Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 124C Tafsir Yusuf 39-45

Taimiyyah Zubair
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He says to them your Sahiba you said you need all my companions of prison Sahiba ye duel of saw him who saw his friend, a companion. He says all my two companions of prison. Now there are different reasons because of which we know people and because of which people become our friends. Like, for example, school, or work or class.

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What is it that's common over here between use of medicine and these two men?

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What is it, prison? And that's something that you don't really want to talk about? Because it's something that's not very positive. But these words, what would they show you how use of realism embraced his situation that we are in prison? We better accept it. We don't accept it. If we continue to deny it, what good is it going to bring to us?

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And look at how he calls them? His friends, his companions? Oh, my companions of prison. They called him a Morrison right. He was a Marcin, wasn't he? Look at the way he's talking to them. He called them my friends. And this teaches that another important thing, always make yourself relatable. When people are asking you when people are asking you for advice for an answer, whether it's children or other adults, whoever it may be, if they're asking you something, always make yourself approachable, relatable to the one who's asking you don't portray yourself as someone who's very big and Big Shot and don't act like a diva. Okay? Act like a normal person, so that people can talk to you.

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People can relate with you. Let people feel comfortable with you. So use the right SNM said yes or heavy usage, honey. Oh, my companions of prison? Are baboon are multiple gods or bad plural of Rob and who is robbed?

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Master God over here gives meaning of God are multiple gods would prefer the corner, ones that are different. Separate with the federal code from federal, off the federal to be separate. So different different gods are there better? I mean, Allah Who or Allah, and were hit the one alcohol, the prevailing alcohol from a have to be dominant? Do you have complete control? So alcohol, the one before whom everything is submissive? He asks them a simple, logical question. And he leaves them to think about it so they can use their mind. And what's the question that he asks them? Think about it yourself, what's better, having multiple gods or one God, having multiple gods have divided powers,

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or one God who has all the power with him? What's better?

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What's better. And this is very important that I will point anyone to whom you want to prove to heat to this is a very simple logic that you can give them a question. Very simple.

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Think about it. If there's food that is being prepared by five people, what's going to happen?

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What's going to happen? It's going to be ruined. Which is why if the food that has to be prepared is a large quantity, then there is always one head chef. Right? One head chef, not five head chefs. Why? Because one should have the final say,

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right? Have you ever worked on a project in which you've had to ask multiple people for their feedback?

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Any project? Like for example, you are rearranging the furniture in your room, and you have to take permission from your mom and from your dad and your sibling, and your cousin and your auntie and everybody in the world. So then what happens? Can you get your work done? No. Graphic designers know this really well. Because they're designing something and they have to send in what they've designed for approval. One person says, I don't like this and the other person is not I actually do like this, keep it, delete everything else, but keep this. One person says yes, it's ready for print. And another says, no, no, no, no, no, no, nowhere near printing. What does a graphic designer do

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ultimately, do this yourself. Thank you very much. Not working for you anymore. I'll go find some other project.

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Because when you are being governed by multiple people,

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then of course, all those people are going to think differently. They have different tastes, they have different way of thinking. They're gonna give different feedback. Who are you supposed to please? A or B or C or D? Who are you meant to please? And your life is going to become a mess.

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Also, if you're being taken care of by multiple people, even that is going to ruin you.

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It's like, you know, if a child was just fed by the mother breakfast,

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and the child goes to the grandmother, and the grandmother says, Oh, my dear grandchild came hungry, you look so tired, come, let me feed you some breakfast. And she gives him egg and the poor child doesn't want to eat. He's being forced fed. Or he's being, you know, encouraged to eat so that he can win something. What is the child supposed to do? When you've got too many people looking after you, taking care of you telling you what to do? What happens? Your life becomes a mess. So use of realism asks them a logical simple question, what's better? multiple gods, multiple beings managing your life, or one being a lower head, alcohol, the prevailing

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you know why people have difficulty believing in God even?

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Like, you know, there are so many people who don't believe in God. Why?

