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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, he was happy to mine, my beloved brothers and sisters. Yesterday there was a picture of me getting the sinopharm vaccine.

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And there were a lot of comments and a lot of people had a lot to say, number one,

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I did not tell anyone to take the vaccine and I did not tell anyone not to take the vaccine. I simply showed myself taking the vaccine.

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And the reason obviously, there is a lot that happens. Look, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah created us. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has asked us to do so many things, Allah has kept within us a certain capacity, and certain strength and certain ability to a certain extent, by his permission, by his power, by his knowledge by his allowance. And he wants us to us that in order to achieve whatever we believe is beneficial for us in this world and for the ohana. So you cannot sit back and say I will go to Gemini, if Allah has written it for me, or I won't go if he won't, which is a true statement. But the sit back part of it is what would be foolish. So while we do know that only what Allah has

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ordained would actually happen, we must realize that Allah wants us to do certain things like we're taught so many times to tie the camel and then lay your trust in Allah. were taught so many times to actually lock your door and then say I lay my trust in Allah. Look for a job and then ask Allah to open the doors. And so on you go out in order to earn sustenance, you come back with what Allah has written for you, but you don't just sit back relax and say, Well, if Allah has written it for me, then that's okay. So the Quran is full of examples where Allah tells us and laserline in sunny la masa, you know, man will not be achieving anything besides that which he worked towards worked for,

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whether it is in the hereafter or in this world. And at the end of the day, Allah can stop or block and Allah can allow or give anything or everything. Now, there are so many news outlets out there so much happening so much that he said, one would expect that people would read thoroughly, not from any source. You can't just pick up something from the social media and start believing things. You know, so many people died because of this. People became zombies. People started learning Chinese or they knew Chinese simply as a result of them having been vaccinated. People, they became this and that there is a lot of fake news out there to be very honest, there are so many people cracking

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jokes in a realistic way such that in a way that it seems real. And people think that this is actually the reality now,

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people were asking me, why did you do that? You know, Isn't it hard on my brother, my sister, I am not pro being vaccine for nothing, not at all. And I am a person who would study, check deeply read consult, and having access to a cross section of people, talk to them and see how best things can work and so on. And make sure that you lead by proper example and I don't give a damn what people have to say after that about me. It's okay. So, personally,

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when we I was born and raised in Zimbabwe from birth, I was vaccinated with whatever vaccines we had to be vaccinated with that which was voluntary. We didn't take it that which we had to take we took so be it the BCG at some point the TB boost and the TB at some point the cholera at some point the measles at some point of meningitis when I would lived in Saudi Arabia almost every year for Hajj, they gave us those vaccines I've been throughout my life. I've had so many. And so the way that works is the old classical way of vaccination. Now, there is a whole lobby against vaccines. I'm not ready to fight with them because I'm not a lobbyist. But I'm telling you from my own studies and

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from an Islamic perspective, there's nothing hot I'm absolutely harami people say this poor commit nonsense. There's fetuses in it nonsense. There is alcohol in it rubbish. There is this that is nonsense. That is actually unfounded. You know that which people have just taken from the earth and air. And you know what, if you disagree, no problem, you have the right to disagree.

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I have checked things when something is made synthetically it is not considered from a pig or it is not considered from, for example, a fetus. I have enzymes in my belly, the same enzymes could be present in the bellies of animals. That doesn't mean that I'm taking an animal and drinking it's in my belly too. And sometimes I need a certain for example,

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components I need something within me to combat a certain thing medication. Why do we have medicine? Why do you have your cough mixtures your paracetamol and everything else? Why on earth? Do you have any medication your anti histamines, your anesthetics? For example? Be it local or general? Why do you even visit the hospital? Why do you go to the doctors? Why on earth? Do you have people who give you any form of medication? Why do you even have natural medication for what? Why are you having a lemon when you have? Why are you gargling with salt water and you have a sore throat? Right? rely on Allah? Come on? Why the lemon? I mean, don't you believe in Allah? Why do you eat to survive? Don't

