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Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi divulges various pointers when it comes to the importance of family ties in Islam in relation to the Ayah from Surah An Nisa below where Allah says:

‘O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer.’

This Ayah clearly implores us to seek Taqwa in Allah through whom alone you are provided with worldly necessities. The providers of these necessities are more often than not one’s immediate family. Hence, it is of supreme importance and paramount that we take care of our family no strings attached. Just as are vigilant of the rights of Allah, so should we be aware and vigilant of the rights of the family.

Hence, it can be concluded that both go hand in hand and should be handled efficiently and effectively. Our family has a high status and importance, second to Allah. And within the family, the one whose rights supersedes everyone else’s is that of the parents.


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Alhamdulillah Muhammad ohana Stein ohana still fiddle. When Naruto Villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman sejati Nina manga de la bufala mobila. Woman you didn't move Allah Haji Allah wa shadow Allah in La la la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu humara pseudo. Yeah, you are Latina. I'm an otaku. La haka. toccata. wallet mo tuna Illa to Muslim moon.

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Yeah Johan nostril hora de como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha Weber Semin Houma de Jalan casiotone one Isa, what tapa la la de Tessa Luna v one or ham in the LA her con la cumbre Kiba.

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And we always begin our chutzpah with this ayah from Surah Nisa, and it is something that is from the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he would typically begin his sermons with. This whole battle hedger that is called and included in it is the first verse of suta Nisa and this verse goes as follows yeah yohannes Oh yeah, you're Latina woman. Oh, you believe it took a lot to RT fear Allah subhana wa Tada. It la fear Allah azza wa jal who created you from a single soul, and from that soul created its mate. And what Allah had lady Tessa, una de Waal Erhan fear of loss was repeated twice in the verse, Fear Allah, in whose name you ask each other for what you want. And

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also have Taqwa of Allah ham. What Allah hi lady Tessa Luna v one or ham. Now this idea has caused our scholars to try to interpret what does it mean that Allah is saying fear the ham? What are ham? What does it mean to have Taqwa of our ham and what is our ham? Our ham is the plural of Rahim. And Rahim translates as quite literally the womb. You call the womb of a woman you call it a Rahim. But of course, there is a deeper connotation, and that is the connotation of family. The connotation of family. The Arabic word for family, and for kinship is a Rahim from the word for room, because obviously, all members of a family, they go back to one person or one couple, every tribe, every

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group of cousins, and second cousins, and third cousins, eventually they all go back to one womb. And so the concept of family in Arabic comes from the word womb or Rahim, and Allah says in the Quran, have Taqwa of Allah, in whose names you ask things for and have Taqwa of our ham. What does it mean to have Taqwa over ham? Our scholars have said this verse can be understood in one of two ways. Number one, Allah is saying,

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have Taqwa of Allah,

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in whose name you ask people to give you things, meaning what you say I asked you by Allah helped me by Allah, I asked you to help me. And in the name of the family, you ask people to help you. So this means you will go to your brother, your cousin, you will say for the sake of family, we are brother, we are cousin, I need your help. So Allah is reminding that the family unit takes care of each other. Another interpretation is be conscious of the rights of a law and be conscious of the rights of the family, have Taqwa of Allah, and have Taqwa of the rights of the family. And both of these interpretations are valid in the origin. And what they imply is that the family has a pie privilege,

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second to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We all know in the Quran that Allah puts the rights of the parents after a lot this is true. But the reality is that the rights of the family come after the rights of a law and within the family, the parents have the most right so in the Quran, you will find verses that it's a lot and then the parents, but you will also find verses that is a lot and then the family and there's no contradiction, because who deserves the most amongst the family. It is the parents, for example, in sort of Bukhara Allah subhana wa tada says, way the hot Allahu mitaka Bani Israel, he remember when a lot took the covenant with the children of Israel in what was

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this covenant? What was this covenant that they worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and they'd be good to their parents would be the law.

