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The speakers discuss the evolution of technology and social media, including the use of technology for social media and the trend of deception and identity. They emphasize the importance of proper information and transparency for users and stress the importance of minimizing false rumors and notifying users of false information. The speakers also touch on the benefits of social media, including helping people express their views and educating others on their views. They emphasize the importance of finding a balance between essential things and social media activities, avoiding harming one's views, and finding a way to avoid negative impacts.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he Allah hilmi bada

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Allah if we bother Cody was Salatu was salam wa Salem via even more serene, Allah Li wasabi, wasa la Mata Sleeman, Kathy and Kathy Rob, Amato favela Humana. shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Latina Amanullah. Yes. hora comin comin Asa, Asa kuno Hiram Minh home. Well Anissa min Lisa inasa akuna hiera minimoon volatile Mizzou enforcer comme la basura Villa loco sakala hula Zim

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respected elders and brothers.

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In our last two talks, we have been speaking about technology, we have been speaking about change. And in particular, we have been speaking about the etiquettes of social media. We started off by saying that technology and change is a constant evolving thing. And Sharia has not and we look at our beloved Nivea cream sauce. They embrace change, taking the good preventing and staying away from the evil. We give examples in the life of our beloved nebia cream sauce alum nebia cream sauce from embrace the digging of a trench now via Kareem Salah while he was Salaam sent people to learn the latest about warfare at that time, in a city culture of and it is because of technology that the

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world has moved from the stone to the Atomic Age, from candles to planes and from candles to bulbs. The situation is we have to take what is new, what is all the progress take the good and stay away from the evil. Then, in our last two stock we made mention of few points. I will try to enumerate first we spoke about the intention of being on social media. Because part of this new technology is social media, new phones, smartphones, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, someone told me about something that I never heard of Snapchat. So Allah Allah, Allah knows what else what else is gonna come? And he says Snapchat is something that the youth are now getting involved in. I will tell you the reason

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with regard to that. Now, in that we saw so few things. Firstly, we spoke about intention. Why are you on social media? Why are you keep your intention clear? and intention, we constantly have to examine and re examine our intention. Are we there for the entertainment? Are we there for wrong purposes? Are we there for gossiping? Are we there for communication? Which is right? Are we there to spread? Good news? Are we there to spread good things. The second thing is, we made mentioned deception and identity. Many times in social media people deceive people. And I made mention of it, I gave an example. You show on your Facebook page, you got a Ferrari. And then when a woman gets

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involved with you, you come with a data. That's a problem. The second thing deception in identity. The third thing is the temptation. The third thing is the temptation that in this day is a great amount of openness to temptation that never ever existed. Young people who don't have discipline who don't have for example, maturity, to be able to discern what is right and wrong all of a sudden, have in front of them. In front of them they have access to the most immoral and wrong things which are pleasing to the knifes how do we how do we how do we discipline that knifes to be able to stay away from those things which are so easily accessible, yet it is so destructive, and so harmful? The

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fourth thing we made mentioned was last year last week, the trend of publishing tragedies and people's accidents a person is in an accident instead of helping you starting taking photos with regard to the accident with regard to the car with regard to how is injured and you posting it to other people not realizing that that is hurtful. And I gave an example last week, I still know have a parent who still feels bitterness to the community. When his daughter passed away in a tragic accident. People were sending pictures of that car throughout the social media, which give an impression as if this was done in a haphazard or she had died because of reckless driving. We have

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to be careful with regard to this. Right. So these are some of the aspects that we have said. Then of course be careful of your postings, especially with regard to Quran and Hadith. Remember, I made mention of his last point last week

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Via Karim sauce limited Mancha de la Mohammedan familia de Beauvoir Mercado Lumina, he will falsely attribute something to me he must prepare his abode in the fire of Jana. So it doesn't only mean that you say something false about NaVi sauce limb with your tongue. If you post something, saying this is the hadith of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, and we saw slim didn't say it, then the same warning applies to you. The same punishment applies to you. In fact, I would say even to a greater degree. So this were the five things that we have mentioned thus far, the six thing and trying to enumerate it so we can remember verifying of news. This is a basic etiquette before pressing the

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push or the sin button. And uttering the Holy Quran says, Yeah, Johann levina Manu inja confers upon Minerva, for who and to Cebu coma mitja Allah fotospeed who Allah for Allah to know demean or believers If anyone comes to you with news, Fatah obiano first verified and to Cebu Coleman beija. hurtin that people you might send it, it will cause confusion, people will get into ignorance, people will follow that and people will end up being regretful because of the wrong information that you have sent for who verify your news before you send it out. How many times in this social media people have sent by

