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The importance of memorizing Islam's names is discussed, particularly those who use them in their daily lives. The use of Azza wa J Lyla and" Houma" by the Prophet's name is discussed, as it is used to show the degree of comfort with Islam. The importance of forgiveness and strong culture of forgiveness is also emphasized. The segment ends with a mention of a man named Jesus and a potential lecture on medic.

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When Allah azza wa jal is closer to us than our jugular vein and Allah as of yet is with us wherever we are, in all of our moments, Allah azza wa jal is the one who's with us. So, the point to call us out over the next couple of weeks is that we're going to get to know Allah. So get through some of his names and attributes, and as well as reflecting on the effects of those names in our lives. Because all of our lives and the lives of those around us and the lives of the creatures and the creation and everything else are all a manifestation of Allah azza wa jal or evidence of Allah as it gives greatness. So we begin with

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how many names Allah is with us. Now how many names there's a lot

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huh? Okay, the ones that we know are 100 So you have the famous Hadith, right? The Prophet sallallaahu send them says that who to Allah belong 99 names Mia Illa Ada 100 Except for one man, I saw her the halal Jana, that whoever encompasses these names will enter into paradise. So this is the Hadith that initiated you know, all of this research in this conversation throughout the past 1400 years of Islam, because this word I saw, you know, it's vague it requires you know, it's controversial with regards to what does it actually mean? What does I saw? I mean, does it mean to simply memorize it? Does it mean like, I just memorize 100 Names of Allah azza wa jal? Well, there

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are a number of different interpretations with regards to wa sallahu means the first is to figure them out and to memorize them. Now there's a there's a famous Hadith, although it's week, where it says that Allah azza wa jal has 99 names and these are what they are Rahman Al Rahim, and medical produces Salam and Moltmann basically what you see in people's houses that list of 99 names that are really popular list, that is a Hadith that it's the Hadith itself, that list is not a statement of the Prophet sallallaahu sin. It's actually a statement of one of the narrators of the Hadith, one of the Tabori and he narrated the Hadith, he said, these are what the 99 names are. So it's not a

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statement of the province of colitis and them so it's not conclusive. Now, with regards to how do you figure that out? How do you memorize them? Well, the first thing that you have to do is you have to figure out what those names are. And so many of the scholars in the past have tried to extract from the Quran and the Sunnah, what the names of Allah azza wa jal are. And so they look throughout the Quran, and they look throughout the Sunnah, and they came up with their own list of 99. And that's why you'll see that the list of 99 names actually vary from one person to another, from one scholar to another. But that's part of the process of US law, because you're actually seeking out

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those names. And you are memorizing those names. The second is to simply know their meanings, which is part of what we're going to be doing a challenge out over the next couple of weeks is just to figure out what does Allah mean? What does it mean? What does it mean? What does it medic mean? What are the connotations of those names? How should I be responding towards those names? How do I worship Allah as they are call upon Allah as those yet according to those names, which brings us to the third, which is to call a lot as we did by those names, to call Allah as they did by those names. You know, Manasa, duckula, Jana, whoever encompasses these names. And so when you look at the

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person who every time they converse with Allah azza wa jal, they are using a different name in accordance to what their request is of Allah. So they're asking Allah as yet for his bounty by the fact that he is in kitty, or they're asking Allah as the agenda for his provision by the notion that he is or they're asking Allah azza wa jal by for his forgiveness by the notion that he is unlawful. And so this person is interacting with the names of Allah azza wa jal, through their supplication. And this is something that I was reading it I'm like, Man, I don't do this. I always go back to my default, which is Allah, Houma and Robbie, and oh, Allah, right, you go back to the default. And

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that's why it becomes you see how valuable it is where the prophets of Allah did send them says that whoever actually interacts with the names at this level, where they are calling Allah as though and using these names in accordance with their desires or in accordance to what their requests are, that person will enter into paradise.

