40 Ahadith of Imam An-Nawawi 36 – Be In The Service of Others

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al Hamdulillah

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Hamdulillah, hookah, wa salam ala anybody who lives you know Stouffer

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also Sanada say he did a study of a 40 million BIA. While early Hill Ischia was Harvey Hill to be another.

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Today we are starting with Hadith number 36

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IV Hodeidah the Allahu Taala on and then the beasts that Allahu Allah He was something

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magnificent I mean in Cordoba 10 Min kurabe dunya no fuss Allahu Allahu Cordoba 10 Min Cora buhoma pm Amen Yes sir. More sitting. Yes sir Allahu Allah 15 young

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woman saturon Sleeman cetera Allahu cetera hula hoop with in Yama Farah. Allah who found that out? Maca and then obviously only a

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woman Celica Turriff and tells me Sophie here Elma Sahara Allahu Allah who we hate or even either agenda or much them I phone fi baiting in the UT la he get Lulu Kitab Allah way to God or sunnah who female Boehner in less than $1 He was Skeena because she had Homer Rama will have at home will melodica Wanaka hula hula feminine Debu from an avatar of E M Allahu La. We let them use the RP Hina Cebu province can be hard enough.

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The hadith is Narrated by Abu Huraira what are the Allah mon the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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whoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the griefs of the Day of Resurrection. And whoever alleviates the need of a needy person, Allah will alleviate his needs of this world and the hereafter. Whoever shields a believer meaning hides his flaws, Allah will shield him in this world and the Hereafter, and Allah will be at the aid of his slave, so long as he as he aids his brother. And whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, Allah will make it easy for him a pathway to paradise. No people gather together in one of the homes one of the houses of Allah, reciting the book of Allah and studying it amongst himself, except that Sakina tranquillity

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descends upon them, and mercy, the Mercy of Allah

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surrounds them, and the angels surround them. And Allah mentioned them amongst those who are with him, and whoever is slowed down by his actions will not be hastened forward by his lineage. The hadith is narrated by Muslims Mahathir Mohamad with these words

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this hadith, Mr. Rahmatullahi Ali Hadith number 36 Is is a continuation of yesterday's or last week's class.

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In last week's class, we discussed that, you know, no we're not gonna lie. Yeah, Holly is now talking about the rights of brotherhood. And, you know, I'm not gonna lie in the previous Hadith focused

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and emphasize the importance of establishing good relationships with your fellow brother and your fellow sister.

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Now in this hadith Imam never got into law era is delivering another Hadith which actually gives us some action items, some things that we can do to improve that relationship with our fellow brother, and with our fellow Muslim sister.

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Before we go into the commentary of his Hadith I wanted to briefly discuss the Salat the chain of this hadith. This hadith is narrated about Imams Muhammad, Ali, and as majority of the Muslim scholars have agreed, every Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim are authentic without doubt. However, in the past, there were some scholars in particular, about to put me with a famous scholar of Hadith, who raised some questions to a hadith

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some a hadith, a few Hadith in body and a few a hadith and Muslim. And one of the narrations that he raised objection to, from the narrations of Muslim will say from so Hamilton was this particular narration. Each of the thoughtful but they're called it talks about the arguments are the are the objections presented by been thought of flipping we have been answered thoroughly and have been dismissed by the scholars of Hadith, even salah and others you might know we even Haji and others have also unanimously agreed collectively agreed that there are no narrations and sample audio of Samsung, that can be objected upon as far as authenticity of their Senate goes.

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This particular narration repeats itself in different words, similar similar meanings, maybe different words, for various narrations narrative of various companions in many different books of Hadith. In some narrations, you'll find a part of this hadith and other narrations will find another part of this hadith. So if you patch all those narrations together, you will find this very same message message repeated from other companions as well.

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Now in this hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uses some words and I want to give some definitions here. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam firstly uses the word Kuba.

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How do you start off by saying when NEFA and meaning Kuru button mean kurabe dunya. The word quarterback what is the word quarterback being

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a quarterback to hear should the two Alavi motility to Pharaoh Sahiba Phil Kirby,

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that quarterback is a very severe very serious difficulty that a person faces in this world. It's a commodity in difficulty that puts a person in a in a compromised position. Now the next thing before that actually the purpose of the long lottery was Selim uses the word NEFA. And later on in the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will use the word Faraja. The scholars while discussing these two words, they say there's a difference between the two. So let's actually step back a little quotable refers to a great difficulty that's faced a grand calamity. Some scholars they say, the true meaning of Cuba is a worldly calamity. It's not a calamity that relates to the

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hereafter. But that has been refuted because in this very same hadith of opposite Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, the prophet Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove from his Quran on the Day of Judgment, so the word Korba is used as well for the offense. Now, the next next part of the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uses the word of awesome also means difficulty. Also, there is a minor difficulty in comparison to CORBA which means a great difficulty. Now, there are two words used. The first is NEFA. And the second is Faraja. NEFA means to open something to remove something to make something lightened. And Faraja also means to open something to make it easier on

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a person. However, there is a minor difference between the two.

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What then what then Feasel How are you have a on whom and then fees which comes in the first part of the Hadith scholars, they say it comes in the meaning of lightening the burden of something, not removing it, but just lightening that burner to to do the fifth to lessen the burden to the best of your ability. The second word used is that for each what the fees, you add the other women that equal who I use ILA, and we'll cover that for each, on the other hand, isn't just to lessen the burden rather, it's to remove the burden altogether. Okay, so these two words were used regarding Kotova that if a person lessens the burden from someone, Allah will lessen the burden from you. If

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you remove a burden from someone, Allah subhanaw taala will remove the burden from you won't just lessen it, he'll remove it altogether from you. So no matter depending on how much you're willing to commit to you

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Your fellow brother, depending on how much you're willing to commit to other people,

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Allah subhana wa Tada will equally commit to you.

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There is a Hadith of the Prophet Allamani he was sent a narrative about him telling me that I have to lie Ali, a human meaning up on me in an otter during uttama hula who Yeoman of the Yama Chi Minh thematic Jana. Whoever feeds a Muslim brother I believe in brother his who is 100 Someone who is hungry and starving and you give them a morsel you give them something to eat. Allah subhanahu wa Tada will give that person food on the day of judgment from the fruits of Paradise. What are you might mean in soccer Mina and Velma in Safar hula who Yeomans the Amity, meta Heaton

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and whoever

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gives his brother a drink when his brother is thirsty, and his craving for that drink. Allah subhanahu wa Tada will give him water from the from the sealed nectar from the from the from the drinks of the gardens of Paradise. Well I mean in cassava, I mean and Allah Odeon and whoever clothes his brother when his brother has nothing to wear he's naked unclothed in that group and you and you give him clothing, because I will allow him in the hoodie agenda. Allah subhanaw Matata will give him from the gowns of general in the Hereafter. And how do you they're very healthy and so the hola Juan narrative of Juan de pops it along it will set himself and Roger them in an Jannetty

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usually for your multimedia Allah and enough then on the day of judgment, a person agenda we'll take a peek at those in the fire hump he will look over to see what's going on in the fire of help.

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For you now the hero gentlemen Annina

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a person in the fire of hell will call out to him yeah if one has daddy fully oh so and so person do you recognize me? The person the fire policy to the one agenda Do you recognize me?

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So he will reply back we're saying love Allah Hema Adi folk, by Allah. I don't recognize who you are. But antha who are you? Fair, cool. That person will say in return. And then let the Murata be Fodera dunya. I am that person who you crossed by one day while we were in the world.

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Fastest fastest state any shalbatana minima in philosophy took you asked me for a sip of water in the world when you were thirsty. And I gave you water

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bought off about off two he will say yes I remember. I remember that interaction that we had. So the one on the fire will say fresh barley behind the Arabic. So remember that drink that I gave you and intercede on behalf of myself to your Lord and ask him to give me water to

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Boniface and Allah azza wa jal. That person will then go and he will intercede on behalf of that person to Allah subhanho wa Taala while your Photoshop Jani fee Oh my Lord, accept my intercession in relation to this person.

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For euthanasia, who forevermore will be here ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will command that that person would be brought forth for your free to whom and and he will then be relieved from the fire of hell. This person will be relieved from the grip punishment of the fire of hell, because he gave a sip of water because this person gave something to drink to another person that was thirsty. What is your thought regarding a person who makes it their lifelong mission to just dig wells and parts of the world where water isn't accessible? What will Allah subhanaw taala give that person Inshallah, what are your thoughts about our person who raises funds through the communities and sends money to you

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know, areas that have been struck with famine and drought and giving food to people they're, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will surely take care of that person. The more you invest in the creation of Allah, the more Allah subhanahu wa Tada will invest in you.

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Now one thing to note here,

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in this hadith, there are a few points mentioned. The first mentioned in this hadith is the Quran. The second mention is also and the third mentioned in this hadith is the word setup.

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So the first part of the Hadith that talks about removing a difficulty a calamity from your brother, when Allah subhanaw taala promises back in return that if you remove a difficulty from your brother, Allah subhanaw taala has promised back in return is no fuss Allah Allah who caught a button when kurabe yo metea note here, in this part, the first part of the Hadith when the promises being made to compensate that person for their effort. There's only mention of piano no mentioned that the dunya

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no fuss Allahu Allahu kura button min kurabe yo mil TM. Now the next two part of the Hadith, there's dunya, MTM abovementioned Woman Yes sarara More Syrian and whoever makes ease for the one in difficulty. Yes sir Allahu Allah He fit dunya and akhira Allah will make it easy for him in the dunya and after and then the Hadith Musa woman cetera Muslim and whoever conceals hides for his brother

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their highs this flaws set that Allah Who FedUni our Astra Allah will high frame in the dunya and akhira. So there's a question why is it that in two of the three dunya and Astra are both mentioned? And in the first one, only the dunya only the authorized mentioned.

