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AI: Summary © The importance of thanking Allah for blessing them and the use of the app for prayers' application is emphasized. The speakers discuss various topics related to COVID-19, including the loss of hundreds of people, the use of drugs, and the potential for a vaccine. They touch on the history and current status of modern medicine, the role of religion in modern health, and the impact of COVID-19 on people, particularly in personal and professional settings. The host of the video discusses the challenges faced by businesses, including the loss of jobs and lost sales, and the importance of supporting the community and creating a "any-time" culture. The segment ends with a promotion for a digital campaign and a thank-you message.
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As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we thank Allah subhana wa Tada for every single blessing that he has bestowed upon us. We thank Allah for the blessings we recognize, and the blessings we don't recognize. We thank Allah for having guided us to this beautiful faith for having blessed us with loving family for having given us health, for wealth for peace for security. As Allah says in the Quran, we're entitled to near Matala, Hila to sue her if you try to count the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to enumerate them. I don't hamdulillah today, I'm very pleased and honored to meet somebody who shallow the friendship is is

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has already been established, but it is now becoming Alhamdulillah more and more, our dear brother in Islam Muhammad Ali bassia Hamza by Welcome to explain what hamdulillah Hamza Ismaila. So floor is yours for now. How are you doing? Thank you so much, everybody. And yes, as you said, we must all be very thankful

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for all the blessings we have and all the blessings we actually don't know we have. Secondly, yes, I'm very happy to tell the people that we're gradually becoming better friends. So now he's just brother, he also has not just somebody I look up to as a knowledgeable person, he's also becoming a friend. And glad to be here again, at this amazing facility. We are more than six feet apart.

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You have making pictures to prove it, yes, we actually sit, we are sitting at two separate corners of the room. We have not even physically shaken and it was very painful for me to open the door and wave to him from a distance and cause him to come to us. We did that for not even physical, not your physical.

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Six feet away.

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Distance? Yes,

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it is we are both keeping this very, very

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cautiously because we actually believe as a prophet system said, tie the Campbell then put your trust in Allah. And this is our version of tying the camel, before we get to all the deep and whatnot stuff. I mean, how are you doing? Tell us a little bit about yourself. You came from Pakistan. And I heard you're going on the very last flight to get to America. And then what were the precautions. So tell us just a little bit about that. So actually a very, very fascinating story. Because I came here for the purpose of studying Islam and actually studying from around the central Islamic learning. So the purpose was for Allah. And one day before the flight schools from Pakistan,

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my flight took off. And the moment I landed here, the Pru flights were canceled in Pakistan. So for me as the same we should be grateful to Allah for all the blessings from me. I thank Allah all the time, I think it's a miracle that I was able to make it here and I'm very short, absolutely sure that the purpose was for Allah. And that's what the LK and so far elaborate today, no symptoms of Aurora so far. So alhamdulillah me and my wife made it safely. And on the way it was gonna, quote completely empty. They had barely qualified flights that day. So it's just want to tell people that I took a big risk, I would have never come here, I had to face some criticism that what is your

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travel? I would have never come here if the purpose was personal, or commercial. But the purpose was to study Islam from this app. So that's why I took the risk. But I would highly advise people do not travel. Unless it's for a bigger purpose. Do not travel. Stay at home. And the biggest thing you can do right now for all those people that keep us small, who have well to have resources, stay at home and use this time to do some charity as much as you can do not wait for Amazon. We need every penny that we can in every country. Even the people help us look around with GI outside I can tell that there are so many people in the US as a first world country who need help. There's so many

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institutions Pakistan, India, Bangladesh use this time Kirpa donate inches over time spent great naming this disaster yesterday we have an opportunity to earn some pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala so please use this time and pray and know that this is

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not in his job. Oh yeah, we have to talk about that. Okay, that's my question. Okay. So if there is one in my very you don't know I'm sitting with you Euro Scholar so I can't even say in my opinion, because I feel a little ashamed. It's yards away at the end of the day but what I've learned so far, this is a huge misconception because it will do muddy English don't have don't don't give up because other currencies to also listen to this on India, Bangladesh eco broad problem mrea could just be their Muslim washroom a good tragedy with the natural disaster who could disease

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tragically, we immediately

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landed key of RPS all by again. It was more bizarre but seven years on the same front yards of China Coronavirus de Homare Volupte aggregate Kostenki opinions on a show with a sadly with a congenial bizarre Bara Wascana europea Azhar

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Musa Mangu commercial work towards mesh when you screw up on a Sunday I have the document key nine so it's the RB three C Rajdhani K. Ca as our vehicles as our as my share

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Chaohu they were the marketer of the financial year SK alkyl yah, yah

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yah because I bought a chair of male Doumit near Geneva Cosatto I'm gonna have to flip over to like an intuitive way to order them I don't Okay, actually hamari coffee requested by Pakistan se que hum judgeth Nodame. Back Kazakhstan's ecoffee Rockbox. Whatever you go, I'll simplify that in will do and also Tikka up achieve it to SMA aapke Savalas, Quran.

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Roshni say they can to make coffee LaTonya Namco coffee explicitly retire, cake Ayato Quran Mia kelada que que

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whenever whatever blessing that you have been given, what am I kind of Allah Who

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am I kind of loaded with and I'm a common Hatha Yoga movie and firstly him that Allah subhanaw taala coin named conical tenia your attorney except get OPNET you how your logo neck which kiya Yan Englishman, Allah azza wa jal never changes a blessing that he has given a nation unless and until they change what is in themselves. So Koizumi nametags Hello capers hair or Piledriver or tie gitea This major has Savas about collectively collectively indicated for the solopreneur that can marshy Thorpe Hello Do you have coach no coach Karina Jo nahi Karna hai lekin this does not mean K her her schauspiel as our nozzle hurry. Yeah, Nikki we differentiate between two types of punishment, a

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communal punishment in which individuals are not necessarily guilty and an individual punishment which is much more terrible in which the individual is guilty. The individual punishment certainty is only in the Akira in this world, every single punishment could cause to be as much as micronizer Houthi coup is to be as much your Filipina zero to mean to her as my cynical sector her ideal ke saath Sabka Saath or inshAllah jannettek Italia you can get the potential to go to Jana lakyn We cannot negate the fact why should it also there is a type of punishment and that is because as Allah says in the Quran, if you have any blessing, Allah is never going to take it away until you have

