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Hope you enjoyed the video. So today I want to lay what I care to how are you guys doing? This is a short advisory guide as to what to do with the Coronavirus. I've spent the last couple of a couple of days last week speaking to subject specific specialists on this matter, to try and get together the best kinds of datasets that we have, and the best kind of information that we have.

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Before I give you this information here, and a straightforward advice, both for countrymen and for people in my community, the Muslim community who could benefit from this advice. First of all, let's take a look at the macro data. If you look at the these datasets on the left hand side here,

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I'm not sure if your left my right, whatever is my left your right. But if you look at these datasets here, you'll find that in terms of the countries that have been able to deal with this epidemic, best, the best ones have been, as you can see on the chart, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and so on. Now, the question is, why is it that there's a sharper gradient if you like a more exponential spike, when it comes to the European countries than it is with these Asian countries? The reason is, is because simply those countries have been able to put forward stricter isolation methods is a very straightforward thing. These countries are not afraid to quote unquote, go

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authoritarian, you know, to crack down to say, if you do that, there's going to be a consequence. If you come out and make congregations at this time when there's a pandemic, they're gonna be social, and legalistic consequences. The UK haven't done that quickly enough. Italy didn't do that quickly enough, Spain didn't do enough, which is why we're seeing the kind of data that we're seeing here. Therefore, I mean, the first thing here is sometimes we're very used to listening to the advice of the Europeans, because the Europeans have done very well for themselves, in many ways, many ways. We're British ourselves. And so it's a natural, intuitive thing. But I would say in this instance,

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here, there's not much reason why we should

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kind of be so confident, with UK government policy considering this is the data here. Now, we've talked about the social measures, that these Asian countries that have been able to put in place, which the UK and other European countries, Europe, by the way, being the new epicenter of this

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disease, or the spread of this disease have been able to do these countries have been able to be more authoritarian, tell people if you come out this is what's going to happen. But because of four ideas, in my opinion, ideological reasons, reasons pertaining to, quote, unquote, freedom, yeah, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and so on, which are so deeply entrenched into our culture. I think governments have been more reluctant to do these things which have had catastrophic, I will say, catastrophic effects. And this is, I would say, one of the problems of liberalism, though I would put as a caveat, to be honest with you liberalism, as an ideology, this

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Morrell doesn't disallow it because of the harm principle, these kinds of authoritarian type things being done for the greater good of the majority of people. So I would say, first, I mean, obviously, we can't, we're not in a position of governmental power here. But don't rely too much on these guys, because ideology has tainted their ability to deal with this in a proper way. That is point number one. Point number two, if we look at this data here, you'll find that China, as soon as it started to do the social isolation and move on the social isolation methods, they were able to not only blunt, or dampen, or flatten the exponential rise, they were able to actually even decrease the

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rise. And this is the best data that we have. Maybe it's exaggerated. I'm not a big believer in those data sets in the in a gospel way, I have to say, but it's just what we have to deal with at the moment in order to make our decisions.

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We know that this is a real disease. It's not a conspiracy theory. What I want to say first and foremost, in terms of movement forward. For the Muslim community in particular, the following has to be done. Number one, we have enough empirical evidence in front of us and scientific evidence which was collected from

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virologists and epidemiologists all over the world, and GPS speaking and dealing with the situation on frontline, which I've had a conversation with them, it's also on this channel, you can see this, I'm on the IRC channel, I had a conversation. The full length video is on that. With the GP on the front, we have enough information now to determine that, in fact,

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the congregational methods and social governance are problematic. But I want to make a very important point here. This is especially the case, I will say especially Yes, in the Muslim community, and especially in Moscow. And I'll tell you why. I mean, this is a logical exercise where it also makes a lot of sense, especially when we look at the demographic details. Muslim people are more likely to live with older parents or grandparents. That is because of socio economic reasons. To put it in one word. Yeah. socio economic reasons, you're more likely to live with a seven year old or above, because they were kind enough to have you in their house.