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So the scholars that respond to the feedback we're seeing

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in the Quran in the Quran here Shuddha Abdullah Avena what is a kulula hudon Yasunaga who that you can fit dunya be Salafi Assad. Well, our OG Dodger Illa cetera failure Adela kata Jovanovic dunya medallic. While obita OS will hijack him, he says that quarterback refers to a very big calamity. It's not your day to day difficulty you're facing or the challenge you face in your life every now and then this is the great calamity you know where a person loses all their family members. And their job is they lose their job and the house comes collapsing down on them. You know what everything kind of falls apart at once. So not every person this father is a saint while

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commentating on this point they say not every person will experience this level of calamity in the world. But we will surely face a calamity like this in the hereafter. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his description of the Hereafter is quite vivid and clear. And to be honest, it's horrific, and the every person will experience an element of quarterback in the hereafter. Therefore the promise was made for the hereafter. As for what sort of which is minor difficulty and hiding a flaws. These are things that every person experienced everyone has minor flaws that they need to be hidden. Every person has minor difficulties or struggling with so because they experienced those in

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this world and will also experience those in the hereafter. Allah will take care of them in the dunya and also take care of them in the hereafter.

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Some scholars they say the reason why Allah Subhana Allah the box that Allahu alayhi wa sallam did not mention dunya for the Quran, is because Cordoba is like I mentioned, a great calamity. And when someone helps you through a great calamity, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will reward that person fully because of the sincerity they showed by helping someone who was truly struggling. And Allah will compensate them fully by not giving them any competition in the world, storing every cent of it for the ephedra, every piece of it, every little crumble of it will be saved for the author. So when they see in the hereafter the reward for helping another person stored for them fully in their after

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it will bring true pleasure and will bring true joy it will bring true joy to them.

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The products that allow honey was cinnamon while talking about the difficulties of the Day of Judgment. He said Allahu Allah He was set up said as narrated by methodology, the Allah one Muslim Rahmatullah er inherits that the sun will come very close to mankind, and it will come so low that every person will be sweating. Some will be sweating

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until their ankles, but that for your call Luna Filati Todra Amelie and every person will be sweating, drowning in their sweat drowning in their sweat depending on their deeds for minimum munya for the whole LRP Amina Houma yofoto ilaqua At a minimum a year for the whole Illa Hawaii. So every person someone will be up to their knees, ankles sorry someone will be up to their knees and other person will be right up to their neck. Some some narration mentioned there will be those who are actually fully drowning on the Day of Judgment in their sweat. As a result of that son being so close to them

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Abu Musa the Allahu on set, a show of support or awesomeness Yama, Yama, while a man whom to whom, wah man who to the loan, that the sun will be above the heads of people on the day of judgment, and it will be their deeds that will serve as a sheet. Their deeds will be their shade to protect them. So focus on your good deeds. There's another narration from Aqua binominal the Allah one month one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Good alumina inferiorly Sakata he, every person will be in the shade of his Saba Andre judgment, those who give charity and abundance those who support a different causes those who are there to help the orphans, the widows, those who provided food and

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water and shelter and clothing and coats for people who needed them, they will be in the shade of their charity when they stand in front of Allah subhanaw without it.

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Not every person knows their ability. Some people have the ability to help others when they see them in great difficulty because they have the financial and physical means they have the influence to help others out. Some of us may not have that influence. We may not have the finance we may not have the physical ability to help others, but do the best you can. And if you can't do something physically, you can always make love for them. And making dua for them is your contribution. It is your part and helping other people in their times of difficulty. If you can't make dua for someone when you

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see them struggling, then you haven't done anything at all. The bare minimum you can do is make a sincere dua not just something superficial in sha Allah Masha Allah Subhanallah stuff that Allah, the real thing where you where you sit for a moment and you reflect over that person's difficulty and you raise your hands and you praise Allah, instead of Salah, walk upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you beg Allah, out of his infinite mercy, to shower His mercy upon that individual and help them. There are very few people left in the world who know how to give dua. Everyone else, most of us at least, we've lost that ability. We don't even feel generous enough to

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share a DUA. If you can't give money to someone, there's a logic behind that. Maybe you're struggling financially, if you can't help someone physically, again, there's a reason behind that. Maybe you're not physically able or maybe your time is is so cool occupied, that you don't have the ability to spare some hours to go and hop at the masjid. Maybe that might be the case. But every person can make dua, you just have to want to make dua, there was a generation of people that came before us who are committed and dedicated to their laws. They were the elders of our community, where they gave to ah, they didn't give one blah, they kept giving glad they kept giving dua, I want

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every one of you to think of your grandparents and tell me that this description that I'm giving doesn't match them, that they constantly just gave the gift they gave to us they made a lot of dua, and it's possible that today Allah subhanaw taala has given us Iman and protected us as a result of their loss. I actually don't have any doubt in this. I met a person and have them Macomb Oklahoma slabs last September. Coincidentally, you know, we didn't have any meeting planned. I was sitting in the Harlem. He was sitting there we sat in front of it. We sat with each other. I mean, I was reading put on with my son in my lap. He saw me reading Quran and he said to me, are you happy? I

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said yes, he struggled. He struggled conversation. We spoke and spoke and spoke after he learned about some of the things I shared with him some of the good that we're doing in America and how the massages are being built and institutions are established. He was a Saudi national and it made him very happy to hear of the who the mouth of the Dean occurring here and how you know, so much good is happening in America too, and how there are so many opportunities in America. So when he heard this, he got so happy that he said to me, I promise you that there won't be a day for as long as I'm alive. But I will be making block for you at the 100 salah.

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In the Haram in Makkah Makara

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and I thought to myself, Allahu Akbar.

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That's the jackpot. I mean, there's a person standing in Haram and this man is telling me I haven't missed 100 Salah fighter salah, Salah to Doha, in 40 years in the hunter, I come for the 100 Live episodes. I come for us or salah I leave after Isha salah. That's my routine. That's my normal practice. He said that you will be in my drawers every day. And I thought to myself, I came back and I was speaking to my wife. And I said to her, that after my mother whom Allah passed away, I wondered if there was anyone in the world that would make dua for me like that again. And our mothers do our mothers law, they can never be matched. But just the fact that someone would care to

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make law for another person. Our situation is such that someone gives their entire life to us, and we hardly make one law for them.

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And these people are such this one small interaction, such sugar an appreciation, this man was he was happy. He was hugging me and saying that I'm so honored to have met someone doing fifth Mandawa in America. And I thought to myself, Wow, I mean, I'm nowhere near your thought of me. I'm not even 1/10 of what you think of me even much more less than that. But it's beautiful that how you how you have personally been of me. And then after that this man Subhan Allah says, Since I came back in September, every week, every other week, he calls me. He says, beta Hussein, you have any sane, I just want you to know that I'm still making dua for you. I just want you to notice that I went to

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the HUD home today, and I made love for you again. And every day he'll call me just every one week, every two weeks to let me know that I'm calling to let you know that I'm still making dua for you. I'm calling to let you know that I'm still making dua for you. I'm calling to let you know, I'm still making dua for you. Every person has the ability to do something, not doing anything is laziness. And that's actually not acceptable. You need to ask yourself, what can you do to help people and it has to be more than just posting something on social media. I appreciate posting something on social media. I appreciate your efforts in creating awareness and sending a message to

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all of your contacts on WhatsApp. I appreciate that. But there has to be more than that. The awareness can't be the end game. The awareness is the beginning. who stops eating food by just washing their hands. Do you just wash your hands and say I'm not eating? You wash your hands so that you could eat the food? The actual muscle of washing hands is what?

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Eat the food right? That's the purpose. You don't just wash your hands for the sake of it and say, Oh, I wash my hands. My stomach is full now.

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So the purpose behind raising awareness is so that you can do something, you can create some movement, some Holika and hopefully contribute towards a solution. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then says, Whoever makes ease, whoever creates ease and someone in different in the face of difficulty, Allah will make matters easy for them in the dunya in the Astra. You know, I'm sure everyone sitting here can say they have their own set of struggles. Some of us are struggling with our health others with our children, someone with our finances, everyone has some struggle going on. If you're looking for a solution, go and help someone. You see someone struggling in their marriage,

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go and sit with them. Allah will take care of your marriage. You go and take care of someone's children, Allah will take care of your children. You go and teach someone Allah will take care of you. The more you help other people know the more ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will take care of you. Become a selfless person. Even though your logic may see by investing in others, you are neglecting yourself. Obviously you should you shouldn't neglect yourself, I want to make that clear. Pray your Salah before you tell other people to pray a lot. You know, look after your provide for yourself. Make sure your wife and kids are taken care of before you financially send money across the world.

00:26:11--> 00:26:27

So take care of yourself. But once you've taken care of the minimal, the minimum of what needs to be done, the more now you invest in others, you will find the baraka come back to your life and Allah subhanahu wa Tada will take care of your affairs. And it will make matters easy for you in this world and also in the hereafter.

00:26:28--> 00:26:37

An example of doing a seed on someone making ease on some for someone that is struggling, is for example, someone owes you money.

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They agreed that they would pay you back $10,000 In two years, come around two years, you approach that person and say pay me back. That person says I don't have any money. How am I going to pay you? So now what should you do? One option is you call him the cavalry and have you know loan shark style and beat the money out of him. That's not in line with the teachings of the Prophet along one incident. We are taught they see for another year or two Illa Mesa, then you give people respite, you give them a chance. When kind of Losartan finally rotten Isla Mesa, someone who's financially struggling, they owe you money. So give them some respite. Give them a chance give them a delayed

00:27:20--> 00:27:41

payment. Payment whenever you want. When you're you have Mason or when you have money, then pay me back. But make sure you pay me but pay me back. That's one option and making matters easy for them. The second option is rather than delaying the payment, you forgive it altogether. You tell that person there's no need to pay me back I have enough money. Inshallah Allah subhanahu wa Tada will reward me in the hereafter.