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Also, of the beauty of knowing these attributes is to seek out those attributes within yourself. So I'm looking for these attributes because I want to see what Allah azza wa jal Allah only attributes to himself, descriptions of perfection. And so I'm seeking out those attributes because I want to beautify my own personality with that which I know Allah has written loves him no claim he says Allah azza wa jal is knowledgeable he loves the scholars. Allah azza wa jal is beautiful.

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For he loves beauty, he is merciful. He loves mercy. He is Merson, he loves the mercy and he's a doer of good he loves the mercy. There's a hadith that's week, where the Prophet sallallaahu Selim says the Halacha will be a flock Allah are doing yourselves have the characteristics of the characteristics of Allah azza wa jal. And even though the hadith is weak, it's reflective of the meaning that no claim is mentioning. Whereas Allah azza wa jal is merciful. So I need to be merciful. Allah as you're going is beautiful. So let me seek to be beautiful Allah azza wa jal loves to do good or Allah Azza does good then let me seek to do good as well. Now, we begin with the name

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Allah as the origin.

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And Allah is the most oft repeated name for Allah azza wa jal or for God in the Quran and the Sunnah. It's the most oft repeated name for short. And it is a name that's not shared with anyone. It's directed only to the Almighty, the Lord of the heavens and the earth of the King of kings. It's a name that is made up of all light letters. It's easy to be pronounced on the tongue, a double L, exhale with love Allah. It is the phrase that people use. It is the name that Allah azza wa jal has placed into the statement that is used to enter into Islam. So everyone who enters into Islam, every single day people are entering into this not what do they say? They say, I bear witness that there

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is nothing worthy of worship except Allah and Allah as chose that name. To be the name through which a person enters into Islam it is can be pronounced by the smallest or the youngest child and it can be pronounced by a person who's absolutely foreign to the Arabic language. Allah is the Lord that is loved by the hearts and who saw us as found in remembering him and longed for him. Allah azza wa jal, he says about himself, yeah, you already know them in commanding him for Sophia Tila, who becoming your Buddha, Allah Allah says, Oh, you who believe whoever view turns away from his religion or leaves this religion, Allah as the winner is going to come with a people who love Him

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and who he loves. And so Allah Azza describes those people who believe in Him and follow Him as those who Allah, Allah loves them. He attributes love to himself, and they love him. So he is loved. And he loves the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he mentioned those who have the sweetness of faith, the people who really want it, if you want to taste the sweetness that Islam brings, if you want to know that faith, that people experience that they love, and they taste that sweetness in their souls. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, seek out these three characteristics. The first is that a person loves Allah more than the Prophet. The person loves Allah and His Messenger more than anyone else.

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So that's number one, that you love Allah and His Messenger more than any of them so Allah azza wa jal is the most loved Well, lady, and I'm not sure Durban Illa, Allah says, and those who believe are more severe in their love of Allah azza wa jal. The second characteristic is he says,

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He loves a person, He does not love him except for the sake of Allah. And the third is that person who hates to return to school for just like he would hate to be thrown into a fire. So these three characteristics the prophets of Elijah send them describes as being characteristics if a person has them, in this case, this this faith will be sweet for that person. And the first and the most important than the greatest and the highest is that Allah and His Messenger become more beloved to them than everything else. Also from the meanings of Allah azza wa jal is the one who's grandiose in his essence and his attributes he's unimaginable. He's incomparable. He's on comprehendible he's the

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first and the last. Allah azza wa jal is the Lord who is worshipped, who the believers give their hearts and their worship to Allah. Allah says, In masala tea when Okay, well, it didn't help me say that my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are all for Allah is the Lord of the Worlds. Allah azza wa jal is the one who the entire universe glorifies His praise. He says, we're in Vinci and he lives up the hill behind him with a lot of bonuses to be home in Hokkaido. Halima Fuhrer, Allah says that there is not a single thing, except that it praises him and exalts him, except that you don't understand or comprehend how they do so. So the trees praise Allah azza wa

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The stars praise Allah.