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What's the reason? Because generally the image that people have the understanding that people have of God is imperfect. It is not correct. They think that God only creates you and then leaves you

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or God only legislate meaning he gives you commands, he tells you what you're allowed to do what you're not allowed to do.

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But in Islam, in our religion, when we believe in thorough heed, it's a very complete understanding of God, His Oneness, his perfection, in every way, perfection in every way, that he is free farm and he's above any kind of deficiency. You have 99 Names of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, like how Christians majority of them their faith is that God is all about love. Right? But in Islam, what do we learn that Allah subhanaw taala he's Alpha dude, he's a rock man. He is our him. But at the same time, he's also shaadi.com shaadi.com. So it's a very complete understanding. And this is very logical, very logical, and this is the reason why many people when they come across atheists, they

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actually first congratulate them like Dr. Zakir Naik. He says that when I meet an atheist, I say to them, congratulations, because you said the first part of the kalam Allah Allah, there is no God. Now I have to convince you in sha Allah, Allah, Allah, but Allah and that you can do when you understand who God is, and who is God and Whitehead, Aloha, though one who control the sunset and the one who controls my life, one who controls my body and my food, everything. I was just thinking, he said, a very, very small sentence, but he made it so effective because he started started off with Yes, I have a such he connected to them. And then he said that he told them who Allah is He

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provoked their thinking, to he question that many provoke their thinking. And then he ended with two specific names of Allah, which would totally define them. And it was such a small sentence but it's so such a small but comprehensive and complete message. All right.

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So then what happened? Use of rice and he continued, he said matar buena, you do not worship min Dhoni besides Him meaning besides Allah Illa except a smell and names, some way to move her that you have named? Meaning the gods that you worship, what's the reality? They have no reality to them. They're just abstract ideas and thoughts that you have named. Other than that there's no reality. This is just like, there are so many fictional characters out there. Are they real?

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Are there real? No, they're purely fictional. And if you start believing that they're real, it can cause a lot of damage to you can really affect you. Like recently, you may have heard about those 12 year old girls who strongly believed in this fictional character Slenderman

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that you have to murder someone in order to know him or god knows what. So they actually plan for several months to kill one of their friends.

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These are 12 year old girls, they stabbed their friends. So over a dozen times, so many times and they could not kill her. And eventually, they just left her and a biker, you know, saw that girl and she was safe then these girls are actually being prosecuted as adults.

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12 year old girls they believe so firmly in a fictional character. What happens is when we surround ourselves with lies, and we think about them, we talk about them, we see them then we start believing

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Being in them.

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And we start living in that kind of world.

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This is how she began also. This is how she begins in the lives of people also, just a thought, just an idea. Talk about it, make up a story. tell others about it, write it down, make a picture. Now give some detail, no add some drama, and then people believe in it.

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If you go deeper into it, what's the reality? There's no reality? Who told you there is a God that is like an elephant or? Or that a cow is a God? Who did you? What's the evidence? What's the evidence? What proof do you have that God has a son? And if he really has a son, why did he stop at one one on more children? Why not? Does it make sense? Go deeper into the issue and you will realize that shank is always falsehood, it's based on false there is no reality to it. So you said listen, I'm says my thurgoona Min Duni in Ceman. Send me to Musa and Tim you haven't mentored them? Well, that will come and your forefathers Manziel. Allah will be him in Sivan. Allah has not revealed any

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authority for this. There is no proof for schicke in in hook, Mo Illa Allah, I'll hook in not a hook on the judgment inlet except Allah for Allah, meaning all judgment legislation. It is who's right. Allah's right exclusively, He alone has the power to legislate all governance is with him. He decides all the matters of this universe, all the matters of this universe. He's the one who decides them, whether it's about someone's life, someone's death, someone's provision, someone's sickness, someone's health, or what we're supposed to do what we're not supposed to do, all this legislation belongs to the Creator. And because all judgment is with him, think about what He has commanded.