00:27:42--> 00:28:24

The prophets of Allah Hemani Salam, he shared virtue of such generosity, when a person makes ease, and another person in difficulty, there's a hadith found in Behati and Mr. Narrative Applehead or the loved one kind of attack you don't you die you don't us, for you that are our most hidden part of the cbrt he Jah was one who lalala and Etosha was unknown for the job was ALLAH one. There was a person that did business he gave people money to borrow. And in his business if he saw a person that was not possible, not able not capable of paying back the debt, he would tell his children don't collect money from him, let that person go. Maybe Allah subhana horadada will pardon us on the Day

00:28:24--> 00:28:46

of Judgment too. But the job was a loved one. When he met a law after his death, Allah subhanaw taala did pardon him. He forgave a small debt in this dunya and in return ALLAH forgive everything in the offense in the hereafter. What more can a person want? What more can a person bargain with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Similarly,

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there's another narration from Khalifa the Allah one also babble most of the Abu Masood and in Saudi Arabia. 170 Odd they both heard that they both heard the opposite of the audience and I'm saying Miko, Raju and for pinata who photogra Fertitta who caught a fool to come to evaluate on us. A person died, they were said to him. What happened to you? You know what happened to you after he died?

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He said I used to trade with people come to buy your anassa used to transaction traders people thought that I was who I didn't move city. Well, half before I moved city, that if there was a person that was struggling, I would give them respite. And if someone was able to pay me many times I would forgive them to you keep the money. And if someone was struggling I would give them some respite give them a delayed payment option.

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And in one narration,

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he says going to own the real estate which is very similar in average respite to the person who's struggling for hopefully Rolla, who in return Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive him. He was kind to people, Allah subhana wa Tada was kind to him. In one narration, that same Hadith in another narration Allah subhanaw taala Sarkar Allah Nah No, a haka with Alec. I mean, Fatah was one

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said this man, the servant of Mine is showing his generosity let him know that we will always be more generous. We are more deserving of generosity and in return ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada forgive that person. And another Hadith Narrated by Abu Musa the Allah one. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, I'm gonna sit on whoever gives a spike to a person who is financially struggling, or whether on who or he forgives the debt altogether of a hula hoop he literally he young when I lived in LA Lindo, Allah subhanahu wa Tada will give him shade on that day in which there will be no shade except for the shade of Allah. Except for his shade, there will

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be no shade. Such a great honor. Again, another example of being kind and easygoing with people. Someone asks you a question and you have an easy option and a hard option. Which one should you offer them?

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The easy option, right? You shouldn't offer them the hard option. Someone is struggling someone's already in a hard time and you think you know what, I'm going to make it hard on them for the sake of it. Or you know what? I'm going to make it more difficult for them. That's not the right thing to do. There's a famous story narrated that there was a party who lived in under this

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not a party. Yeah, there was no there was a king there was a key that lived under the saucer of the Kings Park. First of all come to the coffee statement. There was a king that lived under this.

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It was a month long and he made a mistake and became intimate with his wife while fasting. He realized that he made a big mistake.

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Father will move to Salah who he came to the Mufti the kadhi the Mufti of a community was Allahu wa and he asked him mark a follow through what he fina howdy Ramadan, what is the expiation for intimacy for having sexual relations during the day of Ramadan?

00:31:48--> 00:31:54

All color he said some shadow training with Adobe and the expiation is that you will fast forward

00:31:55--> 00:31:58

two months consecutively two months straight

00:31:59--> 00:32:02

for Lemna, Eastern Mojave and Orlando

00:32:03--> 00:32:35

So later on when the oil Mr. gathered together of the community Oh no. They said to Him, Lima dalam, the Balaram the Lima the lamb death hula hula is that why did you not mention freeing a slave? Why did you jump to fasting two months straight because the Quran mentions the first option is to have you talk about freeing the slave. And then or and then uh, then secondly, later on comes fast in two months straight. So the Mufti responded back by saying,

00:32:37--> 00:32:58

a little while, RB Dorinda who be Catarratto that they are, he has many servants and slaves, fate Assad who he will take it very light, he will free a slave and it won't be anything difficult for him. So what will the expiation even mean there will be no struggle involved. He's a wealthy person. He has a lot of money, he'll set one seven free and end of that.

00:33:00--> 00:33:09

So there Oliver responded back by saying, putting a hold on him out. I thought the few that they said you've done wrong. They said to the Muslim, you what you did was wrong.

00:33:10--> 00:33:55

Yeah, I'm not sure are. Hakeem because the Sharia Islamic law is very wise. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said, to set a servant free first, and then fast later on, because the benefit of fasting is limited to the person who's performing the fast as for freeing the slave will benefit not only a person, but his generations until the day of judgment. And that's why this has got them on that. That's why you will you will tell him to free in your eyes, freeing the slaves might mean nothing, but to that slave, who he will get married to their children until the Day of Judgment. It's not a small gesture. It's actually a very big gesture, gesture. It's a turning moment of your life. Go

00:33:55--> 00:34:33

back to that, go back to that King, and tell him that his cafardo will be freeing asleep. So you see here, there's a few elements of the seat here the first element of things here the scholars have been even a king, you shouldn't make things difficult, beyond what Allah has prescribed. Firstly, the second element of ease, the scholars choose freeing a slave because that will create great ease for the slave himself. Always be there to help another person, be there to create ease for someone. You see someone's tires busted on the side of the road. They may have a jack, they may have a spare tire, they probably even know how to change a tire. I mean, there's not really a science behind

00:34:33--> 00:34:51

changing a tire by the way. But if you just stop, you stand there with them. Maybe this turn the spanner for them lift the car for them. You just made a little ease on them, and it'll give them relief. It'll give them support. Always be there to provide whatever help you can to one who is in difficulty.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

Now one thing to know here, as well Ali Ali Baba Yachty highlights in Bangkok. He says

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam repeatedly says I mean

00:35:05--> 00:35:20

I mean Willow kind of facet on Murrah certainly Imani that you will relieve a believer, even if that person is a facet, even if they are sinners, because a person is struggling is a person struggling.

00:35:21--> 00:36:04

You need to sympathize, show some empathy for the actual struggle they're facing. Then the Hadith moves on. And it talks about the importance of hiding sins of other people. Whoever hides the flaw hide the sin of another person, Allah will hide their flaws and their sins in this world and the hereafter. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the day of judgment as a day where people will be disgraced Yarmuth is a day where people will be disgraced. And the truth is, if the world came to know if people around us where to no of our sins, and the wrongs that we've done, imagine how humiliating it'll be on the Day of Judgment, to show our face and walk around amongst people. And

00:36:04--> 00:36:05

we've been exposed.

00:36:06--> 00:36:47

The best way to cover your honor in this world and cover the your honor in the Hereafter, is to help cover the flaws and faults of others, our eyes will always see. Sometimes we'll see things that are praiseworthy. Sometimes we will see things that are blameworthy, as we previously discussed. If you see something claim blameworthy, do something about it. Talk to that person try to help them get to that problem. That doesn't mean that you need to post about it on Facebook, though. Or tell the whole world that you saw someone doing something wrong. You should approach it, you should deal with it. Don't engage in gossip. Unless it's it, let's say relates to the safety of people at large.

00:36:48--> 00:37:21

Unless someone else's honor is at risk or someone else's. You know, there's a rapist in the community and everyone knows and you should talk about that and let people know there's a rapist in the community. Someone's molesting people in the community. This person is a molester. Watch out for them. That's different. So it was a murder guys watch out this person has a killer look out for this person. But if a person hasn't made a move on the community at large, personally, they have many flaws and they they make many mistakes and they keep messing up in life and they are really struggling rather than spitting on them, kicking them, mocking them and exposing them learn to cover

00:37:21--> 00:37:56

for them. As much as your enough's may want you to join the gossip. Everyone on Facebook is talking about a problem. As much as your heart may say, Let's join the gossip. Let's let's just spit into the fire say something don't do it. What benefit are you going to do? What benefit are you going to attain? How are you going to benefit someone? How are you going to benefit yourself by exposing the flaws of other people? I'd love to buena and yes fit hola hola Khun Don't you want your Lord to forgive you? Don't you want Allah subhana wa Tada to cover for you. Just because you and I are different sin in a different way in comparison to the next guy doesn't mean we have the right to

00:37:56--> 00:38:17

gloat over them or to boast or to impose somehow that we are superior or greater than that person. Learn to fear a Muslim Hunter and with that every one of us will be held accountable by Allah subhanaw taala and on that day, I wish Allah covers for me and I pray that Allah covers for all of us and does not disgrace any of us

00:38:22--> 00:38:27

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said yeah mashallah I'm gonna I'm gonna be the Sani he

00:38:29--> 00:38:54

while I'm you the phenol Eman of you've got to be or group of people who have believed what their tongues but true faith has not entered into their hearts. They're not backed by the believers lot of autonomously mean what the who our our team and do not follow their flaws don't go and look you know some people they follow the flaw. They wait for someone to slip up. They're waiting for a person to make a mistake.

00:38:56--> 00:39:39

Find the whole Manitoba our our team, the turbo Allah our auto woman data by Allah or other who yes, the houfy Beatty. For indeed the one who goes out to seek for the flaws of people. Allah will come to seek for your flaws. And when Allah comes to seek for a person's flaws, Allah will humiliate that person disgraced that person, even while he sits in his own home. The reason why I mentioned is in your home is because your home is where you feel most safe. It's where you feel most secure and most respected. Even the people around you will not be able to look at you with respect anymore. If Allah subhanahu wa taala were to expose you learn to conceal for other people learn to cover for other

00:39:39--> 00:39:39


00:39:41--> 00:39:50

A person came to our lab and was really the alarm on and he said I am going to call the authorities on so and so person.

00:39:51--> 00:39:57

So even though the Allahu Han said when he made that Why are you going to call the authorities on him? Either?