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you believe in Allah? Why do you have food in your mouth? Do you not believe in Allah, you've become a non Muslim out of the villa, how could you eat something? Don't you rely on a lot to keep you alive? If death is gonna come to you, it's gonna come to you anyway, Come on, guys, you're gonna die. If Allah has written that for you. And if Allah has not written it for you, then you're not going to die. So why bother anything? I mean, you know, like I said, Why eat? Why? Why use garlic? tumeric? Why have anything and everything? For what? When the professor Salaam told us have black seed oil? Why did he say that? Did he not believe in Allah? Why on earth? Did he say have black seed

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oil when Allah is all powerful or evil? Why didn't he just rely on Allah and lay his trust on Allah without the black seed oil? Why did he actually when black seed oil has an element of chloroquine in it? And why that I mean, come on. So if someone took out the chloroquine and gave it to me separately, would it or would it not be permissible, my brothers and sisters, enough of all that, because part of belief in Allah is to do what he has asked you to do? In order to protect yourself to save yourself, you visit the doctor, you have your paracetamol, your amoxicillin, your zithromax, whatever else it may be, you know, you may you have to do whatever else that you have to as a human

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being asked those who've lost loved ones, like I told you so many people dying, and it's not like we're scared of death, death, I told you, I am probably ready in the sense that we are looking forward to the meeting with Allah at any time. That doesn't mean don't take precautions, that doesn't mean don't use your brain. That doesn't mean certain believe all sorts of, you know, conspiracy theories, like I told you, I've been vaccinated since I was a kid, all these vaccines, no one ever made a noise about it, there was always an anti vaccine lobby that was bubbling in the background. And there were some scholars who always believed you shouldn't, but those are the same

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scholars who have paracetamol, they have amoxicillin, they have so many other they have so many other medications, they visited the hospitals. So the same system that is offering them that health care has offered them this and they're taking part of it and not taking a part of it. And then they believe stories, you know, without proper education, without looking into it without having access to the experts who have made it without talking to those who are involved in the trials and whatever else it may be in a big way. So and then they think that you know, everyone has to become subservient to their opinions and their views. So a lot of do I went into it as the heart I went

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into it. Allah maneuvered it in such a way that I found myself doing something I hadn't initially planned to do. So I must make that clear that you know, I didn't plan to okay, right? You know what, I'm gonna do this and do the no

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without mentioning details of what exactly transpired Alhamdulilah thank Allah I found myself in a place where I this thing happened and I was vaccinated Mashallah diabolical. And I'm, I'm okay with it. Actually, people asking me what symptoms If anything, I have much more energy today than I had yesterday. If anything, I have absolutely no side effects. Nothing. I haven't felt anything. If anything, I'm feeling so much better. I not to say I was sick but re energized. You know? No, absolutely nothing. You know, I still don't know Chinese. I tried to say a few words, but I still don't know Chinese. And somehow a lot of people are saying Oh, long term this and that. I like I

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said, I've studied it. I chose not to go for the Pfizer moderner whatever the other ones which are based on the new generation vaccines that perhaps modify the RNA a little bit. I personally am not comfortable with that. I didn't go for that. Okay. But the original the old method of vaccination, which is utilized by some of the companies, I believe the Oxford one probably is still old school right?

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Which would be a good thing. And I also what I definitely do know the sign of farm one is old school. So what did you do? It did nothing I didn't even feel to be honest with you. I I barely felt the prick that went in right? The when the needle went in, and Subhanallah here I have people Oh Garfield Fassett, fargy lack of belief scholars for dollars whatever else Mashallah. Your statements are against you. My deed is for me, inshallah. And like I said, No one is trying to force or shove down anything, meaning anything down anyone's throats, you have to make sure you realize for yourself, you understand, watch out for fake news. People said so many people died, this person

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became a zombie that one became an animal. This one's become an alien, the government will control you there's a 5g chip in your in your throat is this? Do you realize all that is a load of rubbish, a load of rubbish total. And surprisingly, people with top brains actually believe that they actually believe that. So instead of fighting and arguing and disturbing, you're free to believe it. If you want to believe that, which according to me is untrue. You may believe it. But don't come and, you know, call us kuffar and call us other things and say this guy's a modern African, he's a hypocrite. And he's whatever else because to be very honest with you.