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What has he commanded? Amara, he has ordered a letter boo Illa Yeah, that you do not worship anyone but him, then he Kadena will claim that is the right religion. A Yim of well meme by him that which is straight, correct, proper. That is the authentic religion, the correct religion because it has logical proofs. And it's also got textual evidence, what I can call a nasty liar ala mode, but most of the people they do not know.

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They do not have this knowledge, what knowledge of though Heath of the fact that only Allah deserves worship, and that Allah has ordered us that we worship Him alone.

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Because in order to believe in tohave, in order to worship Allah, what is necessary, first and foremost, knowledge, fire alone, and no La ilaha illa. Right, know that there is no God worthy of worship. But think about it. If you want to pray, can you pray without learning how to pray? Salah? What is the first step? What is the first step knowledge, but most of the people they do not know. So we see that you've already said I want to use during Darwin to them, finally at the end, then he criticizes Schick.

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At first he told them about himself. Then he explained to them what the overheat was. And then finally he criticized Schick. What do we do?

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If we want to do that, to anybody, if someone seems interested in Islam, then we believe that the first thing we have to prove to them is that Bible is not right.

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Or that these false gods whom you worship, they're not right. What's the correct way? What was the way of the prophets?

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What was the way of the prophets tell people about don't hate? If you teach them about Allah, you know, like when someone falls in love, then what happens? They forget about everything else. Right? And who do they remember? their beloved? So likewise, if you show to someone, the power of Allah subhanaw taala, if they begin to believe in Him, if they begin to love him, then everything will fall in place. We come across people who you know, eat haram, who are not praying salah? What's the root cause?

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What's the root cause?

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It's the weakness of faith. It's that distance from their Lord. So what is your responsibility, convince them about the power of Allah subhanaw taala amaze them

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so that they will want to believe in Allah. And when they will want to believe in Allah, they will willingly give up what they're holding on to what they're clinging to. You know, my daughter, two and a half years old. If she's got something and you want to take it from her,

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you're never going to win. But as soon as you see something that she wants lit

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Truly whatever is in her hands, you will drop it.

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She will drop it and she will come running without you even calling her. And this is human nature that when you see something more beautiful, more attractive, something that you want than whatever is with you. You can leave it easily. You can forget about it easily. But you've got to love you've got to love what you're heading towards. If you don't love it if you don't seek it, you don't want it then you're not going to give up what you have.

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So what happened then use of s&m He told them the interpretation. Very briefly, he did Dawa and then he told him the interpretation of their dreams. These ideas are heavy usage any Oh, my companions my two companions of the prison. Amma I had Okuma asked for one of you to

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Fire Spirit boo hombre so he will give to drink humble wine to do Roberto to his Rob. What does that mean? Remember that Rob also means master a Sayed master owner from the same root as Rob battle bait. Roberto bait is who the woman of the house was supposed to be looking after the house. So for example, your mom she does have groceries, and also quite possible that she manages the bills also. It's also possible that she looks after the main things around the house, children everything. So Robert will bait

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that doesn't mean that the husband doesn't have any authority. He also has authority because he's the CO one. Okay, so Rob over here means master use of is that I'm said that one of you.

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What your dream means is that you will give wine to your master.

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Who is this person?

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The first guy

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what was his dream that I saw myself pressing wine. I saw myself pressing fruits in order to extract wine from them. Alright, so user listen, I'm told him the interpretation, that you will give wine to your master. What Amala Hall and as for the other for use level, He will be crucified for adult Cullotta you will never see and birds will eat from his head.

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He will be assassinated, you will be crucified and left hanging to the point that birds will come and eat his head eat his dead body.

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The matter has been decreed and led the fee he testified the end. That what you both were inquiring about the stiff the * from fat. That yeah, fatwah. What is fat? Well, who doesn't know what fat wise? Everybody knows what fat wise? Okay, illegal verdict, right? So testuff the end, you were inquiring about this matter. And now this matter has been decreed.

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Meaning you asked for the interpretation of the dream. Now the dream has been interpreted. So now this will happen. One of you will be set free.

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And the other is going to be assassinated. He is going to be killed.

