Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 296A Translation Al-Dahr

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing various topics such as rainbows, alcohol, and food. The group is difficult to follow and appears to be a group discussion or a group discussion. They mention various speakers including Hope, Hope's mother, and various individuals who give drink and drink. The group discusses a culture and a national product, including a dragon and a woman giving them a drink.
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said I'm already Cobra. Allah here we'll go to

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Muhammad who want to slowly Ardara Saudi Hill Kareem a moderate feroza bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

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Rubbish roughly Saudi were Sidley Emery.

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melissani of Kahu Kohli. Robin has in our solar tool in San is number one to 31. Translation. How has

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it game? Arla upon el Insan, the human being, she known a time men from a duck, the longtime lamb did not yakun he is shaken a thing Medora one that is mentioned in there, indeed, we have a Kona we created an insane the human being men from Nautilus it in a sperm drop, I'm sure gene mixed, mingled. Now Batali he we test him Fajr Allah Who so We made him Samir on hearing mostly Euro seeing inner indeed we had a inner who we guided him a sebelah to the way ima either Shirky one one who is grateful. What a man and or care for, or one who is ungrateful. Inner indeed we are at that dinner we prepared. Lil Caffee Rena for the disbelievers Salah Silla chains were overland and iron colors

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was the euro and a blazing fire in indeed, a Bharara the righteous yes Laguna. They will drink main from get sin a glass Ghana it was Ms. Ad you heard it's blend careful of careful Iranian a spring Yashraj boo he will drink be her with it. Very bad Allah servants of Allah, you find your own hair, they will cause it to gush forth that's de la a definite causing to gush forth you fauna therefore Phil been angry with the vows. Way A ha funa and they fear Yeoman a de ganar it was shelled whoo hoo. It's evil. Mustard Lila, one that spreads far and wide.

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While you're there a Munna and they feed a farmer the food Allah upon her behavior, his love Myskina and do needy way a demon and orphan were a Sierra and prisoner in nama indeed not but not our Mo calm we feed you. Li Hua Ji forfeits Allah, Allah lair not nudie do we want men come from you just any recompense any reward when a and nor Xu Cora any thanks

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in indeed we know half who we fear men from Robina our rub Yeoman a day our boo son one frowning on buddy distressful for our car home so he saved them. Allahu Allah Shalva evil valleca of that alone the day one of our home and he granted them not Broughton radiants was surah and happiness, watches our home and he rewarded them Bhima because of what Subaru they were patient. Jen has done a garden warhead era and silk

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moto Kena ones are recline fee her in it. Allah upon a raw IQ the raised couches, learn neither your own or they will sci fi her in it chanson any sun wala and nor zoom heard you are excessive gold. We're done here done and one that is close. Or lay him upon them. Leila Lu her its shades were the Lila and it will be lowered Goodwill for her. It's fruit bunches that Lena a definite lowering while Utah food and it will be passed around or lay him upon them be near 10 With vessels. Men from fifth birth silver will acquire Bing and cups Gannett it was a word your crystal glass. But where are your crystal? Men from filbur silver or Daru hair? They measured it the pudiera a definite measuring

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while you Stoner and they will be given to drink fee her in it get sun from a glass from a goblet Ghana it was

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miza Juha it's blend xinja Biela of ginger Arina a spring fie her in it to summer it is named seltzer Vela seltzer Bo whale tofu, and he will go around our lay him upon them will then on young boys Mohalla doon once made eternal either when we're at home you saw them has a better home you thought them Luan as pearls, Missoula scattered what either and when brought at you saw some there are ADA usaw nurseryman, delight, bliss, warm olken and a Dominion Kabira great eylea home upon them Cebu our garments SUNDARESAN of fine silk, homegrown green, what is stub rock and fake brocade while shaloo and they were adorned Essaouira bracelets made from Phil but in silver was a call home and he

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gave them to drink but Ogbu home their Lord shot all been a drink the hula one completely pure and clean. In indeed Heather this Ghana it was luck on for you. Just a reward. What Ghana and it was, sir you comb your effort, you're striving my school appreciated in indeed we national we NAS Zelner We sent down our Lekha upon you Al Quran, the Quran 10 Zilla, a gradual revelation firstly, so be patient. Leisha Kimmy for command or big of your Lord wanna and do not guilty Are you obey men home from them as the man one who is sinful? Oh or go fura one who is ungrateful one who is disbelieving what good and mentioned is Smith name Rob Beck of your Lord book rotten in morning we're asleep

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healer and in evening

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woman and from a lay of the night first Jude 10 prostrate law who for him was a bit who and glorify Him. Leyland night for Whelan long in indeed her hula eat these your ship buena they love Elijah, the one that is fleeting. Where the Runa and they leave Wallah home behind them Yeoman a de cerca de la one that is heavy national we call Hakuna whom we created them wash or they don't and we made strong a slow home they're built therefore what either and when shit now we will but done now we changed we altered um Salah home likes of them, that the dealer a definite changing in indeed hair the heat this dead killer tone a reminder for months so whoever shall he willed it to whether he

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took it out of the heat to his Lord sebelah away warmer and not the shirt owner you all can will Illa except on that Yeshua He wills Allah Allah in the Lucha indeed Allah Ghana he is ever or the man one who is always all knowing hacky man, one who is always always you the halo he admits man whoever Yasha oh he wills fee in Russia at his mercy was Lolly mean and the wrongdoers are He has prepared LA home for them. Are there been a punishment? A Lima painful

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let's listen to the recitation.

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This means your Walkman was me

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in theory he

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was me. The CEO

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was savvy

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all aliens show up will be

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long. Jonah, G

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The way I'm

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gonna show the boom was delta here

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are you with Larry Munna?

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Vidi miskeen

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was he

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Formula One BNI a woman boosts and Body

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why does females

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hurry your mood tanky now he has

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a keen eye on Fe high shins

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Lena Why are you all for it here

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Good luck to you

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it all already on your bucket

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where you sold it

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JB Isla

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he had to sell sons maths and savvy while

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either either home has he been

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can carry your

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dose in hospital instead wash Hello

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boom shut

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past Crossville Live Oak Mira Vika told me

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what the code is no speaker boo boo LC Wamena Layli testitude Allah who was a Bish hola Ilan Paulina

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you gonna

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be a

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national product owner

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why EDA she

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returned at

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age 30 He didn't kill

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me he's the

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In law haggadah Lehmann Hakima.

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Murthy one lordy mean

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