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changed your own condition. So the purpose we have to look at the wisdom the purpose of a communal punishment is so that we start thinking what are we doing wrong? Honesty, our business transactions mercy, compassion, our life sensuousness or hedonism or selfishness, these are all communal issues. Allah does not enjoy punishment. Allah says in the Quran, my if Allah will be either become in Shackleton what I meant to end Allah Tada. What is he going to gain any clarify the Haggadah loco to Mario xabsi What's he going to gain by punishing you? If you have Shakur and you have Iman is karma and a year ago Shaka Nia or Eman Nia, if you don't have thankfulness and you don't have Eman, then

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the other might come. But the purpose is you wake up the purpose is you actually get a lesson. So to answer your question, simplistically, there are two types of punishment, communal societal punishment, and individual punishment. The goal of the communal punishment is to save ourselves from the individual punishment. And that is the big thing. Are we going to benefit? Are we going to change our ways? Are we going to examine ourselves get make alguna Kurata have no personals in demon. So if somebody asks you kya Azova is Cova que host horse actor, it is a communal punishment to account but it is not necessarily an adverb for every individual. And that's the goal that we

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want to come out of this crisis, having been winners and not having been losers. It's amazing that that you said that because what I in my humble understanding of Islam I've also come to that conclusion because I'll speak a little bit of not

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to me the crankcase just say the Quran may be somebody has opposite values who Carmageddon say a good judgment will sit valid dunya may be tortillas are based in Decatur to Maria de Hanyu or Tomas Lago to yeahjust sorry diseases Jessie pandemics hoga Your tsunami yoga motto

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center stage mulata RBK harangue Yogi logo suncadia duniya make Corona logros Murthy

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heart attack say the Marie say accident may Karuna Murthy 100 Millions of people die cuckoo individually Mariota to Moscow stroke center stage name Delta. GMP S A Sania patients at the unica there is a pandemic or tsunami and a lot of people die ate the format. Now they can't do it anymore because centerstage Miyata in Jesus Salah talaga moto vi geezer de se outgrowing them that cup oyster up get the ureteric hockey cut on a valley edge sadly him pulls out things in the mail to gauge strategy say him many note key I gave her generation may Allah Tala J 1920s Go pandemic code was simple at hundreds Miata as a 2029 global level to Moscow exam some Milaca worry Quran Kibaki

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hamburgers opposite pellet Chatez of dunya melotti Doc kill log apne self reflection gray apne Jessie How can it be for my company is slug right apne Amal pin as of sunny Coronavirus, a yard grenchen Wutai moneyval Any of Corona sacred Busbee gay to mod stream hot sector.

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Java is

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what into the home minute either I've been doing that either been acaba de la la home yada, do your own, and they were going to cause them to taste the lesser punishment instead of the larger one instead of the bigger one que la la homeotic. German Chuck taka Willow vobis I love the sky to their senses religiosity eemaan Eman daddy Imani man daddy deucey Kurama Tata, Cujo Isabella Tara Nausicaa Allah Keita Lila whom yet adore our own Allah whom year to Boone. Yannick Etobicoke una carta, Allah Tala se they don't turn back to him in DUA and in worship. So as Mark said, Garganega could God be coy as my shot Yeah, personally your community Koibito as my show is makeover, Jay Harris McCoy,

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suburb Virginia Key you and I should wake up you and I should come back to Allah subhana wa Tada think about him Luna Kia Kia okay what is what is wrong with us society why so many? Actually phobia 13 Half the belly is kibarim a que SHA committed as OB Bucha dunya may i How many number of points but it first and foremost kibou that you are getting Sonmi inside the year you have now cooked so much Tia. Can we have arrogance? Yes. We have reached the pinnacle of everything we can and you know your grandma take you to a coma it will enable that a coma. Aisha Domina Kuba hum says other target viral Khan curriculum economist jamboree coupe slip Quran ki either

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you can tell me where it is from just me I'll take your job be in Tennessee but at the to Hidalgo McCarthy, or Jabba Minko was mercy but say your knickers to fix cut them but I tend to eat I think he ate a hamari up nail and give it as it was. Or they could make it now the cupboard moved a lot and so on. So you're absolutely right Gabby, I'm sorry, Mike cutting you in this will a new point. That's exactly the point. And I'm taking that forward. Kay, I think Zab is the right term because I think it's more like an Izhmash because in my understanding Quran Mia viata Karim kisi kaam creator of Asana, he pasted up the Gita of Rasul Allah so I think as OB says all this as much as a word I

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think that's that's more appropriate.

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Or the point that I was trying to make is, is today's virus virus gotta ignore living being a virus semi lingo tells me RNA or DNA.

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It is a being said duniya Jubilee party over at those TR social circle. Instagrams party is GTS Shaggy, dog dinners, lunches, business car obar naukri who suburbia Maya della ski and their bar gang. Yanni kid didn't get time we could teach her guardian as Iraqi. So businesses been the delivery super yay, as much BL lickin. A lotta lucky through so they can see the near coded purity exam rokeya

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Sakagami Bongo ma Can you believe New York City and shut down completely shut down one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the entire world, every single major European and by the way, this needs to be said as well no matter how awkward it is. It has been the quote unquote first world or developed countries that are affected much more much more it's as if everything has been turned around now. We have Mexico ghetto we're gonna build a wall

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it's a complete reversal. It is. The the Eliza is humbling those who are arrogant just like in the Quran. When Allah describes the people of the past by saying who is more mighty than us, and the bliss himself said I am better and Allah showed no you are not God Buddha, the Buddha thing and Sonya Verkehr pika

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included they get hung up now to include current we're not like bashing other people out the company maybe some are stronger maybe the ruthless others other companies and they given us a Sony Carnegie and the best part is Quran Kalfas ethnic who takes a bit of their camp Choti as my Zlatan taka Logan could be who wrote me a slug, right? Or became Johnny, Mac you keep your eye on the Turkish multinuclear on this upset partner because God's a partner to Cardi B the motive

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to steal yeah had to go out not just Muslims, people who were agnostics they are doing spiritual things now they're Christians they are reverting to their own beliefs and Jesus the Jews that go to synagogues got a certain percentage aura like in a bother cannot ruin her culture her belief kilo ik domna who wrote there and they've seen the world stop or open up but they couldn't remember who

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it is school opportunity guitar been thrown around hook keyboard Correct. You're talking about colleague a lucky throw says my assuredness la camisa opportunity cares opportunity here subsidiary cheese donation charity Logan key muddled Korean because it will lock downs for specially in our countries do Pakistan Bangladesh India,

