Yasir Qadhi – Is It Haram To Complain

Yasir Qadhi
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Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran in surah Al moundridge, describing mankind, Allah azza wa jal says what are the Messiah who shall rule Jesu? When evil afflicts mankind, he becomes complaining and argumentative. When evil afflicts mankind when a problem comes, then all of a sudden you lose hope. Jesu means your heart becomes despairing, and your tongue becomes complaining. So Allah azza wa jal is criticizing chastising mankind for the opposite of patience. Now in today's brief, hot era, you know, we talk about patients a lot and we all know Cebu and Jimmy and we all know that Allah azza wa jal says rubbish it is sobbing in a lady Nader's Asaba Tomasi button called

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you in the in La La Jolla. Roger on how about the opposite of patients? How about the one who does not manifest patience? What do we do about the one who's constantly complaining, constantly dissatisfied. Today we're going to do with the flip side of being patient and that is demonstrating impatience by constantly complaining and this is a very sensitive topic, because at some level, to complain as human, at some level, we all complain, we have a bad day at work, what happens, we come home and we are complaining, right? So at some level, it is normal. And yet at the same time, the Shetty has come very clearly very explicitly discouraging us from constantly moaning and groaning

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and, you know, just giving your chakras to everybody. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala praises the prophets for not complaining. When Yaakov Allah His Salam when his children came to him with the story of Yusef and whatnot, what did he say? What did Yaakov say? Who can tell me?

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In a school bethey, were Hosni Illa Allah, I'm not complaining to you. Don't think I'm complaining to you. I am complaining to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the mushkil Sheikah, to Allah not to you, Allah praises yaku for not complaining to his own sons. He's complaining to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And when the incident of thought if happened, and the Prophet system was tortured, he was really killed. He was covered in blood stones were pelted at him. His tongue was silent. When he went away from the people outside of their earshot. What was the first thing that he said? The first part of the DUA.

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Allahumma alayka, Ash qu, O Allah to you, I complain Subhan Allah, he was away from the earshot of men. Nobody could hear him. Then he says, oh, Allah complained to you. So complaining to Allah is the essence of iman, we've said this multiple times, you should all know complaining to Allah means you open up your heart to Allah. And you say to Allah, Oh Allah, you see what is happening? Oh Allah, this is difficult for me. Oh Allah, you can save me This is complaining to Allah. I've said before complaining about Allah is Cofer stuck for Allah complaining to Allah is Eman. Okay? Today's Hatha is not about complaining to Allah. It's about complaining to

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mankind, complaining to the mahalo now when it comes to the complaining to the mahalo complaining to the creation. This is something that generally speaking, the default ruling is that it is macro. Macro means what macro means you're not going to go to jahannam it's not sinful, Allah is not going to punish you, but you're not doing something that you should do. The default of complaining to mankind is that it should be avoided. However, even though this is the default, at times, complaining becomes wajib. At times it is Mr. Hub, at times it is mobile, at times it is my crew, at times it is haram and at times it becomes even tougher. There's a whole spectrum, the highest level

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when when complainy becomes wajib, and even a bada is when you complain to Allah, this is a bada complaining to Allah, you will be rewarded. It is a sign of iman, complaining to Allah is the essence of iman. complaining to the creation is sometimes why'd you When will it be watching? When the reason for the complaint is to stop the evil of another person

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to prevent an evil person harming another person. You complain to the authorities, you complain to the government you complain to somebody who can stop injustice to another person. This is now wajib you can't just sit back and say Oh, I cannot This is not the complaint that is Macoun

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No, no, no. Now you must, because you are protecting from the evil of somebody else. So this is a type of complaint it is wajib. Complaining can also be like Mr. Hub or MOBA and that's when it is your hack, not somebody else's help. When you're hacked, you want to get it back. When you're hacked your rights, somebody has done boom to you. It is up to you. If you want you can leave it to Allah on the Day of Judgment. If you want you can let Allah reward you. If you want. You can take it to court if you want. So it's more open when you are the one involved. Sometimes it's Mr. Hab. Sometimes it is MOBA. One will complain because let's go to the opposite before we work our way

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inwards. When will complaining be Cofer complaining will be Cofer complaining will actually be against Iman, when the complaint is harboring resentment against Allah.