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And, and or because you've got married younger, and you have those children and your grandchildren. And there's a social stigma attached with them kicking you out of the house, or whatever. The reason, maybe. That's point 1.2 is because we have a lot of mosques in this country. You know, we have a lot of mosques in the United States of America and Canada and Australia,

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in France, and many of the year because we have a lot of mosques in this country. Now mosques the way it works with mosques, and a lot of non Muslims will not know this. The way it works with mosques is that we are crammed in a very small space we don't even have to meet as spacing between, especially when it comes to Friday prayers, and more especially in Ramadan. Anyone who has ever done tarawih, which is the kind of congregational night prayer that we do in Ramadan will know this. Now, the most important thing to do here for all Muslim faith leaders is to clearly and categorically Yes, this is the number one thing anyone that wants to come out and talk about a Coronavirus. In my

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opinion, this is the first thing a Muslim leader should say clearly and categorically say, go into the mosque at this time, where not only is there a national pandemic and the mortality rates of people are are rising. But

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the Muslim communities are more susceptible to the brunt of such pandemic for socio economic reasons. is an immorality. Which means it's Haram. Yes, it's Haram. Why? How can you make a photo like this? No, no, no, it's not me that is making the photo. It's not me that is making the photo I'm just giving you what you call the knuckle which is the transmission because the centers of power have already made the photo. The legend in Saudi Arabia, I've made a photo I'll put you a link in the description box. The Cabal I met from the deal about school like Mufti Taqi off money has already made the fatwah, which I can put you the link in the description box. I put it on my Twitter

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already, you can go and check it out on there. He's put on his to an English language.

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Many people have already made the federal differences. In Mauritania, the scholars have made the federal my own teacher made the photo which I put on Facebook is Mauritania, which is another sense of academic Islamic jurisdiction.

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So the people have made the fetters already. I'm just doing knuckle of that. But which means transmission. I'm just telling you what other people have said. But Jews prudentially. Here, you shouldn't try and make a case it would be a very low IQ thing to do I would put to you

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that we don't know yet. Or maybe we'll think about it. This is what I'm also and this is a ridiculous statement. Because you're I mean, let me tell you something in the Islamic tradition, which is very important that you need to know about Yeah,

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there was a hadith and I've mentioned this, before the whole corridor thing even popped up there's a Hadith, which is a prophetic sing of the Prophet where I met some people came some Sahaba and someone had a gash on his head. And he went to the professor, he went to the companions, and the companion said, Go and do like a bodily ablution. So you have to wash your head. As a result of that he died they went back to the Prophet and the Prophet said.

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He said about them Fatah Lupo Casa La Mola, they killed him, may Allah kill them. In other words, it wasn't for them to give them that advice that causes life and death. It wasn't for them. They're not specialists in this matter. Because in order for you to make a fatwa, especially one of non FDA art, one of which doesn't, it's not a precautionary one when it relates to the life of human beings, which is one of the dovre wattle comes one of them five major sums they sit for the five or six major things to be protected in the religion of Islam which is have

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helpfulness which is the protection of

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Human human life. That is what because the Islam came to protect five things one of them is life. Yes. Life and and, and wealth and lineage and so on. Yes. So, you're gonna make a fatwa that is non proportional you are you are you are a committee member of a Masjid.

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And you're still going to have Friday prayer. Why? Why me? This is good. We know now empirically speaking from the data, that in fact, doing that it's gonna it can cause death in the community, and death in the country. Are you ready? Do you really want to yell at me? Allah subhanho wa Taala was that you really want to make an argument? Do you not know the Hadith of the Prophet who says

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there's no humble reciprocating hum? Do you not know that is one of the mocassin of shediac of Dada Do you not know which means that has to be averted? Do you not know that harm being averted is macadam, Allah job, gentlemen must law which means in principle, meaning that

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which means repelling the pain of evil

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comes before trying to attract the common good, these things are well known, you should know this, you should know this. And so it's immoral for you to have a congregational prayer with with so many people that can cause infection and spread of disease. It's immoral, and is categorically wrong. And this is not me saying I'm doing nothing, I'm doing nothing meaning transmitting all of those who said these things. And they should, this should be the categorical thing that we try and do the first thing the order of the day for the Muslim community. Okay, the order of the day, the first step is to make sure that all congregational activity in the mosques, us is stopped, is stopped.