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

Jharna Falon you

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

I should have a hammer that my neighbor so and so neighbor of mine, he's drinking wine alcohol, so I'm going to call the cops on him. Call the authority, even though the alarm was set at job, hell Asaka who God Allah, Allah it helped me he Phuntsok on when he said go back home. Did you advise him? He said No, I didn't advise him. I'm just going to call a call center. Seven was sort of the alarm on set, go back home, advise him first. Go and advise him privately. Maybe he might take heed in your words and take benefit. The other guy the same

00:40:37--> 00:40:44

as look to Pullman lemme Aquila, whom are you? I met a group of people who themselves had no floss

00:40:45--> 00:41:25

for that, are you a nurse? Well, I can ask you, but they themselves had no flaws. But they love talking about the flaws of other people. And the more they talked about the flaws of other people, those people started looking for flaws in them. So a person who initially was pure, because they started looking into other people in a bad way. And in return, those people looked at them in a bad way. And they now expose their flaws. And he then says, what they're up to two acquirement character whom are you going *a for Unreal, Banarsi fantasy two, or Johan, that. And there were some people that I met who are flogged, but they didn't talk about other people, they kept their tongues behind.

00:41:26--> 00:41:45

They didn't expose others, they didn't snitch to the world, of how messed up their friend was, and how their friend had someone so problem in their life, and how so and so person was struggling with their mere marriage, and so and so person was financially going under and so and so, person's child had become disobedient. You know,

00:41:46--> 00:42:25

because they didn't talk about others. The community forgot about their flaws, too. Because everyone saw that even though these people were flawed. They were humble enough to hold their tongue back. So in return, people did the same favor to them. They stopped talking about them. And this is a lesson of life. Even if you don't have flaws. When you start looking for flaws and others, they will come back for you to trolls will come out of the woodwork. And when they come You better run. Some of these trolls will be inspired by a thought and they will find every piece of dirt there is on you. And you don't want that. I don't want that nobody wants that. We all know that we're flawed and we

00:42:25--> 00:42:46

have 100 and 1000s and millions of mistakes and we repent to Allah for that and seek refuge in Allah's mercy. And Allah is a sitar and we say, Yes, I thought was to Ralina or sitar or the one who conceals conceal for us hi for us, as it will pay. Rahmatullahi Ali said if our sins had a stench if they had a smell, no one would want to be within a mile of us.

00:42:48--> 00:43:07

If our sins had a darkness that was seen by the eye of the human being, no one would ever see us. But it is the star Allah the one who conceals who has always concealed for us, you continue to seal for others, Allah subhanahu wa Tada will continue to seal for you.

00:43:09--> 00:43:46

Now there are two types of sinners. There are those people who sin privately and then there are those who sin publicly. For a person who sins privately. Their sin should be kept private, their Koba should be kept private. You don't need to tell people guys did Toba last night from the gambling I did last week. Now what do you Why are you telling people? The Prophet said Allahu Allah He was sent them says, On the Day of Judgment, Allah will forgive everyone except for the Mujahideen. Those who expose their sins publicly. During the night they commit a sin Allah conceals for them in the morning, they wake up, they tell the world guys I committed sin our last night, you

00:43:46--> 00:43:52

should be hiding that not telling the world that you did something wrong. Another thing about doing sins publicly and openly.

00:43:54--> 00:44:29

One of the bad parts about it is sometimes you might post on Facebook, regarding a particular sin you did. And without realizing you may have inspired another person to commit that sin. And you've just lit a fire. That person might inspire another person, they might inspire another person, you might post a picture of yourself on social media with your girlfriend or with your boyfriend. And there might be a person watching who's never had a boyfriend. They've never had a girlfriend, they've lived a life of modesty and you know, simplicity and in devotion. And they see you enjoying yourself and having a blast with all the Haram going on. And they think you know what, if this

00:44:29--> 00:44:56

person's doing it, and they have no game and no looks, I can definitely do it. And they they step into the arena. That person changes their life because of some silly inspiration of someone like you and I. You have to be very careful. Never expose your sins. So going back to the point for a person who sins privately, advise them privately, and they should also make Toba privately, someone who sins publicly.

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

You should still advise them privately because the principal

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

The devices that it should always be away from the eyes of people. However, the scholars, they say they should first make private doba and then publicly announced October two, so that those who have taken influence from this person will know there's a person who was a musician their entire life. They sung about things that are shameful. They did things that were horrible. They did things that bring the art in, and a stain on the honor of a person. When they make Toba. They should announce it guys, I've left that previous life of mine. I'm now transitioning, I'm migrating to a new life. I'm becoming a new me by making that public Toba. The benefit is you might inspire others, and no one

00:45:41--> 00:45:47

will ever hold an ill thought of you based on your previous life, your previous actions.

00:45:49--> 00:46:29

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allah will help the brother Allah will help you as long as you help your brother. How do you this narrated by somebody from OH MY GOD, ALLAH Juan, he narrates it before and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Avila Amelie in Harlow, Surya I mean, the best of deeds is for you to bring joy to your believer. Allah will always be in your heart as long as you're on the help of others. Hustle and bustle you send a group of people to go and help a person by the hustle and bustle you Tolman minutes hobby he Futaba hydrothermally Raju Bacala homeowner Ruby fabricante Bonanni. He said to them go to Target alguna Annie Brahma hula

00:46:31--> 00:46:43

for whom I come and take him with you on this task. For those who have eaten they came to tablet for kala tablet or Guney. He said other more techie phone. Guys, I can't come with you. I'm here to cough

00:46:44--> 00:47:14

for Raggio elhassan fastball, who they went back to hustle and bustle and they said that we went to Target and we told him to join us but he said I'm in Africa so he can't come. So hustle and bustle he said, Tyler kulula who go back to him and say you're Amish um I thought I'm an amateur Caffee hydrati Africa Muslimeen Phytolacca mean hajat invalid hajat that don't you know for you to go and assist your brother who is in need is better than performing one Hajj after another Hutch

00:47:15--> 00:47:28

Photojojo elaborate and they came back to Tabitha Bonanni Rama Allah and they told him for thought okay, I'll take off of what I have in my home. He left his attic off and he went along with them to help that brother in need.

00:47:29--> 00:47:36

I'm gonna the hola Juan during his Carafa he would go to the widows and he would bring water for them.

00:47:37--> 00:48:11

He would go and bring water for the widows. What kind of Amara we had to our huddle Baramulla yesterday yesterday started yes tequila Hoon will be laying at nighttime in the daytime he will be busy with the affairs of the people this is dirty was cut off and while these telephone during the day he will be busy with the affairs of the people during the night he would go to the widows and the women whose husbands were not home they were gone you know on journey and bring water for them what are our what are what are our who told her to believe in yet Hulu beta Emirati further further delay her Tell her two and a half one day tell her the Allahu Allah Almighty Allah when entering

00:48:11--> 00:48:12

into a lady's house at night

00:48:15--> 00:48:28

Tahara de la one felt uncomfortable by seeing this I mean to me Nina was not mean but everyone was accountable so the next day tell her the Allah one went to that same home to investigate what was going on there.

00:48:30--> 00:48:38

For you that here are using um yeah. Oh, my God that when he entered into the house, and it was an old lady who was blind

00:48:41--> 00:48:48

for Salah miasto hoverwatch landec he asked her what is that man do by you every night? There's a man that comes here every night. What does he do here?

00:48:51--> 00:49:27

Toilet had moved CARAVACA ya had me yet? Dini Bhima used to be hurry while you Fuji Anil other that person has been coming from so and so time he made a commitment to me that he will take care of my needs and remove anything from me from my difficulties. For thought that I'll have to thank you that como Qatal Ha, I thought it was better but I'm sorry. I forgot to touch bow. He said oh, when he heard this answer, tell how did the Allahu unsaid Oh, I Altamaha. May your mother lose you. You are looking for flaws. And

00:49:28--> 00:49:59

when this man he wasn't, obviously had no ill intention, but rather he was helping an old lady. And it teaches us the sincerity of the companions and how during the day on model the Allah one was serving the community and that night he was serving the individuals. What kind of why you're to for Allah decide how you Arja is a hidden Aquila, Yeoman for yesterday, la Honda Hawaii. Johanna what mama Usili Hoonah I will Why would go to the houses of the women and the elderly of the community. And he would he would he

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

to buy things for them that they need it and provide for them any of their necessities, which I had says saved on Murphy several of them who *a me for the money

00:50:11--> 00:50:24

which I had said that I once joined even Amata Viola one on a journey, so I can do is put them on so I can serve Him. But in returning since Abdullah bin Ahmad, the great companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to walk the trip he was serving me.

00:50:25--> 00:50:46

Imagine how humble of experience that is. You're sitting with the son of Amara father, the brother in law of the Prophet sallallahu Ani, he was one of the greatest students, and this he called his disciples of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said I'm going to join him so I can do is hit the mic and serve him. But in return, he says, of loving Allah the Allahu I'm just did my finger.

00:50:47--> 00:51:20

Even Roger but humbly narrative incident. And his jammies on Hakan Sahiba, Roger and Coleman filthy had a group of people who are going for jihad. So there was a man who said to them, I would like to accompany you, for Stellata lay him a demon, he put a condition that I am coming to serve you, I will do your film, I will take care of your needs. You guys need anything you need someone to get T wash your clothes, do some groceries while we're traveling, if you need anything, I will only come on the condition that you allow me to be your servant. Isn't that so interesting statement,

00:51:21--> 00:51:24

we would say I'm willing to come on the condition that I won't do anything.

00:51:26--> 00:51:36

Does that sound familiar? I'm willing to come but the condition is I'm not gonna do any work. I'll come to the ballot, I'll talk with people I'll eat, I'll have dessert,

00:51:38--> 00:51:45

the car market into Java, you know, I'll relieve myself and I'll be gone. I'm not gonna do anything in return. That's it. Nothing more than that.

