Heart Matters #06 – The Importance of Private Worship and Reflection

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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the concept of "has been met" and how it can lead to overweight behavior. The Sun airline's stance on "has been met" and the Prophet sallahu's advice on balancing personal time with prayer and activity. The segment emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's heart during isolation due to COVID-19, practice alone during the day, and avoid distractions during the night. Prayer schedules are also discussed, with the Sun airline's focus on purifying one's soul with private time and avoiding distractions.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Imagine somebody who constantly throughout the day kept on eating and nibbling, never stopping every 510 20 minutes eating something. How unhealthy with this person become obese overload of the system. That's not the way Allah created us we need gaps we need time to eat and time to not eat. Just like the body also needs, it's time to not eat. So to the soul needs time that it is not interacting with the dunya in our journey towards cleansing the soul in our lessons about how to attain this gear. One of the aspects one of the tips that the Quran and Sunnah hints at and our scholars are explicit at is the tip or the advice of cutting off from the world for a period of time of not being involved

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in the dunya and spending some quality time alone by yourself in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and there are a number of terms for this. Some have used the term Drusilla you cut off from the people, others use the term halwa with Allah you are alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala others use the term Morocco but it's not the term that's relevant. That's important. It is the concept what is the concept? The concept is one of the mechanisms of cleansing the soul is to make it a point to cut off and have some private time, quality personal time that you are worshiping Allah that nobody else is seeing nobody else is witnessing just you yourself with your personal to unlock with ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada and the Quran and Sunnah hints at it. There's nothing explicit but we have references and as we said the Sahaba and Tabby rune were very explicit in this regard. As for the Quran and Sunnah, hinting at it, a number of verses and a hadith are mentioned that we can derive this from of them. For example, Allah subhanaw taala praises those who Allah DNA are shown Allah humble haved they have the hush you have Allah in hype and secrecy. And one of the interpretations when nobody is watching them when nobody's looking at them. That is when they're Russia, when they're who sure when they're Taqwa becomes the most manifest. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said Hadith isn't the most significant ABI Shaybah that whoever amongst you can have secret deeds that no one knows about. Let him have those secret deeds, try to do deeds nobody's watching nobody else knows about have some deeds between you want Allah that nobody else knows about and in fact, the concept of erotica even that you cut off from the dunya you cut off from your friends you cut off from your work and you just sit in the masjid and you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala This is one of the mechanisms to attain does kiya Subhanallah this world we live in the hustle and bustle the stress the constant noise we don't even have time to just allow our souls to be comforted in

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thicket and everybody constantly surrounded by our cell phones our family our job you know the dunya dunya dunya Well, you have to make time for does Kia. Now the Sunnah is to make time within your daily routine. It is not sunnah to cut off from the world and go live in a cave. That's not our Sharia. Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said Lara Barnea, TEFL Islam, there is no monk, being monks are hermits in Islam. We're not monks and hermits we don't cut off from the dunya but throughout the day and night what is the routine of the Prophet system, he would pray tahajud all alone and then after surat al Fajr he would go and he would do a car all alone throughout the day and night you put

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in private time, quality time and by the way, quality time doesn't mean you on your phone. No, you put your phone off quality and the time doesn't mean you on your television and your you know, Netflix or HBO No, that's not quality, time, quality time you are alone in their Ibadah of Allah, you are doing that which is pleasing to Allah when nobody else is watching you. When you are worshiping Allah in the privacy of secrecy. That is when your test gear begins to develop when you only worship Allah in public that's not healthy. And the Quran and Sunnah advise us to worship Allah in secret. For example, Allah subhanaw taala praises salah. tahajjud when nobody else is watching

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Allah azza wa jal says in an ASHA to Layli he assured the water on wa como Kala, that prayer

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aiming at the night when nobody is watching you when it's all dark well as Allah says that weapon is how do you whom yourself you don't want it is all dark dust when they're doing is still far so Allah says praying at night are Columbo what I shall do it is the most strongest is going to give you the most Iman and Taqwa when nobody's watching and you stand up and pray that will fortify you like nothing else will. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the most beloved prayer to Allah is that which he does in the middle of the night with jofa laid in the middle of the night. That is the most beloved prayer to Allah. In another Hadith, he said, the prayer that the person

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does in his house is better than any prayer except for the fog prayer away from the eyes of men. You are praying alone, nobody's watching you, except the fourth you should pray in the masjid. Other than that, the most blessed prayer is the prayer that you do all alone. The same goes for sadaqa ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala says in the Quran into sadaqa. Tiffany Reema, hey, if you give sadaqa publicly good, we're into fu ha and if you hide it, and you give it to those who are deserving for who are highroller come, it is better for you hiding sadaqa secret sadaqa is better for you and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that on the Day of Judgment seven will be sheltered when there

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is no shelter other than the shelter of Allah. One of them was what? A person who was all alone, nobody was watching him and he became overcame with emotion and he started cry from the fearing of Allah subhanho wa Taala his emotions got the better of him and he began to cry out of thinking of Allah subhanaw taala notice Raju, zakat, Allah Holly and Holly nobody, this is Kahlua this what we're talking about here, nobody is there. And that is when you should cleanse your heart. So of the mechanisms of cleansing the heart is to cut off from the dunya to intersperse in your daily routine and again, like I said, the Sunnah of the Prophet says Adam, you're busy during times of the day and

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then you're absolutely alone. when nobody's watching you have both there's it is not the sunnah to break off from the society and into and not interact with people. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, The believer who interacts with the others and is patient at the negatives is more beloved to Allah than the believer who cuts off out of fear of avoiding the negatives we interact with the believers. We're a part of society we go to work but throughout our 24 hours, we schedule private time alone time and especially at night, especially in the middle of the night and we're going to come back to the 100 in a future lecture inshallah to Allah as well. But to summarize, of the

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mechanisms of attaining does Kia is to make sure that you throughout the day and night have alone time during this alone time, if not Josie mentions that of the methodologies of coming close to Allah is you have halwa with Allah azza wa jal, you are alone with Allah azza wa jal, and he said, this is one of the greatest mechanisms of attaining to the Buddha and Teskey. What should you do when you're alone? Four things number one, they're a bother of the culture that is tilbyr, returning back to Allah, repentance, feeling guilty, so a bother of the column number two, the Rebbe of the mind, what is the Ibadah of the mind to the Buddha to *up you think about the blessings Allah has

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given you, you recall the flavors favors Allah has done unto you, you recall your own shortcomings, you recall your purpose in life, you need to just cut off from the world and think about what are you doing here? What is your purpose? What is your goal that is the bother of the mind. Number three riba of the tongue rabada of the tongue is of course thicker, and DUA and Quran all of these are above the of the tongue and number for the body of the body and that is Salah, and that is Zakka and that is sadaqa. And that is helping people when nobody knows you help them except for you. And this is the way of the setup of the righteous ancestors, that they would help people in the darkness of

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the night or would have been a hot dog in the middle of the night would carry socks on his bag and hand it to people that he knew needed it. Nobody knew who he was, except for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada so many of the righteous and this is why brothers and sisters, when you worship Allah and nobody is watching you, you are proving to Allah that you are sincere. You are proving to Allah subhanho wa taala. I'm not doing this for show. Therefore, to summarize, as Qatar has said, Qatar is one of the students of the Sahaba Martinez rather than with Allah the guna Kariba 10 For Lucilla. No person shall attain the sweetness of worship until he attains it when he cuts off and he worships Allah

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alone. My advice to myself and all of you on your journey to purify your soul is to schedule private time alone time to schedule time where you just sit and you literally shut off your cell phone away from your family and friends and you just make a bother to de Bourgh to * your worship of the heart cleansing of what is in there and this should be if not daily, put it in a future

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times a week or a few times over the month as for our Prophet system, he did it daily and especially nightly and we will continue in sha Allah Allah with other aspects tomorrow Saramonic rahmatullah wa barakato

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