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Now for how long, we're gonna have to find out how long I'm afraid, we're gonna have to find out how long I'm afraid we're gonna have to look at the data. And we're gonna have to see what's going on. And then when the experts of different fields come, and there is some kind of at least a pseudo agreement of some sorts, or when the when the curve starts to flatten,

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you know, we can start thinking about, okay, we can bring it back with these kinds of mass congregations. But you know, you could be the one the reason, your mosque could be the reason, well, when everything is going down, you guys bring it back up as the Muslim you need to need to fix up a to realize that you have a social responsibility. And the Prophet said you don't, you cannot harm your neighbor, Muslim or non Muslim, it doesn't matter, you can't harm your neighbor. Therefore, it's imperative at this stage that especially considering

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the density of population or people, human beings in one area, when it comes to most activity, that we cease those most, that most activity at once. And for those little weak, untrained ones who want to argue this point and say, no, this and this is not our call. And this is this your pseudo intellectual, you have no understanding if no training, and in fact, you'll probably be the one who has to suffer, your grandparents will be the one that has to suffer. You might be saying that today, but two or three weeks down the line, when it's your grandparent, or even your mum and dad, who were printed janazah on in the house, because we're not going to do it in the masjid, then you're going

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to be the one crying and saying we should have listened to the warning signs. So this is the first thing that needs to be done in the Muslim community, there needs to be a closure of the massage.

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And I wouldn't even go as far as to say if that doesn't happen

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systematically enough.

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In the UK, the whole of the UK, there should be social blaming.

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And we might even devise a policy of social blaming. I'm being I'm being serious with you. If this continues, and we find that there are big massages, with congregations at this time. We're gonna stop. We're gonna stop blaming you. We're gonna stop blaming you. Yes. And exposing your behavior, which is putting all of not just us as the Muslim community at risk, but the wider community will expose you. You think we're not gonna expose? We're gonna expose you. Yeah, so you can get few pennies in the collection box? You don't think I don't know some of you, but you do. Yeah, I've been to enough questions in this. Enough mosques in the UK, to know who's really on the deen. And who

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cares about the fellow Muslim and humankind. And who wants a few dimes in the in the collection box. So yes, if you don't sort yourselves out, I know hamdulillah Hamza, the majority of masajid. The majority, the vast majority, the big ones region spot most, which I think there's a 5000 capacity there. They closed down, the big ones closed down. But I know also that there are some people that don't Juma this week, but we got to do that next week. We're not going to do that next week. We don't want to retire. We don't even go there.

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As you know,

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and to come bring this back into a positive mode now what I'm gonna say is that the Prophet ditto, he also prayed at home. And in fact, he prayed at home more. On some occasions, he prayed at home more. And there's a whole show you can develop

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and a temperament you can develop, and the spirituality you can develop

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by doing things at home that you might not even be able to develop, by doing it in congregations react will be this, you know, suppiler law is a discussion among the scholars about what's better laws that are developed, laws let meaning seclusion, yes, if the lock meaning mixing with the people, there's a difference of opinion on this matter. But some people seem to say that actually, it's better to do some of this and some of you, for the non Muslims listen to this, you need to understand that for us. The whole of a slam with a small I started, because with a big heart means is this law meaning submission, for small meaning, when the Prophet Mohammed got revelation himself,