00:51:48--> 00:52:20

For startups at the moment, what kind of either rather I don't mean whom Wakanda either rather I had a minimum and you have to see La rasa who are thorough. And if any of them from the from the group ever wanted to wash their hair, or wash their clothes, bought up have them in shufti he would immediately pop up and say guys, you can't wash your clothes. Have them in shufti This is the condition I took. I haven't washed your clothes. He would say let me wash your hair for you. Let me take care of your needs for you. That was the condition that I agreed to come on.

00:52:21--> 00:52:22

If I knew who

00:52:23--> 00:52:38

firmata for Java two who will mostly the young man in the journey died and when he died the enclosed him to wash his body and a person dies you wash the body so they took his shirt off to wash his body for Oh ALLAH Yeah, the hemoglobin mean an engine.

00:52:39--> 00:52:52

When they removed his garment the signers had it was written in an agenda. This man is from the people of paradise for another row for either he Akita button banal God when

00:52:53--> 00:53:27

they looked carefully, and they saw this mark on his arm was not superficial. It wasn't something written with a Sharpie. Rather it was embedded it was it was inside veiners God Allah and in between his flesh and his skin. It was it was on him a Kurama and honor that Allah subhanahu wa Tada is giving a lesson to him and it knows about humbling to him. Allah shares this incident as an inspiration for us. That a man who serve people in return look what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him how Allah subhanahu wa set that up 100 him.

00:53:28--> 00:54:07

Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues on and mentions the virtue of seeking knowledge. The one who seeks a path of seeking knowledge, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada paves the road to Jana for that person. And this is why the Scholars literally sought the path to knowledge, the famous narration of what you went on started at the Allah one, he went all the way from Madina Munawwara until he went all the way to for start and missile. When he arrived in Mr. And Egypt. He came to the house every particular person and he said that I heard that you have a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there is no one else on this world who has heard this

00:54:07--> 00:54:10

hadith but you and I, and I wanted to confirm the Hadith.

00:54:11--> 00:54:14

He's going from Medina all the way to where

00:54:15--> 00:54:21

Egypt missa not to get a new Hadith but to confirm a hadith he already knew.

00:54:23--> 00:54:30

Similar to Hadith Allah had done some Yahoo illa Anta fudgey to at what felt to me,

00:54:31--> 00:54:35

I've come to to to authenticate it to further clarify that hadith.

00:54:38--> 00:54:59

So that person said Yes, I did hear the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you're making reference to? And then a boy you went on Saturday the other one said read the Hadith form and he read the Hadith man cetera our other Muslim for dunya cetera Allahu our rota who fits in Yemen, Accra. Whoever conceals a flaw of a believer. Allah will conceal his flaws in the

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

is rolled and also in the year after. As soon as a boy was decided at the hola one heard this, he mounted his animal and it was heading out that person he shouted out to him by saying once you spend the night with us, he said no, this is all I came for.

00:55:13--> 00:55:42

These people took on journeys for knowledge, and we have a tough time coming to the masjid for a weekly class. It's a big struggle. The struggle is real. Imagine that, well, you went on Saturday with your loved one was standing here. And you were bragging about the struggle you go through to come to the masjid on a weekly basis to attend a hackathon in your community. Imagine remember, Farrakhan has Allahu Allah heard you and your friend is talking about your struggles for man he won't believe in Subhanallah it's been 12 weeks and I haven't missed a single online class.

00:55:45--> 00:55:55

On a holo Allah, what they love Allah, no matter how much ease is made, I've seen this, no matter how much ease is made, people find a way to outdo that is to

00:55:56--> 00:56:32

before they used to have online classes, you guys remember, online live classes. Before classes were in the machine. People said shift we can't come very far. So can you please do an online class? So a lot of work the machinist and they started doing classes online, then people started saying shift, you know, the timings will match. Can we have the recording later on the massage and on and I said no problem that gave the recording. Then they said chef, you know watching the videos too hard. Can we just have the audio? No problem. Okay, we'll give you the audio that they said he knows she has the audio is one hour long. Are there any students or any TAs that you have on staff that can write

00:56:32--> 00:56:34

a summary for us? By? What do you want?

00:56:35--> 00:57:06

What do you want me to do for you? Do you want me to do some sort of heart surgery and put that in your heart or something? I mean, is there no sacrifice involved? Is there no desire? Don't we realize while we're sitting here right now, and this may be hard for you to realize, but I'm telling you, and I want you to trust me. As you're sitting here right now listening to the beautiful words of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a group of angels with construction working gowns, construction worker gowns are paving your pathway agenda right now. They're laying the bricks.

00:57:07--> 00:57:20

They're just building away for the past hour. That's all they've been doing. building their own agenda, making it easier, making it easier and making it easier. If that's the case, then should we want to make this journey small or make it longer?

00:57:22--> 00:57:32

Longer, right? No one should want this journey to be short. We should want it to be as long as possible. And it's interesting because every time someone comes to me and they say they want to study the DNA shift, how can I become

00:57:33--> 00:57:47

Shamsul ha noodle Budda Budda puja Scheffler shiz Alima Allah hospital how far off the grid even 100 Allah Sarani and Imam see UT and all of them she got all the Imams and our image together in nine months, inshallah.

00:57:49--> 00:58:27

Everyone wants nine months, our attitude to studying the deen has become our attitude to food. We all want Taco Bell food drive thru. No one wants to go inside and enjoy the meal anymore. There's no more thoughtful eating. There's a concept these days discussed, you'll find out on forums and discussions, that one of the easiest ways for a person to lose lose weight. If you want to lose weight and control your portions in eating is what they call thoughtful eating. What that means is when you're eating, you cut off all distractions, no phone, no TV, you just focus on your food. It's not some kind of a maraca or anything, it's just you just focus, appreciate the food, appreciate the

00:58:27--> 00:59:07

flavors and the food, you know, appreciate the people that are eating the food with and they see when you appreciate the food. It has an impact on your experience with the food. And rather than mindlessly just jamming food into your mouth, you end up enjoying and appreciating the food that you have. Okay. So you what you do is you have to learn to appreciate the process of seeking. And if you were to go to my body and say I have the perfect project, you can learn to hit a body in one year. Human body would say I hope this book over 20 years. And you're telling me someone figured out how to teach this book to someone who has never studied a lick of Arabic in their life, and study the

00:59:07--> 00:59:40

whole book and understand everything that I wrote in nine months. Remember Hollywood lol at us. He was laugh at us because it's a laughable thing. Unfortunately, don't try to cut corners when seeking knowledge. You should look for the longer path. That's what sort of not students we want. We don't want people to cut corners. We want you to study the longer way. Look for the longest approach. I'll never forget this. I used to study in a I studied in many others. There was one particular institution study that there are linear program was nine years. How many years?

00:59:42--> 00:59:43

Nine years.

00:59:45--> 00:59:59

I didn't end up finishing off my Alinea there actually I didn't study my on the other at all. I went to another institution in the UK and it didn't matter to me either. My Allah Mia took me seven years, plus two more years for specializing so it was nine years. I remember reading

01:00:00--> 01:00:35

met I remember meeting one of the teachers from that first institution during Hutch. And I met him he sent me over saying, How are you doing? It's been a long time. How's everything going? And I said Schiff, 100. Other well, he said, What are you doing? I said, I'm studying at an institution. He said, what kind of program? Do they have that sort of hamdulillah it's my seventh year and Alinea program. He said a seven year program got a cop out is that he should have laughing him Makita nod. He was laughing He was like, bawling is like a seven year program. Haha, we're gonna joke is that and have to explain that the reason why I was a seven year program is because they cut up two years

01:00:35--> 01:00:51

a fallacy. fallacy was a part of the data centers on the curriculum, you study Persian. So I said in the in the British that said Islamic curriculum, all institution has all institutions have removed, they removed Farsi. And because Persian is not no longer part of the curriculum. They brought it down from

01:00:53--> 01:01:04

to nine to seven years. And he said, Without pharmacy or do an RV, all together, what kind of animal do you have? I'm worried about you guys. And I thought to myself, Oh, man.

01:01:06--> 01:01:11

Because now I think about it. And I'm looking around me and I'm seeing the programs that are happening.

01:01:12--> 01:01:50

The shrinking and they're shrinking. Someone has shown me a flyer the other day of some sort of an online audit program that occurs over the weekends. You know, one class a week. Now I understand some institutions are creating these opportunities for people because they're struggling. And I appreciate those institutions by the way, Allah reward them for finding a way to facilitate and present into the masses, because not everyone can take seven years, nine years, 15 years or whatever, how many ever years your program is. But we as a students, we should desire to lengthen the program that should army that should be our desire. If we see someone teaching in two weeks, and

01:01:50--> 01:02:21

another person is teaching the same subject over two months, which one should you desire, guys, the two month one, there'll be more detail there are more context here. It'll be at a slower pace, giving me a more chance to bring into practice what I'm learning. As you are studying knowledge, there are a group of angels and construction workloads. That's my little intro Raj my audition and all they're doing is they're working day and night. As you're sitting here building that pathway to agenda for you. The scholars have a disc discussion what does it mean?

01:02:23--> 01:02:30

That they will make the pathway easy for him sal Allahu Allah will be heated you find it is another Allah will make the pathway of gender easy. What does that mean?

01:02:31--> 01:02:43

So some scholars say you're already Danica and Allah you saw him in a holy grail Mallory Talamo. Some scholars they say what that means is, Allah will make it easy for that person to understand that

01:02:44--> 01:02:48

Allah will facilitate Allah will make it easy. What do some scholars say that means?

01:02:49--> 01:02:53

Allah will make it easy for that person to understand that

01:02:55--> 01:02:59

second thing some scholars because sometimes you'll read a subject and it's really hard.