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which also carry Birdman must do daily wager Gibberella toga? Only Gilkerson won't kill you kiss kiss the rasa healthcare sector. GME figured out Karnataka yes or no blow opportunity allows me to get there to earn the pleasure of Allah allow me as a brownie points linocut Bob Brown mocha marimbas are those three cheese just grew up on it number mocha a blooper self reflect Garnica boxer pellet to eat Terrassa lucky primate. Cujo low blood sugar we Barbara mocha Mila K John Walker Qudra bullarto apne modkat Rahul Reiter is dunya important dullsville greater exam como como lambrick Snake opportunity what do you what do you say about that? Definitely in every single difficulty that

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comes to us, the Muslim man is required to look at the positives the opportunity to dismiss sabotage so zero from either like the prophets of salaam said, amazing or the affairs of the believer for no matter what happens to the believer, the believer is successful. So no matter what situation we are in, the believer looks at the opportunity to maximize what can I do to be the better in this situation, we firmly believe that the movement is never placed in a situation where the only option is being a loser, the movement will always come out in the upper hand. So like you said, there are so many blessings that come I totally agree with you that one of the biggest blessings is the

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opportunity to show compassion and mercy. Another major blessing here is also the contemplation by what am I done with my life? What have what is the purpose, I see so many other blessings as well of the blessings as family time and I'm appreciating this myself as well. Even if there's some nuisance and irritation with the family being locked up but an Hamdulillah we thank Allah for the blessings of the family. You know, one of my friends was joking that now I'm forced to memorize my kids names and birthdates as if he didn't know his kids names like just a bit of a joke, you know that and Hamdulillah you get some family time as well. And Ramadan is coming up and we have to think about

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Ramadan without community and Masjid Yeah, we're gonna have to concentrate on finding religiosity from within Yes, but I also see opportunity here like for example, this medium, Allah Tala has given us these kinds of mediums now is the age of information. We have Facebook we have this live YouTube thing we have so many mediums can people can stay in their homes and still be part of the Masjid. I mean, people who are listening to this right now, I consider them to be part of the masjid right now. They are here and maybe because of the fact that people are confined in their homes. Our reach through these mediums has increased many folds. Because people are now looking at screens people are

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looking at their phones, people are looking at Facebook, YouTube, so maybe our message previously before this whole disaster was reaching 100 people. Now I'm pretty sure it's reaching 10,000 people or more than that. So a two year aspect my highlight cannot cerato do street use UPS important soulstone K acres, laconic Zulu time I don't wanna sound preachy, but yourself by what about conspiracy theories online. Give both important. Escobar the medical aspect pay attention to her religion Corolla, Corolla, but to sip la through this medium. Please say something about this. This tsunami of conspiracy theories from the most ridiculous to the most most most ridiculous

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I got. I can't begin to tell you the kind of stories that are circulating online. What would you tell people because

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I can't help but mention here the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, when he said could during I think the end times and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm in the process of learning that there will come a time when a believer will become a disbeliever in the morning, overnight, yep, become a believer in the evening and then again become a disbeliever at night. That shows us that this is the age of deception, rumors, you open any medium, and there are rumors, you don't know what's truth, and what's not true. What would you say? How can people make sure that these are conspiracy theories? And what's the truth? What would you say about that? So that's a very good question. I

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think, firstly, we need to understand,

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by the way, I totally agree with you, for some reason us Muslims will love we thrive on conspiracy theories, it's something that is spread on WhatsApp and on you know, by word of mouth, and it's as if there's like, vibrant cultures where conspiracy theories are thriving within us and our communities. And if you look at, you know, human psychology, if you look at the academic aspect of why people believe in conspiracy theories, actually psychologists have some very, very interesting perceptions that they have extracted from massive data. And of them is that conspiracy theories typically are adopted by disenfranchised movements and peoples ie peoples that are already

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dislodged. And by believing in conspiracy theories, that actually empowers them, it gives them a sense of, oh, I own the narrative, because they feel kind of left out because the narrative of left has left them. So by believing in these alternative, oh, this virus is something created by another, you know, nation and whatnot. So it kind of empowers them that I know what the other people do not know. Also, it flips the switch around because no doubt in this timeframe, we feel attacked by this, you know, virus and whatnot, by believing in conspiracy theories, it's as if, you know, it's not our fault. It gives us the positive image that there's some nefarious evil entity out there that wanted

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to destroy only us. And of course, it is really difficult to write to reason with a person of this background, because they are so convinced that they are correct. And it does require a level of understanding and a level of climatization of the world. And by the way, it's not just I'm saying amongst Muslims, you know, the far right also has conspiracy theories as well about us Muslims, you know, and again, they feel disenfranchised, and socially, economically, they typically aren't. So when you look at who believes in conspiracy theories, generally speaking, it is groups that have been displaced and marginalized and they feel that in these conspiracy theories, they gain control

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of the narrative, they gain security, they gain a sense of empowerment, and also they can flip the switch and become the ones that are having the positive. How does one reason and rational with them Subhanallah just lots of dua with lots of kindness with lots of facts, information, just a whole combination of of psychological ties, a lot of this could please please some a joke. Yeah. What he's saying is we'll do mega

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Bucha syndrome hack him which HIPAA which actually is better because you're gonna mess ups are the diligent to match outgoing funny conspiracy theory of social crypto. There is a antibacterial soap company. I shouldn't name it.

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I won't name names here.

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So it's a hand soap company will skillfully cover this protects against this virus, this virus and Coronavirus and it was that bottle was made in 2016. A concerned neighbor bottle Rikiya social media whiskey video been a year kayak they can this soap company is said this protects against Corona in 2015, so they already knew Corona is coming. What he didn't understand is good. Corona is a family of viruses. Just SARS pelota h1 and whoo. Flu bird flu wubi Corona the families

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so this is why this is called COVID-19. Right? Exactly this Lee conspiracy theory ne D both well known viruses can do both subcategories and they can he use that bottle and believe me that video has 6.8 million views on it. It's fun a lot. The one that I heard was that it's linked to the 5g system as well. Okay. Because of the 5g network somehow, you know, the Coronavirus is wanting to be on the network is something weird. I mean, it's like what can you say to this? It is difficult because again, it's like trying to reason with the far right that Muslims are not all terrorists, right? That's a conspiracy theory that all Muslims are terrorists. And there's a global network of

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Muslims to take over the world. Exactly. And I've tried again you we know this from living here is that it's so difficult to try to reason with them. Unfortunately, so many of our Muslims also then fall prey to conspiracy theories.

