Have Some Faith

Yasir Qadhi


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I don't understand how people of no faith can cope with tragedy because the only thing that allows us to cope with tragedy is faith faith Eman, it gives us hope when the situation is hopeless. It gives us courage when you would think why should we be courageous? It gives us optimism in the darkest of times. It allows us to understand to contextualize it allows us to think good thoughts of Allah subhanho wa Taala to hope for a better tomorrow even though today is very bleak, Iman faith Islam it gives us that optimism when the world is dark your iman will give you light when the world is cloudy when the world gives you nothing but disaster your eemaan will give you consolation and

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comfort and grief Eman is like an anchor. No matter what tidal wave comes no matter what tragedy come your Eman will make you firm. Your Eman will give you stability and courage