01:03:00--> 01:03:13

But Allah subhanahu wa Tada from His Divine Mercy opens up that very difficult thing and were able to understand it. This is the this healing that's why if you're ever studying something and you get stuck and you can't understand it, stop,

01:03:14--> 01:03:55

make dua thrombocythemia Alma actually stop send Salawat we dropped visiting Ilma Subhanallah Iman, lemma alum tena Frobisher, he saw the way Siddeley Emery wa halacha Melissa NIF Tonkolili Salawat. And then we go back to studying it again. Allah subhanho wa Taala we'll open it for you Inshallah, that difficult not will open up, Allah will open it up for you. The second interpretation, some scholars saying what you wrote or even an Allah you and Allah ha you Yes, zero we thought it would only be the possibility he was ALLAH he and in Tifa are we? Well, I will be moved along. Allah will make it easy for him meaning Allah will make the knowledge, the practice upon that knowledge easy

01:03:55--> 01:04:01

for him. Allah will make the practice easy for that person. The third opinion the scholars are seeing

01:04:03--> 01:04:27

this heel and what that means is Allah will physically make something easy for him what that physical ease is, Allah subhanahu Matata will make crossing this raft, the Sirat the bridge, the bridge, that we will all have to cross somebody's judgment. Wait a minute, Camilla worry to have the bridge every human being will have to cross in the Judgment. Allah will facilitate the crossing of that bridge on the Day of Judgment. Amina Oberon, I mean,

01:04:28--> 01:04:56

there are many narrations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding the virtue of m and Allah. And that in itself is a lecture series and I won't spend too much time on it. However, I will share one or two narrations and what Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as narrated about anastomotic with your loved one in the method or the amount you fill out of the car methylene Mudumalai sama at the parallel the example of scholars in the earth is like the example of the stars in the sky. You have to be happy the romantic battery well bar

01:04:57--> 01:04:59

they are used for guidance

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

In the darkness, while in the land and oceans and the seas for even Thammasat in the June, Osaka and toddlerhood that when the light from the star is extinguished and lost, then you will be misguided. When a person is sailing a ship, and they're out there, they're you know, they're in the middle of the ocean and they don't have anything to look at in the sky anymore. How will they navigate themselves? If it's constantly cloudy? How will they know which way to go? It's so cloudy that they can't see the sun they can't see the stars you know the sun is a star they can't see anything. Where are they going to go they won't be able to go anywhere they will be lost.

01:05:41--> 01:06:22

The scholars there's another narration of love and I'm gonna be honest with you Allah one narrated by Imam hottie any Muslim, the virtue and importance of scholars. In Allah Allah you have to believe in desire and yet as a woman salute in us, Allah will not lift knowledge from this world by plucking it out of the hearts of people. While I can yet be the who will top the Annamma rather Allah will lift knowledge from this world by taking away the scholars faith alum Yep, Tolman, a time will come where there will be no scholar that from the face of this earth. It's the fallenness who whose jehlen People will take the ignorant as their leaders for Sue those ignorant people will be asked

01:06:22--> 01:06:35

questions for after obey the layman. They will give answers without having any knowledge for all new one Do they themselves will be misguided and they will misguide others. Does that sound familiar to you guys?

01:06:36--> 01:06:38

Does that sound familiar to you?

01:06:40--> 01:07:06

Sure, that's to me, because I've seen it happen nonstop. You know, on a ma have left us Do you have I have taken the seat? People are asking them the people who don't have realm don't have the modesty the decency to say I don't know. You know, if someone were to ask me that, you know, is this lump on my back? cancerous? Or my answer you guys?

01:07:08--> 01:07:27

I will say that's cancer. I'm just kidding. I wouldn't say that. I would say I don't know. You know, WebMD will give you a better answer than I would. And WebMD doesn't give good answers. So you can you get an idea of how horrible my answer would be. It's meaningless. If I went around giving people medical advice what what happened to the world

01:07:28--> 01:07:55

like zombie apocalypse would happen like the world was collapsing and crumble in the sea but allow an alien idea to happen. If I were to start getting started getting my medical advice, the whole Ummah would stand together and make dua to Allah stop him. And that's how we should ask Allah to protect us from Jehovah giving fatwa ignorant people giving fatwa, they cause more harm than imaginable not only to their harm people in the world, but also in the hereafter.

01:07:56--> 01:08:32

Hustle and bustle government Allahu Allah says Allah a more a man knowledge is of two types. I didn't want to either listen fidelity Bahujan Allahu Allah and the Adam, were able to call for that he can hear now that is of two types. The first knowledge is that what only what's that which is on the tongue of the person, that's it, not in the heart, it's only on the tongue, you know the information. That's a HUD job Allah against you. Allah will use that as a proof against you on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask you did you not know? And because you had expressed that knowledge with your tongue in the world? Your answer will be yes, Allah I didn't know. But since you are

01:08:32--> 01:09:05

practicing it, it will be Hoja of Allah against you. It will be a proof of Allah against you. That's why the Scholars don't carry just a responsibility. They carry a mountain of a burden on their shoulder. You know, Mama goes out of whack with Allah Yachty say it said May destruction be for the ignorant person once because he didn't learn. Like I was busy he didn't learn may destruction come upon in one time. Wave ninja heavy marathon Wahida. While why even did a Alimi Alpha Murat that made destruction come to the scholar 1000 times?

01:09:06--> 01:09:44

Because he knew and he didn't practice? Why do we have scholars who divorce themselves from practice and conveniently saying that my belief is and not talk a lot. And I've heard this with my ears, unfortunately, that all I do is teach. But I don't practice when we have people making statements like this, then no, the piano is near. Because the Prophet of Allah spoke about such people as the Allama su scholars are corruption, evil people, scholars of evil. And if our scholars and Imams and leaders are not practicing the deen, then who are we supposed to look up to? Who's supposed to be a role model?

01:09:45--> 01:09:59

Yes, they're human beings and we're human beings. Yes, we shouldn't go look for their flaws. But there are them I have a responsibility of living a life that's dignified. That's honorable, that meets the months of of Ebola because we are the what are thought of

01:10:00--> 01:10:16

Ambia we are the heirs of the prophets, every one of us that carries and we are all ears of the prophets. And there is an honor that goes with that a responsibility that goes with that position. And we must learn to live with that honor and to fulfill that position that we are standing in.

01:10:18--> 01:10:26

Remember the heavy rock with Melania Ali, he shares a very beautiful incident in the terma in the biography of our weapons with other weapons of aid

01:10:28--> 01:10:31

is the grandson of Abu Bakr Siddiq, Guardiola one

01:10:32--> 01:10:39

other weapons away, is the grandson of Abu Bakr Siddiq radiola one his mother's name was a smart bint Abu Bakr

01:10:42--> 01:10:50

Yes, that's not many people could correct her his father is from the ashram Bashara. Zubaydah will have one or the alarm dialogue

01:10:52--> 01:11:06

or weapons will be remember Have you ever to lie however, he wasn't as happy. His older brother Abdullah was his hobby Abdullah bin Zubaydah was so heavy on Robins debate was not just a hobby. So remember that. Under his biography, he writes

01:11:08--> 01:11:48

If stemma are Hua were Mossad, WA Abdullah Kulu, whom abenaah Howery Rasulullah sallallahu ala from the parks that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said for every for every prophet there, there is a howdy and my howdy my helper, my disciple, my neighbor is Zubaydah. I want these three were all the sons of Zubaydah, the Allah one of Philippians of eight most often zoom in and Ottawa, Pennsylvania. All three of them were one day sitting together, while Mr. Hill my beloved Nama and along with them was Abdullah, but I'm gonna be a long one. So there were four of them together. First of all, filial Kaaba. They gathered together in the shade of Aqaba, they were all sitting very close to the Kaaba,

01:11:48--> 01:11:57

all three of them, all four of them. So all time All Star lineup, they were all sitting in the shade of the Kaaba. They said, Let's make a dua to Allah.

01:11:58--> 01:12:02

Every person who will make one law and the others will say I mean, the other green

01:12:05--> 01:12:14

Faqad Abdullah Abdullah bin Zubaydah, the Allahu Allah made dua at the Mendel sedessa. And make dua to Allah that I made the Khalifa

01:12:16--> 01:12:17

for call me they also

01:12:18--> 01:12:29

call a Musab at Amana, Mr Rotella Iraq I pray to Allah that I am granted the amount of leadership in Iraq for call I mean they all sit I mean

01:12:30--> 01:12:35

for call or to debate at Amanda yet for the NASA Lima Mini

01:12:36--> 01:12:42

or weapons obey said I wish that I can spread the name of this deep they all said I mean

01:12:46--> 01:12:58

whatever and then a vlog and I'm going to the vlog on set when he's trying to come to make dua at Taiwan and Murphy Ramita Lightoller I just want Allah's forgiveness. And everyone said I mean

01:12:59--> 01:13:01

if I'm gonna have you don't have to lie Ali continues on by saying

01:13:03--> 01:13:37

but not a kilowatt at the minimum AMITA who finally Abdullah Al Khalifa, when Allah Musa and we die on Iraq, when out of Ottawa, general Hadith, gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle amo Hadith all three of them got what they want. I'm loving Savannah became the Khalifa Musab in Samara became the Valley of Iraq and later on he was martyred as well. Like his older brother Abdullah was martyred and other weapons Aveda the Allah one, not a Hema holla became one of the greatest money soon. You'll hear his name regularly when we read Hadith and there was

01:13:39--> 01:14:18

an afternoon Bring it on. He says whenever Julio Abdullah having a corner for the now that will meet only at the whoever asked for Abdullah bin Amara. He said I only want Allah's forgiveness. So we hope that Allah accepted there's those three and there are the laws. So we have hope that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada also accepted that the love of the love and I'm going to the Allah one and Allah azza wa jal grandson forgiveness. When we go to seek knowledge, it's important to have proper as difficult as it may be. This is a very sore discussion, because people don't like being taught other. It's very important that when you seek now that you have proper other proper manner, go back

01:14:18--> 01:14:33

to how do you think you're pretty good at the beginning of your mom, no. Lawyer, there's a vein with great Adam. He sat with respect. He asked the prophets of Allah while he was set on respectful questions, the way he dressed, everything was so respectful, proper Adam is important. They say bah got Varanasi

01:14:34--> 01:14:58

panacea. The one who has good etiquette will be granted a great portion. A lot of benefit. better benefits, even the one who doesn't have good etiquette will not have a good fortune. They want to have a great portion they won't gain a lot. have proper other for your teacher for your classroom for your island for the LMR who delivered this Diem to us. Don't be disrespectful.