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And you know, it's not just it's not just something that is pastime or funny, it actually impacts lives because when you believe that this virus is a conspiracy theory, then you're not going to take adequate precautions and you're subjecting yourself and your family to potentially potentially fatal mistakes and actions that are foolish in nature. And that is why we just have to take a firm polite stance and keep on trying our best because there's a connected part of this leg to conspiracy theories other the remedies I've seen on social media, ridiculous rim remedies, so called remedies. Okay, if you get Cronos has gone gargle with hot water and the growers. Yeah. Well, we need to

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clarify this because there's no medical

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backing for this whatsoever. Yeah. So please, if you have heard this, or people are telling you this, no. I mean, there's nothing wrong to gargle regularly, but that doesn't feel good. It doesn't kill Corona has nothing to do with gargling. So please, take this from the experts. You know, I mean, what else? I mean, there's nothing wrong with I think one way to one general way to have a right approach and this is go with the mainstream, go with the mainstream go with what is on the mainstream media. Go with what is being told to you but this is one place where please listen to your governments. This is that one place have your other conspiracy theories when it comes to health

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issues. Please listen to the government Akuma key bots Sunni Akuma Toki bots you see a individual key job pony up near kill a camera and bad key videos Menara because he can dividual key just knew when you attack a mirror of so and so cousin Jack Crona said infected the abou t Koga was Nicaragua gargle Kuru to DNA or McDowell K. or shad dal chroma key Kuba se Poston MK believes as he posts with North Korea. A cool thing about Sunni Islam Lee Cooper Bucky would disagree comment a second is to personally talking about equal Jesus.

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Now there is a field which is the benefit.

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Obviously Rasul Allah says

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in the wisdom of his time, the medical wisdom has advised advised us on certain medical issues on certain medical remedies.

00:27:20--> 00:27:29

Just say honey, black cumin seed, but what would you say to those people who apply his medical wisdom

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and somehow say give me the HCA etc. And this is divine wisdom. And we should only stick to that and not go to the modern medicine. Like I'll give you miss all.

00:27:43--> 00:27:58

black cumin seed has the cure of all illnesses, does not mean that you have cancer or a black seed puddling or Pecos. It doesn't mean you have grown or a black seed calling of decoding. So what would you say about that to people who denying medical

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medical attention and going with this the benefit. So actually I gave a detailed lecture here at East Plano. It's online, you can see it online, just Google prophetic medicine and the Hadith about perfect medicine. And I actually quoted a number of aroma, including given Khaldoon and others who were very clear in that their positions and opinions was that these types of remedies that are found, if they are found coming directly any not linked to Allah subhanaw taala then they are remedies that the people at that time had accepted and there's nothing wrong, but there's also might be possible that better remedies come later after that point in time. And this is something that

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many of our classical and earlier odema explicitly pointed out. And also these are Hadith that mentioned or even diverse dimensions honey for example, fishy fallenness of course The Quran mentions that honey has Shiva and this is a generic she found that it is always going to be beneficial. It does not mean a no scholar has ever interpreted that if you take a spoon of honey, no matter what true sickness, you're going to get cured. This is a misunderstanding even of the verse, Allah is generically praising that honey has good qualities and honey has some she found I have no doubt that even if science tells us or not honey or anything else that is explicitly revolver, Allah

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has some generic positives, but the Quran and the Sunnah never gives this specific prescription that when you have xicom You take this when you have fever, you take that when you have cancer, you do this No, these are generic things that maybe increase the immunity system maybe they have baraka from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, we're supposed to take them, but these are not specific cures that modern medicine is supposed to somehow clash with. So Tibba Nabawi is a field that has blessings and you do it for the blessings of Allah. That has not been that is not the negation of the science and the medical fields that we have done. This is something that and by the way,

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This is not even a modern position. This is a very classical position from the beginning of time, we had doctors amongst our communities even seen as example, he has so many volumes of account on Philip, the canon of Islamic medicine, and he has detailed prescriptions about how to tackle specific diseases and we learn from that and this is empirical science. And I mentioned even in the, in the lecture that I gave about this that our prophets ism himself was the one who told us this distinction in the famous tradition, when he remarked about some agricultural procedure Evans goatee earlier. Exactly. And he himself said that untrim ILM will be awarded duniya comm you know, the

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affairs of your dunya better than I do. So this is from his own mouth. So the Allahu alayhi salam, so he was sent as Rahmatullah Alameen he was sent to teach us our ethics our Shetty our code of conduct between our family but he was not sent to teach us the secular sciences of engineering and medicine and he was not surprised honey to my ears, brother. That is so good to hear from you. I really want to tell this book as well for our people. So hear it from birth brother, you're circling tiga he is universally known as a great scholar. Learn man.

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Zurich comes to

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a lotta lucky ocarina buderus Soon we'll meet Dean Denny duniya May Allah pleasure Castle hustle Karna awkward Mephala guest Bonnie and Nikki Kia Islam careful darkness

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yay calm Kenyatta if I'm wrong, correct me wherever. Yay, calm company out there. Nobody euroschool or absolute love Hello Salam Alaikum ocarina Bureau Sookie as you'd say V. Deen alloga Muthiah.

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Absolute Avila Salam ma architecture's economy. ABS Quran is not a book of architecture. Absolute Salam Hamid Madison's chikungunya, the Quran is not a book of medicine. Quran is not a book of how to make a road how to make a building how to make a medicine.

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The individual hair or the map give us say someone's biome will also cage between visit empty Hekmati. thapki Ooh semana que Smosh Reiki shaky wOv sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nabi Wasco transmit kill, just like a car the Cerebus Allah wa salam howdy Sienna can Logan Jakob attack many who are quick activists on your knees responsibility as a directly has been here logona karna to Laguna Juba, Tigers Musa subnet for Maya heck black cumin seed with the moqueca now school, kalonji

00:32:30--> 00:32:54

it has the cure for all diseases except that our school is thrown literally Nolleke Eman Murni que la vamos a cancer Omega hepatitis OSA Majid rabies Ozanne with a Corona Ojama black cumin seed Congo smells good chemical extractor was known as the bicyclic in a hazard niche Salam Salam generally Bosque doesn't have necrotic er, Bonnie to Anna who harbors Gigaba.

00:32:55--> 00:33:39

Architect generally, it's going to literally pick up on here mostly the VA, Azusa la Celemony IG general bulky Discom medulla vitarka, you bother to geezer is meatball Shiva is me botsify wide, will militarily Anegada gambusia Carla Marie Nicola disease Tequesta gamma right and also that this taking of a cologne G does not negate that you take other medicines as well as the most important thing is Kisara Chicago Chanda Chiba, Tanisha. Headley is Cassandra Bucky Daniele Uppsala Hello Salam Kitale Martha you Khilafah somehow in Jesus stickerkid modern medicine Co Op we both are the company won't go Bondo absolutely for me for my or para la bella Vita Coco is Lea absolute loss

00:33:39--> 00:34:20

eliminator bath que si context mainland so you just need to head to ski apne interpretations are gonna have an idea and to better they've been a beast. Hello, hello, Salam Sam some fidelity, sorry, Marie everyday life man maybe shed cologne G strength cheesy Marie Valda. We America do maybe but there's no doubt that the one who does this believing in the Prophet system will get baraka from Allah baraka from Allah. But that doesn't negate what modern medicine has also brought with us. And that's why and again, I have said this so many times explicitly, that scholars of Islam are scholars of Islam. They are not scholars of medicine. Yes, they're not scholars of epidemics and diseases.