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robots and their family, while your time and the orphans while masakan and the poor and sort of tennis are the exact same thing, why Buddha law, hawala, Tisha COVID. And webbing Why do they need a son and would be the corba? Well, Yama will Misaki. Well, Jerry, the horrible job he was taught at Belgium jump the same essential commandment that Allah has commanded you to worship Him alone. And don't associate partners with him, that would be good to your parents, and to the relatives, and the orphans and the poor, and the close neighbors and the foreign neighbors and the companions and the traveler and the verse goes on and on. Notice, Allah mentions family, before even mentioning

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orphans. Allah mentions family, before even mentioning the full Korra and masakan. Worship Allah, be good to parents and fulfill the ties of the family, and be good to the orphans and be good. So notice, where does family come? After a lot and the parents comes the family and as we said, the family includes the parents. And in fact, we learn from the CEO of the prophets of the law while he was setting them that in reality, this is of the very earliest commandments of Nablus that came from Yemen to Mecca. And he was searching for the truth. And it's a long story we mentioned in the syrup. This is before the Prophet system began preaching publicly. And he heard that there's somebody

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hiding in Mecca or hiding means he is not public, not hiding that he doesn't. The people don't see him that he is not public in his message that is preaching a separate message. And so I'm gonna have nabasa he found out who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was, and he went up to him and he said, What are you man's? So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, nnb I am an abbey. So he said, One man Abbey, what is an abbey? He's never heard of an OB. So the President said out of selling Illa Allah has sent me Allah has sent me and the Prophet and the American Embassy said, what has Allah sent you with? What has Allah sent you with? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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out of 70 law, who Allah has sent me With what? Number one, that we worship Him alone, and we destroy idols. And number two, that we fulfill the ties of kinship with Bill and Erickson. This was the only commandment at this point in time, there's no other commandment, there is no sila, and zeca there is no hedge. What has the law sent me with? Number one, that he'd be worshipped alone and no idols. And number two, that we'd be good to see that without him, that we'd be good with those of our kinship and our ties of relationship. And if you see how clear this understanding was, when you look at other incidents of the Syrah when the Muslims migrate to Abyssinia, and the negus, calls

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Jaffa nebuta. And he says, What is your message? What has the process have told you? And once again, we find the same paragraph He has sent sent us to worship one God, and to avoid false gods, and to be good to our family, and to speak the truth and it goes on and on. But the second commandment was similar to our ham.

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The same goes in front of the emperor of Rome, the Roman Emperor, when he hears of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he calls Abu sufian. And he says, What does he teach you? What is the prophets message, and that was to fear that the time was not even a Muslim. But he knew what the message of Islam was. He said, he is teaching us to worship one God, and to be good to our family.

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Look at how the message of Islam was perceived by the early converts. And even by the early rejecters, both Jaffa and Abu sufian Jaffa is early convert I was young at the time is an enemy. But both of them summarized Islam with the same paragraph. Worship one God and be good to the seller to our ham and salad or ham as we as we said, it means to be good to the entire family, not just parents, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts and the extended relatives. And the In fact, the concept of fulfilling the ties of kinship is so strong that Allah commands the early Muslims to guard their relatives more than to guard the relationship with the more natural and unsought which

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is the highest status of the Sahaba. Allah explicitly says that the family ties are even stronger than the ties of the more hydrogen and the unsought and your love for them. Imagine that the family unit and the family ties are stronger than the love we should feel for the Mahajan and the unsolved and allimand Jesus and multiple verses in the Koran of them.

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That Allah subhana wa tada mentions

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Maybe you mean me and footsy him was why don't you Omaha to him? Well Oh no are hammy bow go home. The bow then fee kita Billahi min ash menina. Well, Maha God.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is closer to the believers. He cares more about the believers than they care about themselves. In other words, the Profit System cares more about you than you care about yourself. And his wives or their mothers was why'd you Omaha to him? Well, oh, no, our ham battledome Allah B bow family members, they have to have stronger ties with one another than even the more meaning and the more hygiene should have ties with them. Now, the context of the verse is primarily about inheritance primarily, but the wording is very clear. The family unit is supposed to have very strong ties. And I already mentioned that in Arabic, the word for family comes

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from the word for roof womb. And that is a Rahim that all of you also know when you hear the word Rahim that another thing comes to mind and that is the concept of mercy, but a hammer. All right man, it is from the same route. And this is not a coincidence in a hadith in Sahih Bukhari in addition to Hadi, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, When Allah created the creation, and he finished creating the creation, or Rahim stood up. Now how could the womb stand up? How could the family stand up? This is from Emily we do not know the family the concept of families stood up. R Rahim stood up. And here we translate Abraham as the concept of family, families stood up and family

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said to Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the time now to seek refuge in You and to get the status that I deserve, what is the status I have? So when Allah created the creation, everything has been created, family stands up, however, we don't understand how. And family the concept asks a lot. Now that I've been created, I want to know my macom What is my macom in your eyes, and Allah subhana wa tada says, orange content that I shall associate with those who associate with you assume and was lucky, the Arabic is very powerful, whoever associates with one's family, I shall associate with them.

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And acquirement kotaki whoever breaks away from their family, I shall break away from that person. Aren't you happy? Aren't you content, that I shall be associating with those who are associated with you. Whoever fulfills the ties the family, I shall be with that person.

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And whoever breaks off the ties of family, I shall break off from that person. This Hadeeth his side body and in Sahih Muslim, the most authentic book of Hadees What a powerful Hadith and what a dangerous warning to those who cut off the ties of the family. In a similar version, slightly different. In sunanda, Timothy and others, the Hadith goes as follows that the Allah subhana wa tada says, so the person says that Allah says, Allah Allahu Allah, right, man, I am a law, and I am a man. And I created the raw him and what I know right man holla to him. So there's a clear usage of the term arrived man and arrive. I am a man and I created the family. And I derived My name from the

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Rahim shockula is my ministry. So from the concept of family, Allah is saying, I derive My name a rat man. In other words, the name of man and the concept of family are linked together, not just linguistically, intentionally by Allah subhanho wa Taala, the word for family and the most powerful name of Allah, after Allah is the name of Rama.

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And Allah says, My name is Al Rahman. And from a riot man, I created a Rahim and from a Rahim I extracted my name. In other words, the two are linked together. Family and man are linked together. And that is why in the same adage, Allah subhana wa Taala says that whoever connects with a Rahim has connected with me. All right, man, and whoever cuts off from Orion has cut off from me. All right, man. So if you want the Rama from Rahman, you have to be connected to the Rahim. And if you don't want the Rama for right man, then cut off from the raw him. This is what the Hadith is saying. If you want a Lhasa, ama, you have to be connected to the sinner to our ham, the cause

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concept of connecting with your kinship. And in fact, cutting off from one's family is one of the very few acts in the origin that brings about a loss Ladner ullas, Lana is the most severe punishment, it is worse than a loss add up. Not everybody who suffers either is under a loss. Lana, hear me carefully. Not everybody who suffers as our job is under a loss Laettner because there will be many who will undergo either but then be forgiven after that. There will be many who will be punished in jahannam and that is Allah adapt, but then they will be forgiven and they will enter agenda. But there is a category that is worse than Allah either and that is Allah and Allah Lana is

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the ultimate punishment.

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Who will be given to what the Quran mentions around a dozen or so just two dozen. And one of them. One of the categories upon whom Allah Lana is given is the one who cuts off the Rahim Allah says in the Quran, when we'll leave that one levena jacobina The Law of Demeter after he while yakata una, Amara la who be unused for that what you see doing out Ola ecola Hama, Lana to wallow home Sudan, the ones who break off on less covenant. So to commit the major sins our scholars have said, and the ones who cut the ties that Allah has commanded them to fulfill, while Jaco nama amatola hobby and useful, and this is the family. So the one who cuts off the ties of the family and the one who

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spreads facade in the world, he spreads evil in the world, he's genocide and evil in the world. These are the three people Allah says with Aquila, Laettner they have Atlanta and they shall have the worst abode in the hereafter. So of the people whom Allah has cursed in the Quran, is the one who cuts off from the family. Now the question arises, what does it mean to fulfill the ties of kinship? What does sila to our ham in the Quranic term and the Hadeeth term is similar to our ham. And by the way, I gave a good bit here recently, what is the very first chutzpah that our Prophet sallallaahu Selim gave when he entered Medina I gave a whole hook about that that the Prophet system

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said that our people spread the set out and feed the hungry will see our ham and be connected to your relatives and feed and pray when everybody is asleep usual antigen in Salaam notice of the earliest commandments even in Medina was seated or ham Scylla Torah him What does it mean sudo Rahim Silla and what further means to connect what sort of needs to connect and are Rahim as we said means the family. So see that without ham means to remain connected with your extended family in a manner that is acceptable and according to the culture of one's time. So what this means is that you are in touch with your family. It means that you're showing them love You're showing them kindness you're

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showing them concern, it means that you're aware of what's going on. Have the one of our scholars of the past said that giving Salaam to your relatives is of the acts of Silla total ham simply giving set up and of course in those days, there was no phone to get skipping set means you have to visit them. So visiting your relatives is of the highest acts of solitude Adham simply going out of your way to visit your relatives is an act of solitude. And of course, in our times, we haven't hamdulillah the phones and the WhatsApp and the messages and Facebook. Being connected with one's relatives is a sign of a man and it is a part and parcel of what all of us are commanded to do. Now

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the question also arises to what level is selected or ham necessary and mandatory and the response comes at the Shetty did not come with a specific code and guidelines, the shediac came with general rules. And this varies from culture to culture and time to time and place to place. Obviously, our connections to our brothers and sisters, our blood brothers and sisters should be much stronger than our connection with our first cousins. And our connection with the first cousins is stronger than our connection with our second cousins. And it is human nature that after a while you lose track of your third and fourth cousins. This is all something that is understandable. But definitely our

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actual siblings, brothers and sisters. They have the most right over us after our parents and their children and our first cousins and generally every one of us is aware of our first cousins we know all of our first cousins no matter how many we have, generally we're aware of them there should be a contact there should be the occasional phone call, there should be the invitation over to happy occasions which is what culturally is accepted and the norm and many of us are aware of a good quantity of second cousins as well. And again, the second cousin is not like the first cousin, but the point is that

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The strength of the relationship is stronger. So to the Scylla to Rahim should be stronger as well. And of the greatest acts of Senator Rahim is to take care of financially of our family and extended family, those that are in need. If you have anyone in your extended family, your cousins, your second cousins, your third cousins, if you have anybody who is deserving of charity, then find them and give them money over anybody else. In a hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that giving to the poor is sadaqa. But giving to the relatives is both sada and Salatu Rahim reported in giving to the poor so that's good give to the poor, but giving to all corba the family this is both

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sadhaka and being good to your family. And

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions of the Quran and with this verse, we always conclude the hook but what is the last verse everybody says around the world in the La Jolla model with with what Bill adley was ehsani was number three. What eata is a little Korba giving money to the relatives, Allah is commanding you to give money to your relatives who need money. So especially when it comes to set up, even when it comes to Zakat, and you don't have to tell your cousin, your second cousin, you're giving Zika and it is not just permissible it is mooster have to give your extended family your cat and your soda. Now you cannot give the cat to your mother and father. But you can give the car to

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your your siblings and your cousins and your aunts and uncles. Just the general rules you can give out to them, but not to your mother and father and not to your son and daughter. But other than this, yes, you may give Zakat and of course you can give sadaqa to everyone. So Scylla to our ham means to show love to show kindness, to show compassion, to be in touch with them to invite them for what needs to be invited to visit them whenever possible. And to help them financially. How far back does Rahim go? While there is no limit, in the end of the day, every one of us is connected with everybody else. And I want everybody to let that point thinking even though we know it, but every

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person you meet in this whole world, even your worst enemy, and your best friend and your acquaintance and your colleague, at some point in time, the two of you shared the same womb. At some point in time, there was one person in the womb of a mother in the womb of a woman and the both of you are linked to that person at some point in time, every one of us is linked to one another. So there is no technical term that after the third cousin it is cut off. In fact, in a very powerful Hadith a very strong, a beautiful Hadith our Prophet says and predicted to the Muslims in netcomm sedef una missile, you are going to conquer missile you're going to conquer Egypt, this conflict

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took place 10 years after the process of die, but he predicted it in concert after owner muscle, you're going to conquer muscle. And it goes on until he said when you concrete for us you know either you have been good to the people whom you conquer, for in nella Hongzhi mutton, we'll see that because they have them status, they have protection status, and they have family status with you. Now what has the Egyptian family status got to do with the oroshi and the Arab family status hundreds of generations ago, who is the mother of the crush, it is harder, and where is harder from her Judas from Egypt. But this is 1000s of years ago, like literally thought we don't even know the

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number of ancestors. And yet our prophecies that have said they are related to their blood through your blood. Think about that. The Arab race at the time of the process, and the Egyptian race have a different language, different civilization, different religion, everything is there, they don't even look the same. Nothing is the same 1000s of years have gone by from hotjar. But what are their processes I'm saying remember, they are in the end of the day your extended family. So there is no limit to when it comes to extended family. But obviously the point being that the closer people are then the better and the stronger those ties should be. And a practical advice brothers and sisters

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and I speak from my own experience here. And it is a very, very healthy and a very interesting and a very Islamic project that it is I advise all of you to chart out your own relatives and your own family background to chart out your own family tree and to discover who your ancestors were and how you are linked with your extended family. This is a project that will increase your own appreciation of your heritage and it will bring family together You will be amazed you will caught up a third cousin you never knew existed and as soon as you tell him oh I am so and so the son of so and so the grandson and so on. And so we are linked like this. All of a sudden barriers are are you know broken

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doors are opened up and you connect with family and you feel a part of family and I speak from my own experience having done

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For the last six or seven years, and it is a project that has brought me closer together with my extended family, and every one of us should do this. In fact, this is what the Sahaba advised, Bob said to them and cyber can learn your genealogies. Learn your family trees, so that will help you to fulfill the ties of kinship and amongst the Arabs at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it was considered to be a very noble science to know family history and genealogy and Abu Bakr Siddiq la de la one was respected amongst the Muslims and non Muslims of his time, because he knew the genealogy of all the Arabs, you could ask him of any two Arabs and he would be able to

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connect them no matter how many generations back it went. And it is amazing that to this day, especially the type of brush, you know exactly how any two currencies are linked together. When you go back to the books of Sierra any kurachi with another quarter sheet, they have preserved their lineage and their history. But in our times, of course, all of this is now becoming a lost science. Nonetheless, we should keep it alive, especially brothers and sisters, we have broken away from our extended families back home, and we're starting new families over here in America who don't even know maybe even your first cousins your children have no idea who they are. So it is your

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responsibility to pass that knowledge down and to keep it preserved. And this is one of the ways we will come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters Allah says in the Quran for RT the horrible haka, who will miskeen urbanest. Sabine, give the rights due to your family and give the rights due to the miskeen and to the wayfair that deca Hyrule lilla Dino De Luna watch how long it that is the best thing to do if you want the pleasure of a law. And those are the true winners. May Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those winners vertical vertical. Now the winner finally will be my favorite idea ridiculous Hakeem akula madness marone was tough with a lot of the money What? What he

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said was he was in Memphis cellfood who in the hall of food over him?

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hill, Wahidullah had a summit a lady limited what a mula wollombi akula. Hakuna had two brothers and sisters, every one of us without exception has certain members of our family who are problematic to deal with and this is the reality of human existence. Sometimes we feel Oh, only I have that weird uncle or that harsh cousin or that demeaning on No. Every human being is tested with family members that are problematic to our sanity, our calmness, this is the reality and Allah says in the Quran, we have made groups of you to be tests to others. Would you bow calmly Bowden is not an apostle, we don't we made groups of you to be test and difficulties to

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others to see who amongst you will be patient. And no doubt brothers and sisters, that in dealing with such difficult family members, our Eman will be tested. One of the biggest tests of this life is to deal with difficult family members because we are battling between our egos and submission to Allah. Really, that's as simple as that. It is our ego. My uncle said this I'm not going to forgive him. My cousin did this at the wedding. I'm never going to stay say Salaam to him again. This is my ego speaking. And we know the commandment of Allah subhana wa tada when it comes to family. And it's very difficult to battle one's ego when it comes to the family issues. But this is where a man is

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demonstrated. Now, no doubt caveat here, no doubt if a family member is physically harmful to you. We're not asking you know anybody to get physical harm. And no doubt some family members are psychologically so traumatic, that it will affect your Eman or you feel you will not be able to control your temper. So in those cases, when it's psychological, it's no doubt that you need to act wisely and perhaps not expose yourself to a situation where you will fail. But even if you decide that there's a psychological trauma, you don't want to be with this family member, then make sure that that is a temporary intention. You are not allowed to boycott for more than three days and

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boycotting Islam and in your heart make it your desire that inshallah I will heal this over time, some practical advice, what to do with difficult family members, five simple pieces of advice number one, number one, think long and hard about the source of the problem. And remind the source of that one meeting your egos and trying to say not the actual incident that happened because always these incidents happen and remind yourself that the test is not to prove yourself in his or her eyes. The test is to prove yourself in the eyes of Allah. The test is not to come out looking the winner or the loser when it comes to your relative the test

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To come out the winner when it comes to a law on Judgement Day, remind yourself of the verses of the Quran of Silla Toad or ham of the Hadith of the Prophet system about the concept of family and ask yourself, don't you want to come out the winner on judgment day? Number two, give any problem some time. Time heals all wounds, Time heals all wounds. This is the facts of life, no matter how bitter and angry or with your cousin today, inshallah, one year from now it won't be that bad. Two years from now will be even better. So give it some time, and is of the greatest it is of the greatest ironies of life, for some bizarre reason, that at times of weddings when everybody should be happy,

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family strife comes up, and perhaps the worst arguments take place. And it is the greatest irony, the ironies of life, that at the time of death, families are mended together and wounds are healed. This is of the sooner to live healthy. But why should we wait for death? And what if the person you're angry with dies, don't wait for a janazah to healed wounds with members of a family number three, number three, make dua to Allah subhana wa tada to soften your heart and the family member whom you're having a problem with. Ask yourself this. If you cannot even make dua to Allah to wound the hearts, then you really don't want silicone or ham. Really, it's that simple. If you cannot

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raise your hands to Allah and say Oh Allah soften my heart and soften his heart so that we come brothers again cousins again, uncle and nephew again, if you cannot even raise your hands to Allah and nobody's hearing you, this isn't the privacy of your house and you say Oh Allah cleanse my heart and his have any animosity, any jealousy. Let us be friends as we used to be, let us be friendly as we used to be. If you cannot even make dua to a law that will allow you do not want silicone or ham. So don't kid yourself and don't fool yourself that somehow he is the worst of the two, even if he is what do you lose by raising your hands up to a law and saying oh well law guide him and guide me to

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be close again. What do you lose? And remember what Allah says in the Quran, regarding the pagans of Mecca, and the Muslims when they embraced Islam, the pagans of Mecca and the orange when they embraced Islam, what does Allah say? You could never have imagined that you will be friendly with those people. Lo un*ed marfil out of the Jimmy and left the bay Nakuru by him, Well, I can Allah Allah beno, if you spend the entire money in this world, you wouldn't have brought those hearts together. But Allah was the one who brought those hearts together. So of the names of Allah, Yama, elephant uhub, all who brings the hearts together. So make dua to Allah with the name yam or

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elephant guru, and that Allah joins those hearts number four in the number five we're done. Number four, try to begin with a positive gesture. Try to begin with a gift with something good and beat the better of the two and remember what our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it doesn't say body the true wall says the true one who connects with his relatives is not the one who treats the relative the way the relative treats him. If your relatives kind your client if your relatives mean your mean, no, the true Walsall wasn't selected or ham. The true connector is not the one who treats the same, but rather the one who connects when the other has broken off. This hypothesis I body the true

00:33:22--> 00:33:54

connector was the one who does similar to that ham is not the one who treats the same. No, that's not one. But the one who when your relative cuts off, you try to mend and you try to connect that is the true silver dollar ham. And last but not least brothers and sisters. If all else fails, then be selfish and do silicone or ham for your own benefit. And this is completely halal and permissible. What do I mean by this? The last Hadith will mention our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:33:56--> 00:34:21

whoever wishes that Allah gives him a longer life, and that Allah increases his money and risk and that Allah saves him from an evil death. Now, who amongst us does not want to live longer and live richer and die a peaceful death? Think about that the three greatest worldly incentives that are possible to imagine

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

whoever wishes that Allah gives him a longer life, and more money and a good death for yourself rahima who let him be good to his family? This is authentic integrity, and a process and why is he telling us this? Because sometimes all else fails. And we just do it because we want more money. We want more risk. We want more life and you know what is head add? Why is it that because we know that we're doing it for a line Allah will bless it will bless us with this. In the end of the day. It is linked to Allah and it is Allah. So if all else fails, be selfish for yourself. In this case, it's hella and you say oh law. I'm doing this because I trust you and I trust yourself.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Hello lovers that I have a man that if I am the better person and I fulfill the ties of kinship, that you will give me a better life and you will raise my financial status and you will let me die a peaceful death. This is a man isn't it right because you're doing it because the process of them said so. So it's all Hello. And therefore brothers and sisters, it is permissible to use this as an incentive to connect with those who have cut off from you. And we conclude this hadith with a stern reminder brothers and sisters, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Hadith is insoluble ha de la Yoda hotel janitor call your own Rahim. La Jada hotel Janata Party or Rahim The one who breaks off the

00:35:39--> 00:36:20

the Rahim the family ties shall never enter agenda. We seek Allah's refuge from being amongst them about ecological control of the Menominee dying for a mineral Ramallah to that and if he hadn't Jambi them and he loves a potter, what? Manila for Raja whether Dana illa kobita when I made 1111 Ilaha feta whether I see it on inliers SATA alhama fildena. Woody is one in La Nina Saba Hoon Ebony man wanna touch I feel kuruvilla xinlei Lila de la mano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah is Islam and Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islam all Muslim in a llama da da da da da da da is normally misdemeanor is to infringe drill who've been upset which added mirabito bt Jaco Will you Yeah, Aziz

00:36:20--> 00:37:00

rebels a law in the law tada Amato combi emblem better be he been FC within Malacca the Jose with LS become a you have movement on demand Genie he will insert for power as a man called in Anima in no law home I'd like to use aluna nebby Yeah, you hola Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Nima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the Kuru Sudha Mohammed in the early he was so happy he married me by the law in the law of Zod movie largely was a sunny where it is Oba Wanda and Sasha it will moon Carnival belly, you're able to look into the Quran or the Kuru la ultima Kuru Kuru Jazeera calm waters. Tada. Welcome is Sarah.