01:14:59--> 01:15:00


01:15:00--> 01:15:13

be dismissive of them and their opinions. Learn to have other Waqar, this is for the people who deliver this Dean, who delivered this theme to us. There's a famous narration of Harun or Rashid, who was the famous

01:15:15--> 01:15:16

Abbas of Khalifa.

01:15:17--> 01:15:23

He came to Madina Munawwara with his two sons, Amin and Moon Amin and

01:15:25--> 01:15:27

the three of them came to Madina Munawwara together

01:15:30--> 01:15:31

sorry this

01:15:37--> 01:15:39

the three of them came to Madina, Munawwara together.

01:15:41--> 01:15:46

When they arrived in Madina, Munawwara they came to Imam Malik Rahmatullah YALI.

01:15:47--> 01:15:53

And he said, Actually, no, sorry, let me start again. How did you receive came to Madina, Munawwara with his two sons, Amin and Mahmoud.

01:15:55--> 01:16:09

When they arrived in Medina, there was a house dedicated to the Royals and visitors was a very nice prestigious place to stay, how to negotiate settled in there and he sent someone

01:16:11--> 01:16:14

to send a message to Imam Malik that Haroon Rashid is in town.

01:16:16--> 01:16:23

His two sons are here and they would like for you to come and read the mulata to the two sons of the Khalifa.

01:16:25--> 01:16:36

So if a medical hula Haley read it, read them heard the message, read the letter. He responded back. He said for Jabba who Malik in the liberal elite He will.

01:16:37--> 01:16:56

He wrote a letter back to Harmon sheet. He said people come to knowledge, knowledge doesn't come to people. So if you want to learn, you want to study the motto. I'm not coming to you. You'd be the Khalifa anyone. This is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it has honored, come here and sit respectfully. Then we will give you a

01:16:59--> 01:17:09

follow Maha rule and the human body and your habit. How rulership realize that it was probably more appropriate that he went to Imam Malik now, for Jawaharlal innovative Malik,

01:17:10--> 01:17:14

where he came from the house of mathematical Huhtamaki Ali

01:17:15--> 01:17:24

for what are the giardia? The step vino LA who Allah Malik so he saw a servant there. He sought permission from her to meet

01:17:25--> 01:17:26

imala Rahmatullahi

01:17:29--> 01:17:32

PhotoFiltre in the lab will stop ta li he Phil even

01:17:34--> 01:17:59

she told him she told her she'd wait at the door someone like the Khalifa do you make them wait would you call them inside? Call them inside give them a nice seat honor and respect him. She said no you wait here. She went inside to seek permission. Now even American ally ally didn't respond for a while. So what does how does she drink? He's waiting outside. Somebody Nola who finally Malik gave me permission.

01:18:00--> 01:18:15

For Carla how to Mahalaya Malik Salam Naka from Tata Elena. That what is this? On my Malik we saw your permission and you made us wait outside. You didn't respond you didn't come meet me and then on top I came to me You You made me wait outside.

01:18:16--> 01:18:25

Which NACA for Jaime spinna Allah Barbic we came to your door you made us wait outside of you imprison us at your door. You made us wait there. Thought about my mother come to Dallas. Yes.

01:18:26--> 01:18:39

Hello, Tony. Well, Jeff Tucker and dilemma Utah la he was a Yeti. You told me to come and I give you a clear answer. People come to knowledge now this doesn't go to people. The thirsty will always go to the well the world will never come to you.

01:18:41--> 01:19:12

Which attorney valium to Americanum tarried duniya wala Jahan wala Mansa in number 22. Hadith Rasulillah. Far above to enter the hay and the Hadith Rasulullah foster son to was taught to us in a theory. He said, When you came to my door, I realized that you didn't come for some worldly talk because you already have enough for the world and I don't have any of the world. You came to study the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I went, I took a bath, and I put the best of my clothes on so that I can present the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to you.

01:19:13--> 01:19:19

So have you ever seated Okay, that's awesome. Come on. Let's start reading the call the southern side. He said the mathematic start reading.

01:19:20--> 01:19:27

SAVE AMERICA Huntelaar here it said in the Harvard Law you'll follow several. This knowledge isn't studied secret.

01:19:28--> 01:19:44

If you want to study this hurdler, she said Omada today, what do you mean by that? It's not that he's benefited from secretly. He said Phil must be the man I thought about him in. If you want to study this Deen, there are no private sessions you will come to the masjid and sit in the public gathering with everyone.

01:19:46--> 01:19:48

For Alima who Dharma Harun

01:19:49--> 01:19:59

the servants of how to intercede came to know and what are several could see and feel mercy the Khalifa. They went to the masjid and they put a nice pompous chair in the mosque.

01:20:00--> 01:20:09

For him to sit on during him on mallex does. For Jaya Malika emsg The literacy for what are the family photographer Cusi when nurserymen holy

01:20:11--> 01:20:22

save America, Lucha Ali saw that the Khalifa is sitting on this nice pompous, throne like chair while everyone else is sitting on the ground anymore Malik himself is sitting on the ground and he's going to teach from the ground.

01:20:24--> 01:20:51

See my medical hotline any further Hadith who hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. He started off by praising Allah and sending salatu salam ala Rasulillah and the prophets of Allah and he said to me my Malik, la he started narrating Hadith. He started off by saying, Bala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam month Awada Allah Allah He Rafa who law whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will elevate him.

01:20:52--> 01:20:58

Well, when it's a Kabara and wherever is arrogant, what Allah Allah will drop him humiliate him

01:21:00--> 01:21:01

for Allah Maha rune

01:21:02--> 01:21:06

and the fourth one man, how Allah Rashid immediately realized that he was

01:21:08--> 01:21:11

the intent behind that particular Hadith.

01:21:13--> 01:21:24

He then ordered his men to remove this quasi magenta Santa Ana, and he sat down with people. And then and only then that email Malik Rahmatullahi Alia, agreed and Eric, how do you do the opposite a lot of stuff.

01:21:26--> 01:21:28

After he saw proper other than the classroom,

01:21:29--> 01:22:02

if there was no other, there was no Hadith that was going to be narrated. We should also understand this, you know, people ask me this question all the time, that I listen to podcasts, you know, while I'm traveling, what are your thoughts about listening to that, um, I know we class while I'm driving. But I say you can do it if you can give it your attention. But if you're going to be all over the place, texting with your phone, driving with one hand, eating a burger with the other hand, fixing your hijab with a third hand, putting on makeup on the fourth hand, you know doing all these big budget things and you're listening to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

01:22:03--> 01:22:05

then that's bad. That's not how you study.

01:22:06--> 01:22:23

When you sit and study Hadith, you have to study it with proper respect. Pepper other at the bow and for some of us have tokoloshe colada telepaths and Allahu alayhi wa sallam continues on the Hadith mentions the virtue of reading the Quran and doing vicar in the house of Allah.

01:22:24--> 01:22:58

feeble Eugene Irvin Allahu unthought of our let's cut off Yasmin. The houses of Allah were made to thicker and to read the Quran when you want to read the Quran individually read it individually, individually. You want to read it collectively do it collectively. The scholars have discussed here Roger Muhammad in particular brings the discussion. Hi, my nautical Huntington Learning Ally was not in favor of the Quran being read collectively as a team together. And that has been Monica de la one actually referred to it as a bit out. Those opinions are there. But there are the scholars who said that if that's what's going to motivate people to read, then sit together and read it. sit together

01:22:58--> 01:23:20

into the code of Allah. But do the vicar this is what this house was made for. These houses were not made for politics, the Messiah, they were not made for worldly talk. The Messiah, they were not made for your gossip for you to sit here and just chit chat. You want to socialize there's a place for that outside of the masjid of Allah was built for what made for what?

01:23:21--> 01:23:58

For the thicket of Allah subhanaw taala for remembering Allah. And when a group of people sit in them in the masjid like we are right now to remember Allah to discuss the Hadith of the Prophet of Allah to read the either the Quran to engage in the in the study of the deen, what do we do this? I kid you not. And I'm saying this with every every fiber of Eman that I have in me. Every empty spaces here around this is occupied by angels. This is the promise of the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam. There are some angels who Allah has appointed who just roamed the earth looking for gatherings like this. And when they find them, they immediately start rushing and everyone

01:23:58--> 01:24:08

starts texting. They Angel start texting each other guys found one file and found one. They start tweeting everywhere guys found the gathering until all the angels gather very quickly. And they all arrive in this Masjid.

01:24:09--> 01:24:35

Every right next to you in front of you behind you there are angels everywhere. And they pile up upon one another until they reach the heavens that Allah subhanaw taala asks, even though he already knows what's going on here, and they say yeah, Allah, there are servants here who are remembering you. And Allah says what are they asking for? Ya Allah, they're asking for Jana. Allah says, Have you even seen Jenna? They say Allah? No, they haven't seen Jim, have you seen Jim?

01:24:36--> 01:24:41

No, we haven't seen it. Allah says Have they seen Jana? Do you think they would be more vigorous and asking?

01:24:42--> 01:24:59

more energetic when asking? They see Allah Yes. That Allah says what are we seeking protection from? The angels say Allah, they are seeking protection for the fire of Allah Almighty and I'm gonna know Allah protect us. And Allah says, have they seen the fire of hell? They said No, they haven't seen the fire of Allah says Have they seen that?

