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Today, there is no hotter per se there is a very important announcements, and inshallah it will generate some good excitement and also, it will be something epic that Epic is doing on the first of October and shout Allahu Taala we are going to be having a full day conference from the her until after salata, Alicia, about the topic that we had so much feedback about people wanted to discuss it, and that is marriage so much. But it's going to be with a slight twist, there's going to be multiple tracks, so pay attention with me in sha Allah and very, inshallah very understandable. The primary focus of this seminar and conference is for our youth who are looking to get married,

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preparing them for the realities of marriage. So the primary audience from the heart until Margaret, is going to be the young men and women, the 20 year olds, the college and post college. And we have a whole line of speakers more than eight or nine speakers. And we will have divided them up into the sisters and the brothers, the sisters will have their entire setup and lineup separate talks and speeches, brothers as well separate lineup and talk and we're going to be preparing them about the most important topics, what exactly are you looking for in a spouse? What questions should you ask? What do you think is a deal breaker but is not a deal breaker? What really is a deal breaker and is

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not on your radar? How do you navigate the ups and downs of marriage? What happens when you get into a fight? How do you do that? What are the primary problems that happen that you're unaware of in a marriage, so we're going to be training our young men and women so that in shallow to either they're prepared for marriage, and the sisters have an entire list of topics suitable for them. So this is going to be free of charge open, anybody who wants to come, who is wanting to get married, wanting to learn, you know, the the the realities, the tickets, and not just the more importantly, the psychology, more importantly, what to be prepared for because we are all the way I get given hot

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buzz and whatnot, our divorce rates are skyrocketing. We're all aware we're having multiple crises. So that's going to be from the her until Maghrib. Another program simultaneously from the her onwards is going to be separate room upstairs. And it's going to be how to make the best of our marriage. And that is meant for couples. And it's not therapy, don't worry, because a lot of people are learning from therapy. No, it is we all know mashallah all of you have a good marriage. We all know that. This is a seminar, a workshop, from making your marriage good to making it the best. And we're flying in a trained speaker who has many diplomas and done training and whatnot, Sister Marina

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Hill, she is somebody well known in the community for training couples, and she is going to be going over the realities of an actual marriage and how to make an average marriage, a good marriage, the best marriage, and there is going to be discussing communication, aspects of misunderstanding, you know, awkward questions and issues that you can understand if you're married, how to navigate that that's going to be separate closed door, that's going to be charge that's going to be separate and we have limited spots. The condition is both husband wife have to attend. Because it is a workshop, you're going to be answering questions assessing, finding weak points, how to make it better. And

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the goal is by the end of this seminar, you have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Your spouse has the same understanding and then together in sha Allah Allah the marriage is going to go from good to great, that's the goal inshallah spots are very limited because this is a workshop so maybe around 30 couples, that's it. Obviously there's a couples only and from newlyweds, to those who are mashallah 40 years, 50 years marriage, everybody can attend as generic information. This is not counseling, this is not therapy. This is marriage facts, and this is how to navigate the ups and more ups of marriage. Let's just say Inshallah, that's a separate program

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that's going to be taking place, same time slot Monday until Aisha all the way now, the singles was Maghrib was sorry to her tomorrow, I'm sorry, the Zohar Trisha sorry, the singles was to her to Margaret, what's going to happen after maghrib after maghrib in our main hall, it will be a public for all of us those that are single those that are married, we're all going to be discussing the fact that marriage is not just between two people. It is two families coming together. So that's going to be after motive over here public seminar again free so we have you guys falling so far right? Because there's one thing I have left you guys following so far. We have the single track.

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Okay, so if you're married, we don't need you to show up for that. You're allowed to but we don't need you to show up. So singles track from the her on

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Until motive time, after maghrib complete public everybody can come. And it is the reality of marriage being between two families that's going to be here, the seminar or the workshop is going to be separate its own room upstairs, we're going to be doing that. Now, the last and not least Krita mu misc for the first time with some trepidation, lots of istikhara, lots of dua, we are going to be offering a meet and greet for singles to see if insha Allah some compatibility can be found. Obviously, that is a completely separate track, that is after select and Asia and obviously there's a separate registration that is going to be a paid service. And once you are, by we have a number of

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conditions the first condition, the default is every one of you who is single that is interested must bring one guardian or both. You cannot show up alone, one parent or if you're don't have a parent, some elder to come with you, unless there is extenuating circumstances in which case exceptions are granted by case by case basis. Otherwise, we expect the singles to show up after filling the registration you cannot just show up, you have to register and you have to be vetted by our team. So we are actually setting up a mini matrimonials for the locals here in sha Allah Allah. And we know there's a huge demand all giggling and chuckles aside, we know this is a very big

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problem and a very big need. If you have your sister your daughter, you have a cousin who has not yet been married and she's looking or you have a nephew or son or you yourselves in the audience you're looking to get married, then inshallah Tada, the registration form will be up, that is a longer process, you're gonna have to fill out confidentiality, all of that and when the time comes, inshallah the brothers will explain how that is going to work. And that is a separate process completely distinct from the entire program that's going to be after salata Lucia, so first of October, put it in your calendar from the hood until Aisha Insha Allah, everybody can attend. If

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you're single everybody can attend after a shot if you're single, but you want to change that. Then you can attend insha Allah Allah after Siddhartha, Aisha Inshallah, Inshallah, over the course of the next few days, emails will be released and forms the public programs for the singles and after maghrib is totally free. The couple's workshop paid service and the matrimonial Meet and Greet paid service. So hamdulillah Epic is stepping up the game. Inshallah we're going to have regularly these types of seminars insha Allah to Allah, and with your feedback, and with your help, we're going to continue to raise the bar of providing services for our communities, just like Kamala who pharaon

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until next time, Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Gotti

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