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There's no hypocrisy in that. If anything, I believe that we are responsible for what we do. I know of a lot of people, including some scholars, unfortunately, who who have promoted

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that people do not take precautions, because it's against belief in Allah. I tell them why do you drink water? Why do you even have paracetamol? Why do you ever have medication? Even if it is prophetic medication? Why on earth? Are you having it? Because according to you, even the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not have proper faith? Why did he rely on food to keep him alive? He should have relied on a lot to keep him alive. But Allah told you to eat the food. Why did he rely on certain medications? Like for example and the tip number three, the medication used by the process element taught by the sooner is well known so many things, you know, you have so much in

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that in the sooner but those people would probably have told the prophets Allah send them if he was here, that you know what your reliance on allies nil

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stokfella No wonder why we're living in such a time.

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So please, my brothers and sisters, I like I said, I'm not going to promote something. I'm not going to demote it. I'm going to tell you, and I wasn't going to say all of this, but I am prompted to say because there were too many people asking me too many questions. Too many people asking me too many questions. So I thought to myself, let me say something that would enlighten people to say Listen, you know, I'm not a fool. I know there are people in some countries still who say this is totally Haram, they want to control you, they want to do this to you, that your brain is going to become you know, shameless, and you're gonna become a person who's no longer believes in Allah and you're gonna

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do this and you know, they're gonna control this and that, are you watching too many sci fi movies, my beloved brother or my sister, and you listening to too much of that, which is fake, and you haven't Have you don't have access to Muslims who are involved in medicine, where some of these vaccines have been developed by Muslims, people who who are known I, I know of a lot of people and I have access to a lot of these people. And I've known of people who tell me Look, I'm involved in this and I can guarantee you there's nothing clandestine about this. There's nothing stupid about it. There's nothing untoward in this particular thing. So here we go. My brothers and sisters, I had

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the jab. I did yeah. Allah is the one who designed it and I'm honest with you, you may not know the entire detail of it but Allah is the one who designed it. And it's you know, it happened but right now I'm sitting here to be very fair and honest with you. no side effects no headaches, no this no that no nothing What Allah in hamdulillah mean and not even a flinch if anything, I had a beautiful sound night's sleep. And Mashallah Baraka Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of us and grant us ease and goodness. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala create for us the best May he eradicate, for us this particular disease, I want to say something,

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vaccine or no vaccine, if you're going to get the disease you will get it vaccine or no vaccine. If you're going to pass away you're going to pass away medication or no medication if death is written against you and nothing will stop it but you have to take your own precautions based on your own understanding of things based on your own level, be it medication that you consider herbal, or it might be pharmaceutical, or it might be otherwise. Based on all of that you have to make a decision and you are responsible in the eyes of Allah to take

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A few precautions this afternoon after Juma I set with a few of my brothers for lunch. And I told him brothers, let's be slightly responsible, we will actually either, you know, shake it we verbally say at Santa Monica, Monica Santa, but you can touch the hand, or you can have the arm, whatever else for now, I'm not going to shake the hand and, you know, they were good. But I'm thinking in the back of my mind that you know, there are Muslims who say no, it's Haram, you have to shake hands and you have to hug and let's assume that and you must, you know, eating rat which is prohibited in order to save your life can become permissible under certain circumstances. So to to abstain from

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something that is not foreign, but it's a sooner at a certain time when there is a proof and evidence that shows that you know, it could be it could it could be a means of spreading this virus. People say you're a disbeliever you don't believe in the sooner I believe fully in the sooner but you don't know the Sharia or you haven't thought about it all your emotions are driving you to say other things. Your emotions are driving you to say other things. Take it easy Relax, relax. That is not compulsory. Nobody said you have to I greet you by my mouth and I will respond to you by my Yes, I will do that because that's an opinion. But at the same time, is it compulsory to hug each other?

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Is it compulsory to shake hands and so on? The answer is it's not compulsory, every anyone will tell you so don't make it compulsory, especially at a time like this. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. The sad reality is there will always be a trade of words between people who differ in opinion, that it be respectful. When you're talking about someone be respectful. If you're talking about something like I said moments ago, you know what, it's a load of rubbish when people say you become a zombie, you become an animal, you start breathing, you know, you start barking and meowing and so on. Do you really believe that? So panela Another thing is sometimes people are exaggerating certain

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things to say. Oh so many people died because of this and so many people that some some of it is exaggerated. May Allah forgive us ground disease once again. I'm not promoting or demoting. I'm just telling you what happened.

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Aku colada Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.