How Fasting Can Increase Taqwa

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Hi yah

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Hi yah Ireland

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in hamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay in Ohana still fiddle whenever would you be la Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Molina manga de Hiller who Fela mobila warmer yield Linhof Allah ha de Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah who either hola Cherie Keller, wash Hello Anna Mohamed and Alba ever do who are pseudo unmarried Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah subhana wa Taala has reminded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you are Latina. I'm an otaku. Allah helper to RT, what are temotu Illa one two Muslim one. Dear Muslims, Allah subhanho wa Taala has legislated this month of fasting for one reason and only one reason it is in the Quran. Yeah,

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you hola Dina. Amen. Oh katiba de como selenium come out katiba either leadin amicability comme le I'll come to hone or you who believe Sam has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may attain Toccoa the goal of CRM division of CRM, the final result of CRM must be Taqwa. So in today's very brief chutzpah in sha Allah hooter, Allah. I'm going to analyze what is Taqwa? And how does cm get us to achieve Dakwah Taqwa to put it very simply, is the consciousness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala that motivates us to do good deeds and prevents us from doing evil deeds. Dukkha is an inner concept is an inner state of mind. It is a paradigm it's a

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vision. It's a way you look at the world. When you have Taqwa. You are always conscious that I need to do as much good as I can. And I need to withdraw restrict from any evil. So this is what Taqwa is. How then does Siyam bring about taqwa? What are the mechanisms via which Siyam helps you attain Taqwa? much can be said point number one brothers and sisters point number one. The essence of Taqwa is to be aware of Allah to be conscious of Allah. Okay? What happens when we're fasting? When we're fasting, we are training our inner consciousness. When we're fasting. Nobody watches us in the privacy of our rooms in the privacy of our kitchens. We can drink we can eat, but we know Allah is

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watching. So Siyam trains our consciousness of Allah. This is the literally mental gymnasium we're going and working out every single day to build our consciousness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Point number two. A part of Taqwa is to minimize sin. And to minimize Sin means your desire. Your willpower has to be strong. What happens in cm, you're exercising your willpower. We're all thirsty right now. We're all have caffeine withdrawal right now. We're all hungry right now. But our will is stronger than our hunger. Our will is stronger than our desire to break our fast. And so once again, in the gym of Ramadan. We are working out our willpower we are strengthening

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During our willpower, if we can stop from eating and drinking in the daytime right now Wallahi we can stop our sins when the month is over. If we can develop our willpower now to not drink and it's hot outside and We're thirsty and we're going to work, surely you and I can give up smoking, drinking other haram habits we can give up these things. We are showing Allah we can give up the halal, surely we can give up the Haram that is the second mechanism of achieving Taqwa. Number three when it comes to Taqwa Taqwa one of the main thumbor or fruits, is that we draw closer to Allah with our rituals, our sunnah our do our thicker our Quran, well guess what Ramadan does. Ramadan, it

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causes all of us to raise the bar of our rituals. Every one of us we pray a little bit more. We give charity we read Quran we do thicker, we are doing constant to eye every night and karyam every night we will before we break the fast. And so in this month of Ramadan, one of the gym routines we are doing one of the repetitions we're doing is the repetition of increasing the rituals. If we can worship Allah 234 hours a day non stop, we're praying and we're doing pm and what not surely Ramadan is over. We can also raise the bar. So this is point number four. In Ramadan, we raise the bar of our rituals. Point number five brothers and sisters of the essence of Taqwa. And our Prophet system

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called it the Rasul Allah or the crux of the matter is to be patient to have sober sober and Eman go hand in hand sober and Taqwa go hand in hand. And what does Ramadan do if it doesn't teach you southern Ramadan teaches you to be patient, what is patience to not act when you want to act? What is patience? When an emotion comes you control it? So what is Ramadan? The emotion of hunger comes the emotion of anger comes and what are their prophecies. Some say if somebody curses you gets angry at you and you're fasting, say Allahumma in the same control that so Ramadan cm, it trains you on suburbs, and suburbs is the quintessential pillar of being a monarchy and having eemaan. Therefore,

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one mechanism of increasing our Taqwa is via that of suburb. Point number six brothers and sisters, you shall never attain Taqwa. If you are constantly greedy, greed destroys piety. When you're on will, always wanting more and more and more, you're never going to be more tucky. So what does fasting do? Be content with what you have, be content with whatever is there, it lowers your greed, even for food and drink, you hide your so hold on holla that's it. You are not even wanting food and drink until sunsets, you are controlling your desire even for the hell. And you're being content with what you have. And you see other people, people of other faiths they're eating and drinking,

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and that Hamdulillah we don't even feel jealous for like 100 hour fasting, we have something better than their food and lunch we have something better than what they're doing. Now. This is the essence of Taqwa when you are content with what Allah has given you, and Iman and suburb, and Ramadan, excuse me teaches you to be content and when you are content, then Alhamdulillah you will attain the highest point of piety and the seventh the last point brothers and sisters, the seventh and last point of the essence of having Taqwa is to enjoy the worship of Allah more than you enjoy the pleasures of this dunya. You will never have Taqwa. And you will never master having piety until you

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genuinely enjoy the worship of Allah more than you enjoy the pleasures of this dunya. And in the month of Ramadan, every one of us enjoys the sweetness of fasting more than we enjoy the sweetness of food. We enjoy having accomplished something. We enjoy the spiritual peace that comes from obeying Allah subhana wa Tada from controlling our desires, from servitude to Allah, the joy we obtain in our hearts, the peace we feel in the servitude of Allah. We recognize this dunya can never give it to us. Every one of you how do you feel when you break your fast you feel you've accomplished something, I did something today I did something that gives me a sense of humility and

