Yasir Qadhi – Having A Good Death & The Conditions in the Grave

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming events of the Aztec goddamn season, including a cover and a death of a person named Jana. They also mention a death of a person named Jana and a woman named Jenny tassa who is supposed to receive a burial. The speaker describes the preparation for the cover and the death of Jana as a preparation for the upcoming events.
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our scholars safe generally speaking, people die doing that which they love in which state will not take over me Are you? How do you want to be when the angel of death comes? We want to be saying the Kalama we want to be doing that which is noble we seek Allah's refuge from ever the Angel of Death coming when we're doing something ignoble. We want to be upon Shabbat. How will that happen? You have bit Hola Hola, Dina ama no bill holy sabots. Phil had to dunya phylloxera. Allah will give you that Sabbats And subhanAllah you know I lived in Medina for a decade. Well Allah He every few days or weeks and especially during Hajj season, we would hear of stories that I witnessed myself of

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somebody passing away in such the passing away right after Hajj you think that's a coincidence? You think somebody can predict that somebody can ask for that and it happens while you This is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala either this is a gift I've witnessed this and been around people like this as soon as they do hajj and they come to the Haram or they come to the Medina and they say their Salah and Hamas Bismillah they're gone. That is not something that you can get it's a gift from Allah why did they get that how did they get that you thought bit Hola Hola, Nina Armando Bill Ollie. stablity. Phil had to dunya with Africa. They're thinking about it. They want it they made

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even even make dua for it. And then Allah azza wa jal blesses them with that. This is what it means to prepare. I don't know when I'm gonna die, how I'm gonna die, neither do you. But we have to prepare for that time. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada for a good death. Seek refuge in Allah from an evil den, be prepared for the angel of death. And then afterwards as well as we're all aware during the journey towards the cover. We are told both the Mothman and the kaffir are aware their perceptions are there. Now that you've seen the angel you have a premonition. As for the movement, he's eager to get into the cover. He knows his upper is going to be a place of light to place a perfume. He knows

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he's going to see the greenery he knows he has good deeds waiting for him. The Quran is going to be there to give him light his Salah will give him shadow his good deeds are going to greet him as our Prophet sallallahu sallam said when the movement is put into cover, an entity comes that is beautiful, that is handsome, that is calming, His presence is calming. And the movement says who are you Your presence is bringing me comfort. And this entity says I am your good deeds. You were preparing for this. Now I am here with you. I am your good deeds here with you to be with you to give you comfort, you're not going to be alone. I'm here with you until the actual camera takes

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place. And while he's in the cupboard, our offices and I've said a window will be open and he will see his palace and Jana waiting for him. He will see all the beautiful trees he will hear the birds he will do everything he will say Yara make the judgment quick so that I can enter my house. This is the one that is the movement. And the opposite. We're all aware with AI to Billa we seek Allah's refuge. The opposite. The cover is a very terrifying place. Our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah He was seldom said

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and he has seen what he has seen. You know what he said is scary Hadith.

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I have never seen anything except that the cover is more terrifying than it. I have never seen anything and what did he not see? He saw heaven and *. He saw Meineke, the angel in charge of help. He saw punishments when he went to saw a mirage. And yet what did he say? Mara, a two month old I'm not I've never seen anything except that the cover terrifies us more. We have to we don't want to go down that route. Our progress ism himself sought refuge from the adab and from the fitna and from the Wilma and from the the darkness and the tightness of the cover. He sought refuge from that because the one who doesn't have any good deeds that cover is going to be dank, narrow, dark,

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constricted, well yeah to be loved. We seek Allah's refuge from that. And on top of that, an entity will come filthy, corrupted smelling, and the man will say Woe to what are you Your presence is terrifying, and he will say I am the deeds you sent forward to this day. This is your preparation I'm here with you. And Allah will then open up a door to Johanna and

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He's gonna see exactly where he's gonna go and he's gonna say Rob never allow piano to combat his means nothing. It will come because piano is also gotten out of a big multi year

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journey either

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be ms de Heaton doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed

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the what the fields go Ruby to me. Jenny tassa down to

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me down

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