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Today we are celebrating Today's a day of thankfulness today, yo Shaka, I am so grateful. My main goal is to get connected with almost PandaDoc spiritually wholeheartedly and then apply it in my daily life when challenges comes in, when he tested me when dunya test me when people disappoint me is Amani, the student of Norwich will run and practice. So be grateful. One number two, I'm so humbled because the more I learn, the more humble I am.

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The more I learned, the more I learned how much I don't know.

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The more I learn, the more I learn about the beauty of knowledge, today we are several celebrating the virtues of knowledge.

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What beauty is when you know what a beauty or when your know how much you don't know Rasul Allah, his art was set to say now

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that Allah guide through you, one person, one person, one soul, she or he younger, old, way better than

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owning a whole herd of red camel, millions of dollars. I hope you all are knowing this, because the first person who needs to be guided, is actually me and you individual, before I guide anybody else.

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Before I got anyone else, we are celebrating the knowledge, we are celebrating the virtues of knowledge, we are celebrating the beauty of learning, we are celebrating the beauty of struggling to learn, we are celebrating the, again the Grace of Allah that He makes us jump the obstacles I louka. And I am sure each one of you individually, look back and try to put or try to feel and remember the obstacle she individually went through, as she helped a lot me Do you jump to that obstacle? Did you change?

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Are you closer to almost pantalla Are you more submissive to almost Pandaria as a woman

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is the less if and if and why? And arguments, then you will benefit, then you accepted the rain.

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And then because you've changed

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because it's obvious on you or the people around you

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have at least not necessarily changed. Now no more the value of knowledge. So here you go. We are celebrating knowledge that can be very easy. When Allah makes it easy. The knowledge that is or should be an is very normal, very beneficial. One a lot makes it beneficial. And I look at it as a grace and I am grateful. Celebrating this three,

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celebrating the fact we learned

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it's a year how many people died in this year, how many Janaza we did in this year.

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How many people had other opportunities not in Jannah? How many people have registered in this class with that class was stopped? You're celebrating v not the continued with your knowledge, are celebrating the joy of learning.

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We're celebrating what knowledge brings to our life not only necessarily changing externally, but what it brings into me internally. That knowledge brings peace. Knowledge brings happiness you need to say this to people because you lived it. You didn't read it in the books. It was not in your exam. You lived it. And you felt it. What does it mean? What does it bring on every day, four days a week. We have an analyst bleakie

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And most of you not all of you have other commitments and things like that to bring we are celebrating a B benefits spiritual internal benefits of knowledge. Remember that? Don't take it lightly. And don't give it up lightly. Ya Allah don't make them feel they don't need more. That's a disaster.

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That's not a gratefulness, all of you who are full time and we are celebrating your graduation today. You need to register full time next year, don't you?

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Let's say Vaughn come to you, and say, I don't need that. Oh, I studied that, oh, I took a course before, then you lost it, then you're going downhill. And that's not what I expect for me and you, it's appealing. So again, celebrate the knowledge and celebrate the continuity of knowledge. So celebrating, being grateful, celebrating the knowledge, now the third, celebrating the sisterhood.

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We talk about that. We call each other sisters. But it's very different. When you have been in this zoom camera for a year, nine months, 11 hours a week minimum, this class, every Monday, every Tuesday, every Thursday, every Sunday, brought to me together with sisters all over the world. All over the world, you name it, we have it. different ages, different backgrounds, different skill cover, different life experience, different life challenge.

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We were off together. All together. If somebody doesn't show up, we miss them. Celebrate sisterhood, and don't give it up quickly. Keep it the best relationship you make is a relationship that is far more homely.

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And this is for Allah only.

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Celebrate being grateful, celebrate the knowledge and celebrate the sisterhood. Last but not least two things. Don't go back. Don't change back. Then, this is for me before you then I am going to be asked. I gave you all this knowledge. You loved it. You changed Why did you went back?

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And so that's number one. Number two, dwell into our into our time to him cry to him that can that He will use you your resume for the way that pleases Oh, am I standing now? Let us know.

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Your why use me and don't replace me. One second law, that you are a blessing one.

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Whenever you have your briefing, you can't be in a gathering like other people. You can't be with your family, among your family like other people, you're around. But don't be don't preach with either Oregon. Don't preach. Let your Action speaks. Let your manners or speaks. Make dua to Allah. Every time you are wherever you are filmmaking speak what pleases my thing behave the way it pleases you he will

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he will ensure Allah the best on the best of you. And He will give you more. I can't congratulate you more enough. I can't tell you how happy I am Allah may Allah accept from all of us. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us more. Celebrate enjoy Febi Delica Allah said this could be familia. At Tommy's Anika. Why will we manage them? Tell them to celebrate by the Grace of Allah and His loving mercy, way better than what they are conducting. I'm looking forward, I will say non negotiable. That I'll see you in September, all of you full time. Each one of you can do it in sha Allah, does that come along higher and Mobarak? I would love to have you all so we'll give you a virtual hug and

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each one of you will give a virtual hug to everybody celebrate, be grateful, but in the way that pleases Allah does after a long hiatus.