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The ants praise Allah azza wa jal, the fish in the deepest recesses of the ocean, they praise Allah azza wa jal, but we don't understand how they do. So it's the name that is mentioned in the greatest statement that can be mentioned, which is La Ilaha. Il Allah is the name that's mentioned in the shadow. Allah is the only name or the definite article stays even when you're calling upon it, meaning Rahmani Raheem and Medic when you call upon Allah, you remove the L you don't say er Rama, you say yah Rama, you say Yara when you say yeah for say yeah, we do. But Allah azza wa jal is the only one

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One and some have said this is an indication that he this name is the Greatest Name of Allah azza wa jal, but that the Elif lamp stays so you still say yeah Allah. Allah is the name that's the default and every other name is a description of Allah azza wa jal. So you say Allah is a Rama, Allah is alright. But you don't say, mine is Allah azza wa jal you don't do vice versa. Every other name and attribute is a description of Allah azza wa jal

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we come to actually I wanted to hear from you guys any other thoughts that you have with regards to the name Allah azza wa jal itself anything else that you have that's popped into your mind?

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Caught you guys slipping?

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Hmm. Anything else? Middle co authored and even disabilities in

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the province I send them send me a lower header but there's indications that he has way more than that, because the province of Elijah is sending them he says in the famous supplication he says

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look up equalist men who are luck and sell to Vicki topic.

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Oh, I'd love to add them in Calicut. I was thought to be fair in Munich Arabia into that he says that I asked you by every name.

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The province of Senators All I ask you by every name that you brought down, you revealed in a book or you talk to any one of your slaves, or you kept to yourself. And so these names that Allah kept to himself are names that we don't know. Also, another indication is that the province alias and I'm set on the day of judgment that he is going to go and he's going to prostrate at the Throne of Allah azza wa jal. So he says, Allah is going to teach me Muhammad, that I don't know now. He says Allah is going to teach me ways to praise him that I don't know now, right? And part of that is understood that there are going to be Names of Allah as we did that are going to be mentioned. And so all of

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that is indicative of the fact that Allah azza wa jal, His names are more than what we know.

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Okay, so the next is a Rahman Al Rahim. The name of Rahman has been mentioned in the Quran 57 Times of Israel ah, Camila Hawaii La Ilaha Rahman Rahim Allah says your Lord or your deity that's your your your Lord is one Lord La Ilaha Lahore Rahman Rahim, there is nothing worthy of worship except him or him and Allah Haman. Allah says Ramana Allah She's still the most merciful or the Most Beneficent has risen above the throne. As for Rahim, Rahim has been mentioned 114 times Allah Allah says well my kind of Allah who he was yeah he might not come in Allah had been nasty a lot. Often Rahim Allah says and Allah azza wa jal was not going to waste your Eman or your faith meaning your

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prayer in Allah had been nasty little orphan Rahim Allah as well as ever Merciful for the for the people. Now from the greatest attributes of our Lord is the attribute of mercy. You know, when the Prophets when the Prophet SAW said, the prophesy said I'm taught us that when we greet our Muslim brother and sister, we say Islam i they come around to Allah here but I got it, right we're invoking the mercy of God. Upon this individual that we meet. Allah azza wa jal made mercy written upon himself, he prescribed mercy upon himself. Allah Allah made mercy, His mercy overpower his wrath, Allah azza wa jal made his mercy encompass everything. And whoever reflects upon the verses of Mercy

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versus the verses of punishment in the Quran, will find that the verses of mercy, one overwhelmed the verses of punishment, there are more. Not only that, even when the verses of mercy and punishment are within the same breath, or seemingly within the same breath, there are indications that the mercy is more than the punishment. I'll give you an example two verses where it seems like it's one versus the other write one close to each other. Allah Allah says, everybody, before Rahim, will be who had either already Allah says, Tell my slaves, just read the translation, tell my slaves, that I am

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the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. And that my punishment

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who will adopt him is the severe punishment. He mentioned his mercy. You mentioned his punishment, right? What do you got him?