00:34:20--> 00:34:34

They're not scholars of crowd management. So don't go to the scholars of Islam to get verdicts about how to manage crowds during times of epidemics. A very important point A corepoint BRP I love it. How are we going from one point is leading to another point.

00:34:35--> 00:34:55

Unfortunately, there is also a huge battle being fought in our countries where the Imam mustards where our brothers in Islam who are in charge of mustards are resisting the fact can the Joomla Hoonah yup camassia Donna J. There have been very tragic incident incidents were

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

very well known names have come on social media.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

In the know if you come to him as Geneva Corona Slony gommage agony over Corona who Insecta Corona and they're not they're not agreeing to the government's request to suspend the budget Mark prayer in the masjid have a limited prayer have others join through other mediums electronic mediums as they are being bought couriers are mistakenly joined Kirkpatrick was resist correct what would you say to those people who look to religion for remedies but who are also listening to these people to get any audio audio continue to ECG is because of Corona so you're asking me now and I was traveling

00:35:41--> 00:35:44

the viewers that are following me in English no but obviously

00:35:49--> 00:35:55

if I don't if I'm not able to send all of that then you can translate for me joomag Coffee have this again? Okay, I got home look.

00:35:56--> 00:36:16

Tidy Scooby deck. Look Joe Haeg kalamalka door has rolled her car had alcohol and donut seriously okay you saw was it another random look? Okay. Is mom limit or the market your how you roll near Kamloops Alberta Karnataka Yeah Can he can he do hello Kumar umara Hakka hamara Shediac Karthik apne

00:36:17--> 00:36:24

Hey Father to somehow you know when I go by the way when I go to the My brain switches to Arabic You know this is my Arabic is

00:36:27--> 00:37:06

one of the principles of our religion ceases English not one of the principles of a religion is to protect the life right now anything that's going to harm the life then we're not allowed to do that Allah says in the Quran Wallah to be a de comida Taluka don't cause your destruction with your own hands. Hello Johanna namaz come on an acre in a mosque budget Mark Monica in Bora Bora Bora Hendon rocky beach. Namaaz kahini Monica Santa Ana quick Nicolas Cage as at the monoclinic rehab Garmi Perea nimasa Garbage Mr. Curry apne family kissa komaneka cabina mas geohab Even Bhaja mouthguard amoeba your TV to join girl? Hum joumana Quranic upside Gemma Huya in hundreds and 1000s of

00:37:06--> 00:37:37

gatherings and Hello, could they actually Okay, is there a slogan Gemma Hoolahan Dean camp Islam kingdom and they're the ones that spread a Junko volcano board up so swimmin Ebola they don't have to bury the Philistine culture Hegge bilkul bunda Calacatta Philistine and you no matter in usual times, we're very irritated that is locked off in this case with a general hamdulillah because it is closed under Neoga ni eight Jamaat gay under Philistine candor, and the Islamic Jamaat they came to do their response paksa exactly, I'm located okay.

00:37:38--> 00:38:15

And they went into Philistine and they cause this virus to be brought into philosophy and and now the Israelis are locking down on them and we Muslims who don't who brought in the virus Subhanallah How can we not see the foolishness of what we ourselves have done? So that's why my point has always been amongst your oedema community you will always find certain aroma that understand that modern science and modern knowledge also plays a role and my advice has always been looked to those grandma who understand that l that there isn't has one role and modern medicine also has its role and combine it together you know, we Equador revived the other year.

00:38:17--> 00:38:36

He was when he was Khalifa he was traveling somewhere and there was a sutra called Sherman yes Bella the Shama what another shaman so he turned his caravan around and once a hobby wrestler no he said Kuma are you running away from Allah's the Greer? And he said no, I am going from one technique to another technique

00:38:38--> 00:39:11

have been maybe the room and cada de la isla Casa de La La Jolla cada la Namco choice the choice yeah because the weaker sector why should we choose the foolish option? Why should we walk in when we are healthy and safe? Why should we walk in to the to the plague or Sarika Kalani Zulu Salah Salem kidney X ray research Annika ik Jehan town pillow mother Joan or Ronquillo Burma nuclear clear wordings kebab, insert ukad Nora Karna Yannick Dean Konami Dean caca market nor Karna Jae Hee to

00:39:13--> 00:39:21

Hadith now that I need you to translate into because it's just too advanced for me to translate so I'm the brother your sins official interpreter

00:39:22--> 00:40:00

Sorry, I'm using your I Am gladly taking this job I honestly it is for the betterment of our own people as honestly is meant to get the message across to them. So thrilled to be the hostess habitat Okay, there was a cover a caravan going and one of the people got ahead in during the battle. So he was wound was bleeding from the from the head and he wants to sleep and he woke up having to do also. So he asked the people around him now I if I were to take water this wound is going to fester. And I have to do also what should I do? There was no person of knowledge one of them said look, the Sharia is very clear. And you have to do also. So he did also and because he will

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

is in a state where the wound is festering the wound got worse and he died before getting to Medina. When they got back they told the process and the whole story he became so angry with them that he actually said that you murdered him or to your ignorance killed him. And then he said a famous statement he said, Why didn't you ask the people of knowledge when you were ignorant because the cure for ignorance is asking the people now you have to ask the right people of knowledge. So that's very hard to distinguish point here that is my father. So those people were acting based upon jazva based upon the assumption that religion is always strict strict, and they said we're gonna judge me

00:40:44--> 00:41:19

I'm gonna honey and the phone was there. Oh, yeah. So translate that so you're super indica heck is gonna be doubts. Yeah, the Sabbath cakes or beers de la new caravan mid travel Karateka Flemmi or that also in case survey about braza concur, just say bleeding quality to Sabra Wynnum as per Nickelback Taya to bleeding Kibera supercharger Mojo cosell Karna padega to Savani igloo cerca de car or on Mega chassis Sahaba Dean go opener LM Hirakata at 260 who sell to aapko Karna padega que que de Inca Oka

