Humblebrag- Can You Be Arrogant In Your Humility

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experiences with self expression, embarrassment, confidence issues, and recitation. They also talk about struggles with confidence and a belief that a person is a genius reciter. They emphasize the importance of living a life with pride and being true to oneself.
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I've since childhood, I've always seen actors on sets being like, super chill. And in my mind, I was like, how did they do that? But if we were always tense, like, oh, it's grown, and we were like, super formal, I couldn't do it. I think it doesn't make sense to have that we couldn't go hours like it, it would just like, okay,

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grounds open, don't talk, then you wouldn't be able to do it. Or we're not religious enough to do it that way. Because, you know, some pious person is like, wait a minute, but that pious person couldn't sit. They'd be too pious to sit here. It's like, the everyone knew. I bet you they're people who recite a lot better than I do. But they're dealing with that inner or what about my caliber, and this and that, I went through that phase, and I fell on this side of this fence. Everyone was like, I don't want to show off. So I won't resign. I was like, I don't, but I'm gonna resign. And I got over it. Yes, sometimes you do feel fool of yourself. But the 100 people who

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benefited from that, then you go ask for forgiveness, you find your own mistakes. So I don't know. I feel like we're all afraid to be to feel the beginning of arrogance. I feel it. That's what makes us real. Like, that's what makes us so amazing is that we can feel that way. So

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I know. But then I also feel like those people who don't try will never get humbled. So I think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread and I've been recited crazy for a year. December 20. Fajr was the greatest Fajr have ever prayed. And I promise after I prayed Fajr bind imamo Davidson. I felt like I couldn't read Quran. It was in its eye. It's posted on on YouTube. December 28 Fajr. Funnily, I am clearly telling you in sound mine, I thought I didn't know how to read Quran after I paid for. It was the most spectacular recitation. It's everything that I say. No, it was beyond that. No, I promise I left. I was like, I don't know how to read Quran. But then that's how much I feel like

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Allen Iverson saying, on dribble a ball. That's how I felt like I was just

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gone. But I really, I don't go around telling for the coolness of his recitation. It was just if I never thought I was all that. I never get body slammed. I would never give be able to. I would just said oh, he's a great reciter know, his recitation made me feel like now you didn't even know how to read Quran. i When you listen to it, you'll say Yeah, finally don't

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know not me. It was Sheikh hood. They fees son leading Fajr. And I my whole point was if I don't if I'm not a little fool of myself, if caught. I was praying behind him. And I was law. Kanye West Steve Jobs. If they weren't a little fool of themselves. Would we be where we are right now? No, I don't think so. So am I justifying arrogance.

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I am willing to play with the line and say a stop for a while because at the end of it when you get that close, you're like, none of this praise is coming to me. Kanye could say he wrote a rap. I didn't write this. I just sound good reading it. Because he's it. It's to me. That's the logic. How could I be arrogant? Oh, I had the best teachers for over 20 years. My parents financed me did. Allah kept me in the lap of luxury my whole life. It's like, okay, like, this is what you're supposed to do.

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But I don't know everyone who fought struggles with the arrogancy thing. There's always

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says the Hadith of the mustard seed. You know? Yes, there is. And I feel like people don't like to hear it. I feel like there's some Hadith that you that are like life codes. And there's some of these that are giving you parameters. I'll give you a real one. I shall Radi Allahu Taala on ha was having a second meal. What was that meal? Oil in one dish vinegar in another dish and she dipped into sauces piece of bread. The Prophet saw some Astra what extravagance is this

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so when I hear that hadith, I'm like, and like and

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you're giving me a proverb, not how you live your life daily. So right now I'm gonna go do 90 Whatever it is something and when I get to HUD have their b, c lu. And I feel like oh, I am not going to consider that a mustard seed because I am great because Allah made me great. So I think, look, shaytaan wasn't wrong at one. One point bliss was like, I made a fire. He's made a claim there couldn't that's true. Those are true scientific facts. His problem was called an Ohio man, that I am better

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or that my thought process is better than Allah stop. So, yeah, it's a discussion but for you from teacher, go live on that side. Look, have someone tell you firstly, you shouldn't be so arrogant, and then you will say, I'm going to work on it. Have that I've had the owner of grand weekly told me he goes for the first two years of knowing you. I just I thought you were one of the most arrogant people I do. And I was like, Where does this conversation go? But he was like, No, you're not. And I was like, Okay, thank you. I guess he was just being super candid. And I was like, Okay, I don't think I come off arrogant. But I have lived a very opulent life like, I asked mom for $5 She used to

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give me 50 Mom I'm gonna go she'd be like, I don't have bills. What am I How am I gonna buy ice cream with a $50 bill mom, so I never like I lived very comfortably and Allahu Allah but I want you to live on that side because those folks who are dealing with the inner demon of arrogance maybe that's their struggle

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I went to bed till I was in like ninth grade on and off so I it's not that hard to not be it's not that hard. Like I have Crohn's disease I go to I take a poop like nine times a day like it's I'm not very I'm not Aryan I bleed from my mouth and rectum at least three times a month I know there's a lot of information but without now because I've had to cut in the blood knows all of this blouse like yeah with some you we've heard about all your holes, no man blouses blah see me and some amazing times mashallah Mala give you Jana below

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all right now below last week guys never talk we talk. We talk today is just been in an exciting day Alhamdulillah

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I say this all comes back to though fondly your opinion of Allah live at a Jeff Bezos live at a rappers level of eemaan let his arrogance let your Eman be like that. That's how I live you got Imani hanging off my neck let like live like that a little. And then when in the nighttime Oh Allah you know do the thing. Remember Allah? I'm gonna play this character but I'm just you made me this great. I'd rather do that than the Oh, Allah. Allah Allah Tala. I don't like that. Allah didn't make we creatures. He made Dwayne The Rock Johnson. That's what he made.