I’m hurt – Do I forgive?

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of forgiveness as a means of resolving relationships and removing hatred and fears. They suggest using this opportunity to forgive people who have caused harm to their relationship. Forgiveness is also seen as a way to rid ourselves from hatred and fears.
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There's a lot of people we've cut ties with Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to pick up on those relations. Why not pick up the phone? Be the first one to see how you can mend and patch that relationship. There's great rewards for this for men arpha were US law have a Jew, Allah Allah. And Allah also says well Eamon SOBOROFF will have her in orderly come in asmin more, may we use this opportunity of Ramadan, to start speaking to the people that we have stopped speaking with, maybe use this opportunity to forgive the people that that may have wronged us. Forgiveness is for our peace. Forgiveness is for our serenity. Forgiveness is to rid ourselves from the hatred and the ill

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feelings that we carry. So let us take this opportunity to forgive the people who have wronged us. May Allah bless us all. I mean,