Everyone Faces Hardship in Dunya. It’s Not If, but When

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This dunya hurts sometimes. And I mean really hurts. Ser Lee has Salam was a believing woman, married to fit around who was one of the most evil men in history. When she refused to renounce her faith, fit around, had her tortured to death. In her torture, she turned to Allah. She turned to da. She looked up at the sky and made a dua that Allah recorded in the Quran for all time because of how much Allah loved it. Or BB nearly a

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decade a theologian Jackson, my lord built for me near your house in paradise. See, everyone is going to go through hardship in dunya. It's not if but when, when we accept that hardship is part of being human. We can refocus our energy on what really matters, doing the best actions and deeds so we can build a home for ourselves in general as well.