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Okay, so he says, a loved one Rahim. So you mentioned two attributes. But what else? There are lots of other indications within that verse, that his mercy is more than his punishment. So for example, he says, not very badly. So the first thing is that he says, he's calling them my slaves are my servants, a baddie. He's, he's attributing them to himself, like my servants, right? He's saying, My servants tell my servants, he's not saying tell mankind tell the children of Adam. He's saying he's calling them My servants. Number two, is there's a lots of toolkit in this verse. There's lots of emphasis. So he says, any analog, all right, he says that I am myself, the Forgiving, the Merciful.

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So there's lots of emphasis and that emphasis is not existent in the next verse. Why not? I mean, he doesn't say well any other more. He doesn't say that. He says what he says and my punishment is severe.

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So even within those two verses, you see a massive difference between him attributing the mercy to himself and him calling himself the merciful and calling himself the forgiving, and him mentioning his punishment.

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Also the Mercy of Allah, Allah who didn't manifest itself.

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In every aspect of our life, the prophets of Allah sent them in a beautiful Hadith he says that Allah has divided mercy into 100 parts.

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He sent 1/100 of that down, and he kept 99 Other parts for Himself to us on the Day of Judgment. And so we believe that every aspect and every scene of mercy that you've ever experienced, or that you've ever seen, or that you've ever heard about, or that you've ever heard about, read about, and all of the mercy that existed between humanity and all of the mercy that exists between animals and all of the creation of God, from the time that it was created. And until the Day of Judgment. All of that is one part of the 100 parts that Allah divided mercy into. As for the other 99, he kept for himself on the Day of Judgment, to use on his believing slaves, who are going to come to him with

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lifetimes of mistakes and shortcomings and forgetfulness and neglect them.

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And he is going to forgive them, because he is the forgiving and the Most Merciful. And that's why the province of Elijah Sen. He says, if the disbelievers knew the extent of Allah's mercy, none of them would think that they were ever going to enter into the hellfire. And if the believers knew the extent of Allah's punishment, no one would think that they would enter paradise. So it's a balance, it's a balance. Also, when you look at the the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, you reflect on the person who spends a lifetime away from Allah, right, a person who just, they spent their entire lives just forget about God, forget about, it's all about me, and what I want to do. And they

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might have even been angry with him, they might have even hated the notion of God.

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And Elijah just sends this person an SOS message, to save their soul in the form of a problem that overpowers them, or in the form of a disease or a sickness that debilitating. And so they come to Allah as being shattered and broken. And we see this a person who at the end of their life comes to a lot as it was shattered and broken, because of their distance from him in the first place. And he accepts them. And he rectifies their affairs, and inshallah to Allah after they pass away, he admits them into paradise. Like this is the Lord that we worship. And one of the biggest, one of the biggest mistakes that we make is that we don't communicate to people whether it's our friends, or

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our family, or our community, or people beyond that, how Allah as well as Rahman Rahim, you know, a person who's in college, and they're being told that if I go out and party, I'm going to go to the hellfire.

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And we somehow think that that's going to make them feel better. And it may actually even push them even more away, because now you've put them between two choices. One is I am going to have all of this guilt, and all of this stress, and I'm not going to be able to enjoy myself. Or I can just say, You know what, I don't believe in God.

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I don't believe in God. And this makes it easier for me to reconnect reconcile between this internal conflict that I have. So let me get rid of the conflict. I finish it so I can live however I want to live, right. And so you see, actually this this not knowing who Allah Azza Yun is, actually can be catastrophic for a person even leaving them to suffer.