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business a paler copy to sell karakia sahelian. He was about to say in a year or

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two sorry, Guna sorry, cemetery up his email. All of that is going to be upon you is a hadith of nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam that as it was in a job interview a lot of narrates a person afterwards utters a word. Remember this Hadith, it applies to this more than anything else. A person utters a word, thinking nothing of the consequences of what he is saying. But sometimes the consequences are so terrible, that that word which he appears, which he thinks nothing about takes him to Jannah

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you can sometimes just with one push of the button, you can go in, you can go and Sully the character of a person. You can go and speak bad and make backbiting about a person and go and spread false rumors with regard to him. What who's who's similar, you might just record it to it. I'm sharing this with everyone Nietzsche's IE. So let me send it forward, I will be the first one to send it to other people, you can be responsible in such a way that it can take you to janome you know, there are so many situations. Some years are two, one or two years back, there was a picture that came on all Facebook and all of these things about a person who it was said that he had because

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of certain Guna that he had committed Walla Walla, he has become like an animal, his face, it assumed the form of an animal. And he was in a hospital in a hospital in India. All false, but that when so widespread and so viral, people broke the gates of that hospital to see where it is you are lying. They told us you are lying by Queenie. There's nothing like this. But because it went viral on social media. Everyone is going. I'll give you an example. It happened actually this morning to me also, this whole particular aspect. The Quran is going to be burned a Saturday in Copenhagen.

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I have seen this particular message for the past three years, which Saturday

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this Saturday the Quran is gonna be burned in Denmark, go and protest against the Denmark embassy for three years I've seen whenever someone sent me this I say which setting are you talking about? For the past three years I've seen this message. So I'm just giving an example. There are many examples with regard to it. Verify before you broadcast. It is a basic essential Islamic requirement in etiquette. Another thing is, base always have moderation. Allah Allah has given great amount of emphasis upon time. Time is not something that you and I are supposed to waste. While it is a means of communication. It is a good thing you can communicate there are many benefits I will make

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mention. At the end of the day you can be so glued to it that it takes you away from important aspects. But to live in a must. It allowed me to say I don't regret anything in a day except a day in which I have not come closer to manleigh which I have not gotten good deeds as embassy Rahmatullah as you say, Sahaba were more possessive of time than what they were possessive of money Sahaba work ticker, Massey, zyada Tata, multi generate Nikita, Nikita,

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kurta and we are going to be glued on this all the time. When are we going to get the time to do good deeds, you know, even if Josie Rahmatullah Lee, he said, I wrote my first

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book at the age when I was 13, his grandson says, One day I hurt my grandfather towards the end portion of his life, saying from the member of the masjid, that with this hands, I have written 200 volumes of books. For this hand, I've only missed 200 or 2000. With his hand, I have written so many books, if we're not going to use our time correctly, how are we going to come closer towards Almighty Allah? How are we going to do things that are productive. So this is also the seven thing, just bear in mind the right type of balance between doing things which are good, and being constantly good glued on it, which takes you away from productivity. The eighth thing is many times

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there is many disagreements in these groups, Whatsapp groups, this group, they can be many, many disagreements. And even in there doesn't mean you are behind a phone, where personally when you meet someone so stupid, but careful, doesn't say anything which is harmful. I mustn't say something which is hurtful, because I will feel ashamed in front of someone, a phone, phone may kirkendall better where you can go and say whatever you want. There the ethics of agreement and disagreements in mind. Very important. And I'll just give an example of this. You know, Mr. Muhammad, Muhammad Ali was of the view that when blood comes out who's who breaks when blood comes out? Who's who breaks? Mr.

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Malik Rahim. Allah is of the view that when blood comes out, the wazoo doesn't break. This is the views difference between Allah. One day someone came and asked him a mathematically humble o Imam. Would you read namaz behind someone whom you know that blood has come out and he is still performing solid? blood has come out and he is still performing Surat urine perform goes Oh, you know what Mr. Muhammad Muhammad said? He his view was that blood the coming out of blood breaks Wazoo. He said, Are you telling me I can read namaz behind Mr. Malik. Are you telling me I can read namaz behind him a medic. What a great scholar, I have a different opinion. But that doesn't mean that I will I will