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When a person's complaining actually has a level of like, why is this happening to me? It's not fair. That complaining is not just my crew. When you're complaining challenges Allah's other. Now you have left my crew, and you are now getting into a rejection of iman, how can you say it's not fair? How can you say why is this happening to me now this is not just mere complaining, this is affecting your attitude and your iman and that is beyond what is acceptable. And complaining will be haram not go for but haram. When you are saying something haram or getting something haram for somebody when your complaint itself is not correct. When you exaggerate in your complaint, there's

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an element of lying involved. Or when you're getting something that is not yours because of a complaint, then you have used the complaint for how long it becomes how long. But as we said the default is micro and macro means you should not be doing it. But you're not going to be punished. So want to be very clear here because we're not talking about a major sin. We're not talking about a Kabira. We're not talking about something that what you get you punished. But to be technical, we are talking about something that goes against the perfection of iman, when something bad happens to you, and you make a big Facebook post just to get the complaints of the get to the pity of the

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people, right? When you go and tell everybody Oh, you know, this is happening to me and whatnot. So essentially, what complaining does here is the equivalent of begging for mercy. You're not begging for dollars. You're not begging for charity, but actually you are begging for charity. What type of charity are you begging for? People's sympathy. And therefore our Shetty has come and told us it is not dignified. It is not befitting for the Muslim to even go around about a worldly issue go to every stranger every person and just you know get their pity and compassion. Just like if you're in a financial crises. You don't go around and say Hey, everybody, can you help me you go here and

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there. It's just not dignified. And the complaint should be restricted to Allah subhanho wa Taala if you look at the entirety of the serum, it is truly I mean one of the things that is I find the most you know amazing, despite all the persecution that happened to the Prophet SAW Selim, he never once complaint. It is truly amazing. Never once did he complain. Why are you doing this to me? How dare you do this to me? Have you no shame. Look at what you never once did his tongue or a complaint to look against them look never for the sake of getting their pity never the entirety of the Sierra never. And this is the perfection of ima. Now

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is it impossible to complain without getting mcru No complaining can also be more by complaining can be permitted. When can it be permitted? Well, let me give you some examples from the Sierra or let me quote you know, Josie, love before we get there, even though Josie says our great scholars of the self, they would consider complaining to the creation as mcru Can you hear Kira Hoonah who ushered Delco they would hate it cut haha. He didn't say haram. You're not going to go to jahannam Allah is not going to punish you know, our scholars would hate it, they would consider to be my crew. And I am says even though when you complain, you feel a sense of relief in complaining, you feel relieved,

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but it is an indication of your own weakness and it shows your own Zulu. You have to lower yourself and it shows your own barf. And it is an indication that you don't have is that enough see your dignity. It is indication you don't have dignity. So that's why our scholars of the past did not like complaining now. When is complaining

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Okay, permitted, we learned from the Sierra at times the Prophet system said statements that might be interpreted as complaints, but they're not the complaints that are mcru. For example, He wants that to show the Allahu anha that I still find the pain of the meat that I ate or hybrid that was poisoned. You know, you remember the story of labor that you who do try to assassinate, you know, she put some poison in the meat and the process and took one bite, and Gibreel came and said, spit it out. And so he spit it out. And so, he was saved from that, but that bite caused him, you know, stomach pains and whatnot. And a year later, before his passing SallAllahu Sallam he said to Aisha

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Radi Allahu anha, I still find the pain of that poison, you know, in me. And we also find, for example, that I showed the Allah who are almost ceremonial, the Allahu anhu, that in the incident of Arabia, when the Prophet sysm commanded the Sahaba to shave their hair, and they didn't do anything. He went back. And he said to Mr. lemma that I told you know them to do this and they didn't do this. This is it can be interpreted as a type of complaint. It's some can say, Isn't this a complaint like a bad day, something happens, you're going to complain. And the few days before he passed away, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he entered in an eyeshadow, the Allahu Allah had a headache, and Aisha

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was holding her head. And she was saying, wow, wow, this is the Arabic facade of saying, Oh, my head, Oh, my head, you say wow. Oh, my head. And the Prophet system smiled, held on to his head. And he said, No, no, oh Aisha, not you rather juara sound rather all my head? So one can say is this a complaint? But if you look at all of these three, youfor and others, I just give you examples of these three, there's many more you can find. All of these three are not under the category of mcru. They're under the category of MOBA. Why? Because look at it. In the first instance, when the Prophet sallahu wa Salam is talking about the poison of clay, but this is a statement of fact, he's not

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eliciting artificial sympathy of the Allah Juana. He's not wanting any pity. He's simply saying something that is factually true. And the equivalent would be, for example, if you go to the doctor, and the doctor says, Is it hurting? Where's it hurting? Here? You don't apply? The principle complaining is mcru No, no, doctor, everything is fine. No, you have to tell the doctor where it's hurting you, right? You're not getting pity from the doctor. You're explaining you are telling you are informing. Here, the principle doesn't apply. There is no complaining, right? It becomes MOBA. You're you're in fact, maybe maybe if it was that, you should tell the doctor. The mcru Complaining

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is when the complaining is meant for spiritual begging. This is when it's mcru. When you want pity from the Mahalo, it becomes more cruel, but to say something that is a little bit negative. And there's no you don't want the pity. There is no cut off. It is completely mobile. And this is what the process is doing in this for example, the next example of Omar Salam,

