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Shaykh Yyasir Qadhi discusses the prominent topic of Naseeha – advice sharing and imbibing and the place for it in our Deen and Shariah.

What is Naseeha? Citing the definition, the Prophet ﷺ said: “The religion is Naseehah.” The people said, “To whom?” The Prophet ﷺ said, “To Allah and to His book and to His Messenger and to the leaders of the Muslims and to the common folk of the Muslims.”

Going by this Hadith, it is binding upon us to reckon that the matter of naseehah is of utmost importance. We should stick on to it always and set an example in this regard.

Accepting naseehah is like opening a door, and the door will not open without the proper key. There is no better key to unlock the heart than kindness in giving advice, gentleness in exhortation, and softness in speech.

In this powerful and enriching video, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi stresses on the importance of naseehah in Deen and the profound influence it can have in our lives if adhered to unconditionally. He then moves on to delve deeper into the objectives of giving naseehah, the manner in which it is to be given and how to imbibe it in our lives, rather than getting critical about it.  

Shaitan has declared war on all of humanity, and Allah has given the believers the tools necessary to win this war. In this war of conquering the self, the help, aid and guidance of our brothers and sisters is needed to assure that ultimate victory, in sha Allah, of true success in this life and in the Hereafter.

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In Alhamdulillah nahezu Monastery you know who want to still fiddle, when not rubella, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman's RTR Melina Maria de la hufa Medina woman you linhof Allah hi de la

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ilaha illallah wa tada hula shadek Allah wa shadow under Mohammed Abu Humala. sudo yeah you hola Xena Amano taco la haka to parte de mucho de la one to Muslim moon. Yeah Johan de su taco hora de como la de holla hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhadas Oda wahba salmon Houma de Jalan casiano one is what taco la la de TESSA otonabee here well or ham in the law. How can I de como la Kiba. I'm about my dear brothers and sisters in Islam have the most comprehensive ahaadeeth that is narrated in the book so sooner is the hadith of Timmy modality reported to the Sahih Muslim in which our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a dino and naziha the religion is naziha and will

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translate naziha in a while. So they said O Messenger of Allah to whom so he said five things he said, number one to Allah subhanho wa Taala number two to his book number three to His Prophet, number four to the rulers of the Muslims and number five to the masses of the Muslims. A Dino nasi Hakuna Nemanja Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Allah He will he kitabi he will he rasuluh he was emitted Muslim in our meeting. This Hadith is one of the most succinct and comprehensive legacies left by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he himself told us that Allah has blessed me with concise speech and concise speech means he says little, but the meaning is a lot. And this hadith has been

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chosen by Imam and Noah we to be one of the 40 Hadith you know, although the book of Imam and no we called the 40 Hadith, and these 40 Hadith are the most famous traditions of Islam. And you know, we chose this to be of the first 10 of the 40 Hadith It is one of the most comprehensive legacies and today's holds above, we will explain and analyze what exactly does this hadith entail? And of course, there Hadith centers around the meaning of the word naziha. A Dino a Nazi has two words, that's all it is. Two words that summarizes the entire religion, a dean the religion is nothing other than nasiha. The entire religion can be summarized in one word, and that is Nazi hat. What

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exactly is NASA? What does it mean? The word NASA has the root of it implies purity, it implies sifting the good from the bad. In classical Arabic, the act of purifying honey would be called Messiah. So when you get honey from the beehive, as you know, it will have lots of impurities which will have wax, it will have filth and dirt. So the honey is going to be sifted. And that sifting is called NASA. So the honey keeper was called Nasir, because he is sifting and making the honey pure. So of the meanings of NASA have is to be pure, and to be sincere and to be whole and wholesome without any negative without anything that is going to corrupt the purity of the substance. And

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therefore, one of the ways that this hadith is translated, it's not an incorrect translation, but it is not a full translation. When you read most translations, they will say the religion is sincerity, a dino anoxia. But NASA is more than a class. Sincerity is a class nasaka is more than just being sincere, and it has been translated or commented on by classical scholars that have the meanings of NASA is that you want for the pure self that you have, you want to be wholesome to the person in front of you, you are fully transparent, just like pure honey and you want to benefit other people, you want what is good for them for their own sake, not for your own sake. So nasaka means to be pure

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for somebody else to want something good for somebody because of them, not because of you. And therefore, when you have no see her, you cannot be hypocritical, when you do not see Have you cannot have a double motivation. You cannot be deceitful. You cannot have a hidden agenda, the one who is now the one who has no see how he is pure for the one that he is giving us the How to the Nazi half is for the benefit of the other not for the

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benefit of oneself. That's what NASA have really implies, and showing this naziha being this pure is the defining characteristic of all of the profits of a lot in multiple verses in the Quran and half a dozen verses. Allah describes the prophets as being nasty to their people as being having no see half the profit nor said to his people will unselect them the Prophet hudaydah his Salam said, in Nila conocer Ameen, the prophet SAW that the Prophet Musa goes too far down and he is sincere to him. And when our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa send them in the largest gathering that he ever had, which is that head jetten wa, and he gave the famous hookah and the farewell Hajj. What

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was the last line that he said, the very last phrase that he said, he said, All Muslims, you will return to your Lord and your Lord will ask you about me. What will you say to Allah? What will be your testimony to Allah about me? What did the Sahaba respond back? They all responded back, we will testify Nasha Dr. rasulillah unaka Bella one or saw that you conveyed the message and you were sincere in your conveying you did it with Nazi half You will now say so the one adjective that came to the minds of the Sahaba to describe the whole life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was this adjective of NASA or NASA. They will they will say to Allah, Oh Allah the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam gave the message and he wasn't sincere and pure when he gave the message. So that shows us the importance of sincerity and nausea, that all of the profits of Islam have been described with this, and our Prophet salallahu it he was setting them the Sahaba testified that he had no see how. So let us now break down this hadith. And these five categories a dino honestly have the entire religion is to be pure and wholesome and to be absolutely 100% sincere to what so they said to what or messenger of Allah nasi has to be shown. Now see has to be shown to someone or something or an object or a being or a deity. So to whom is no See I do. So the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam gave five main categories and of course these categories are comprehensive. If you ponder over this, all of the categories of Islam are covered here. Number one lilla being now say to Allah, having that sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Tada. And of course having this mercy have for Allah. It is the essence of Islam. What does it mean to have nasiha for Allah, it means that you have nothing but pure intentions, you are worshiping a law and only a law, it is Allah who is the object of your servitude, La ilaha illa Allah, there is no deity that I will serve it to you that I will show my worship to, there is no higher goal or other goal other than the pleasure of Allah

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subhana wa Tada. So now see how to Allah means that we do everything for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Our hearts are not showing off. We are not worshipping other than Allah. We are not venerating other than Allah. We are not deifying other than Allah, we are not making dua to other than Allah. We are not prostrating to other than Allah. We do not believe in any being having power other than Allah subhana wa tada and we'll see how also implies giving yourself wholly over to Allah because what is the meaning of no ci to be pure, as we said, the pure honey is called the Nasir honey. So what it means is that you enter into Islam wholeheartedly. Yeah, you hola Xena, Ludo Hello

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facil Mika. Oh you who believe enter into Islam 100% that is what nasiha means not half if not 5050 not 3070 100% of yourself is for Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now see how also means that we have yaqeen in a law and only in the law that we have to walk in Allah subhana wa tada and see how to Allah means that we believe that we need Allah Allah does not need us. Allah is honey and he doesn't need us. We are the ones who are in need of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is the first of the five categories and we'll see how to lilla means we give our whole and soul to Allah 100% of our being our fiber, our body, our soul, it is to Allah for Allah By Allah, that is what Allah entails. Number

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two, he said, what he kitabi he naziha to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we must approach the book of Allah with that sincerity and there must be a love for

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The Book of Allah and a belief in the book of Allah nah see how to the book means that we want to absorb this book in our lives to the greatest extent possible. We want to recite it the way that it deserves to be recited a Latina Latina woman Kitab yet Luna who has katella tea, those who have given this book to they recited the way that it deserves to be recited. So now see how to the book of Allah, we love to recite the book, and we will take time and effort to learn how to recite the book, no see have to the book of a law means that we think about the book of Allah, we ponder over the book of Allah. If Allah tada belluno Quran, why don't they ponder over the Quran that the book

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of the Quran will come from the nasiha to the book of Allah. Now see how to the book of Allah implies that we want to memorize this book as much as possible, and it should be the goal of every Muslim to keep on memorizing until they die. Now see how to the book of Allah means that we want to implement its commandments in our lives, not just to recite it, not just to listen to it, but to act upon it after we have pondered over it. And we'll see how to the book of Allah also means that we defend this book and preach this book and we prevent any corruption to it or any misnomers to it. If somebody says something about the Quran that is incorrect, if we have naseeha then we will want to

