How Does One Perform Sajda al-Sahū – Prostration of Forgetfulness? – Ask Shaykh YQ #163

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We begin brother Ahmed from the Bay Area emails in California, Mashallah Nevada cola. And he asks that how to perform search that is sahoo, how to perform the prostration of forgetfulness, one

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deca in Asia, no, he lay him first.

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The response to this because it's rapid fire, we're going to be doing this very quickly do realize that this topic is one that you will find the vast spectrum of opinion amongst the various med hubs. And each man has a specific way of doing it, but you're emailing me I will give you a simple method, with the caveat that if you want to follow strictly a method, then you should ask your particular scholar of the method. what I'm telling you is basically one of the main mature or famous positions of the humbly method and it is one that my own. One of my teachers wrote an entire treatise on this and he combined all the evidences and this is what I'm presenting to. So, this is one opinion out of

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many, how does one do such that a sahoo or D prostrations of forgetfulness now, when is it done? The prostration of forgetfulness is done when you when one of three reasons Okay, so one of three things number one, you forgot something that is a wajib so if you forget a sooner there is no such That's right. If you forget to recite a sutra, after Fatiha No sir says this, oh, if you forget a rakuen, okay, then you need to go back and do that rochen that you cannot do such this, if you forget a wajib accidentally. So for example, sitting down in the second Raka out of three or four cars, instead of sitting down, you stood up, or when you went into search there and your mind was

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preoccupied, and you didn't say so Pandora, Villella and you just wanted to search the then you went back up, then you realize, Oh, I forgot to say so Pandora Bella. So number one, if you forget to watch it, okay, you can make it a precision. So number two, when you add something that you should not have added when you increase when you do something you should not do. So for example, you did a record, you went back up, and then you accidentally did another record, then you're like, Oh, I already did the record. But okay, you've done the record. So you did two records per record, or you did a search there. And then again, your mind is preoccupied, you did the second says that, then you

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did the third is such that, okay? Or, for example, you know, you prayed for a cart. And instead of you know, sitting down on the fourth, you stood up and you're like, oh, and you and you finished the fifth that occurred. So you added an entire record and you realized, Oh, I added a car. So the second scenario is when you add something that you should not have added. And the third scenario is when you are confused about how many records you have prayed. So you are in the third record, or the second and you're confused. Is this the second or the third? Or is this the third or the fourth? And you don't know you really are unsure. So you know, what do you do in that case? You choose the

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lesser of the two that is if you are totally unsure if you think about it and then you say oh no, this is the third rock and I'm fairly confident is the third record Okay, if you are pretty much just called halibut savant if you're pretty certain that it is the third record then you go with it and you ignore the the minor doubt but if you're you know, very uncertain or you're totally uncertain, in this case, you will pray based upon the lower of the two so if you're doubting between three and four, you will assume it's the third and then you will pray as if it's the third you will add a fourth and then you will do search that is so so to summarize, you do search that the Soho

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which is to search does have forgetfulness in one of three scenarios. Number one, you forget a word you have accidentally you will not forget a word you have intentionally worse the prayer is invalid number two, you add something that you should not have added to the Salah. So you add an extra car you add an extra

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record an extra sujood and number three that you are confused and that confusion remains all the way to the end. Now another difference of opinion comes about when does one do the search that is so how do you do it after that the slim or before that the slim and again, you know all of the mothers have their position. So again, you know, feel free to you know, ask a particular scholar but again, if you're asking me what you're doing obviously emailing me in this case

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the the the search that so who is going to be done if you are confused or if you have if you are confused or if you have forgotten something, okay, in these two cases that says that is done before the tasleem so if you are confused between three and four, or if you missed a watch, so you didn't sit down for the second record and you stood up okay, you forgot a word you in one of the in both of these situations. You will continue

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To the end, you're sitting for the two here. Then before you finish the Salah, you will do two sizes immediately Allahu Akbar go down back, Allahu Akbar go down back to, and then you will not repeat the two here, and the Salat upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you will then just do the slim. So if you are confused about the number of records, or if you forgot a word you've accidentally, then you do to search this before that asleep, if you have added, and by the way, this is based on the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu it who was seldom that

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the Prophet says and once prayed Lahore, and he stood up in the second car, and he did not sit down, and all the people stood up with him. And when they sat down for the fourth Raka, they, the Profit System went into such that twice, and then he did this name. So the people did says the twice and did this limb. So this shows that he stood up in the second rocker, and he did not sit down. And that is a way to do that. And because he missed a watch of accidentally, so he did says that too. So in another Hadith says, well, a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if one of you is in doubt about his Salah, and he doesn't know how much he has prayed three or four, then get rid of the

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doubt, and base what you have upon certainty, and then perform to such those before you do tasneem performed to search those before you do the same. So get rid of the doubt, and base it on certainty which of the two is more certain, which is going to be the lower of the two numbers, right, so three out of four, three, a certain, so four is uncertain. So you go under three, you ignore the four and then you finish and then you do two stages. As for if you have added this happened once in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he prayed for her accidentally to rock art. And when he said the slim, he turned around, and everybody you know, did not know what to do. Some people

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thought that the Salah had been shortened to two. So one person stood up and said, O Messenger of Allah, have you? Did you make a mistake? Or was it an error? Did you forget? Or is salata now to Raka? Okay, and so the process of confirmed did I pray to the car? And they said yes. So he said, I am a person like the rest of you, I forget, like you forget. So he literally explained I am a human being. And I forget, like you forget. And he then stood up, and he made to record and he did that asleep, then he made to such does at the end, and then he did the slim. Okay, so in this case, he did this stage this after that the slim. And this shows us that when you add something more and in

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this case, you know he There was also a gap between the two and the two. And so he added the the stream of data the first time he then he prayed the two or a cat. And he did says that the so so the bottom line, that there are a diversity of opinions. And really the main point is that the search that he's done for one of three reasons as long as you remember that to be very pedantic and technical, like if you do it all of them before and Charlotte will be accepted by a lot. And if you forget which one The point is, you do say is that the so who what do you do before that this name after that this name, that's really where a lot of difference of opinion comes amongst the format

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tabs, but don't worry about this. Just follow what is easy for you, you've asked a scholar, this is the position that you know I've told you to do and stick with it. Understand until you study more and Allah knows best