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As salam o alaikum, everyone in sha Allah Allah Allah will wait for a couple of seconds and then we will keep going inshallah with our program recite and incite those who are already online and following us kindly share our video. This video is being shared or broadcasts on three Facebook pages, my page here where Ebrahim and also connect Institute and live Dean so hopefully inshallah Tada we can start in the next couple of minutes so Alaikum salaam are hula here brachetto Yes mean but where are you watching from?

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Which is ACMA, Hiram for coming. Those who are online just bear with us few seconds inshallah. Then we will start with the new area that we will recite together today in sha Allah and offers some reflections. If you can hear me well can you confirm if the sound is clear?

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If the sound is clear, kindly confirm.

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We are also live on YouTube channel titled break the cycle. So those who wish to subscribe to it in sha Allah, there are a lot of videos there on addiction and how to break free from behavioral addiction. You can benefit a lot from that insha Allah Allah has been from Kashmir mashallah to work Allah, those who are watching if you can just send us few salams and tell us where you're watching from. We will start in the next few seconds in the lifestyle

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This is Zach from LA Hi, Ron.

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Welcome celebrar the libre Catster Ambreen how are you? Glad to see you Mashallah. Tabata kala we have d walaikum salam or Allah sound is clear Hemlock Lake great mashallah automatic Allah so those who are ready to open the Quran with me in sha Allah. I am also ready Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim let's recite in sha Allah. Today we are reciting from Surah Zomer chapter number 39 verses number 49 to 54.

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So I typed them in the title perhaps you can see them. So Surah Zomer chapter number 39 verses 49 to 54 in sha Allah this is our portion that we will discuss today in sha Allah, masha Allah we have no hand from the mwanga I miss them Bongo Allah and its people. Ramadan Mubarak to you brother isa Bautista glad to see your Salah Cameroonian people. Filipinos are always number one support as much automatic Allah Wa Alaikum salam perithecia Masha Allah Tabarrok Allah we have jamaludin from them Wonga to gig Allahu Akbar

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beautiful beautiful Masha Allah Pakistan are for second second most you know highly supporting people from Pakistan mashallah theoretical so no one gets angry. Alright, let's let's start with the light Allah. Yes, yesterday there was some technical issues I don't know the video disappear in Allah who are in a line on your own. I hope that if you were there and benefited, then it hamdulillah otherwise, I am thinking Allahu Akbar. Glad to see you all may Allah bless you and make this Ramadan the best and the most beneficial in sha Allah so Let us recite in the lighter Bismillah

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How do we learn he Nina shaitan your Roddy fair either my cell senador womb Donna thought I'm either how Wallner who now I met him in cada in Nana o de tu WADA I've been here fitna to Kin axon whom lie on the moon called the cada levena Corbelli him Mima now on whom can we act Cebu Moon for us all them whom say to Makassar boo Sabu well levena wallum in her

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in sales to you boom say to cancer boo wanna be more on using our lamea Allah mo na ma Hayabusa to Reza Paulina me Russia wire up order in Effie daddy Gala. Comey you may know

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All cool yeah buddy Larry Nasser of wall foresee him left hand corner to me rock metal

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in Nam la Hiang fear of zone Obed me in now who unlawful Rahim or any boo Isla de como esta la Mola, whom is really to como la Bootham Allah to sorrow Allahu Akbar i just recited, as I mentioned earlier Surah Zomer

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chapter number 39 Sorry,

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chapter number 39, verses 49 to 54, where Allah subhana wa Taala is reminding us that sometimes Allah will test us with adversity, sometimes Allah subhanaw taala will test us with trials. And at that, at that particular moment, when we experienced the trials and the difficulties, we call upon Allah in sincerity, like never before, imagine, when you have, have you been sick before and when you when you have fallen sick, you thought that you are closer to Allah than ever before, because you needed him the most. So, you start calling upon Allah subhanaw taala during this difficulty, and when Allah subhanaw taala deliver you out of this difficulty Subhanallah you said that I have done

