Jannah #07 – The Fragrance and Weather of Jannah

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The fragrance of Jana is said to bring joy and excitement for individuals, even before they enter Jannah. The fragrance is seen to be warmer and can be used to indicate whether the region is warmer or colder, as well as to indicate whether the region is warmer or colder. The upcoming rainy summer in China is also discussed, with people experiencing warmer temperatures and the importance of refreshment and staying in a warmer environment to enjoy warmer environments.

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So now you walk out of your new home, and you have your new Janna body. And you start to observe the ambiance and the environment of Jana. And the first thing you might wonder is what is that smell? You see, scientifically smell has the power to evoke even more than what we see and what we taste. It's the most overwhelming of our senses that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. So think about what is it like to breathe the air of Jana and that's why the fragrance of Jana is spoken about so much in the Quran and Sunnah. Because smell actually has the power to do two things. It evokes both memory of the past and excitement about the future.

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Think of the Prophet Yeah, cool, but it has Salam Jacob when he was smelling Yusuf Ali salam from afar and how much comfort the fragrance of his shirt brought to him. Life had no taste Iacob without the smell of use of it his smell and think of Anicet and another the uncle and a signal Malik may Allah be pleased with them as he was rushing towards a hurts when everybody else was running away. And he was saying in the edge you DO RE hell Jana, I can smell the sweetness of Jana behind as if to say that nothing in this life brought any joy after the scent of Jana was smell by him. And how are the believers souls taken in this life? What are they welcomed with? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam says, bath Allahu Allah him Rehan by Eva that Allah sends upon them gentle, beautiful breezes, and every single Muslim that is left on this earth will encounter it and die peacefully until Allah subhanaw taala resurrects their souls once again. So when you enter into Jannah, it is all around filled with this amazing fragrance, which the believers will be able to enjoy even before they enter and the famous Hadith of the last man to enter paradise the Prophet sites and I'm said that this man could smell it from outside of its gates and it just made him long for Jana that much more. And the prophets is that I'm said that the smell of Jana could reach you from a distance of

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more than 100 years. Think about that in terms of worldly distance, the context of the Prophet sighs I'm saying that is when he said whoever kills a man from the people of them which are non Muslims that live under Muslim protection, that tyrants will not smell paradise, even though it smell could reach you from the distance of 100 years. So the oppressor will never smell Jana, but Subhan Allah the Prophet slice, and I was taken aback by the smell of someone's perfume during the night of Islam and marriage, and who was it? Djibouti Rania salaam says to the Prophet sighs somebody asks, What is that smell that beautiful smell. He says, it's the perfume of the hairdresser, of the daughter of

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Fidel, the perfume of the hairdresser of the daughter of Fidel of all people. Why her it seems kind of random, right? But this was a young woman who was combing the hair of the daughter of Fidel and, and when she dropped it, she said, Bismillah, in the name of Allah, and just for that, fit our own throws her and her babies into the bottom of a burning ditch, only to have the profit slice. And then as you read about her amazing fragrance in the highest heaven. So while the perfume of the oppressed is overwhelming, the oppressors like for their own will never even smell Jana, and there's a powerful connection there. So when do you notice the smell? Now every footstep in Jana provokes a

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new smell of musk so as you walk out of your door, you smell it here you smell it there. The prophets lie some said the burps of the people in Jannah are musk and the prophets lie. Some said that the incense burners of the people of Paradise will be Allah wood, and that's going to be burned perpetually, and continue to increase the good smell of paradise. As for the temperature, it is always pleasant and perfect. The rainfall is never stormy. And it's only there to serenade the people of paradise. You never have to stay indoors like think if you go to a vacation resort and you have to constantly monitor the weather. You don't have to stay indoors in Jannah at any point

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because the weather is bad. In fact, the profit slice and I've said that while we are in paradise, a cloud will come over us having that which no AI has ever seen and no ear has ever heard of. And the people will say to the cloud I'm sorry I Lena rain upon us and the cloud will actually respond and say metodi doing it and only rock What would you like me to rain upon you? And the prophets lice and I'm said it will then rain whatever you wish upon you and however much you desire. Then Allah subhanaw taala will send a harmless wind and it will spread heaps

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of musk on their right and on their left and then it will come on their faces and their hair and their garments and it will please them in ways that they continue to increase in beauty. Now is this in the daytime or the nighttime? Is there even a sun and a moon in gender and the amount of course to be said the scholar said there is no night and day in paradise rather they will be an ever lasting eternal light. And the only way they know that nighttime has come is because the curtains are the screens will be put up and the doors will be closed and they will know when daytime comes because the curtains and the screens will be taken down and the doors will be opened. It's also

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narrated that the people of Jannah will wear one gown in the morning and another in the evening. So you have nighttime and daytime colors but it's all the same agenda. Lie your own fee hat shumsa And no son is ever seen. Naughty mamas cemac Rahimullah Allah He said that I met Abdullah and I bustle the Allahu anha in Medina and that was after he became blind so it was when he was very old. And I said to him, What is the ground of paradise like? He said it is white marble of silver, as though it is a mirror. And he said I asked him and what is the light of paradise? And Basler the lava and whom I said have you ever seen the light right before sunrise? It's light will be like that. But there is

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no sun and there is no cold. Now where is that light coming from and Jana and Imam and Tamia Rahim Allah says what agenda to lays if he has some similar comment on what I laid on one and a half in Jannah there is no night there is no day there is no sun, no moon, but morning and evening will be known by a light appearing from where from the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. So the light is shining from Allah's throne. And that light is illuminating all of Paradise from above. And how beautiful is that light? So if the lights stay on, when do we get to sleep in general? Because I'm sure Jim that sleep for some people. And the question is why would you want to sleep and Jana, the

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prophesy son was asked to the people of Jana ever sleep and he said, and no one will actually melt where allergenicity Lionel moon, that sleep is the brother of death and the people of Jana. Do not die. Now you may want to relax a bit in paradise. But why would you want to sleep? And if you think about sleep in this life, it really is a mercy to us so that we can rest and sometimes maybe even escape our troubles or at least refresh ourselves a bit. But what is there to escape from in Jannah? And what do you need to refresh from your body, your mind and your soul are perpetually refreshed. Now another element of this is that in this life, you fought your sleep and you fought the comfort

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of your bed, seeking the reward from Allah subhanaw taala and the coolness of gentlemen and when you think about in this life when you finish a long day of work, your body is too exhausted to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But once you get to Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala is not just giving you the reward but he's giving you the capacity to enjoy it in a way that you never could have in this life.

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