The Meaning of Intelligence in Islam

Yasir Qadhi


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What does Aql mean? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explores the linguistic and Islamic meaning. 

Aql means something that reigns over us during times of danger, foolishness and stupidity. The Aqil is a good worshiper of Allah.

Everyone who sins in a state of ignorance and then repents, Allah will forgive them. This reasserts the fact that a Jahil or ignorant person is one who commits a sin and not the one who is blessed with Aql.

The purpose of Aql is to recognize the truth and to shy away from it is utter foolishness, no matter what is the length and breadth of one’s achievements.


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The transcript describes the meaning behind the term "ar serv" in Islam, which refers to the use of animals to harness human experience. The title also describes the use of "ar serv" in religious practices, including incest and pride.

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What does Apple mean? It's very interesting that the word Arcola linguistically, it means to rein in an animal to harness an animal. Like, you know, animals, they have something around their their heads and they are harnessed, you pull them back. That is what after that means? What does human intellect have to do with harnessing the purpose of alcohol is to rein us in during times of danger, to control us from acting foolishly and stupidly. To make us act in an intelligent manner, aka pulls us back from falling to our deaths, aka pulls us back from doing that which is foolish to do. And therefore it is should not come as any surprise to us in Islam actually means to be a good

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worshipper of Allah.

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If you are a worshipper of a law you are after you're smart. And if you reject a law, if you commit sins, if you don't act in an intelligent manner, you're acting foolishly. And that is why for example, in the Quran, instead of the moon so the Tabarak When the angels asked the people of genom How did you end up here? What caused you to end up here? What did they say? Oh, lacuna. Nest smart. Oh Na K to na Coronavirus herbicide. If we only heard the message or we only thought nothing, we would not end up in general. If they were intelligent, they would have accepted Islam and worshipped Allah.

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Beautiful message here loku Nana smell Oh Na Caillou Makana fields have a say. Likewise, Allah subhana wa tada mentions

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in the Quran. That while I can no mana 15 Allah if Cahoon, the hypocrites, they just don't understand. They don't have alcohol. The hypocrites are acting foolishly. Allah says this sort of thing, this app that everybody who disobeyed Allah subhana wa tada in the state of Johanna vija, Honiton. Everybody who sins in a state of ignorance and then repent, Allah will forgive him. So the purpose is about repentance. But there's an interesting clause here that whoever disobeys a law beija had it in, in the state of being giant giant is the opposite of Adam, Adam and Jonathan, two opposites, right. And the law describes the center as being giant, the famous cousin of the process

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of urban Ibis, he said, khulumani Allahu ajayan. Anybody who disobeyed Allah, He is foolish. He's stupid, literally giant, because if he were intelligent, he wouldn't disobey Allah. That is the meaning of intelligence in Islam, to act in accordance with the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to live one's life obeying Allah subhana wa Tada. This is intelligence. And to reject that

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is foolish, even if you win the Nobel Prize in science. But if you don't believe in Allah, this is foolish.

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If you don't recognize the truth when it is staring you in the face, this is foolish.

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The purpose of Africa is to recognize the truth.

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When Africa is not used to recognize the truth, it doesn't matter if you can get to the moon and back. You are not using the intelligence for what it was meant for