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that, because I have more knowledge, you start acting arrogantly, subhanAllah and all the so that means what that means that there are some people pray to Allah only when they need him. Only when they are in desperate need for Allah subhanaw taala to deliver them out of the difficulties and agonies and so on. Then the call upon Him then the increase the supplications then the pray the Sunon and when they are comfortable, when Allah subhanaw taala give give them ease, then they go back to their bad habits and they do what they used to do in the past as if they have never experienced difficulties. I remember my father used to say something nice I wanted to share with you

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he used to say some law Osama Leisha incana Like a no Salah Wallach now who sama the person who pray and fast for a particular purpose for a particular worldly matter. It is as if he has never fasted and he has never prayed because you're doing it just because you are in need of something need of material you know gain so Allah subhanaw taala can give you this whole world but on the day of judgment in that Allah he were in LA he Raja and be careful. You might pray when you are in desperate need which is fine. That's that's absolutely okay. But remember that we need to also pray when we are in terms of comfort and ease for the raw fissara You have the raw in times of goodness

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and time of ease. And also in times of difficulty this is the condition of the believers is to worship Allah subhanaw taala in all conditions the same way. Ramadan Tabata Mubarak to everyone in sha Allah Masha Allah Tabata kala

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so don't don't, don't ever pray to Allah on on a particular occasion and then forget about him the rest of the year or the rest of the day or the rest of the day or the rest of the time. In that case, you may fall into react when it has to be not showing off. You pray to Allah because you want him to deliver your wants. Once he delivered you out of out of your comfort out of your difficulty you start doing haram or you start acting in a manner that displeases Him. This could be a category of React or showing off a category of React or showing off for the biller. Because what is reality? Yeah, it's to worship Allah subhanaw taala, to be seen by men to be praised by men. Now you're

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worshiping Allah only because you want him to deliver you and after that, thank you as if he never existed. This is something very, very tricky you need to

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be careful of and Subhan Allah, Allah is telling us that there are some people who will act so arrogantly that after they have been delivered from their difficulty, they will think that they have done it because they are so clever. We have too much knowledge. You know, I have done it not because I pray to Allah subhanaw taala but rather because I have studied a lot and that's why I succeeded. That's why I secured all these marks not because I prayed, but because I studied hard, you see, so the attributed success to themselves rather than the doer the DUA Be careful. You may fall here into arrogance when I had the villa, And subhanAllah the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam one day he

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said what Leia told Jana Leia told Jana Leia, Khalil

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under three times he said he will never enter Jannah he will never enter gin, he will never enter Jannah three times the people said Who is the person who will never enter generous Wallah? They say the person whose heart has got an atom weight of a mustard seed of air with a generous Wallah. They say the person whose heart has gotten atom weight of a mustard seed of arrogance, hence you will never intergender such a minut things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Even this percentage of arrogance in your heart is capable will either be like escapable of sending you to hellfire or Hezbollah May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all I just wanted to confirm if you can see me clearly

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and if you can hear me clearly if you can just write down a confirmation that you can see me and you can hear me that will be great inshallah people on YouTube and people also on Facebook does that allow him

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to people also on Facebook does that allow him

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or that Allah Masha Allah inshallah this class is this idea you can see it by the law

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the Zakum law when so can you confirm if you can see me and hear me clearly in the law? I need to see a confirmation please just I can law Hiren some people do have some and hear me clearly in the law. I need to see a confirmation please just like in law Hi Ron. Some people do have some issues in the connection I just want to make sure that you're with me in the law

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can you confirm challah brothers and sisters online? Can you confirm that you see me clearly and you can hear me clearly inshallah. Jack Ma Clara. Just want to get some confirmation on the comments and then we'll proceed

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All right, still I did not get any confirmation

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I will in sha Allah I will in sha Allah All right, so I got one confirmation so far. So I will proceed in the light Allah hopefully things are good with this broadcast. I hope it will not disappear like the one yesterday. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us be careful when you receive great news when Allah subhanaw taala take you out of your difficulties. Praise Allah subhanaw taala It is he who delivers you and no one else. Yes, Allah subhanaw taala perhaps brought some people around you to assist you. And again, this is because Allah had guided those people to help you out. So always attribute goodness and assistance to Allah subhanaw taala and not to yourself, or else you