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And that happens. And so the it's very important Allah as I just mean in the end, I don't mean Allah if Allah, Allah Allah says, Give the believers good news. Give them the good news that they have from Allah azza wa jal, incredible bounty, how from Allah has an incredible favor that this Lord of yours extends his hand during the day to forgive the one who sins during the night and he extends his hand during the night tickets to forgive the one who sins during the day. And that Allah azza wa jal is so close to the believer, as soon as a believer takes a step towards him, no matter how distant they have been. Allah ASEAN takes multiple steps towards them and if Allah Azza did if that

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person comes towards Allah, Allah, Allah Azza did racist towards that person. Allah as I said earlier about the Latina similar talk not to me Rahmatullah in a la hora de novo Jamia, Allah has it says say to my believing slaves, never despair from the mercy of Allah. Why? Because Allah Allah forgives all sins. Allah as it says in a beautiful Hadith, the hadith of innocent Timothy says himself, he says, Yeah, Ben Adam in Nicoma doubt Eniola June 2004 to Nicola Oberg, and Amanda Minko. Nobody says, Oh, my son of Adam, as long as you believe in me,

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and as long as you have hope in me and call upon me, I will forgive you. But not only will he say I will not forgive you. He says I will forgive you

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He says I won't mind. Some people they forgive okay, but they're still holding a grudge, right? They're still upset. They still remember what you did. They still don't trust you 100% they forgave you. But

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Allah Allah says what everybody? I don't mind. Yeah, I had them a little bit about xinova and Anna sama from a certain effort to like it says, Oh, son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the sky, and then you sought forgiveness from me, I will forgive you. Yeah.

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If you were to meet me with what is equal to the Earth's weight, and since then you met me on the day of judgment, not committing ship with me. I would come to you with what is equal to that of mercy. So reflecting on the name of automatic gives us hope and Allah azza wa jal, but it also gives a steadfastness when we go through everything that that we go through in this life.

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You know what?

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We all want things. We all have hopes we all have dreams. Now when something is given to us, we're very happy with Allah hazarded. We're very thankful. But when something is withheld from us, how do we feel?

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And so an exercise is to say, Rahman is the one who withheld that from me.

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Like Rama, you're the one who's filled with mercy. He's the one who didn't decreed for me to get that job. Or am I the one who's filled with mercy, he's the one who decreed that I didn't get that opportunity, or I didn't get to marry this person, or I didn't get to do whatever it is that we are so passionate about, and we desire so badly. When you remember that the one who's giving or the one who's withholding isn't right, man, it makes you feel better, or man is the one who decreed for use of it. Instead, I'm to be separate from his father and man is the one who decreed that, that yeah, instead, I would cry so severely that his eyes would become blind. And the Rahman is the one who

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decreed that they be reunited so beautifully. And how many people live a lifestyle that is similar to that or live a story that is similar to that to some capacity in their lives. And so you recognize that you know what all of the good that experience is coming to our mind and so it is good, all of the bad are the things that I dislike, it is coming to me from Oklahoma, and so it is good and we carry the perspective of local the Allah and who has said, but you know, whoever had them in a hula shot official invite the who not Allah Halal lady, la Shafi Charlene, by the whole Jana, whether he'll have his lady madam or not, he said, There is no evil in any evil that is

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followed by paradise, all of the hardships in the world if that's going to lead me to Paradise, if that's what my mind is going to use to lead me to Paradise, then there was no harm or any evil or any badness in any of it. And all of the goodness in this world or all of the pleasures of this world, if that's going to cause me to enter into the Hellfire eventually, then there was no goodness in it in any in any way, shape or form.

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The it's beautiful when the Muslims recognize the value or recognize the the great power of Allah as just forgiveness. I want to just conclude this Rahmani Raheem with one of my favorite verses of a poet whose name was Ubuntu us. And we know as was. He was an alcoholic used to write a lot of poetry about wine.

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And he's still, you know, he's still Muslim. He just wasn't a very practicing Muslim. But he was very educated as well because they went through the normal education process. So it was said that they saw him in a dream. One of his companions saw him in a dream and he said, What did your Lord do with you? He saw him in a dream he says, My Lord forgave me so my Lord forgave me why? Because of some verses that I wrote and I kept under my pillow. The verses were robbing Allama dinner because rotten fella died him to the enough we call them says, Oh my Lord, if my sins are great because of their number, everybody's saying that you know, I've done a lot more bad man.

