How to Understand the Qur’an

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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the Quran and the use of it in various context. They explain that the Quran is not a complete book and that mistakes can occur when trying to apply it to one's life. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to understand the history of the Prophet Muhammad and how he applied it to his life.

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The right way to understand the Quran is that the first effort you make really how to are understood by the prophet and his company's first effort, then you never do mistake, because you can see there are so many things happening here, la hittin Kulu boom, it is magic, it is Porter to descend Delta, that a lot of medical boards may be said these things, all these things are in historically hype and entertainment in America and karma to firstly all that value save you for our mistake. Let further pervert Quran said that is the Big Bang, Bang Theory in the Quran. Why we looked around. The reason we know rom cart that about near understood by the early people, first people they never understood

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like that, that they used to read that verse, or if they didn't understand that no single mentioning in Hadith, they asked the Prophet What does he mean? It means then they understood the meaning. And the meaning never paired with this because that thing is something new. They never be, too when you make an effort to force yourself to be back in the time, the profit, what a person, then you are saved for the mistake in the Quran. In order to then the second step is how I can apply the same thing to my life might want to contest. So the second step, the second step will save you from this techie. Yes, I'll tell you how to extend Quran your book into a book of every human being until the

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day of judgment. But the fastest tip is a very, very poor really, that people do problem when you don't understand really, the Quran never revealed to her full bio to me to this view, if I lie that no book revealed to me till I read, the Quran never had been revealed to me. Quran had never revealed to Prophet upon but that's already not even see why. You know, farabi Messina never nobody got Quran that didn't woman and he's the problem was Hola Hola, sir. So that's true, really, he has to understand it, hit it, Quran came to help him. Then after that, he said, this book is also your, what you can do? Let's see how we understood. And let's see how can we apply the same Quran to our

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life, if you do twostage it, you'll receive all the times I couldn't have had a 330 stage, then you bring this what you understand in the language of your people in your time that the third is defer the teacher but second to is just sort of very, very important in every single verse, force yourself to know how the Prophet understood how the Arabs in the tundra prefer understood the hours, then what how it can make sense to my time? How can I apply, then you will be saved for a mistake.

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I don't want to mention the name of the people, but the many many preachers in our time really, what are the reason they do keep them mistaken? Because they don't make the first effort

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and sometimes they do silly mistake, this is how Khurana makes the modern life circular to apply the car to modern life

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then you Why can't you ask question okay if this is the meaning to how the professor understood it,

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the profit and whatnot from our time to the minute understand

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that how these people deal with their jump jumping mistake, you cannot jump the book is historically reveal to certainty lack of poetry, more law federal case. If I want to spend like no it has been said in more than a context say you know, in inland, I can force it will occur to me but not ugly. It is exactly Arabic poetry of Jehovah period. I have to understand that time. Then sometime I can bring some of the verses to apply to my contacts. I can use a clean middle price of poetry to explain something our time but first thing to understand what he wants to say. What he's saying syntek was poetry center Quran first thing to understand how the Prophet Muhammad received it, how

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the Arabs understood it and how they applied then how I can apply. But if you missed the first one, second one will be wrong. I tell you second one will never write both is TSR. Absolutely necessary.