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correct that misinformation all of this comes under naziha to the book of Allah Jalla Jalla who the third no see how to the Messenger of Allah now see how to live rasulillah and what does it mean to have nasai for the Rasul of Allah subhanahu wa tada to have no see how to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means that we believe in Him as being the most perfect human being to ever have walked the face of this earth. We believe in Him to be the last of the messengers, and the only role model for us, there is no role model that we have that is unconditional in his leadership, other than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam now see how to the Messenger of Allah means that we love

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the messenger more than we love ourselves, while la Hilah you mean I swear none of you truly believes until he loves me more than he loves his mother, his father, his children and all of mankind, that is not see how to the Messenger of Allah. Now see how to the Messenger of Allah implies that we will love to study his Sierra to listen about his life and times, we will want to know what he said the sooner the Hadith, we will ever be curious about his life and times about his statements, we will want to hear them, study them and then act upon them. So our whole and soul will be given over to the life and times of the Prophet sallallahu idea he was setting them and also of

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the naziha, to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Allah He was setting them is to spread his teachings to other people, and to defend his honor in a legitimate manner. When his honor his shame when somebody says something wrong, makes fun of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if we have the opportunity, we cannot just sit by and be quiet, we will defend his honor with the love and passion that it is deserved. And of course following the shediac of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So no See I had to the messenger involves believing in Him, loving him, respecting him. Allah says in the Quran, literal as zero who wanted to walk the room so that you will respect him and honor him. So of

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the Nazi half to the Messenger of Allah is to love and honor and respect him. And I'm gonna see how to the Messenger of Allah is to study His Life and Times and to memorize and to ponder over his Hadith and of the Nazi how to the Messenger of Allah is to make him a role model in all of our affairs, we should ask ourselves, how did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam live? And then we should try to live in that manner, what did he teach us and then we act upon those teachings, this is not see how to the Messenger of Allah sola, see how to Allah not see how to his book, not see it His Messenger number four, not see how to the image of the Muslims now see how to the Imams of the

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Muslims, and there are two categories of Imams, the first of them and the primary meaning in this hadith is those who have political authority in the lands of Islam. Those that are our leaders in the lands of Islam, and naziha to the leaders is something that implies that you will be pure for them and not for yourself. And this is one of the most dangerous chapters when it comes to our human interactions. Why? Because nothing corrupts the soul like power, nothing corrupts the human like power and those that are in power. It is rare to find a sincere person amongst them and those that are connected to power, those that have interactions with those people by and large, usually

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They get their knee as mixed up. And rather than benefiting the oma, they want to benefit themselves as we all know, who mixes with the powerful those business people and those people have of fame and fortune that are involved in the circles of influence. By and large, they are more interested in selling themselves for a profit of this world. And that is why one of the signs of the believer not see how to the rulers not see how to the leaders. And this means that the leader the leaders should be given advice that is for the sake of the oma and not for the sake of your own pocket. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best jihad is to speak the truth in front of a

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tyrannical ruler. The best jihad is to be brave enough to approach an evil ruler and a tyrant a person who's causing fitna and facade and you preach to his face. Why? Because generally speaking, and we see this in this country and around the world, generally speaking, people in power they surround themselves with Yes Men, they surround themselves with those who will validate their own worldview. And it is rare to find somebody who has influence and is able to preach the truth outside of that view that this ruler or this leader has, and that is why brothers and sisters, when you look at the lives of the classical scholars of the great Imams, you look at Yvan Tamia, when he entered

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in upon the grandson of Genghis Khan and he gave him advice. You look at some of the great scholars when they entered and even upon their buttons and the oma years, you hear these legendary stories of people advising the whole alpha of people telling them to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is rare in our times to come across such people but it is of the characteristics of a man not see her to those in charge that you give them advice for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala however, realize that giving this advice also has its conditions and methodologies and of those methodologies. Even with a tyrannical ruler, you use wisdom and you don't use only harshness. Allah

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says to the Prophet Musa when he is going to fit out in happy life and I want to

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go to Pharaoh and he is a tyrant for hula, who hola Lena speak to him in a gentle manner. Notice the best of the best at that time, Moosa is going to the worst of the worst in all of humanity. In our times, we set up Hitler as the worst human being ever. We believe that our own was worse than Hitler. We believe that Alan was the worst human being and Moosa was the best of his time and the best is going to the worst. And Allah says, when you go to him speak gently, for Hola Hola. Hola. Lena, be soft in your manner, because this is going to be more conducive. The goal is not to humiliate the leader The goal is to make the leader think and change for all Allahu Allah lejana

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speak to him in a gentle manner, La La Jolla. Tucker. Oh yoshua. Maybe he will come back to the truth. Maybe he will fear Allah subhanho wa Taala Sona see how to the rulers and to the leaders and of the nasi how to the rulers as well. And this is a very deep topic, and I don't have time to go into it today in too much detail. But it must be said, of the Nazi how to the rulers, when there is a legitimate ruler of a Muslim land. And what I mean is the classical halifa, we don't have that anymore. But in classical Islam when there was a halifa, the hollyford did obey the authority that people have to listen and hear and obey when he told them to do that, which is not how long in all

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matters of the halaal. The halifa must be obeyed. This is our theology we hear and we obey from the rulers, even if we don't agree with their policies. Now, again, this is a hadith that applies to the actual rulers, and not the people of our times. These are not the Hadith of the Holy Father do not apply to the rulers of Arab lands and Muslim lands of our times. That's a separate category, but theoretically, the worldly number or the legitimate ruler of the Muslim world and that is the halifa there is an element of authority that Allah has given him, even if he himself is an evil person, because political stability is more pleasing to Allah than chaos and fitna and facade It is better

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to have one stable regime, even if the person is corrupt than to break down into civil war and have fitna and facade so when there is a legitimate authority, then of the naziha to the authority is that you hear and you obey, and if you disagree, then you preach to him directly, and you don't break away from the Khalifa. And this is something that the time and place for is another narrative, but this comes under Nazi hat to the ruler. Now we said that Imam has two connotations and we'll see how to the Imam. And of course, the second connotation is religious authority. So our Prophet

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Samsung nasiha to the Imams of the Muslims and in the Arabic word Imam. It applies to both political and to religious and that's what we call the ones who lead us in Salah Imam and the chef is called the Imam and Imam Abu hanifa. an Imam Shafi, these are also imams. So now see how to the Imams means also not see how to the religious authority. And what does it mean to have no see have to the religious authority, it means that we put them in the place that align His Messenger have placed them and what is that place. The religious authorities as a category are those who are the inheritors of the prophets, they have the authority to interpret the shadow and to give it to us,

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and it is not the authority of those outside of this. And in our times, especially in this land. We are seeing this version of do it yourself, Islam, anybody can just read a few texts and they become Mufti, anybody hears a lecture and they think they're qualified to give fatwa. And this is not the case and it goes against Nazi how to the Imams, the religious authority, being sincere to the religious authorities means we put them in the place that Allah and His Messenger have put them. And of course, this also means we keep them in check. Even religious authorities can make mistakes. And if they go beyond the bounds, it is the job of the Muslim community to put them in check. This is

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the fourth category and you'll see how to the Imams of the Muslims and the fifth and final category now see how to material Muslim mean, and that is the masses or the bulk of Islam, the masses he didn't say no Say hi to your families. He didn't say no see how to your friends to your colleagues. He said to the whole oma no doubt no see how to your family is a higher level. But at some level, you must be sincere for the entire ummah. At some level, there must be desire moment for good for every Muslim around the globe, regardless of their nation state of their ethnicity, of where they are of the language they speak. Your heart must have no seat how for anybody who says La ilaha

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illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah and this is in fact something that our Prophet sallallahu I said a made a condition of Islam, God dibner Abdullah said I accepted Islam and I took the oath of allegiance and the Prophet salallahu it Sena made me swear that I will establish the salah and paisa cat and give no see how to every Muslim. These are the three conditions he accepted Islam upon economist sila, what is the gap one news Halekulani Muslim having that love for the entire ummah. So now see how to the Muslims means you love for your brother, what you love for yourself. Now see for the Muslims means how can you cheat and steal and live from others you will be wanting their benefit

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more than you want your benefit. Now see for the Muslims means that your care and concern is for the global oma. So now see how for the Muslim oma is a necessary ingredient for the flourishing of Islam. Imagine a society where everybody cared about everybody else. Imagine a society where there was a genuine concern. And by the way, this philosophy contradicts completely the modern, secular, humanistic philosophy that is rampant in these lines. And that is live and let live. And don't worry about anybody else. No, this is not the philosophy of the Muslim ummah. We are concerned about everybody else. We want what is good for them. And we don't have a callous attitude that Oh, if

