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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a person who subscribed to a website and died after a subscription for five years. The person died after a sudden death and was contacted by friends and family. The speaker advises individuals to be careful with their email lists and not to embarrass themselves and their partner.
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Santa Monica gonna have to live on a character level hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Habad. An email from the grave is a story about a person who subscribed to one of these x x x websites, we all know what those are. And what he did is he did a subscription for five years. Right about that, you know, he would download those pictures every week, they would send them, you know, lots of stuff for his email, and on his on his phone, he would show them around to his friends and say, Hey, check this out. These are great pictures, while look at this, look at this girl, XYZ and you know how the conversation goes with this type of people. Eventually, what happens is six months

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down the road, the person has a sudden car accident, and he dies.

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So his friends, and they all get together and they go and bury him off. And the person who's telling the story says her I was one week after his death. And I'm sitting there, and I get an email from this person.

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And I'm like, You know what, this could be an email that I haven't checked. So he deletes it. One week later, he gets another email. And this email is again, from the same person with all the same bad pictures, he finds out that this person he had set the stuff for auto response or auto forward. So any email that would come down would be automatically forwarded to his email list. This person he contacts these web this way the website and tells them, please stop sending these emails, the person is dead.

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Sorry, we cannot stop this auto forward for the next five years, as this gentleman has given us the subscription for the next five years. So this video is for those people who have humongous email lists. And if you ever plan to do an auto forward, please be very, very careful of what you're forwarding. Because you set it to an auto forward and you die. And whatever you were sending was evil, you will get the same for it.

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Even after your death until that stops. So be very, very careful. Next time when you do an auto forward. When you do any of these automated online services. Make sure the content you're sending is clean and benefiting people not affecting your Acura a Santa Monica Muhammad Allah wa barakato

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yeah, don't worry about it. You know what? I'll do the stuff that you're telling me to do? Okay, just just Yeah.

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Okay, it's fine. That's fine. Okay. I'll do it. Okay. Okay, I'm growing. I'm 21 years old.

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Okay. And please don't call me when I'm with my friends. Okay. Don't embarrass me and calling me okay.