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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We begin by placing Almighty Allah Who has created us, and who has given us all favors, and we send salutations upon all the prophets of the Almighty and those who follow them in righteousness below me and I found that even our last caller could use it on the agency's lesson amatola Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began the tones in the world.

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After acknowledging and mentioning a lion isn't a soul. We would also like to acknowledge the distinguished guests who are all here we thank you for coming and being part of the procedure. And we also thank each and every one of you to be part of this lesser occasion, because it allows about Lissa author and giving me an Elisa ROM

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peritonsillar Connor, the MacArthur ceremony was the palindrome, the GPS Morse code ceremony, we are aware that there is going to be a foundation laying ceremony often Islamic Center which will also be a place of worship and a place of education. So the NA kotoba booth, an alien and your Chandra Islamic Catalunya, Sandra Simona, Boston, former Mongolia

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that led me to solid and both of these things are so essential in our lives, Almighty says in the Quran, Allah be the karela hit that man

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in the remembrance of your Creator, when you are hot, find contentment you will become satisfied. Without the remembrance of your Creator. Allah will not give you satisfaction, satisfaction, contentment and happiness. We need worship not for the sake of the Almighty but for our own sake. Also, knowledge is a tool should usually cheaper manga in leukemia in schliemann Valley, Minnesota.

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a wider swath of the Quran, metaverse, a

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samurai sword and a

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professor named name of Zoltan arena then you can see who has written about education. The first verses that was revealed in the Quran was ikura read it was to do with education. So forget it leukemia or cinnamon oximeter at porcher schwaller because Greta Maclaurin society

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ecola schelotto thought that's all it is because of that emphasis upon education in the Quran and in Islam. We saw people in the initial stages of Islam and they after they used to travel for months to learn one passage of knowledge or shorter takes at the mercy of a loss or Islami a leukemia. chalene it came upon years ago general that a poorer facility cannot close to our movie hits the bottom or

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leukemia lotteries. And not only in Islamic knowledge, the Quran and Hadith but also what we termed today, worldly sciences. It was the emphasis upon knowledge that made Muslims be therefore bearers of inculcating and bringing different aspects of knowledge for the benefit of humanity like your local chambers in the major cyber categories, whether machines or the snowman, machine production, machinery material. The machines are the tiara on IRC material and occasionally in sa casilla Willie met some more

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voters I went to Spain and in Spain we saw the museum where the famous Muslim surgeon by the name of Ebola cases, he had started off in initiated surgery. This the instruments he used for surgery for operations. I used almost with very little difference in surgery up to this day, many of you see, check ammonius misophonia comm sure an event in makapuu or in your bookstore, e function if you've already found some muslimin italica speaker me at the door North Korea open kimono costume and eat a bottle border, Konya dilemma deepwater voegelin ms. Tierra Akira double door is

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setting up an educational institute

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It is part of our legacy and our heritage and our teachings leka any bandit neutropenia to leukemia and used to leukemia tuskys Itachi stone, Ecuador Asana, 32 stone and also after St. Cora read, the Quran says this mirror up big reading the name of the Almighty Allah the name of the Almighty Lord, which tells us our reading and our knowledge does not make us proud. It makes us humble and come closer towards Almighty Allah Ani Patiala support

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return a prime a color LEDs are called akitoshi kawazu kutchan mo two suited and they were set with your fields or Patiala secret returns me to Peru parula will examine the kneecap similar to tourists with a baby but he was assaulted. Knowledge is that which makes you humble and come closer to the almighty knowledge is not that which makes you proud, arrogant and rebellious.

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Just due to being modest, we need to borrow the equivalent of a medium and Mr. Osama guns and lastly I will say it is part of our religious teaching to be helpful to people throughout the world. When a phone the thumb said or SMS email or toner placed on me and yours then pour the mesh nets the breaker or money for boaters.

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Our Prophet Muhammad said well if you only have to feed only happy Almighty Allah helps people as long as they are helping others like authentic

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hadith Allah oshman demon, a robot with demon a persona for their saw a person, person and even in years of the team. Helping others is a means of blessedness a means of forgiveness from the Almighty. When the Monica tiara the clo fallen, assaulted, see and even assaulted. The Prophet Muhammad men mentioned a person was weighing in he saw dirt on the road and he removed the dirt from the road for the benefit of humanity and Almighty forgave him that they are merely some engineer you will see the shape of our city shopping is no longer there Hey shopping in Aruba near Moscow in the

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past useless zodia polyphonia just to help people without any expectations of reward from anyone besides the almighty yours in the morning poverty cornea shortland ganja has

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resorted to mobilization Therefore, it is of such great happiness that our Atma foundation May Almighty make them successful in this have set up and today is the foundation of this educational institute May Allah make it a means of blessedness goodness for this area and for the whole world is became shallow coverture Rama mercy will not turn around my mercy yet go to what the work with ammirati Institute RC more aloe vera chat

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the core craft we do not know what will happen. Sometimes something starts small. It becomes very big. He Brahim alayhis salam, the patriarch Abraham, respected in all religions set up a foundation

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of the house of the Almighty when he set up the house of the Almighty, there was no one there. Today it has become the means of guidance, spiritual inspiration for millions of people. When he started off he was no one. Today it is a spiritual inspiration for millions of people on the elemi any practical vilonia

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just want the burden of evil mother Sora Kimmy Lawson of being on the blame Alicia ROM up Ganga in the tube in

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Italy she has moody with me that choppers and Scylla Vanduul z meter Vander eternity with Vanda prayer Smith Laura, Permian and yours

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God got Gaya coup de Lima salt And in conclusion we make the very same do our in prayer that Ibrahim the Prophet of the Almighty made when he laid the foundation and he completed the building from Ghana.

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In a savvy one as in Ola you accept from us, you are all yearning all knowing and Ola You forgive us because we are weak. It is only your goodness.

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You allow us to do these things. So therefore, forgive our shortcomings and accept from us. then perform the boomer dawn check Albert, Ibrahim Ali Salaam por si vous De

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primaria finish. When I file Jonah, Allah accept the efforts of everyone who has put any effort in this, whether it be the donors, whether it be the people who are working here, the construction workers who are there, the back, and even my foundation, the Luca, family, anyone who is involved, and I forecast forgiveness if I've left out anyone's name, Almighty reward you, Allah give you good in this world give you good in a year after we thank the dignitaries for being part of the community's happiness. And we hope that this will become a means of goodness for the entire community.

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It's a cupboard solo Park, contribute. Here's the scoop.

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So Bertha, Lita,

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etc, that silica in the PC

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p community that's

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where we'll head to the soy bosma group and

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Sakuma Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Zack, Aloha,

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music and a new