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disagree. I will publicly abuse his position and his viewpoint. So there has to be a ticket. There has to be a way with regard to managing our differences in all aspects of life, even in social life, then, this bear in mind that it is no substitute for certain essential things. This is no substitute for certain. You can substitute Salah zeker tilawat for these type of being engaged in these things, even if there are benefits in it. Even if we can send out Hadith, you can send out Quranic ideas, you can inform people about the right view about an opinion about good things, and about the Sharia. But it doesn't substitute the time that you need to go and perform Salat. It doesn't substitute the

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time that you need to be able to go and read Quran and come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. In previous years, when people had half an hour before my trip, many times people say let's go to the masjid we'll read Quran. Today we say let us catch up with the latest input. So I'm not saying you mustn't do it, but just find the right balance. Surely there these things will never be able to substitute certain essential things to be able to go and visit a person who is sick. Do you know the reward with regard to 70,000 Malaika. Make dua for you. And that is I think in the beginning, I made mention of one, one steps in today's time this test shows for every 208 messages,

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one phone call is made. For every 208 messages, three, one phone call is made, what's going to happen to our interpersonal type of relationship in this regard. One important point

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that we have to keep in mind is what is known today as cyber bullying. And this is a new term that has coming because it is so widespread in social media. You know, really there are so many issues about this. I wanted I want to finish it up today because it's three Juma I'm speaking about it. I don't want to speak so much that the old people will say I will just look at this new modernized, only talking about modern things you don't want to talk about the essential things. So I want to conclude it today. But in reality, there are so many 50 issues, there are so many issues that have come up with regard to it. These are realities previously, after Nika. Used to be Nirmala. I used to

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say by Nicole gay, read Baraka, Lola kawakawa. Gemma Vina Kumar, nowadays what the Mawlana says, By you have become made nikka go update your status on Facebook. Now let's what happened into this thing, the first thing they do after they get married, before they even meet with one another updating the status. We are married now. So Allah the one aspect is cyber bullying. Now what is cyber bullying? It takes various forms, some minor, some major, something that parents have to keep abreast if the children are on site.

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I on social media

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and that is sending mean and vulgar messages to someone.

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Or it could also mean blackmailing someone could also mean posting sensitive, private information about someone on the public domain. Right. Now, this is very, very serious, young people don't realize the consequence of it, sometimes innocence amongst a friend, they put a picture of this which is compromising, not realizing that that picture can be picked up by anyone and not everyone who is in social media honorable, they can take that picture, they could actually blackmail that young person to do things which they want for the pleasure and because that young person has placed it in innocence or with friends, and because it finds itself in a compromising situation, it is

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blackmailed. And when it is blackmail, he doesn't know how to come out to the blackmail. So bear this in mind, tell our children not to post things that people can use against them. And then another thing is, you see, you can that is one one extreme example, but just using the public domain, to publicly dishonor someone to disgrace someone. Is this the right way? Look at Allah says in the Holy Quran, he will levena Amanullah Yes. hora comin, comin Assa yaku Hiram minimum, do not turn and the word Supriya means publicly humiliating someone. Now that is a chronic if it is a chronic injunction. Do not publicly humiliate someone because you have access to a group or to email

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or to WhatsApp or something which can go to 1000s if not hundreds of 1000s of people. You can publicly humiliate someone, but bear in mind, low kabara Mozilla Firefox Nana ito harami cha cha cha cha a phone case. So he said Rama so Allah has made mentioned that public humiliation layers are common. Voila, tell me so don't look for faults in other people do not call people offensive nicknames. All these are Quranic injunctions Quranic etiquette, which applies to the social media as much as it applies to our day to day life. Now after making mention with regard to this

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another aspect I will make mention this 11th point that personal grievances and frustrations must not be aired in the public domain. Don't go and wash your dirty linen in public. You hear a squabble with your wife, the wife had a squabble with her husband, she's putting it on Twitter.

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She's putting it in the public domain and it's not I'm not speaking about things that don't happen. I mean, anyone who is in the social media field will not only know what I'm saying they will see it in all of us that aren't on your on the status will find people status, my husband is a rotter. My wife is a immoral human Eliyahu Bella Is this the place to input those type of things. Allah tala has made mentioned that conceal the force of people here, even because all of a sudden you've got access to these type of things. And not only access you know, you just in a bad mood, we just go and put things in a public domain. Now, all of this which we have made mentioned, it tells us about the

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negative aspects of social media, the negative aspects with regard to it, but yet at the same time, just bear in mind, many people will say, Well, if these things are negative, why are we going into it? The fact of the matter people are going into it, we make mention of these considerations that people can stay away from the negative aspects. We make mention that these are the negative things in them, utilize it in a good manner, in communicating in spreading good things in spirit Quranic is a hadith and doing it according to what the Quran and Hadith have allowed us to do. But don't go beyond that. Especially in those things which can be negative. Many times people say that people

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push you oppose things that are bad.

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So it is not the medium that is bad. It is people's thoughts that are bad. What is on Facebook, what is on Twitter, what is on on us Instagram is symptomatic of the minds and thoughts of people. So that is not bad. It is a mind and thoughts of people that are bad. You have to you have to agree with it and you have to confront it. So if people are posting bad things, the medium is there to post good also if people are pursuing and posting bad, it is symptomatic of the thoughts of people. It is symptomatic of the inclination of people. It is symptomatic of the amount of people. It is symptomatic of what people are doing in front

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Taking your law, if there is a situation, that people are posting these things, it tells you about the thoughts and minds and inclination and actions of people. So the medium doesn't necessarily become bad. But yes, the medium in a way facilitates that. But the medium itself is not bad. And then of course, together with all the negatives, and then we conclude with us, let us not forget, there are many, many things that are beneficial. Yeah, there are many things that are beneficial. And, and not only beneficial, let me put it in this way. Social media, axial mud mud on

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social media is a wide open space.

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It depends what you use in that space. It's a wide open space, it depends what you use in that open space. Remember another thing that in that open space, there are people who are utilizing it for so battle groups, other faith groups are putting wrong messages, right, you go and do a Google search on any controversial item, that people have spoken about Islam, Islam and woman, you will find so many articles which are written against and distorting the Islamic view. Now, if it's an open space, if you are not utilizing the space, don't expect other people not to utilize it, they are going to use it. So, either you become, you know, when you are in an arena, where there are people of

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different thoughts, different faith groups, they are going to put forward what they feel and you have to be in a maidin you have to be in the same space to answer what they are doing, you have to be in the same space to answer what they are doing. If you are not answering on that same space, you have lost the space, you have lost the opportunity, you have lost the war. And this is one of the new wars, if we are not going to occupy that space, wrong, people are going to occupy the space, our youngsters are in that space. That space is an open space. If people are using it for wrong, if we are not going to use it rightly, we are not going to put correct messages there. Our youngsters are

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in that space. And if we do not use it correctly, then our youngsters will go up and utilizing and taking ideas. That's basically any any youngster no matter which background he comes from, no matter which background he comes from. If he has a school assignment, even about a religious issue, the first thing he will do, he will go to Google, the first thing previously used to go to an alum, now he doesn't go to an alum, he goes to a shared Google only if he's not happy or is doubtful. If the parents a little bit tender, they will see what is in Google and then they will ask an alum, he says it doesn't seem right. So we are not going to occupy the space then really we are looking for travel

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together with that, amongst other benefits, we have to embrace this, it gives you it augments your personal organization organization. through it you can you can organize your entire life. It gives you access to massive libraries and massive information on any topic. It It is people who have access to internet have been found to do better academically in certain fields. It can allow a rapid and effective organization of people to do good. So there is a crime prevention unit. Or there is a group of a Masjid. This program is taking place through one message you get how fight goes. It can allow rapid and effective organization of people for good causes. It gives people identity in

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various other places in which people don't have identity. People don't have access to good things or to Quran and Hadith. If you have good effective messages, people who only have access to social media, they can access that in the right way. So Allah Allah has kept many good things, they are the negative things which I have tried to outline in the last two three weeks. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala give us this whole aspect of finding the right balance even when first the Quran spoke about Homer, who will feed him a spoon kabiru woman a fueling nurse and Athena says there is some benefit there is more harm, stay away from the hump. Now all I'm saying I'm not saying there is this

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particular aspect was completely haram it was made completely around. But in anything in which there is benefit in harm. It is our duty to stay away from the harm and to access the benefit. And this will also be one of those, obviously industry which we have tried to identify some of the negatives. Neolithic era tofi of understanding this important point which is a reality in our day to day life. May Allah Allah make it easy for our youngsters brothers. We can cook the size with regard to our youngsters as much as we want but the reality of the situation

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is they are faced with situations that we never ever had temptation that are available to them whenever available to us. They are situation. I was talking about the Snapchat, and as a person, why would a person be on Snapchat instead of Facebook and Instagram? You know what an answer he gave me. He say Facebook and Instagram can be monitored by parents. Snapchat is something that parents can monitor. That's why youngsters are going into Snapchat. So all of these things requires a lot of a lot of to unlock with our children, speaking about the bed, speaking about the negative, bringing taluk and relationship with them so that they can stay away from the harms, which are there together

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with a benefit and that'll make it easier.