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which we believe is the final prophet. It started with the Prophet Muhammad saw him in a cave. He had a meditative temperament. And then the angel came to him. And then there was a, you know, whole regulatory process. But that meditative temperament, where the Prophet was in the cave, is something we can all learn from, I'm sure we can for our spiritual progress, we can all learn from it. Even if you don't want to believe in Islam, which I would say is a big problem and it wasn't a Coronavirus. In my opinion, I can explain to you why. That's a different discussion, though. But, yes, but with the Prophet Muhammad Salah, who we believe is the final prophet who believed in one God and he, he

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did all the prophets did. He used to go he had a meditative temperament. He used to go to the cave. Yes. And you know, he got revelation in that state of deep reflection. And so we need to go back to you know, the world is diverted us, you know, the process of hackerman. Castle Hotez, will macabre kill less of a talent, so much less of the, you know, so much less of the worldly piling up of worldly things diverts us until we meet the graves, and then we'll come to know,

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you know, with the capitalistic system, it really hasn't trapped us into this whole cycle of just as a rat race, you know, trying to make money and so on. But now it's a time to reflect about existential questions. Now, it's a time to think about the purpose of life, now's the time to put a brakes on the worldly activities, and actually take a deep breath, because this was not good for our mental health, during this much work going here doing that doing this doing that, we need to focus on ourselves self development, right now, we need to do that right now. I start thinking about the deep things in life, why am I here? What's the purpose of life, and so on, and so forth. But in

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terms of message, I thought that the most important thing for me to communicate because I do have a following would be the thing that would save the most lives. And this advice I'm giving, I know, a lot of people are not gonna like it from my community from maybe even other communities, but I don't care. I don't care. What did you say? I said, I don't care. You have to I said, Yeah. And if you continue doing domestic stuff, believe me, we're gonna device and we're gonna have a task force, we're gonna have a whole plan of exposing those individuals that are putting

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people's lives in danger. And this goes also to those foolish kids. Yeah. Foolish kids that think that they're immortal. Going to the clubs and doing this and doing that gone to the leisure center and have a fun and gone party. Go and die. I'm not talking about obviously, this is not just specific to the Muslim community, though it does affect it. But the whole British community what you kids, you think you you think you're Batman? Yeah. And then when your grandma dies, what's gonna happen then, when your granddad dies? Because you couldn't control yourself? Because you don't care about them? Yeah, because that is a problem in our culture, as well, the fact that

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we don't care about our parents and our grandparents as much as we should, in British culture, in Muslim culture, in world culture, in reality, and that's why we have this feeling of if I get it, it's gonna be a mild symptoms. And if I pass it on, you know, whatever. No, it's not Whatever, man. It's not whatever. These are people that have raised you. These are people that you Oh, yeah. Just because they're not functional in the same ways as you are. It doesn't mean that they're disposable. Your grandparents, your parents, so don't have that distorted, individualistic mentality because you're grown up in a liberal state. And they've told you that they've had to be a narcissist.

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Yeah, because that's what capital is a byproduct of capitalism and narcissism. And that's why we don't care. And that's why, you know, that's probably one of the reasons why the European countries are doing so much worse than the Asian ones because the Asian ones have a little bit more respect to be honest with you for like parents and grandparents. That might be a sociological reason. You can't discount it. You can't discount it.

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So what I'm saying to you and to the whole community, that was for the next two weeks

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Forget about this buffoon Boris and other politicians who have done the wrong thing and being to weaken their approach and not want to put in the scare to be authoritarian or scared to be illiberal. They're scared to be you know if it was my say I'd whip the people that I'll say, look, you know, anyone who doesn't govern I'm gonna put you on the internet and give you a figurative whipping. A figurative one.

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Yes. Because you know, lives are important. human lives are important. And with that, I say to the people, make sure you keep tuning in and Sharla because what we're going to be doing is we're going to be putting up some stuff to keep you guys occupied in new homes in your

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isolation period. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.