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What do we see here, two things I want you to notice. First of all, you Subrata Salam doesn't say the interpretation of your dream is this and you you're gonna die. You're gonna live and you're gonna die. He doesn't give the interpretation like that.

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He mentioned that in a way that is not hurtful. That is not scary. And at the same time, the message is clear. Each of them understood what his dream meant. And this is the way of giving bad news.

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Because sometimes we have to give bad news. It's very difficult for us. And we say, You know what, forget about it. They're gonna cry, they're gonna scream, they're gonna be upset. What do I care? I'm used to this by No, no, be sensitive to the feelings of other people.

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There's this comedian and is really famous line that he tells, like his audience about his father is that somebody's gonna get hurt real bad. And basically, his father uses that to tell him that like you've done something wrong and like, you're gonna get in trouble. Yeah, so somebody's gonna get hurt really bad. Oh, so what that means is you've done something wrong and you're gonna get in trouble. He's not saying you. He's saying somebody. It's not harsh. It's not hurtful, but at the same time, the message is clear. So, you support us and under the same way and we should also use the same way. Also one more thing we see that you said from s&m gave them the interpretation and he

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said, all the lumber, the matter has been decreed. What does this mean? This means that when a dream is interpreted,

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then what will have

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the exact same thing will happen meaning that interpretation will actually take place then, because in a Hardee's, we learn the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the dream is tied to a bird's leg. It's an example, that a bird is flying, right? It's up in the air.

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But as long as it's not interpreted, if it is interpreted, then it becomes a reality. Because once the bird will come and sit, then it's sitting, then it will happen. So be very careful about interpreting dreams, whether it's your own dreams or other people's dreams. If somebody tells you about their dream, don't say, I think you're gonna die. I think something terrible is gonna happen. No, no.

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Always, always comfort the other person. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for hate, seek Allah's protection from evil. And don't be hasty in talking. Don't be hasty in giving your opinion. Hold the umbrella defeated Sofia. What color and use of artisan I'm sad Linda Lee to the one who won the he thought and the WHO that indeed he imagined would go free men whom are from them to imagine from the letters known Jean well Najat. What does that mean in jet to be saved? So user is Salam. He said to the person who he thought was going to be saved, he was going to leave the prison. And who was this person?

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The first one whose dream was that he was pressing? Why. And the interpretation of that was that he was going to serve his master. Use of artisan himself to him would go to me mentioned me in that a bit before your master meeting, when you are set free. And you go back to your role, you go back to serving your master, then do mention me to your master and tell him that I have been put here unjustly with Cordonnier in the Arabic, would you do that?

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If you were in use of Islam, supposition would you do that? That if you were suffering, and you find out that someone through them, you could get help? Would you approach them for help? Would you at least make a hint of it? Yeah, like for example, if your head is hurting, and you really want somebody to massage your head, you might say, my head is hurting so bad. It's just never the same. If you press your own head, you know.

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He would at least hinted to the other person.

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You know, please massage in my head. Right? We do that all the time. Use of redness. And I'm also did that he said, Well Cordonnier in the robic, but what happened for unsere, who che upon with the call of B. But shaytaan made him forget to mention to his master, che lon made this man forget to mention use of radio salaam to his master. So as a result for lebih the facility so he remained in the prison, Bill Dawsey Nene for a few years builder builder is used for a number between three and nine. And according to others, five and nine, so a minimum of three years maximum of nine or minimum of five maximum of nine. So use of Edison stayed in the prison for up to nine years. Can you imagine

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being stuck somewhere and not knowing what's going to happen in the future when relief was going to come? So difficult. He stayed in the prison for this long. Now, what is this show to us that sometimes you're in a problem in some distress and

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something happens and because of that you feel, okay, it's all going to be over now. It's all going to be over now.

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But then what happens?

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What happens? It's not over. The trial is prolonged.

