We Nearly Landed in Jannah

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Whenever I go on these type of flight, I read, I attend coffee. I'm sitting down like this kid.

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We were taking a flight from the long way to Blantyre, the long way is the capital of Malawi and Blantyre is in southern Malawi. So we were taking this local flight, and with me was a brother from Tanzania by the Taj, Muhammad Abbas. He was with me. So we took the flight, the plane took off the hamdulillah. And we were very, very close to Blantyre, literally maybe five minutes away, the plane was about to land. But for some reason, there was some strange sound in the engine, a bird hit the engine.

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The engine was shocked. And the flight had to turn back to where it started flying on one engine alone, I was awake. And I was very worried. So our other passengers SubhanAllah. And the plane made an emergency landing back on the airport, it took off from the longer airport. And then we were told a bird had hit the engine and the engine collapsed because of that, and the plane had to fly on the second engine. Whenever I go on these type of flight, I read it and coffee. I'm sitting down like this kid, and the plane is shaking, the plane is shaking, and I read it. And I make the care of a lot of $100 and it is my last flight.

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And if another bird had had the other engine at that time, the plane would have crashed, and we would have all died. So Pamela there was a very close encounter with death. We were making a Scott into us. And brother Todd was sleeping next to me all the way to the sleep. The whole journey. He was asleep from here and then when he goes back, he woke up he assumed me. They arrived when he woke up. He asked me how we arrived in Blantyre. I told him we nearly arrived in China but we are back in Lilongwe