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may fall into this category of arrogance Wilaya doula then Allah subhanaw taala also tell us that Be careful that this is sometimes is a fitna is a trials. The COVID-19 era that we are living in it is a trial it is a fitna, you know it is a fitna for what it is a fitna for us afterwards. Not today. Today we are hamdulillah at home. Today we are handled at home yes there are many many sins can be committed at home on either villa with the help of internet and devices be careful May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all and our children our loved ones, but at least we are at home with our family members we we can you know re ignite those different feelings that we didn't have before because

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we're always outside. But the challenge the challenge and the fitna and the trials the real one will be after we leave our homes after life becomes easy again. Will you go to the messages? Will you recite the Quran every day after Ramadan is the real fitna? You see the real trial the real test will come after Ramadan Will you do the same acts of worship they have started in Ramadan Are you forgetting them all together? All these are the challenge is to be careful Allah subhanaw taala will always test us because this is life. This is life Life is all about tests and trials may Allah subhanaw taala

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protect the soul. Sometimes they said sometimes the live keeps on breaking up May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy inshallah we'll keep going for now. Bismillah then came the most beautiful Aya in this segment. Kalia either the Alladhina Seraph, wala fusi Himmler Tortona to me Rama Attila in nulla Hiang federal don't obey Jamia in no one law for Rahim tell my servants Oh Mohamed Salah Salem

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Tell my servants those people who have transgressed against themselves who have committed sins day and nights who have wronged themselves and this obeyed me tell them not to despair from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala for ALLAH forgive all sins, indeed he is the most forgiving, most merciful, one of my non Muslim friends.

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One day he brought to me this idea, and he said, How come Allah said in one ayah he forgive all sins, but in another ayah he said, that he do not forgive shirk, in Allah Allah al Thoreau, and you shall carry us through Madonna delicately Masha, ALLAH does not forgive the sin of associating partners with him, but he forgive other than that, to whomever He is pleased with. So how come Allah said he forgive all sins, except shirk? Because shirk is not a sin. And this is the one of the insights that you should know down in sha Allah today. shirk is not a sin sure is a greater than that shirk is much more than sin. shirk is actually a transgression Allah called it in the Quran in

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a shirt callaloo, Navin should is a great form of injustice against Allah subhanaw taala. So it's not included in lube or sins. Yes, so this is now clearer than sha Allah. But look at the beauty of the Lord that we are worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is addressing people who have transgressed all bounds who have crossed all boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala as limits and he's still addressing them. Yeah, Daddy, oh, my servants. He didn't tell them all sinners. He didn't call them with any insult of terms. You call them all my servants, all my slaves, addressing them in the most mild, respectful term, to indicate what to indicate there is a punish of punishing punishing God no, he's

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compassionate, that he's loving that he's most kind. Allah subhana wa Taala telling us that whatever you've done in the past, if you return because the next I said what was an evil in Allah, what a slim Allah and repent, return to Allah subhanaw taala so your forgiveness of sins, forgiveness of sins,

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depends on your repentance. So repentance is essential for your sins to be forgiven. Remember, this was a slew and submission to Allah subhanaw taala to fulfill what Allah subhanaw taala had revealed in the Quran and through the prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem is also essential for your sins to be forgiven. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive our sins, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from major and minor sins I mean, our blind I mean, I will stop here my brothers and sisters, and if you have any questions in sha Allah to Allah, this is your time to ask your questions. Otherwise, we will end the live session Bismillah

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so some people wanted the surah meno and some people wanted to align Caboose Inshallah, I'll make reference for that with the law and consider it in the events to come to any law. Any questions inshallah I'll make reference for that with the law and consider it in the events to come to any law. Any questions in sha Allah

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is there any question in sha Allah

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seems like cross posting delays the connection and makes the connection a bit slow. So I'm not sure what to do because we are cross posting on different different pages.

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We want the goodness to spread to as many people as possible. So I'm not sure what to do what else to do. We have a lot of technical support but seems like we always always having a problem. We will try again tomorrow in sha Allah to do something different with Nila. Are there any questions in sha Allah?

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All right, we'll end it here Zachman long hyaluron Subhanak Alomar Byham digna shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Nestor Pharaoh Kawana to Blue Lake Joseph la Hydra my brothers and sisters and a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh