Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Being Thoughtful Of Allah

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The concept of "Grit" is discussed, where individuals who do not meet certain criteria do not want to be considered "Grits." The speaker emphasizes the importance of reminding oneself about negative behavior and maintaining class, as well as avoiding danger and not seeking too much help from others. The speaker also highlights the need to keep people on social media and not forget to keep people in a certain state.
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alaminos salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Allah Allah He was heavy and made about

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less than a cent, about

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the people who he breached. And this is meant to Sahaba Of course, anyone who follows the path.

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Allah said Raja loon love to hear him Dr. Otto

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and decorilla

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Allah subhanaw taala call them Rizal called the men.

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And as I mentioned before, in the Quran, when this data is used, it is not a term merely describing gender. It's a term describing the inability of a person

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and anyone who fulfills that condition would be included in that term rigid

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unless rajala described these people that reach out

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to him, tr o tovala, baryon de la.

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These are the people who do not allow,

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who strayed and whose business does not make them afield from Allah

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does not take them away from the zikalala from the core of Allah does not make them thoughtless towards Allah subhanaw taala

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we understand from this and I remind myself and you that there are two ways or two dangers of

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our daily life and work. One is that in itself it might take us away from the seeker of Allah we forget Allah subhanaw taala even though the business in itself may not be haram or something might be hard, but we get so involved in it we so get we get so involved with our worldly stuff. That even though the worldly stuff itself may not be prohibited, we forget.

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We forget the zakharova lobbies, sometime maybe even miss Salah or something or even if you don't miss Allah the rest of the time. When we are not in Salah we are certainly not thinking of Allah subhanaw taala we are not doing Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala not mentioning Allah not codifying Allah not thinking about Allah, we are so engrossed in whatever we are doing.

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The other danger, of course, is that, because of this love left, because of this, thoughtlessness we actually indulge in something which is haram.

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We actually go and do something which is prohibited because we have forgotten Allah subhanaw taala. So then we also forget the privations of Allah subhanaw taala

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it's very important to continuously remind ourselves about this, because we live in a world today where things like popularity and how many people know you and how many people follow you, and how many YouTube videos are there and how many people will come to your your majelis annual conferences. All of these have become indicators of someone's being called grit.

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But we have to remind ourselves that if we look at the world today, the people who follow for example, those who followed Sai Baba,

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there is not a single Muslim share of a good or a bad either, who has even a fraction of the following of several

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how many people follow Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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there's not a single Muslim chef who can equal anything even close to that.

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So what

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and even among the Muslims, there are people who have completely deviated a Kyle who speak total Shere Khan Cooper, who have got 1000s and 1000s of people who come to their

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conferences or their meetings. So what

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is only an indication that perhaps your class and your sincerity is in danger?

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Nothing more.

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If nobody comes to you, then inshallah you're safe. Because whatever you're doing, you're doing was a Kabbalah.

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But if a million people come, then there is always a danger. That now you start speaking to please those million people to keep those million people increase those million people and instead of pleasing Allah,

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so popularity that is the reason why this sort of and the will allow us to run away from popularity.

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There's not a single case of any of the sort of who actually seeked popularity, people disappeared from from the city itself. Some of them you know, have instances where they left the town because people knew now this person is

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close to Allah. So they started coming to him and asking him to make dua and this and this, and that person suddenly disappeared, he vanished he went away somewhere else left town

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for no reason other than that he was becoming popular. We have to remind ourselves and think, where is our life going, where in the places where people who were far, far superior to us in terms of the GA before Allah. They used to hate popularity, they used to be afraid of popularity, they used to run away from popularity, whereas we seek popularity. So I'm seeing I remind myself, that's very important for us to maintain our class. And part of the class is never to forget the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala whether we are with our families, whether we are with in our businesses or wherever

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I find myself and you have the famous hadith of hands, Allah delanco

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Angela delanco

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Angela, who say God that was his name or the law No, he was one of the scribes of Rasulullah sallallahu is to write down the way

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he was one of the very important to have rizwana Helen was mine.

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One day Hamza Delano came out from his house

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and he was rushing towards machines another way with the expression of great being greatly troubled on his face and our cars on the way

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so I'm in the state and his doctor he said where are you going? What's wrong with you under the law said I have become graphic.

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what are you talking with how can you become graphic?

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So Angela delana said he said see my condition is that

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when I am with

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my Eman is in a certain state

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and where I can see the agenda and the agenda, whatever he promised whatever is there, I can see this

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but I find that when I'm away from him, when I'm in my house, or in my business, then I'm involved in my family and I'm involved in my business and that level of human has decreased. So I'm gonna have a look at

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this this is the same thing with me

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is that I'm also gonna fix

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as soon as they both rush to

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his other bottlenecks, what is wrong with you? Is it your solar This is our state we have both become refrigerator What do you say how can you become enough

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this is our situation that when we are with you, it is like we are seeing like we are seeing john but when we go away from you,

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we find that we get involved in our business and our wives and children and so on.

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So, we have become

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wild and he said that if your Eman remained at the same level when you are with me and the same level when you are away from me, he said then the angels will come and do Mustafa they will shake your hand in your bed and they will shake your hand in the street.

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So he said it is okay. If you come away from me It is okay and it is permissible for you to be involved in your business to be involved with your families. But do not forget our last one.

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So even though there will be some decrease in the concentration with regard to Allah subhanaw taala some decrease in the concentration with focus on the acara. But this does not mean that we completely forget that.

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And that is what we need to remind ourselves because only if we continuously remember the ACA, then we have a guarantee and shall have safety for less than this. Remember him remembering the ACA will keep us safe from doing that which is not permitted and from constantly seeking the help of Allah subhanaw taala so very important for us to continuously do seeker continuously mala, not indulgent, useless talk, and when we are free to set the rules aside like Allah Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah but anything whatever. read the Quran, so that we are sure that we are constantly in remembrance of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for us to remember him and fill our lives as a Baraka of remembering was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was average man

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