taala has prepared, you know, they are so crystal clear from a pearl pearls from diamonds. That Allah subhanho wa Taala has prepared these mentions for people who speak good,

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who fast and who pray when people are asleep. But the first thing is, the Prophet says I then have killer those who speak good words. Whoever believes in Allah and the Prophet, let him say something good. Or be quiet.

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Just a follow

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up book and let you do

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this Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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inshallah Tada. My brothers and sisters they asked us to Allah to perfect our mannerism and to better our mannerisms, to have another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 I say

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