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It is prolonged by for example, the person is drowning in the water, he swimming, swimming, swimming, striving to stay afloat, and then what happens? He finds a piece of wood or something and then he clings on to it. And then after some time, that breaks, and then what happens he's swimming, swimming, swimming, trying to stay afloat, reaches the shore. As soon as he gets there, he misses it reaches a board. As soon as he gets there, he misses it, he loses that opportunity. So should we despair that time? Give up? Whatever it's not happening. No. Remember, in truth, what did we learn that there are some people who give up hope very quickly. They become your goose. They despair of

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Allah's Mercy, the despair of relief from Allah, and there are others who stay hopeful. So stay hopeful be hopeful.

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Another meaning of this idea is that for Ansel was Shavon Shavon made him forget who's the him over here. Use of Ernie Sinha shape on made you

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SEBRAE set and forget, they got to remember his Lord, and depend only on him and expect only from him.

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So as a consequence of this, he remained in the prison for a couple of years.

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Then instead of asking Allah alone, and depending on him exclusively,

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use of rice Anna thought that perhaps this man, his master, perhaps through that way, I will get relief. He thought relief could come by way of this opportunity by way of this means. Now you might wonder that what's wrong with that? It's perfectly normal, that if you're in some distress, and there is someone who comes before you, and you think that they can help you, what's the harm in asking them, there's no harm in asking them. But remember that hasenhuttl abroad, so he Atomo carabin. The good deeds of righteous are like the sins of those who are even closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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For an average person doing something like this completely acceptable, but for a prophet of Allah, seeking help from another person, it doesn't fit the Prophet of Allah, the Prophet of Allah should rely only on who? Allah subhanaw taala because the higher you are, the more is expected of you, the more is expected of you. And this teaches us a general lesson also, that it does not befit a person who has been given a virtue above others, that he does what average people do. Like for example, if you are able in your body, your hands are perfectly fine. does it benefit you that you sit in front of the television for like five hours on a movie marathon? does it benefit you? While your mother

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with her severe backache and her headache? And then her old feet she's standing in the kitchen and working away? Does it refer you to sit there like an average person, when you have that strength, that ability, it doesn't affect you. So likewise a prophet of Allah, because he receives revelation from Allah He has a great responsibility upon his head. It does not fit him to seek help from others.

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what best fits him that he relies only and solely upon who upon who? His Lord Allah subhanaw taala

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but this was not the end, the test was prolonged. A simple thing was made difficult, however, remember that after the difficulty relief is nearby, so we see that Allah subhanaw taala he helps us servants even though apparently doesn't seem like it. But Allah subhanaw taala is always working in favor of the believer because nothing that happens to a believer can be bad use of verticillium ended up in prison stayed there for so long. But from here success came how what Colin Malik and the king said in the Aurora indeed I saw meaning in my dream suburb aka rotten seven cows that were see men that were fat obese see man as a plural off Sameen

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Sameen with a scene not fat. Okay, sir Sameen Samina that means precious, valuable and that's the name right with a scene Samina what would that mean?

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What would that mean? So please, if you know somebody by the name of Tamina, call them semi cannot semina okay? And if your name is Samina don't call yourself semina. Okay, call yourself Amina. Because Be careful about what you call yourself and what other people call you. So the king now he has a dream out of all people who has a dream, the king and his dream is really bothering him because he's he's in his dream seven big obese fat cows. That yeah, coluna it eats them up who eats the seven cows up? Several, seven others meaning seven other cows that are EGF one, or Jaffas Florida are Jeff or Jeff slim, slender. I mean, a very weak animal whose bones are even showing

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there's no fat at all. Why? Because not in a food. All right. So he sees in his dream that seven thing cows are eating up seven fat cows. If you saw that in a dream would that scare you? What's going on cows eating cows and seven and seven really chunky ones and seven really thin ones? What's going on here? And he saw his dream was several some bulletin and seven spikes. Some bullet Florida of Cymbala we read this earlier also in total Bacara what is some moolah?

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Ear of green.

