I Converted But Can’t Wear Hijab To Hide it From My Family! – Ask Shaykh YQ #165

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Multiple speakers express concerns about their lack of clothing and fear of consequences from their husband's punishment. They stress the importance of sh profits in protecting individuals, particularly women and children. The speakers advise men to be covered in a specific manner to avoid harming themselves or others, and stress the need for work hard and personal success. They also stress the rule of thumb for acceptance of Islam, which is not a sin, and advise the sisterhood to be modest and not allow anyone to take advantage of Islam's mercy.

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We have a question from sister Danielle from Austria Mashallah Tabata Kala she emails and she says that she has converted to Islam Alhamdulillah. However, she has not told anyone of her family of her conversion. And she is worried about the reaction. And the question is about the fact that she is not wearing the hijab, and she is worried about the repercussions of the hijab. And the fact that she's wearing it is going to bring repercussions and the question is the fact that she's not wearing it is bringing her stress so much so so long email that she says that she is very stressed out, she's crying, she's fearful of jahannam and Allah's punishment, she thinks that her conversion is

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not it's pointless, and it will not be accepted because she is not, you know, dressing with the hijab. One

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out of seven, me COVID in

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no he him first, blue, Lake Erie.

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Dear sister in Islam, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, Allah azza wa jal has guided you to Islam, Allah has blessed you with the calima Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen you out of billions and billions of people to be guided to this faith in a land where Muslims are very, very few in numbers, small percentage, and in a land where Islamophobia is on the rise. Austria is the land where Hitler came from, and the neo nazis are on the rise there. And the parliament is trying to enact things that are very Islamophobic. By the way, most of you are probably not aware of this, but Austria is one of the most Islamophobic places in terms of the government, right, obviously, the people that the people

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but in terms of the government, it is very, very difficult over there, you know, probably just one notch less than France, France is, as we know, in terms of Europe and the Western world. There is no competition. France is in its own category, it has waged war against the ultra symbols of Islam, and against the religion of Islam and therefore against practicing Muslims. Right after that would be, in my humble opinion, Austria and I could be wrong in that specific analysis. But Austria is an Islamophobic. By and large, the government right now the current government, it is highly Islamophobic. And the far right parties are rising, and there is a lot of tension. And in this

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environment, our sister Michelle, that's about a cola has a Allah has guided her to Islam in that environment. But she is worried about you know, the fact that she has kept it hidden. Now as for the fact that it is hidden, I have a much longer q&a, and I have gone into details. No problem. You don't have to tell anybody if it's going to be problematic. Allah azza wa jal knows you are a Muslim, you have said the kalama in private, and you are I'm assuming, you know, practicing to the best of your level, in terms of salah and in terms of other things, whatever you're able to do without causing harm to yourself. So Al Hamdulillah, Allah has guided you to Islam, and that is a

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blessing that is so huge and so magnificent, and so blessing that every other sin after it is trivial compared to the blessings of being upon Islam. So realize, dear sister in Islam, that yes, indeed modest clothing is something that we should definitely strive for, and it is a part and parcel of our shediac and there is no denying that the default is that men should be covered in a specific manner to a specific area of the body and women as well should be covered as much as possible and included in that is of course, the head covering which is called the hijab and and the entire body in a modest or loose manner. And this is something that really there's no difference of

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opinion on. However, dear sister, the obligation is the general rule. The obligation is the general rule, there are a number of things you need to take into account first and foremost, by the way, just to be technical here. Indeed it is obligatory, but the oblique obligation of the hijab for example or of dressing modestly, for example, with loose what not, it is not to the same level as the obligation of accepting Islam which is far more important or of praying or of Salah or of charity, the two are not there is no comparison between them and the the the blessings of salah and of Zakah and of Siam and the power of these rituals to forgive all sins, it's something that is well

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known so do not compare, you know, apples and oranges in this regard, no doubt, the hijab and overall modestly, dressing men and women it is something that is a part and parcel of our city. But even in the Medina and phase. The rulings of the hijab came down in the fifth year of the hedgerow. One of the last of the major rulings to come down after all of the other rules.