00:41:20--> 00:42:09

goon Sabina is a committee who sell Kia animus pre liquido Skiba just say move fatberg shahidul get to jump Boca flop puncher Medina. Zoo Latham sur la Vela sell Salam coperta Luggie about to buck Gaida julabo Miyagi who semirara or Nick aka to Nadine gay Sukan goodness strictly jump like yeah, Guru, Guru goosal Naka Tito shayad budget potato tongue logo ssmu Just say uncut Monica. You could Dean kinder, get three options degree, survive namaskar Syslog allows Surah Baqarah metadata server Rebetiko nameko Maka vondrousova Paulo, escaped Baba Judith nice trick nip limitation Kirkus a hobby key shadow to do some yoga Tonio SCO cattle Carthago to associate to your survey Carraig Kabhi Kabhi

00:42:09--> 00:42:24

hum just bought me okay. Just basic Maghrib Okay, Allah Tala kiddin ko summers Nick ki Bajaj. apne just backpack Carthay are up rabbinic sankirtan let me assure you the income in Oaxaca great coffee Hadees

00:42:25--> 00:43:03

Cambro Could your head Dean causada Sakina he can he did not already have it near I can actually do a lot a lot. A lot. Let me get the human constructor. Exactly. Matt Winegar your vinegar and Latinoamerica Togakushi Oaxaca they could Surah Rawski Dr. K Surah rathna Hannah. Yeah, maybe it's a little while alayhi salam you have secure Boustead Kalmykia harangue here to Carnap legatees en que la Vanco Bertha DGM NYSIF punches in Rankin, but Gary hug Delphi kisi ki John Melissa colorific DOM Karna junta booster shake Karna or punch a GS the gonna get up new coaches all around karate

00:43:04--> 00:43:14

to alimony to a lateral tonic environment Queenborough toto geotherm Dantonio Anna you speak about the religion based upon Jehovah have to speak based upon the

00:43:16--> 00:43:50

point here is Frankie Kamal Mia ma'am up tariqa come in in some considerable time to Musa MacArthur. The Koshish Curtatone boxer long opinions they are skilled Berger Frederick Kobelco school except Kuru. Gustavo Lobos magala Tony you to me just bought the Thoreau society replica Jabba apocalyptic damn Cartier duniya DIKTI gotcha you slam C'mon Neverland. musulman they could care Jelena yup Nora to say yes with Dean COVID axon pasta SelectTech Mara Dean shyed who come here data to look up net just bought some of lube Okay, come

00:43:51--> 00:44:42

to ously go Zara. She can number one a bit of summary miracle again clear. Kay doctors KeePass giant hola ma Donita Annamaya picqer na if lockira and Mike rengay The been a visa general fire them Rosa tonnage ie LeKan just specifically medical matters on kendor horadada sighs dunno are doctors could they can medical advice hola ma se Majid que Momsen, Harley or Daniele, Enoch Gregory yakni. Peeling to Corona Tico you both important Jesus. Now this takes us to another issue GMaps to discuss naturata which is very important the effect of general advice and Coronavirus. What do people do in our countries? When it comes to social distancing? You talk about America what an American I have

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

seen people are pretty well you have trouble Yeah, but they're behaving fine RV parks and CRM but what is going on right now the big problem is givani big paradox and Possingham low social distancing hamari 5% of arm Korea who have enough Russians in their home, who have enough food in their

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

At Home The problem is good to 90% of our memory see would do Dean have to panic Romi been broken areas since then. I mean I'm the type of person who is very pragmatic How can I advise people when they're not even capable of staying at home what can I say to them our hearts leads go to

00:45:23--> 00:45:59

Koshish kar sakta hai ki egg to have thicker you have a grocery surprise everything go ahead Berkeley Jo kar sakta kosher but not like yourself said even America who is a tomato amazonica Roca strike big guy other striker and the guy just goes and fires them and he even you have to be way more slower okay unfortunately it is the socio economically underprivileged class your substance either they're getting this those that have some wealth some they can stay locked in their houses for a week or two to home Kakkar sector Bella Mera Dil really it just bleeds to hear these stories. It's so easy for me to say don't go out like in cutting across India make Jessica Hora Mazovia not

00:45:59--> 00:46:09

to get too political like in what do you expect Missouri they don't have enough money to even they don't even have money to purchase one week's groceries you can have healthcare

00:46:11--> 00:46:50

personnel will discuss career lock down he's Rudy they cannot they can own Logan kitchen cupboard resources named Kitri hotel Phoebe will be I'm looking at Bala k one of my dean her knickers. These will have to come from the economists these will have to come from qualified politicians which is an oxymoron in our times most politicians are not qualified but overall it has to come from qualified people that are put in charge getting Luca hull cows like them which could I cannot give the whole situation may jump and Murray girl from the reblog Russia needs to smear her money through responsibility here is safe Georgia got further. We good enough for your your mortgage or bare metal

00:46:50--> 00:47:26

for those of other governments. This is the time definitely in fact, thomna Hamada Genocea tech is home look Joe has a card that Amazon scibelli Nikhil is taking right now with Moto G article. We need them we need to have the money for them right now. So coffee is the doctor then I'm Zantac the cardinality metric I don't need a visa card I'll be selling colleges liquor montage look to be when they need it right now and I'm Santa cackling so they can give early as the card as well get a visa needed and they should give more than this because this is the time when our comb our people everybody needs this help. So we cannot solve the problem at a national level. But if we can feed

00:47:26--> 00:48:11

our local communities if our own neighborhoods and remember that these are the prophets as Adam Dean brought up just for Maya Kabbalah Hila Yeoman Wallah hula Yeoman wala hill I maintain ba K aleteia Kasam Cai, que vous Banda Nagy Murata to so how many border to corner yard me to Bill Cody Hello hustle This is person has lost have nothing Maya give workshops job in a parent Baraka Karna chi or schedule neighbor will prokaryotic useless is called Mr. nicotinic Alba printable called teachable Kolkata aged nabco karna to sky or upgrade your boss Moraira we're in sun book ahead. That's not a market yet. So will you be an okay to physical with anything? Can you mock me because first of all

00:48:11--> 00:48:52

to both of you but definitely this is the time when sadhaka is real Sadiq Khan South Africa Monica has Sadaqa means you're proving something that's what sort of images I'm getting Sadako hola hola. Aleem in here let's search about the meaning of sadaqa is that you believe something Abu Bakr sadef He believed Sadaqa means Abdul Placidia of Katya clean her goose passes amcos Ruppersberger, Allah Tala that's it let's English together put your money where your mouth is like show me you actually believe nobody hands money to somebody else except that they know they're gonna get something back. So when you give charity jab Allah Tala Namsa sadaqa data octopus year your clean Hackham Judea who