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pride and hamdulillah I've accomplished something for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that joy that Sakina you appreciate what it means to be a worshipper of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no pleasure that is more permanent and more fulfilling than the pleasure of worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada every other pleasure of this dunya it comes with a negative side effects. It comes

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comes with something that is also not pleasurable, every single pleasure of this dunya it is not pure, it is not permanent, even the halal pleasures that go away. As for the pleasure of worshiping Allah, it is 100% Pure and its effects are permanent. And in this month of Ramadan, every one of us is reintroduced to that pleasure of being a servant of Allah, the sweetness of Eman, you know what a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam called it Hadith isn't Behati he said thou called Tom will Imani. The one has tasted the sweetness of faith who believes in Allah and who is contented with Allah says Lord, he called it the sweetness of faith that ultimate Eman has the taste and that tastes his

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sweetness. In another Hadith he literally called it Hala what will Eman literally the Halawa of iman in Ramadan, we all are reintroduced to the Halawa of Iman and the goal is therefore when Ramadan finishes we want to just like an addict, what is the addict do he wants to always have that addiction? Well, there is a halal addiction that highlight addiction, the sweetness of worshiping Allah when Ramadan is over, and we know how sweet that is, we should increase and we should do our worship outside of this month, so that we can maintain that sweetness as well. These are some of the mechanisms brothers and sisters of how fasting taps in to the potential of Taqwa May Allah subhana

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wa Tada. Allow this month to be a perfect month for us. May Allah azza wa jal accept our fast and forgive our sins. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you with him through the Quran. And he may make us of those whose verses they understand and applies head out and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness he was will ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah Halawa had a had a summit a lady limited what have you learned welcome your caller who phoned Eduardo. One other aspect that must be mentioned brothers and sisters is the association of this month with the Quran. The Quran and Ramadan go hand in hand since the very beginning of time, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says shahada Ramadan Allah the goon Zilla V Hill Quran, the month of Ramadan is when the Quran came down. Then Allah says whoever is there in the month of Ramadan should fast. Allah mentions Quran before he mentions fasting, the Association of this month with the Quran is stronger than its association with fasting in unza. Now who feel a little cuddle, we sent this Quran

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down on Laylatul Qadr. So the revelation of the Quran the association of the Quran with this month is a constant theme from the beginning of time and since the beginning of this ummah, Quran and Ramadan have always been together, we learned in the traditions, God and himself would come down every single night and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite the Quran to him and then listen to it from him, he would recite the whole Jews at least and then he would listen to Gibreel as well. And this is the basis of our practice of reciting inter alia and of course our processing would also pray long term as well. Therefore, brothers and sisters in this month, open

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the book of Allah even if you never open it for the rest of the year. In this month, I urge you and in this month I commend you in this month I strongly suggest upon myself and all of you form an association with this book and if you can finish at least once then inshallah do So brothers and sisters, we are still on the third day, the second day really of the month. Even if you haven't started you have time to catch up every day. 2030 minutes split it up 510 minutes here and in sha Allah Allah you can finish an entire Quran but brothers and sisters in case you cannot do so then don't just give up and say hello as I can finish a Quran no, some Quran is infinitely better than no

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Quran something every single day please brothers and sisters for the sake of your Lord for the sake of your dunya for the sake of your akhira forum in association with this book, open the book up every day without exception stick in 510 20 minutes in your schedule, split it up 10 minutes after widowhood. 10 minutes after fajr whatever it might be and make sure you have a daily routine so that insha Allah Allah you form a new relationship, try to finish the entire book if you cannot do so don't let shaytaan competition say oh I cannot finish the whole Quran still do whatever you can do. 20 Jews do 15 Jews do 10 Jews something is better than nothing. Just form a relationship with the

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Quran in this month. Insha Allah Allah Allah it will bring about a level of peace and Sakina that will last you for the rest of the year Allahumma in need there is a mineral Illuminati I don't know if it has to meet them, but it'll have a Fatah wa Hamad Illa for Raja wala Jaina Illa Kadota when I'm read on Elijah feta, whether I see it on Illa yourself to Allah ma fildena What is one and Alina Silva who Navin Iman wala Tetra alumina Zilla Lilina Amano Rob burner in Accardo for Rahim Allah Allah Taco Bell Mina so yeah mana waka Yamuna Allah Masha Allah Minerva is enough he heard a shout Allah mctimoney inertia harana Madonna video the one where it

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I'm in nirvanic there are magic or hammer Rahim in regards Allah in Allahu Allah Amara can be embedded BBFC within the Medaka decoder with SAP Can you help me when I'm in Germany he were insane for all zoominfo and Idema in hola hola it go to your Soluna Allah Nabi yeah you hola Dena Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a slimmer Allahumma Salli we're selling him robotic well and I love the chorus Widdecombe Hammer Early he was a big marine rebels Allah in the larger mobile ad they were standing at the Ottawa wion manufacturer it will Monica you will probably you're either committed to the Koran or the Corolla or the commercial crew who Yes it did. What did they call Juanita Allah

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somebody can brothers and sisters we have three Juma as a mayor please request for those of you who are able to pray soon as at home or your office then please if you can make your way out so that the next batch can come and also on the way out, please do sign up for the 313 there are forms outside Xochimilco here