Is it Permissible to Congratulate Each Other on The New Islamic Year? Ask Shaykh YQ #212

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Our next question is brother Mahmud asks, especially in light of the fact that we have just begun the new Hijri year today, that is it permissible to congratulate one another over the beginning of the new Hijri year? Or will this come under a bid? Or a religious innovation? wama

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Auto send me Kobe, Nika. Illa de Jalan, no, hey, la him first.

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The answer to this question, it really goes back to how you define bid. And I have given a much longer Lecture A number of years ago, you can find it on YouTube, where I go over the various definitions and who says what, and what is the reasoning to say so. And the fact of the matter is undeniable fact that based upon your definitions, you will then have different opinions. If you follow a particular definition of innovation, then you will find a group of scholars saying that it is religiously impermissible, it is a bit to congratulate people at the beginning of the new year of the Islamic New Year, and to make up for them. And then another group of scholars says that there is

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no religious innovation here. It's a cultural thing. There is no ritual that is done. It's not associated with rituals. It's simply a generic draw. And you may make generic draws at any times. And this is the position that I myself follow. And one finds plenty of fatawa actually going back to Mr. masucci, many, many, you know, a century ago, sorry, 600 years ago, him I'm assuming he was asked about this question that should we congratulate people at the beginning of the new year. And he says that this is something that many people do. And you know, some scholars discourage it. But the fact of the matter, Mr. masucci, says it is neither Suna nor Buddha, it's not certainly can't be

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sooner, because the Prophet system did not have the HD calendar, the way we have it. This was instituted in the time of Romans. One, the hijiri calendar was instituted in the time of Omar rhodiola. One, not in the time of the Prophet salallahu it he was selling so clearly it is not a tsunami, at the same time, it's not a beta in the technical sense, because you do not do it as a ritual, you do not do it, you know, thinking that this is something that should be done, and it is a part of our religious heritage, it is permissible to have cultural rituals. So for example, how we greet one another after we say Salaam, there are phrases that every culture uses, okay, in order to

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do in Farsi in Arabic, you know, the Arab, say, for example, Helen was Salah, and for example, right? Is it wrong, you know, to say, you know, I had no Salah, and Is it wrong to say no, it's not these are cultural things that various cultures have done, you say this alarm you do what needs to be done. And then you may add your own culture in there. And these can be routine, those very strict scholars who tried to make these things as without, I have politely disagreed and said that in reality, one can pinpoint things that every one of these cultures does, that would also constitute without according to their definitions, but they overlook it. And I've been trying to politely

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pointed out that, in reality, their definitions of Buddha are not in sync with their own lifestyles and multiple things can be pointed out, that indicate that they are not actually fulfilling the letter of the law in their own definition of without, or else it would change their own lifestyles. And so I don't find this problematic whatsoever to make a generic request of DHA or to say, may Allah bless you in the upcoming year. You know, may Allah azza wa jal, you know, allow this year, you know, to show you many blessings. It's a generic, and why would it be wrong to make a generic to I can make $1 now, I can make it tomorrow. And I can make it at any time. If you were to get a new

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job and I say, oh, may Allah bless this job. Why is that not a bitter? Why is that not to be that way, if I make this every time you get a job, and I link it to your job, if you get a new house and assembly, Allah bless you in this new house, for example, you know, so again, these are worldly matters that have a little bit of religion in them, that doesn't make it religious innovation, these are worldly matters, the coming of a new year, the buying of a house, the promotion of a job in which you make dua for the person, why is that wrong? Actually, it is very good to make the offer the person use any excuse to make to offer the person and to greet the person with the greetings of

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Islam no problem and therefore, these are worldly customs. And when it comes to worldly customs, you may do religious things about regarding though as I said, make do without considering them to be part of the religion and it will not constitute with so it is completely permissible to do so. And on this occasion, let me as well make dua that Allah azza wa jal bless us in this upcoming year of the hedgerow 1443

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Allah subhana wa tada lift us from this you know COVID season that we're in and allow the owner to be in a time of glory and ease in this year.

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