00:48:52--> 00:49:34

says Ah damn Cobra Dominica is dunya may or are heerema you are proving literally that's what Sadaqa means. You are proving your Eman with your money that oh Allah I know that I'm giving this money and I'm gonna get more money back that's actually the meaning of the word sadaqa so this is this is the opportunity man Don't be without okay to further god hey, look at think extraordinary times requires extraordinary measures. Is the first bit of a cola grin. First a bottle given especially I'm logged in cola and here are equal cheese. Give me request UK I've seen things back home hood. Now Herbert J. Hood backers monarca distribute Karthik EOS Majutsu look for credible organizations charity

00:49:34--> 00:49:59

organizations edible charity organizations tried and trusted charity organizations are constantly Alon Korea company relief funds Minaya Baja Pitney LeSage democra, Wahhabi apne good Zima cry logo celebrate your current packers Morocco Nicola noumenon link a swab and Athena Agata has not just that they are exposing themselves to they're exposing themselves one of them has the virus by going to 100 houses, the one who gives it well that much

00:50:00--> 00:50:24

If that's not the wisest thing rather find the charities that you trust and give to them and one last very important bill, and I kept it for last because this is so prevalent. Now there's a lot of information circulating on the media. The other AI articles speaker a coach Jesus has already come Salallahu Alaihe Salam name, but he could still do it

00:50:26--> 00:50:35

harmonically basically, and he can survive even better anybody could do a Kanaka Nikita Sunni Aikido can do it. Hey, are Abu Bakr

00:50:37--> 00:51:12

lickin geek or cider Don't be I'll take a grub up putting a sort of a Penang or poop marae to say hello Nicola Agha yes Babu keen Johnny, maybe too desperate times and people are clinging on to wherever they could find both Padilla kilo there seeing this information, they are poco fIying by reading certain certain parts of the dose and they themselves think can be immune Yeah, my family's immune yet secure in practices Kabara what would you say?

00:51:13--> 00:51:55

So again, I said in English then there is nothing in the Quran and Sunnah about repeating specific names of Allah or specific or the God of 50 times 100 times and then blowing for protection. There are any desired result Yeah, into or any desired result there are certain of God that the President has said in the mornings and in the evening, and just for generic protection, but there is nothing that is specific that say it 100 times and you will get this done. And pretty much everything that we find in WhatsApp messages and whatnot. This Is Mythical in nature, it's not really referenced and resources. So even that which is authentic, it is done for baraka and protection along with

00:51:55--> 00:52:23

logistical protection. The two don't contradict one another. I myself make regular the car in the morning and evening. But I also do social distancing. So we have to be very careful that the one doesn't negate the other you see you tie your camel and you put your trust in Allah. So do you have cards that are authentic? By the way most of these that are found 90 95% of them they're just like mythical in nature Kissena behaves Dr. Christina Bullock is in a club medica homologue Upanishad yet we don't base it on hearsay just look at the

00:52:24--> 00:52:32

tsunami or Sega these mega quiches Henry then we don't need to put my name is we do not solve those sort of a hyperlink.

00:52:33--> 00:53:14

People say but the defenses and this is important because it's causing a lot of people to be very careless with the remedies that the need to take qejy They can guarantee it solver This is a particular check I'm carrying I would die say on that up Quran pond so the footprint as are the footprint do it per year loss of our big Allah burka Daga Lika Lucia expect cranachan many kyuki Ponsoldt have a party here who's guilty Jenna year result? Nick llega. This expectation is very fictitious to specify and is the you're absolutely correct. karar panacea baraka to Surah Millia lacking to assume is if you have poncho barber gear, extra barber cushioning, you can get some type

00:53:14--> 00:53:52

of benefit was mudra cugini savedata plus you have the main purpose of Quran is to the boat and farm and acting upon it. Yes, the Quran is baraka, no question about it. And yes, we read the Quran for Allah's blessings, no question, but two points as Hamza said number one, don't link any one verse with a number of timings and just keep on doing over and over again. That's not what the Quran was revealed for a number two Joby Quran Pirna zikr Knapp Korea or a Chiba to Korea they can escape Assad Juha take logistical precautions is Kisara Jaha Abner Hadith the article yeah can you have that six feet distance you are you You careful who if you're able to do that did not occur cigniti I

00:53:52--> 00:54:02

don't know kobish McCoy contradiction is Kibera Mina here hum de la though Hamza By HUM Roca Thai Mashallah. A Kunta haga you know, somebody asked me actually gay

00:54:03--> 00:54:42

opkey speciality Coachella Hamza Baikal who Georgia what is the purpose of you two coming together learn when you're born the MCSA really is to give the message really the witches we're both agreeing on especially to our older speaking people how they can maybe do two to three booty election I knew him as a bikers had Krishna Koto Jaga Okay, inshallah we can give this message and the main message is very, very clear to Yes, we believe in Allah. Yes, we believe in the Quran and Sunnah. Yes, we are in no we're doing everything religious. But along with this, our religion tells us Yes, to take precautions and to listen to the experts in their own fields. This is why the two of us are coming

00:54:42--> 00:55:00

together to give you the same message Exactly. And Alhamdulillah I'm very happy that you're here in America And Alhamdulillah you came to study Islam and I hope you study Islam with many many people to many different ideas and views and inshallah very like we gave the last time your life journey from econo

00:55:00--> 00:55:31

excusive and atheism to Islam Alhamdulillah along the way, you have grown so much and I ask Allah azza wa jal to continue to allow you to grow Allah. Is there any thing you want to tell us about any future projects that you have? We talked a little bit about that last time you were here and we did get a lot of questions. You want to anything you want to say that's public knowledge. I wouldn't actually say two things. First thing to is about this whole situation I would want to say that no matter what up Kcb Muslims sale no matter what religion you belong to, no matter what

00:55:33--> 00:55:51

ideology you might believe in. General, both Bitcoins are agreed upon Carlita is smokey pay. RPA pleased that the burqa Evora Ficker gray gave more eventually only half take a big Corona say the bottom of the Ag Kony box.

00:55:52--> 00:55:58

Please look believe in and be conscious of a higher authority

00:55:59--> 00:56:01

of a higher power.

