How to Start Life With a Clean Slate

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses a story about Islam and how he received a message from a non-M-thirsty Pokerface. He explains that he had multiple questions about Islam, including questions about pedophilia, tattoos, and tattoos. He also talks about a reward for accepting Islam and how it can be forgiven. The speaker then discusses two actions that he has taken, the first being to accept Islam and to obtain a freeing reward, and the second being to obtain a freeing reward by accepting a message from a non-M-thirsty Pokerface.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, to not be intimidated by a Pokerface.

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There was a brother who came to the message he had a friend of his friend was non Muslim. And he came and he sat down across from me at the desk, and he said that he had a number of questions about Islam. And by the second question, I realized that he had basically went to an anti Islamic website, and he basically pulled off all of the questions that he could. And so it was one question after another one about pedophilia, one about tattoos one about the beheading of an apostate one about marrying cousins. And there's just a wide range of questions. And I would answer each question and after I was done with the question, waiting for a response from him, he would just go on to the next

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question. He wouldn't give me a not so much even to indicate that he understood and comprehended what I said he would just move on to the next question. And so after a while, I was wondering if I was even having any sort of effect on this individual. And then by the end, he came to the final question, he said, Is it true that accepting Islam forgives all of your previous previous sense. And as soon as he said that, I began to appreciate that particular reward. I began to think of Ahmed and asked how he would pull back his his hand from the Prophet sallallaahu synonyms outstretched hand and he until he got a guarantee that

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if he accepted Islam, everything that he had done until that moment will be forgiven. How powerful a promise. How great is that reward? You know, the human experience is filled with a life that's filled with shortcomings and mistakes and lots of stupid ones. Many of them are intentional, a lot of them aren't. Some of them are inspired by greed of a moment or ignorance, or lust, or miscalculations, or any of these things, and how many are they? We wouldn't be none of us would be able to count our mistakes and our shortcomings. And so this person is encouraged by this promise that if he accepts Islam, in that moment, all of their previous sins will be forgotten. I began to

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appreciate just a little bit more of the wisdom of Allah azza wa jal that he paired that reward with that action, there is no money that is equal to the freeing of a conscience, or the feeling of of, of entering a new slate, the beginning of a new slate, beginning and life again. And so and he accepted Islam and Hamdulillah. And it was a very beautiful moment. And I wanted to share in this video just that thought, as well as the a couple of items that we can do actions that we can do as muslims that have the same promise. The first of them is Toba to repent. That a person who repents from a sin is like the one who never committed it. The second is Hajj, the prophet cellulitis and

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and he told us that hajj when a person commits Hajj, and does not commit any lewdness or indecency in the hajj, they return as if their mother has just given birth to them also fasting the month of Ramadan, the province of Alberta cinema said that whoever fast the month of Ramadan out of Eman and seeking its reward will have their previous sins forgiven and whoever stands the nights of Ramadan at of Iman and seeking its reward will have all of their previous sins forgiven and whoever experiences later to other the night of power out of iman in it and seeking its reward will have their previous sins forgiven. So we ask Allah as they're just to forgive our sins. So Allah Allah is

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in the hamadryad area of cyber sim Sinquefield