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Never make this life as a measurement who’s better and who’s worst. Don’t think if you’re rich or poor this life is good or bad for you. Allah give this life to everyone to the one he like or he doesn’t like. Never take this life as a measure if Allah love you or he doesn’t love you. Death put an end for everything. Every person shall taste death. The true winner who entered Jannah. No one will run away from death.

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Another one a steady stream of when I will learn inshallah and fusina. When we say

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well I should

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yeah even Latina de la parte de vida de moda 11 to Muslim

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lady coming up See ya da minha amin humare Jana katha manisa

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in Allah Canada Kumar Kiba Latina mo de la punto current city that you selected Akuma

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move on Halima

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Yakumo la una vida como la welcome over yamaka

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agenda team and Sarah

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Murphy has a mechanic MOBA kalavati an engineer

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Are you

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an internet

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guru Sri Indian here in Denmark

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in the motor unit he condition you know he co authored Co Op mode

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and mode he thought

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well hang on honey mode yet he couldn't pay

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for it Danica had he done a lesson? Yes. Less they said to me a PS are about yeah and in my head button instead of a habit loss of Hana without any other insert

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in and the loss of Hannah who hadn't eaten yet. Lima let you hit walima

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Allah subhanho wa Taala for a matter of law, if you saw a man

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what was the panda? What

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has he done yet? Nice.

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Monday, dear brothers and sisters, as you may know that there is one thing that actually puts an end to everything.

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That thing is called death.

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It puts an end to the poverty of the poor, and it puts an end to the richness of the rich. It puts an end to the weakness of the weak. And it also puts an end to the strength of the strong dystonia, it puts an end to every new thing. And this is why we cannot use it as as a game changer. As a gauge to assess how much Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves the person. Because this dunya as the scholars have mentioned, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah gives it to whom he loves and whom he does not love. For instance, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given this dunya to show a man a cinnamon he loves it.

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Allah has given this dunya to

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the Sahaba, the very wealthy Sahaba and he loves it. Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given this dunya to Fidel and he doesn't know Allah subhana wa Jalla has given it so caught on and he doesn't love him. So this dunya cannot be a gauge a criterion by which you can measure how much Allah Subhana Allah tala was a person or does not love a person you cannot see a very fortunate wealthy person and you say some kind of love must love him like you cannot say that. Why because this occasion Allah gives you to me loves and whom he does not love.

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But comes this thing that puts an end to everything is golden mote

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if you're telling me to lie, he says that

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under freedonia Shana

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in the field it Tonia Jana Lola.

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was on sibilla

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even though he says that isn't done yet. And then session nine dystonia if you do not enter this agenda in dystonia, you shall not enter the center of the era. And this agenda of dystonia is the agenda of being close to Allah Subhana Allah, gender to Salah Shanna, Shanna to

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tional Ramadan if you do not enter this gender in dystonia, a person may not enter Akira, but again comes this thing that puts an end to everything. And that thing is called Death

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called lumen Allah

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What's up, Jerry? Well

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it's so tough man. Allah subhana wa tada says, everything in the face of this universe shall perish and what shall remain the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala your Lord and worship at a summer and hey

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gonna do

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Well, Matt had to donia

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every soul shot his death and he should have taken back to Allah subhana wa tada to remind you have today

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and a lot of those dresses beautifully from the zoo, and enough that is safe from her fire and being admitted to Jenna. And that is the utmost success. The ultimate success is how much money we have the utmost success is your weather a first shot be safe from fire and be admitted to

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coal in

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some metal latona in

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Russia, not be

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tom tom

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could say that the depth that you're running away from

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each other.

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When your time is up, your time is up and we call that the final stretch and marked

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the financial and I think this is how we should be working with my bank. Because you see that's just a few days ago, we fasted Ramadan 2017 I see it as just a few days ago. And in no time we'd be in sha Allah hudaydah witnesses Ramadan 2008 and some of you may say, Well, just like yesterday, yes, it was just like yesterday. But there's again this thing which is unfortunate that puts an end to everything. I couldn't have seen that a couple more things go so fast. But what shall remain again, the fiscal lesson.

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Say that these networks are running away from each

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other even if they are hidden in this fortresses when your time is up your time is up.

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Enough to touch

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one focal ohiomeansjobs

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Melaka dunya

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Hello Amina. Okay, well caffine

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I was in London just last week,

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UK and I the Shema in the most in the biggest mischief in, in in in Europe. And in this Majid It reminds me of what Mecca and Medina after sobre todo. So this always janessa is always done as an echo for janessa. And last week, it was the genesis of a person who just became a Muslim.

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A week old Muslim.

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Yeah, and you have you ever thought of that day?

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And I'm not a huge scary of 35. I'm just reminding myself and yourself. Have you ever thought of that day, that day where you should all be carried on the shoulders taken to the ticket to the graveyard? Have you ever thought that they were going to be washed and shrouded and buried the very first people who will leave you or your loved ones, the very first people that will leave you or your family, your children, your spouse, these are the very first people who will leave you they will bury you on the runway.

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I challenge every spouse here every person who says I love my wife and I love my husband. I love my father and I love my mother. If you follow us to the buried mela for me, it's my father was to be buried today.

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My mom would be buried today. I challenge anybody I do not know if anyone can possibly go and spend the night with that person which you love in the car. Can you do that?

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Nobody can.

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Yes, you claim you love that person. We do love them. But can you spend one night with them in Cabo?

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Have you ever thought of that they really did. They were all going to be buried

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volume of volume at volume adds a little mat to many darkness is the darkness of the grave. The darkness of the earth put on top of the darkness of the night. But his grave can be ignored

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in this man by the name of hustling bustling,

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he was in Medina

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and he's so a barrier janessa janessa

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for congeners

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He says, How come a genocide carried only by four people, by Allah, I shall be the fifth, normally janessa I don't know if you've been in Mecca or Medina or any of that which you have maybe encountered, everybody would want to don't carry the janessa

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reward in trying to go with this and as an kadisha, but this particular tionesta had only four people carrying it. So he was in awe and he says, By Allah, I shall be the fifth. So he went, and he helped them. And they went through the procedure of burial and whatnot. So he spoke to those people. And then behind them was a woman and all woman

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crying. So he told those people How come these janessa is only carried by four of you? Whose jenessa is this? They said don't ask us we don't know. As that woman she hired us.

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How can she? Yeah, I mean, not even you don't even know this person. You've been hired to come and do this is what he asked her. We don't know. We've been hired just to carry to wash the shroud to bury and to perform some janessa we don't know this person. So he followed that woman. He saw her making the hat Yeah.

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They certainly see what you're up be

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a vanilla see the

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car, see your

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And all of a sudden she's smart and she left. He followed her says my elected me. Who are you? She says Leave me alone. Leave me alone. She says no. I need to know what happened. Here. I am hustling bustling. Please tell me what happened here. She says because you're hustling bustling. Let me tell you the story. This is this Jerry the burial of my son of my son.

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And my son has not left any bad the anything which he did not.

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He was known to be the sinner. What people do not know about him is that my son before he died.

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So before my son passed away,

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I used to make the offering. In fact, I made two I made one against him and what are for him?

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Allah answered my the first thought Allah subhanho wa Taala afflicted him with the disease. He put him in bed. He could not go and sin no more.

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And I feel so bad for him. I started making the African last panel like I did. Before he died. He called me Oh man. Yeah, please before I die, put my cheek on the ground and put your foot