00:56:02--> 00:56:48

Be conscious that after you die, you have to be answerable to that higher power. They can have specific terms newsguard Your sub Killian Joe spiritual Logan Joe Christians and Muslims as Up Korea. Be conscious of that higher power. The fact you have to be answerable to that higher power. do good deeds, do charity be good to other people? are key heart says avance kisi goostin Sancho Luxan na Ponce in Tucson PowerBoard of the thicker cream the hodza badass smoker learning the job is dunya so Jarrod Hey, Kelly, obviously we are all sad. We're all affected. We're all in this together. Luke and Joe Luke is dunya my butcher I hear only Barbara maca. Culatta Alana gamuts at

00:56:48--> 00:57:24

bellick Chota serves up the khaki, mocha dia to the bootcut nickel. And yeah, that's that's my request to everybody because unfortunately, whenever you give religious advice, everybody makes their own killer. For example, if I say Believe in Allah, somebody will say no, no, I believe in another God. Whatever you believe in, be conscious of that higher power and the fact that you have to be answerable to that higher power. So that having said that, in future projects, I plan to use my expertise and media and filmmaking to make things which will highlight our deen Inshallah, and I'm asking yourself, I also be a part of it.

00:57:28--> 00:57:28


00:57:31--> 00:58:14

what we have in mind and what we have been also talking about, is to make a series to bring up different Islamic issues, different Islamic topics, and show the people that there is a great beautiful diversity of opinion within Islam. There is no one specific sect there is no one specific school of thought there is no one specific person who is right. In Islam we all believe in the very basics. One God has already come Salallahu Alaihe Salam is a last Prophet and Messenger of Allah there is a day of judgment Patna Muslim pouncing I don't think a sector to categorize them as any of t no mas no mas me panchang Hodge BIA charity BS so yeah, please in Moroccan Islam and using liquid

00:58:14--> 00:58:22

disagreement, and less perfect that which we all agree upon. We agree upon Qibla we have we have hamdulillah it's from Allah azza wa jal

00:58:23--> 00:59:07

Alhamdulillah Hodge ombre namaz Rosa hodza God Allah Allah Quran was reconciler, Salah machina disagreement newskin inches over the mistake of manga Bucky to issues in Japan unfortunately, disagreement is Lyonnais Islam vague healthsmart disagreement is leaking solid into the book here no dark message. The Bulaga pogrom irons are no soldier understand Kenny Koshish que pinions when I woke up Surah cheese, the mirror idea the maker Nazzaro y'all pay you to make a series to highlight disagreement as a positive thing? In those things, Joe and so on to the barbell logic, you're going to be in English or do or I'll have it in both languages, people who like you who are comfortable in

00:59:07--> 00:59:26

English, you can talk in English, we'll debate and we'll do also so I want to have a series in both languages English and just say Romney Sagna he's more comfortable in Urdu. So he'll speak no do but I'll debate in English. You speak in English who to and were talking to and you'll you want to help me

00:59:27--> 00:59:59

to get in touch with other also respect to each other. That way we can make something for our generation and for future generations can look disagreement positively. Musco Braun has some Jaina fitna and that's what I love about you is not like I'm Marriott kita de vaca. Mubarak around what I love about you is that you celebrate disagreement. I love the fact that you discuss contemporary issues. You discuss the issues which are contentious in a positive way, and you're not scared to go out there and tell people

01:00:00--> 01:00:25

that Islam deals with those issues to actually upset because they said remember you had a LGBT conference in the masjid because there is an issue. How long do we look away from it? These are brave steps and I look up to you in this and just Zakharova IOHK lo de Kranky you will support me and guide me Inshallah, but not as an actor because people make cracking jokes Camco is

01:00:28--> 01:00:30

supposed to be next to a hero in or something then

01:00:32--> 01:00:38

make sure okay. Oh, good and bad plan cancel. Not I have no such plans.

01:00:40--> 01:01:18

So shall we before we conclude, I wanted to invite our president of epic Imran pi. I'm Ron Hayes, aka fer for joining us, can you you wanted to address this at hamdulillah tell us a little bit about what's going on with epic and what the program is inshallah Bismillah. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. MashAllah great program. Shape. Yasser, thank you for giving me an opportunity to give an update on behalf of Africa management, because it's always pleasure to have your epic Zagal have for coming tonight. So Marla, it's been two weeks since we have to close down the masjid due to Coronavirus pandemic. And I pray to Allah there's your your families are safe at home. Epic is not

01:01:18--> 01:01:40

epic. And I pray to Allah. Allah brings us back to this Masjid as soon as possible. I want to take this opportunity to thank my brother for the board of a shoe. Our permanent staff and volunteers who've been working many many hours remotely online to bring you a number of services and I'll go through in the next couple of minutes.

01:01:41--> 01:02:03

In the last two weeks, epic has launched a number of programs. Firstly, we have brought all of our schools online from health to another to work time to Sunday school. We have we're working on bringing adult doctoral programs online very soon inshallah with the help of normal team and Officer job

01:02:06--> 01:02:14

for us to stay connected with our community and to be spiritually charged, epic has launched epic Live Channel.

01:02:15--> 01:03:01

In this live channel on daily basis, we're bringing programs for our family, for youth, for children, and for sisters and hundreds of other communities benefited immensely from this program, we are getting a real good feedback. Lastly, and very importantly, we have launched a number of social services programs. We have helped your neighbor program that have worked closely with economic we are delivering food to the doorstep of any person who is in need. We are also doing epic medical clinic online using telemedicine technology and bringing to other programs we are doing Dr for food pantry that is coming soon. And also we are going to have an epic battle hotline that

01:03:01--> 01:03:04

people would call it and consult with a doctor.

01:03:05--> 01:03:49

So for all of this program to come in within two weeks, I want to really thank all the volunteers and everybody who participated now was our challenge. Our biggest challenge is our financial financial impact on the masjid as you know that we have been closed and we're not getting any funds through Joomla and other sources that we had in the past. And I can assure you that from Epic management perspective we have looked at every single expense and we have abused it or we have caught it altogether. Even our employees they have taken a voluntary pickup. But after all of this my brothers and sisters we are still in deficit and that's where we need your help. I would greatly

01:03:49--> 01:04:20

appreciate if you can go online right now. Epic masjid.com/donate.org/donate and just do whatever you can $20 $50 $100 online and just make it recurrent. Just make it for the next three four or five months make it recurring Inshallah, Allah will help you tremendously May Allah bless you meet a lot of audio. Again I want to thank each and every one of you for being patient and may Allah bless you may keep me in to offer epic our community cycline.

01:04:25--> 01:04:47

To Sokoloff edit and run by Hamdulillah. We come to the conclusion of today's in sha Allah Tala I will be with you again tomorrow and multiple times and hamdulillah I'm very very happy at what Epic is doing hamdulillah across the globe. These programs are being seen. We need your dollars we need your feedback and of course we need your support whatever we are able to do, which is Aqua Mala Chiron Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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