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this is not a complaint, this is getting advice. What do you think I should do? And almost tell them I gave him advice. Yeah, rasool Allah, why don't you do such and such you shave your own head, they're gonna follow. So he's coming to her like, we might go, you know, had a bad day, my boss did this. And the reason is, let me air out what happened. Maybe you can tell me maybe you can help me and see another perspective. Maybe you can tell me something I can do here. One second. The NEA is not spiritual compassion, or pity the NEA is what do you think I should do? And that's what almost set him up. She responded and asked for the incident of Aisha while razza. This is a classic example

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of the process and I'm cheering her up, because she didn't know he was about to pass away. So Sam, she didn't know that he's in the pangs of death, right? And she had a headache. And so the process is making her life cheering her up. You're not the one in pain. I'm the one in pain, your pain. There's nothing I'm the one. In fact, I shouldn't be saying why razza it's not meant for pity it's meant for tearing her up. Point is if you go over the entire Sierra, any example you find. It's actually an example that is not eliciting pity not eliciting the type of spiritual compassion. No, it's just one of the categories that I have mentioned. Now the question arises, though, and here's

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the delicate issue.

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What do we do when we want that pity and compassion? Because in the end of the day, and I'm going to be very clear here. Indeed the process is the perfect role model. But me and you cannot get to that level of perfection. That is 100% Perfect. We if we

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We get to 80 7060 We're very close, right? So again, I reiterate because I want to be very precise in my wordings. At some level, it is impossible for us average folks to not vent to those whom we love. It's and in fact, the beauty in this incident of eyeshadow, the Allahu anha, we kind of get this, she's, Oh, my head, oh my head, it helps when the loved ones come, right. But the prophet system did not begin this. So you can be an eyeshadow, the Allahu anha. And it's human nature. I hope you understand what I'm saying here that don't let the shade thorns was was to get to that if you do complain, you're not an evil person, you're not a bad person. But factually speaking,

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minimize, and without a doubt, being a little bit more open to your closest family is different than going in the public. Right? Without a doubt. You know, being a little bit lacks with your spouse, with your children with your loved ones. That's not the same as doing it in public. So point of today's hot era is to monitor the whole point of complaining and to realize that Yeah, at some level, it's human nature to share one's burden. It's human nature to you know, get some relief, but try your best to minimize and try your best to control for example, Musa Allah has set up when he's traveling with you sharp, you know, he's tired. What does he say? What Musa says.

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Musa says,

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Musa says

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lucha de la Karina Misurina ha na Saba, this journey has made us really tired.

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It's human nature. But there is no begging for pity because you shot is just as tired as him. You share is just as tired. He's walking the same walk, right? So when you verbalize something that is painful, and everybody is in the same pain, it helps. It's therapeutic, isn't it? Right? So Musa says I'm tired. We're all tired. This is not something wrong. It's human nature. But again, when you open this door to start begging for pity, then you are getting into mcru. So to conclude and summarize brothers and sisters, at some level, it is humanly impossible to maintain complete radio silence. And if it happens, then it is what it is. But we must actively attempt to control and

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minimize especially as the circle grows larger, our tongue should grow more silent, especially when you get to acquaintances and strangers. Then the more silent you should be, and even amongst family and friends. The more you control, the better the sign of Eman and Taqwa To conclude, what are some of the benefits of not complaining? First benefits when you don't complain? You are demonstrating your heart is attached to the holiday and not the flu. Because the flu cannot benefit you. Their pity will not solve your problems understand this point. Their pity is sadaqa that is useless. It will make you feel good but your problem will not go away. So why would you go to the mahalo who

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cannot solve your problem and go to the hudec that's why Jakob says I'm not complaining to you don't even think I'm complaining to you. I'm complaining to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that's the perfection of iman. So number one, your heart will be attached to Allah and not to the creation number two in doing so you will learn patience for sovereign Jamil a part of sovereign Jamil our scholars say is to not complain for sovereign Jamil not complaint and you will learn to master the art of sovereign Jamil when you don't complain. Number three, when you don't complain, you maintain your dignity. You maintain your dignity because when you start complaining, what happens you lose

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your dignity. People don't the self respect is gone. And number four, as we said, the one who constantly complains people turn away from Him. People don't like him. You will lose your friends and acquaintances you become the negative person the negative energy you become the person nobody wants to be around because you haven't demonstrated positive Eman and the final point when you don't complain. You are walking in the footsteps of the greatest of all people that is the prophets of Allah. So the more you control your tongue, the more you minimize your complaints. The closer you are to the perfection of Eman so we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala grants us all the tofield and

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the sub to be able to grant us to control our tongues We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to minimize our complaints to the monarch and to maximize our complaints to him. We ask Allah to bless us and to make our affairs easy and to grant us Alfia was Allah Allah who was sending him about a Carpe Diem Mohamed Anwar, they will save big money

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what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside the party was on me now was all in

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now Lena

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