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Like for example, corn. Okay, that's what year of corn because you have one thing on which you have many many, many, many kernels, right? Likewise wheat for instance, there's one stem all right and on top of it there's a cluster so that one stem with a cluster on top what is it called? Cymbala. So this man this king he says he saw in his dreams seven some bullet seven spikes that were holding that were green. Were all her and others meaning seven others that were Yeah, besides that were dry. Yeah, besides a Florida via visa from Yabba seen yet to be dry. So he saw seven fresh green spikes of grain and seven others that were dry. He said, Yeah, you hold Mala all my cheeps Oh, my courtiers

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of Tony Pharaoh Aya told me about my route. Yeah, about my dream, in quantum level, yet our balloon if you interpret the dreams, we have had this dream. It's really bothering me. Tell me what it means. If you had a dream like that, would you be concerned?

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Would you be concerned? So he's saying that this dream has got to have some kind of meaning? What is the meaning of this dream? All my people tell me he's asking his mother his core tears. What does this show that even a non Muslim can have a true dream.

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Because this king was not a Muslim. Even a non Muslim can have a true dream. Which tells us that just because a person has true dreams doesn't mean they're very good and very righteous, and they're forgiven by Allah, and they will definitely go to Jannah true dreams are not the basis of success. Okay.

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So what happened, Carlo, they said, his people said of loss.

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It's just a mixture of false dreams don't pay attention at loss is the Florida of the log Lane set. And lives is a bunch of twigs or dry grass that fit in your fist. So think about it, dry twigs, dry grass, that you just take a handful off, they can fit in your hand in your fist. Now, they're all mixed up, right? mixed up. So from this, a boss is used for a dream. That is a mixture of random thoughts. So basically, a meaningless dream. Because that is what meaningless dreams are about a mixture of random thoughts. If you are flying, and then you were swimming, and then you were eating something, and then somebody just disappeared. And then something was black, and it turned into

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white. It says random thoughts.

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Right? You were working on a computer, and then you ate that computer. And then God knows what happened. Just random thoughts, crazy things that you see in your dream. This is a bluff, a mixture of thoughts.

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A clam, floral off home, and home is a false dream.

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A dream that is false. That is scary. That is obscene in its nature. So they said it's just false dreams. Don't pay attention to it. Don't bother about it. Don't worry about it. Woman I know we thought we'd be early me. And we don't know about the interpretation of dreams. We didn't we're not of people who interpret dreams. We don't have this kind of knowledge. We don't have this kind of information. We don't have this kind of skill.

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Now what happened, we'll call her and he said Who Alevtina German humor. The one who was saved from them to from who to the two people who made use of or listen, I'm in the prison, the guy who was saved, who went back to his role of serving his master wine. This man he spoke up and what Dakota and he remembered from that calf raw it Dakota is from Vic. All right. What is the convene to remember but it Dakota is to remember something that was forgotten

00:34:06 --> 00:34:09

to remember something that was forgotten.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:48

So this man now he remembered BARDA omoton, after a long period of time, the word OMA, if you remember, I told you once that it has four meanings. It means nation. And it also means a time period. So he remembered after a long period of time, I mean, it was a couple of years. He said, another one of bucum said, I will tell you because we live with its interpretation of Odyssey, don't just send me send me let me go. Let me go to the prison. And I will get you the interpretation of this dream. So they sent him to the prison to get used to running a salon.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:57

Now, what do we see here? That there are at times things going on in your life that you want to get resolved immediately?

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

Does it happen

00:35:01 --> 00:35:06

if not immediately, you want them to get resolved already. Because it's been so long.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:29

Like, for example, somebody might have started their university. And then what happened a year later, they got married. And then a year later, they had a baby. And it's been like six years or something, and they still don't have their degree. They're like, I just want to get over it already. Just want to move on. I want this to end.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:46

But it doesn't happen. As soon as you think you're this close, you make a whole plan this year, I'm gonna take these mini courses, and this semester and these mini courses that semester. So I'm just going to babysit my children. And I will just get it over with. But what happens? Let's say you got pregnant again.

00:35:47 --> 00:35:51

You're like, I want to finish this already. But I can't get over it.