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I know that your forgiveness is greater

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DeLuca Rebecca Martha de la Ryan federal added to deferment they are. He says, I call upon you my Lord and humility and subjugation if you're going to repel my hand, then who's going to have mercy on me and kind of lie of dukkha Illa mercy you know, familiar, Miriam says if the only people who can have hope and you are the good guys, we're in the midst youth all the time and praying Aisha and all of that those are the only guys who have opened you then who is the criminal the hooligan supposed to have hope it like who am I supposed to have open

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Miley receiver to look at in LA Raja or Jaime Africa in the Muslim he says I have no path to you

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in the raja except for Hope my only path you at this point is hope which me to Africa and your beautiful forgiveness but any Muslim and the fact that I'm a Muslim?

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So Rahman Rahim.

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Anybody have anything that they want to share with regards sort of mama Rahim.

00:24:52--> 00:24:55

Your own thoughts with regards to Eliza yet his mercy

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Yeah, you could say I'm not a human you can't call yourself a ramen and Allah azza wa jal punishes anybody who calls himself a Rama Hussain Al Qaeda calls himself Ramanuja mama call himself the Man of La MaMa his tribe and you saw what happened to him and so what ramen is something that but Allah you can describe a person as being Rahim some of these names are exclusively to Allah like Allah, and like a Rama and many others Allah as we will cause other people with it. So a person can be called Kadeem, a person can be called or a person can be called Rahim Allah calls the Prophet la syndrome or describes the Prophet similar sentiments.

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Any of your thoughts with regards to R Rahman r Rahim?

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Yeah, it was avoiding that. But thanks for bringing it up. So the difference between Amanda Rahim so there's, there's actually it's a very famous controversy between Obama and Rahim. And there's a lot of difference of opinions with regards to it. That's why I didn't get into it. But some have said that man, the difference between a Rahman Al Rahim is that Allah as well as a man in the dunya and that he's a Rahim in the ACA. So he's a Rama for everyone and everything in the dunya. And he's all over him in the athame. That for specifically for the believers, some said that ah man indicates the greatness of his Brahma. And Rahim indicates the consistency of his Rama. So Rama is the greatness

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and little aim is how it continues every single day, on and on and on, and on and on. Some have said that there is no difference that the Rahman and Rahim are completely the same and synonymous. And they responded back to the first people who said that he's orama. And in the dunya, and Rahim in the Astra by the famous die in which the prophets of Allah has sent him says the amount of dunya with what I hear Muhammad, Allah the Prophet sallallaahu send them calls the Allah the Rahman and Rahim of both of those ninja.

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Yeah, so I have no conclusion with regards to what the differences between Rahmani Raheem

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Yep. The route is both one. They come from the Mercy of Allah Ozzy, but I do want you to pay attention to is that how at the beginning of every Surah right, we're taught to say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And so out of all of the attributes that Allah could have used as a second attribute. Okay, we got a Rama. But could it have been an medic couldn't have been unproduced? Couldn't have been an Aziz couldn't have been a Jabbar, right? As a soccer attribute these two even if they're not synonymous, they're very they're very similar in their meaning, right, they both come from mercy but nonetheless Allah so you're still out of all of them. He wants us to know that he is

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a man and that he is a Rahim indicating how overpowering His mercy is. And that's the Lord that we worship

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Yeah, some

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very good. The mercy that is

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extracted it's the same the womb but Rahim is extracted from the name of Allah Azza indicating the importance of title can someone have their 100

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is that exactly double Nice? Mashallah. Very good. So it's double. Rahim is mentioned twice as much as Obama.

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Okay, we're just going to finish on medic and Al Malik and Malik. These three names all are pretty much have the same connotations. So and magic has been mentioned in the Quran five times and sort of many sorrows but of them is sort of that Hush.

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Tonight icon, Alassane SHAN

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Okay, so he's waving in the towel. Good to go.

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Dave Inshallah, so next week, inshallah we'll continue with Al Malik and American and Medic Subhanak Allama Hamza Krishna, the lads that are going to be lectures

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she said something.

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Have a seat