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Rahmatullah Hilbre character this your brother this time yes sir Foley, I'm speaking to you obviously from Mocha mocha Rama from the Harlem Hamdulillah. I'm doing ombre here taking a break from my regular duties as the resident scholar of the East Plano Islamic Center, and Hamdulillah. I've been the resident scholar at the eastern Islamic center, otherwise known as epic for around six months, less than a year and unhemmed it up already. Those of you that are watching online, you can see the immense amount of impact and I'm delighted that the videos I've had has been very, very heartwarming to see the epic Commission and the epic board opened its arms to videotape and

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recording all that I'm doing. And all of us are doing it at Epic and putting them free of charge on YouTube. And as soon as they came one of the first things I said to them, I said that I would really like if we can upgrade the audio visual system and make sure that there's good equipment to record. So that is shout out to other people can benefit from the lectures that are given here all over the world. And it hamdulillah immediately they complied. They spent they spent a small fortune to be honest, getting multiple angles, multiple cameras, increasing the audio visual quality, so that in shallow to other people can benefit from the lectures. Therefore I'm asking every one of you who has

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benefited from the lectures that we give at Epic every one of you to please do whatever you can to help epic continue in this epic journey in sha Allah hooter Allah. If you can log on to Epic or click on the link below in the video and then give whatever you can. This is for the support and the upkeep of the Masjid. As you know, Epic is one of the largest messages in the Dallas community. Dow This is one of the largest cities in all of America. And Epic is truly an epic Masjid. It's a legendary Masjid everybody who has visited has seen firsthand mashallah Tabata Cola, the quality and the quantity of people hamdulillah for slatted Fajr there's sometimes 500 People

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that come first about the frigerator hamdulillah for Joomla we have sometimes up to 2000 people and hamdulillah all of this is one of the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada and then from the generous support of all of the people that are giving and to help out at Epic So I pray that in sha Allah to Allah all of you do whatever you can if you cannot get financially make dua for us even if you're giving more important is your hours and also share this video and spread it around so that insha Allah Tada we can help maintain one of the massages inshallah one of the very useful and very epic insha Allah massage and of the North American hemisphere May Allah subhana wa Tada continue to give

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us more so that we can continue to get to give others more JazakAllah Helen Santa Monica alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh