Love for the Prophet (PBUH) #22

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EPIC Masjid – Chicago


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A woman describes her body as a long, straight, white woman with a dark and heavy smile, and describes her partner as a woman with a fever and a fever on her chest. She describes her plans for the evening, including attending a night gathering and supporting a cause, and mentions the importance of returning to her home country and privacy. The group discusses their plans for the evening, including plans to attend a night gathering and support a cause.

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or he was immediately upon sort of love. It was sort of a skin tone. It wasn't extremely dark or it wasn't a truly white, it had a lightness with a touch of redness to it. The focus on a lot wanting someone's body frame wasn't too wide. Neither was it too thin. He had a medium and a medium body mind frame, everything was possible. It was medium, the purpose of providing you a certain type of writing and saying that when he stood next to a short person, he will talk when he's an extra tall person, he looked taller than that person, because no one overshadows the promise for a long time it was when the focus of Imani was that he used to walk he was when he would walk in the upper part is

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sort of the side of the back pocket for when he would walk on his entire

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body instead of kind of arched inside his foot. He wasn't flat, but it was nice to walk. He has a speed and you are he wasn't a slow slug. When he walked. He took long strides when he walked he lowered his knees down with coolness. And the companion is described as walking electron descending from a mountain, the promise of a large volume, so had nice broad shoulders. Because today when we think of pious people, we think of highest people who have done these in our lives, you know, they're out of shape, and the parts of our body. He wasn't out of shape, the box that a lot of it was that it wasn't.

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Between the shoulders and the pockets of love, it was what we called

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the seal of confidence. And this was a skin that protrude out of the cat and had strands of hair on it. If I was gonna do some headlight scan in here, I was a her chest and on his shoulder bleeds between his chest he had a light up here that way and ended on his belly button right on his navel, the fox alarm, audio Salas suddenly went above them, his chest and his stomach were in line. He was a healthy man. And when they're describing the virus, and blah, blah, I like to report clarification were not described amongst

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them night before he was married. When he was 25 years old. were describing him when he's over 50 years old. Had anyone described the promise of love, it was several months 25 That would be another game altogether. That usually is something completely different. Here. We're talking about an old and we'll have some love on yourself. I'm just invited for new scratch on Fox

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46 years old, according to his narration, and 105 equals opinion, and the opposite of love money was sort of participated in 27 levels. So he was like he was saying this all day, he's kicking it back and enjoy himself. The Congress Allamani was suddenly using his body. He participated in 27 battles. But at the same time, Allah has always preserved his beauty for his beauty was learned from a lot. It was a gift from us to kind of approximate Obama It was so it was had for meeting he was strong, he had a very firm grip, the companion for the describe the head of the hawks and love for him. So they say he was oval shaped. It was an extremely long ladder. It was it was it was just the perfect

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And still had a wide forehead, which is the size of the intellectual, his eyebrows and the shape of a bow. You don't have a bow and arrow, they were the shape of a boat, they do not put in the middle, the hair or the eyebrows were extremely dark and dense. The eyelashes of the parts of the body were darker that were long in the eyes of the person above it was some the white part was extremely white from the darkness in the middle really extremely dark. And this beautiful contrast and his eyebrows and eyelashes, the light and the darkness all put together. The companion said that when you look into the eyes of hypocrisy, love it and you will be lost in the eyes of the officer. You will get

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lost in his beauty. You forget about your grievances you will forget about your pain during the Battle of the companion to see if the enemies are in our in ourselves in the audience. He puts his body between the enemies and the focus on

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the parts of the body. He says What are you doing here you should move to the side you're gonna get hit by an arrow he's arrested. That's why I'm standing here to make sure put arrows into your body. Unless if it's my purse, and he's facing the opposite of audience and after the battle is over, they pull up more than 40 Aerosport is that nice girl that a bullet 40 handles that part of his back and he lives and they asked him How did you get to feel the pain the person will die forget about the bleeding just to the pain. He said I felt okay my eyes love the eyes and

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you know they felt they saw the beauty of it.

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So those of us who have been wanting to so it was long and it had a good time. And it wasn't like there was a light emanating from it.

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It was it there was a light emitting from the nose of my body

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It was sudden was so perfectly pleased the Companions it's hard to like white pearls that have been kispert against one another. The saliva looked like somebody was was a source of cure and it was very sweet. The narration is here the companion is not about the weather is bitter please do something about this practice of our bodies and I took the saliva put it inside the water became sweet honey was like honey I need like a loved one comes in the box

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on the morning of the violin player and he's the longest in the robot. I haven't painted like that obviously love it with some some pretty near it here. He takes a saliva apply that to him. Hi, this is what you call this our eyes.

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directly this is what you call the real laser surgery not some, you know some bootleg surgery versus you guys hurting. I mean if your loved one said he had I have a slide that's why I got I never heard any power that only certain economic that but yes I

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and the other one has to do with their loved one famous nourishes during the migration right hand the comparison say you've never had a bad quarter ever before. You always had a nice beautiful, sweet, pleasant fragrance that came out of his mouth, epoxy Allamani was when he smiled. That's how safe everyone is. That was just as innocent as the beauty in his world. Everyone's hard for them to feel happy and joyful, all the soft parts and love money of someone's hand. And they say well, the practice I love it when someone stopped smiling when he was seen smiling and feeling complete. And you know, their nourishment diverted this, we're short on time. So I tend to disregard the companion

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and say the beautiful focus on love wanting something as large and it covers the upper part of the chest of the Congress

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can hear either came from his peer load, which he loved Jonah, or sometimes I felt a little underneath if you're in what we call the Dyneema. And sometimes the neither on his shoulders that should call the buck. Howard Hawks, the lessons heard everyone beneath me shoulders, between his beard his hair, he had no more than 17 to 18 white strands of hair, which leads us to another discussion what was the diet and the promise of love and that can be so healthy. At such an old age. The Prophet saw about water use as a very beautiful person, not only outwardly but inwardly. And we are listening to take pride in loving the products. So we should get by and knowing

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we should take pride and following the Sunnah of the focus on love on him. So for those who can't report faults shameful and that can and it seems as if the nation today feel shameful when we go to him for less time on how to take us from the situation of

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ourselves and better our society better our community, pride and gathering together to ultimately teach us how to go to Taiwan.

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Everything that we discussed earlier on every discussion of ours, we push forward a vision that benefits the greater

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things show up today we as a community have made an intention to increase ourselves and make ourselves better people. But along with that we have a long term plan. We have to have the vision and the vision that our community has a Muslim community their biggest asset is their center.

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The machines that we have here today had this question not being here, it was almost impossible for me to come here for you. I'm here closer together, we should continue to work on our size, the machine should be like the Tao of Islamic community. This should be the most expensive cover. This should be the most loved property. Every person in society with this community should want to live close to the mission should wish to walk towards the mission. And this is a function of the national parks and a loved one he also said that seven people will be given shade in the shade of the front along the attendant. And one of those people was

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the one who was parched and attached to the customer. And for this very same reason as we all know, and this weekend was a very big event that epic machine is hoping to attend tomorrow night trying to raise some funds for expenses as measured whatever is the reason I'm most of the time in trouble and I hope to be there tomorrow night. Helping this cause was very good retention of ours. I encourage everyone to try to make it tomorrow night shut up and attend the gathering and if you can't for whatever reason, at least in your in your silos and your secrecy continue to support that

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allows one piece of law

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but I'm

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gonna do this because I've got a couple of

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minutes over here.

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What's up Allahu Allah neither side is going to be talking

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about Yeah, you will notice

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a lot of times when couples are paid a

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