00:35:52 --> 00:36:15

There's obstacles coming in your way again, and again. You want to get out of the house to go get groceries, somebody calls you. And then as soon as you have the kids ready, somebody calls you again, I'm coming in five minutes, are you home, I really, really need to talk to you about something important. You're like, okay, but I'm only available for 10 minutes, because I have to run, like, okay, they come this day for half an hour.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:21

And then what happens? You see that it's time for dinner, you can't go, you've missed your grocery trip.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:43

You didn't get to go, then you want to go the next day. Again, you cannot go? Is this real stuff? Or am I talking about just a few people who face these problems in life? Does it happen with you, you make a plan, and you think it's just perfect. And you think that's going to happen, but it just doesn't happen? You want to get over it already.

00:36:44 --> 00:36:54

But remember, Allah subhanaw taala is a planner of all things. And for everything, there is a fixed time.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:19

For everything, there is a fixed time, use of our SLM went to prison and everyone who goes to prison eventually comes out either, you know, free, alive or dead, whatever. You're not staying in there forever. Because even when a person dies, and there's the hereafter, right, which is for eternity. So anything that happens, it doesn't happen forever. Eventually, it's going to end. Eventually it will.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:23

But there was supposed to be

00:37:25 --> 00:38:06

the right time. When you suffer Lisanna would come out of prison. If he had come out of the prison earlier, it wouldn't have been suitable for his success. He had to come out now. And this is the reason this man he remembered use of RNA salaam after so many years now. Typically do people forget their dreams? Meaningful dreams? No. And if somebody told you the interpretation, would you forget that? And especially if it happens exactly as it told you? What's the chance that you would forget it? You wouldn't you would remember it for life. People talk about dreams that they had 50 years ago, 15 years ago, five years ago.

00:38:07 --> 00:38:22

Right? But this man forgot about this dream completely. He forgot about you serverless. And I'm completely why Allah subhanaw taala allowed it to happen. Because you serverless Anam was supposed to come out of prison at a specific time at a certain time.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:38

So always remember, you want to get things done, they're not getting done. Look at yourself. First check yourself, are you falling short in something do is to fall seek Allah's help. But don't give up. It's just a test.

00:38:40 --> 00:39:18

The other day I was listening to electro by shifter feature three, and he was talking about how different kinds of people make there and he was given example of his children that how each of his child when they need something from him, they asked him in a different manner. And by the way, please do watch it on YouTube. What if this was your last term alone? Okay. And he said that his youngest child, when she wants something, she won't say anything. She will just start screaming and whining and crying and she always wins. The others. They come in, they plead and beg and they asked politely, and then what happens? They're just told no. And they give up. But the youngest child, a

00:39:18 --> 00:39:59

three year old, she doesn't give up. She starts with a cry, a loud noise. And she ends with that also. So she always went so he was saying basically that why is it that when we're making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. We make doorwins And we don't see anything happening and we give up or we don't cry before Allah. We don't cry before Allah. We don't beg him the way we should beg Him. If we begged him, then what would happen? Our daraz would be accepted, because you will refuse someone who's begging you constantly. So when we want things to happen, they're not happening. Perhaps we need to ask Allah more

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

We need to beg him more so more. Reflect on ourself.

00:40:07 --> 00:40:41

Our deficiencies seek forgiveness from him. And then in sha Allah, the ways will open but until they open, don't give up. Never ever give up. The prophets of Allah suffered the most. The Prophet salallahu Salam he suffered for 13 years in Makkah Dinty use of earnest time he suffered for so many years in prison and before that as a slave, but he was a Marcin and who is Marcin the one who does Ersan who worships Allah beautifully. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to do that in our daily lives. Recitation

00:40:42 --> 00:40:44

yell fall Hey bass Eugenie

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made two more

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two more

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that along moving

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on any

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yeah Paul Hey Bae CGD

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steel bamboo on

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level fatter corner while you own your waltzing bobbling

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the fee the stuff to

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walk all the one

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mean woman COVID nearing the brink of

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shame on the call beneath the surface sieging ABS boss

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walk on

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up or

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down Nigel

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was about Bula in

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Stoney feel yeah

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to move here

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Me behind me. Walk on

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betta willing Eve

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