01:25:00--> 01:25:17

Out of how do you think they will put more energy more vigor into asking protection from the fire though? What did they say in return? But of course they will. Allah says, then go and tell them I have given them Jana and I have given them freedom from the fire and

01:25:18--> 01:25:20

the angels that have sent a messenger of Allah

01:25:22--> 01:25:32

fie him Philately submit him in the magic Alhaji written there's one person in there in the group who didn't really come to attend the lecture he came because his friend dragged him along.

01:25:33--> 01:25:35

She came because her friend needed a ride.

01:25:37--> 01:26:15

You know that person who really wasn't supposed to be there and just ended up there. Allah subhanahu wa Tada says, Hola, Janessa hula, your spa journey so whom that is such a blessing gathering, that even if a person is there by coincidence, or by mistake, or even with their wrong intention, that person will be forgiven as well. That's the virtue of the majority syndicate the gatherings of May Allah subhanho wa Taala always keep us in these gatherings. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day came to the masjid a group of companions were sitting together he asked them what are you doing here? They said jealous not enough good Allah azza wa jal wanama Do who live in Lima Hidalgo

01:26:15--> 01:26:43

Islam, Amanda, Elena V, that we've seen. We've sat here to remember Allah to thank him for guiding us to Islam and for all the favors that he showered upon us. The prophets of Allah who it was, ah, love imaginista Camila Dalek. By Allah there's nothing else that you're sitting here except for that. Are you just here for the remembrance of Allah? Is that all that's gathered together? On July Allahumma? Angela Sama, Illa Derek, this messenger of Allah that's all that we've gathered here for only one thing.

01:26:45--> 01:26:54

In lamp ista live welcome little hermit in Lacan in the whole attorney Jibreel of botany and Allah Tala Yuba, he becoming melodica.

01:26:55--> 01:27:03

I'm just here to tell you, that at this moment, Allah is boasting in front of the angels and is so proud of you right now. Allah is so proud of you,

01:27:05--> 01:27:06

that you fulfill the reason why he created

01:27:08--> 01:27:12

and when He created you, the angels? They said, Yeah, you know,

01:27:13--> 01:27:38

Allah keeps telling the angels to go and find modalities and thicker. Allah asks the angels what's going on, even though he already knows why the Scholars they see the reason is because it was these very same angels who objected to the creation of the human being in the first place. And Allah's response was in the island marathon. And when I know about this human, well, you don't know. And then when the angels see us in these gatherings, Allah is so proud because we fulfill the purpose of our creation by being in these gatherings.

01:27:40--> 01:27:48

This is a testimony you may not realize it. You sitting here through this lecture is a testimony that your heart carries the love of Allah that

01:27:49--> 01:27:59

otherwise you wouldn't be sitting here. There are so many other things that you could be doing right now. Rather than spending this evening with me with the words of the Prophet of Allah, in this Masjid.

01:28:00--> 01:28:42

You may not give yourself enough props, but I can testify on your behalf. In sha Allah, there is love for Allah and that a suit in the hearts of every person sitting here as far as these words can go and know that your Lord helped us our Sani elderly Hassan Al Jazeera Omen Jensen Allah when you give something to Allah Allah will give you that back and if you give love to Allah you think your Allah will let you hang you think he'll abandon you? You think your Allah won't show Wafaa and won't give you his love in return? haha How blind can a person be your Allah will surely come through. And you being here is a testimony of our love and our economic law.

01:28:44--> 01:29:09

The scholars have written regarding that but they can I won't go into them. There are too many. The scholars have also written on the other 15 I will put on I won't go through them again too many. I will give some references no email no we'll get on with ALLAH he only has a famous book on some of the other of the Quran, called Octavia and similarly elevate Oh, he has a book on the other of tilava which he has gathered in a Mazuma in some lines of poetry. It's a very beautiful

01:29:10--> 01:29:24

poem. Maybe Allah gives me life and Sophia actually want to make a lecture series in class out of that, where we can go through that one Luma and the adab of Judah with the Quran and the etiquettes of reading the Quran is very beautiful and sweet. Similarly to the

01:29:27--> 01:29:44

Imam ought to be an officer, of course the grandma hula Hakata, the great master and scholar of Cordoba, and Mufasa. In his in his seat he has written listed almost 30 adab of the Quran, almost how many almost 30 either from the Quran.

01:29:45--> 01:30:00

Those can be read there. The hadith starts or finishes off by saying and the one whose lineage hold the one whose deeds have held him back, his lineage will not take him forward. What that means is don't think don't fool your

01:30:00--> 01:30:13

myself and think that somehow because I come from a pious family, I'm going to be in a better place than the next guy over. If you have been lazy because of your deeds, your lineage isn't taking you anywhere. It's not taking you anywhere.

01:30:14--> 01:30:17

In Allah Tala rotable Jessa Allah.

01:30:19--> 01:30:59

Allah has promised to reward based on actions not based on lineage. Allah azza wa jal says and Sudan will be known for either Luffy officer Fela and Sabino homeodomain there will be no longer in your lineage on the Day of Judgment, it won't matter whose son you are, whose brother you are, whose wife you are, whose husband you are, whose father you are, these things will matter to Allah Subhanallah without and you couldn't live very minimum Yama, Eden Shipman, you will need every person will want to be themselves they won't care about the next person. Next enough, see every person will be worried about me and me I don't care about the next person I can't help you in any way. If it was

01:30:59--> 01:31:00

whether the alar Han says

01:31:01--> 01:31:19

Allah subhanahu wa thought I will command yet Motorola who was stood on the lower command for the bridge on the day of judgment for you available on Jahannam and it will be placed over the fire of how this is the bridge that will connect people from the plane of judgment to gender and underneath this bridge will be the fire of hell

01:31:20--> 01:31:28

for your Moodle Masada Kataria, Maddie him, Zuma Zuma people will cross the bridge in groups based on their deeds.

01:31:29--> 01:32:17

A lot you know whom Kalam Hilbert the first group of them will be like the speed of lightning. So my commodity then a group of them a pass by like the passing of when somebody come up with played and then a group of passed by like the passing of Burt's sama come over and behind, and then a group of passed by and like the beast and animals passed by quickly. So mahkamah thought hum hatha yoga mudra Raju, Sian, and then people will pass by like they are running like the running of a human. Suma, will hatha yoga mudra Raju, Masha, or Masha and then people will pass by not running but they will be slowly walking Hata Euro hero whom Yet Allah yet alive balaclava botany until the last person

01:32:17--> 01:32:23

will be this rolling on his stomach. It will be on that bridge slowly just dragging himself on his stomach.

01:32:24--> 01:32:52

For your tool we are OB Lima TV, he will say Hola, why have you slowing me down? Those guys were going so fast. For your guru, Allah subhanaw taala will say in Milan, in Milan, big in number of taka in our upto be calm and look, I did not slow you down. It was your deeds that slow you down. Your deeds will be the fuel of how quick you will cross that bridge on the Day of Judgment.

01:32:55--> 01:33:04

The poet says And I'll close with this llama rock mill in Santa in la vida de ferrata to look at Taqwa ethical in all unnecessary.

01:33:05--> 01:33:09

He takes an oath now I'm Rob and buy your life.

01:33:10--> 01:33:12

Mal in Santa Elizabeth.

01:33:13--> 01:33:44

What value does a human being hold other than his religion? What is a human being without his religion? fell out that took a tequila. So never abandoned tequila never abandon your personal intimate relationship with Allah in the Karlon Island Mississippi, relying on your lineage that I come from a lineage of pious people righteous people. Photographer al Islam Salman afar Listen, for indeed Islam has raised some modern Farsi. Does he have any lineage to be proud of

01:33:48--> 01:33:58

*a Rafael in lithographer al Islam some manifests in his forefathers were fire worshippers restaurants, bottled water are Sudoku, a Sharpie about the hobby

01:33:59--> 01:34:04

and the ship of the wretched Abdullah have dropped him down.

01:34:05--> 01:34:45

He had some needs to be proud of, of the metallic Hashem after MODAF will say Kyla, these are all great people. But in front of Allah because of his ship, his deeds left him behind his valuables left behind. So the model Farsi his deeds took them ahead, his valuables lifted with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. This hadith closes off with a very powerful reflection point. That if you want to do something in your life, do it now. Go help a brother that struggling. You see someone that has a big calamity in their life. Help them get out of it. Allah will help you get out of your calamities in there after you see someone struggling go and help them. You see someone's flaw, cover their flaw.

01:34:46--> 01:34:59

You see that they know someone is in need go and help them Allah will be in your favor. Allah will help you Allah will assist you your Lord will be there to help you. As long as you are helping someone. You want to do something good

01:35:00--> 01:35:40

Want to seek knowledge, you want to do something, go and do the kind of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Go read the Quran in the masjid. And ultimately, if your deeds do not take you forward, there's nothing else that's taking you forward. These are the deeds that you need to bring into life. You know, when you have proper knowledge, the Hadith mentioned the virtue of knowledge. When a person has proper knowledge, they will be inspired to vicar. They will be inspired to do travel to the Quran, they will want to be contributors to society at large. So I close with this by reminding you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not live a selfish life. He lived his selfless life. His life was

01:35:40--> 01:36:23

dedicated to other people. It was always in the service of other people, even the laws he made. Even the simple fact that He gave His day his night everything was for the Ummah it was for other people. And that's where you see his mcommerce Look at me, welcome to the alarm, I'm gonna do all these other, they live selfless lives, assisting and helping other people. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to go and be in the help of others, that we are able to help others that ALLAH inspires us with knowledge that is beneficial, that He preserves our hearts and inspires our hearts to live with tequila. And that tequila is what guides us to agenda in the hereafter and that our

01:36:23--> 01:36:38

deeds not leave us behind. Rather they run with us forward so that we are proud and successful and are able to cross the bridge with the first group who will pass by at the speed of lightning will set a law that says I'm humbled. Sit down when you come around with the light