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came down, then that ruling came down, also realize, dear sister, that the Sharia has come with a beautiful reality of taking our circumstances into account. You see, it is one thing to speak in general rules. And that's true, generally speaking, such and such as obligatory, but you see the shediac is also taking into account the specifics of your situation. And therefore your situation, you know best how difficult it is, I do not know the details of your situation, is there a genuine fear for your safety? Is there? Are you living with your parents and if you were to publicly announce the embracing and word that your job, they would kick you out, you might be on the streets?

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Or is there physical danger, if if the danger is such that it is to your persona, or to your necessary livelihood or to your basic well being, in this case, it constitutes of Aurora, and you're wearing of the hijab would actually then be exempt from you. So the general rule would be lifted up from you, and you are absolutely sin less in that case. And again, only you know best whether it is to that level or not, I do not know from the question. So do not make the *ty out more difficult. Our Lord is forgiving, and our Lord is merciful. And our Lord understands that you are a young lady, having embraced Islam, in a strange land in a foreign land, you know, very few Muslims are there.

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And the struggles for you in terms of your livelihood, or in terms of the far right or in terms of your parents or whatnot, might be too much for you to bear. So if that is the case, and you know best, then it would not be obligatory on you if there is a threat to your persona, to your sanity to your living a regular normal life that most people there. Now, suppose is not to that level, suppose it goes down a notch. Suppose that, you know, some doors might be shut, but others will be open suppose that people will stare at you, but there's no physical danger. So again, in this case, therefore, the default ruling would still apply, which is that it is it is obligatory, and you

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should strive your best to do it. Nonetheless, dear sister, that in case you know, you do find that this is not something that you're able to meet. And this is something that you're falling short of then realize that this is a sin, and all of us are sinners. And the solution to sending is not to give up hope the solution to a sin is not to be despair, and to just say Oh ALLAH is never gonna forgive me, the solution is to work on what you can do and increase that and the solution is to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make what you're not doing possible for you to do and to give you the strength and the courage to do that. And as you're in that interim, continue to do the good that

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you're doing, dear sister, your prayer to Allah subhana wa tada is infinitely more powerful and more important than you wearing the the the veil and of course wearing the veil is important not saying it's not but increased your prayer, increase your or on increase your charity, increase your purity of the heart, and if you're not able to wear the headscarf because of you know the difficulties of the land, then at least try to be modest in your clothing as much as possible. And if it just requires a courage and you know, fortitude then work your way bit by bit incrementally as that inshallah one day I'm going to do it and get help from other sisters right, get help from local

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communities, there are massages in Austria, there's some Hadrian besides that as you're wearing there are you know thriving they're obviously minority in the line just like in most western lands, but they are there so connect with them get help and tips from them about what can be done to battle the Islamophobia or the far right and what not. And in the meantime, dear sister, do not despair of Allah's mercy, your email, really, it was a very emotional email that you feel that you know you're not your Islam is in vain or Oh, the villa sister you have accepted Islam and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you're not gonna be perfect and you have to accept that because none of us is perfect.

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I'm not perfect. No human being is perfect. So if you put it in your mind that if I'm not perfect, allow a surgeon will not forgive me. That is an incorrect perception. Dear sister, Allah forgives all of us because he is the Forgiving and a lot wants to see the effort and Allah wants to see the sincerity and Allah recognizes that we are all going to fall short. So do as much good as you can seek Allah's forgiveness for what you cannot do, and continue to strive to better yourself, dear sister, none of us is perfect, but as long as we believe in Allah, and as long as we lower our heads to Allah subhana wa Tada. And as long as we recognize that we are sinful and there is no salvation

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for us, other than by turning to Allah and seeking His is the fall and we try to be better we aim to be better than hamdulillah we are upon good

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We can hope and we should hope and we must hope for the mercy of Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu, so I hope that this answers your question. And once again, congratulations Millbrook for having accepted this beautiful faith and welcome to the the global brotherhood and sisterhood of the religion of Islam.