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somebody is drinking and and taking drugs and killing themselves, no, we are concerned for them. We want what is for their benefit, and because their benefit will be the benefit of the oma and the world. So now see how for the rest of the world as well for the rest of the Muslim ummah. It is a part and parcel of being a Muslim brothers and sisters this has it shows us that being a Muslim is a constant job. We are sincere to Allah, we are sincere to his book, we are sincere to the messenger. We are sincere to the leaders and the scholars, and we are sincere to all of the Muslims. This shows us that being a Muslim is a 24 seven job because if you look at all of these categories that will be

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manifested throughout the day and the night. This Hadith is one of the most comprehensive hadith of Islam, the famous Mohammed Abu Dawood, the famous scholar of Hadith. He said, this hadith is one that all of Islamic law revolves around and another scholar said that if 1000s of a hadith were to be removed and forgotten, and only this hadith remained, it would be enough to remind us what does it mean to be a Muslim? May Allah subhana wa Taala bless us to be of those who have no say barakallahu li wonder finally what Yocum the Murphy Himalaya do with the game of holo mata smartone was stopped feudal lord ultimately what what is it a Muslim a mequoda manifesto Whoo hoo who in who

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Allah for Rahim can ask the brothers to please move forward and give space to those outside

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And hamdulillah Why hadn't I had a summit la de la mirada? What am you that well I'm Nicola Hakuna had

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five quick points before we conclude our hotbar, about naziha. Number one, brothers and sisters realize that when you give no see how to somebody else, when you give nasiha to another person, then it should be done with wisdom. And what that means is that the time and the place and the language that you employ, the goal should be to bring about a change, and not to name and shame. And generally speaking, I'll see how is done in private, not in public, Mr. Musharraf. He said that giving me nausea and private will reach my heart, giving me in public is an embarrassment. You give no see her in private, not in public. And also you'll see who you are, and who the person you're

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giving us to is, and you look at your relationship, are you in a position of authority? In which case your language will change? Are you a father teaching your son? Or are you the son talking to the Father, big difference? Are you friends and peers? Are you a stranger, everything will then change your manner and your method of naziha. The goal is to benefit the person, the goal is to bring about a positive change. So you will employ the time and the place and the language that is the most suitable for that. Number two, the best naziha is done a car that comes from love, not from anger and hatred, then we'll see how that comes from love will actually cause an impact. And then

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we'll see how that comes from shaming and humiliating will never be successful. And that's why it is an amazing miracle from a law that what comes from the heart, it reaches the heart, when you are sincere. Your people and the humans around you will understand that sincerity. And that's why every prophet said anila come now say I am sincere to you, I want to help you. And that's why every prophet demonstrated that sincerity to his people. Number three brothers and sisters that yes, indeed, no see how is a part and parcel of Islam. At the same time, one should not overstep one's bounds. And one should not get involved in matters that are private. And this is a fine line. There

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is no hard and fast rule. But we need to be careful that naseeha doesn't become prying into other people's affairs. Now see, it doesn't mean you become a busybody, it doesn't mean that you get involved in the private affairs of people. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, of the perfection of one's Islam is that you will leave that which does not concern you mean herston Islam and Mali Taku melayani? If it's not your business, don't get involved with it. So this is a fine line that you every one of us has to make a judgment call that am I getting too much involved? It's not really my business to dictate the minor affairs of my friend, my cousin, my brother, and when is

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it my business to get involved This is it requires some judgments, some common sense, some knowledge of fake and what not. And it varies from person to person, you need to think and make a positive judgment. And guess what, sometimes we all make mistakes, and sometimes we go beyond the grounds, learn from your mistakes, but realize that no see had does not mean that you become a busybody prying into the pride of private affairs of other people and micromanaging the lives of everybody else, no, not at all, not see, it means you want what is good for them. That's all it means. So, sometimes it will mean you get involved, sometimes it will mean this is not my business, I will let

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them do and and and and you know solve their own issues amongst themselves you have to make that judgment call, when is it better for you to get involved and when is it better for you to remain outside that is the third point that wants to stress and emphasize the fourth point, that when those see how is given

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and we are the recipient of the naziha then we should act in a humble manner and not an arrogant manner. It is a sign of humility to accept naziha and it is a sign of arrogance to reject naziha when somebody comes and says, Hey, I want to give you some advices from my heart, you know, I saw you do such and such you know my sincere advice to you is and then he gives you his advice. When somebody comes to you and you know the person is sincere, then it is a sign of a man to listen with an open heart and to ponder what the person says doesn't mean he's going to be right 100% of the time, but he's coming to you wanting what is good for you. And if you sense that sincerity, then

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even if you disagree that say Jazakallah head I will think about it that's all you need to say. Never say Mind your own business. It's none of your if I'm doing a sin is between me and Allah, if somebody is coming to you, and he wants what is good for you, even if that person is mistaken and what he is saying that need that good that good intention he has should be appreciated. And it is not of the characteristics of the righteous to say Get away from me. I don't need you to tell me what is right and wrong. No, it is of the character.

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mystics of the righteous to thank the one who genuinely shows a fault in the other person or would have no hottub said, may Allah have mercy upon the one who educates me about my own mistakes. Think about that, right? Too many amongst us, when somebody points out a fault, we immediately go on the defensive. How about you look at you, okay, maybe the person has a fault as well. Now he's coming to you about one of your faults. Think about it, ponder and one of the advices that one of my teachers gave me when somebody comes to you with a criticism, that's no see a positive criticism, don't respond immediately. Think about it. Because sometimes in the heat of the moment, you want to cover

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up your own fault. Maybe later on, you will realize you know what, he had a valid point, you know, I do have a quick temper, I do respond back in this manner. I am demeaning. Think about it and let this concept settle in your head. A lot of times, brothers and sisters, we don't even know our own faults until somebody points them out. So rather than reject immediately, let yourself think about it. When you calm down when you're by yourself and then analyze this. And generally speaking, most people who are sincere, they will approach you with some benefit advice, maybe they'll go a little bit more than they need to. But generally speaking, criticism that is positive that comes from a

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loving art, generally speaking, there is an element of truth in that. So when somebody comes to you with nasiha, say Jazakallah head, I will think about it that's the least that you can say Jazakallah head out, think and ponder over it. And the final point, obviously brothers and sisters realize that just because somebody comes to you with nasiha, doesn't mean he has no see. You have to be careful. There are people out there, they will give you advice and they are not sincere. That's not naziha that is treachery and betrayal. And the number one person or entity who did this is the police himself a police when he spoke to our mother and father in the garden, and he said to them eat from

00:31:57--> 00:32:39

the tree. What did he say to them? In Neela Kumar Amina nalsa hain, I swear to you what Kasama Houma Allah says in the Quran, he swore to them that I am giving the see how to you so the first person to misuse and abuse naziha was none other than a police himself. Not everybody who comes to you is genuinely NASA. So use your instinct use your own gut feeling practice the harder to Allah subhana wa Tada. Think about what the person says, and also go to people whom you trust. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of the rights of the Muslim upon another way, don't worry, this stanza, Hakka nasaka, who when he comes to you for sincere advice, you will give him your sincere

00:32:39--> 00:33:19

advice. So when you are in doubt, go to those whom you trust, go to those whom you love and ask them point blank. What do you think about such and such and we are commanded in this area? When somebody comes to you wanting sincere advice, then you have to get rid of all pretensions all false dichotomies and preach to them the truth for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us to have no see how for him and for his book and for his prophet and for the Imams of the Muslims and for the masses amongst them alone in need and for a minimal Allahu Allah to identify how they don't meet them. Bonilla, Fatah wa Hammond Illa for Raja wala deignan illa kobita wala

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Maria Juan Elijah feta when I see her on inliers SATA alhama fildena. What is one in LA Sedona eemaan Rubina, Hillel Edina Amano Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim Allah maricel Islam Allah muslimeen

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Islam and Muslim in Allah moment Aradhana are either Islam and Muslim enemies to individual who've been FC which added Milan fitted bt Jaco Aziz rebels a law in the law tada I'm an embedded bbfc within America de PUE to say with lsap Can you help me and Jimmy he will insert the asemic aneema in the law one acre though you saw lunada nebby Yeah, you heard in amanu sallu either he was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one and avocado suka Mohammed wider are the hillside big marine rebars a law in the law tada morula

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horiba fascia it was we'll move

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on to the Kuru Kuru. Kuru come wash guru he has become one of the crew law