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The speakers discuss the importance of Islam in their daily lives and their potential impact on their lives. They acknowledge that sincerity is different than fit minority, and discuss the importance of Islam in people's lives and their hopes for their future. They also discuss a potential issue with a chef in a local area and a potential solution, but none of them are interested. They also discuss a potential return on the chef's visit and a quiz where the chef is asked to go to a local business in a few miles away. They discuss a potential issue with a back and forth situation, but none of them are interested. They also discuss a potential return on a chef in a local area and a quiz where the chef is asked to go to a local business in a few miles away. They discuss a possible solution, but the caller is not interested. They also discuss a possible solution, but the caller is not interested. They discuss a possible solution, but the caller is not interested. They also discuss a possible solution

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Should what is the Islamic ruling about the fate of the non Muslim or the kaffir? Who was good? Or who didn't hear about Islam? So this is a question that is always asked about, well, I have good friends, I have good neighbors, I have relatives, I have people in my workplace, they are good people. Or maybe I don't know them though. But there are a lot of good people in this world, what will happen to them in the era? So before we even begin answering this question, we need to first and foremost acknowledge that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the Hakim and the haccombe and the Malik and Malik will milk. Before we even say anything and open our mouths we acknowledge Allah is the rub,

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and we are the Mohawk and Allah has the right to do as he pleases in his creation. So no one can ask Allah and challenge Allah in what Allah does. La use Amaya firewall home use alone? No one now use whatever Allah does nobody can ask him he is not asked about what he does. This is what the Quran says La use Allah and Maya file while home use alone, they will be asked about what they do. So to try to perceive Allah's wisdom and knowledge from our own paradigm is the height of arrogance. To try to judge Allah from our finite judgments is the height of arrogance. In the end of the day, Allah is the hardest and the hardest, has the right to do as he pleases. Now, does this mean that

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Allah azza wa jal arugula will do something that is unjust? No, because Allah says in the Quran, while your limo Buka a Haida Allah does have a code of law. He does. Allah does have a code of ethics that he follows, but who obliged Allah to follow that code?

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Who can tell me

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Allah did himself who obliged Allah to follow that code? Allah did himself

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Khattab bada boom Allah NFC, what are Rama GutterBrush Bukom Allah NFC, your Lord decreed for himself. The hadith in Sahih Bukhari Your Lord has a Kitab with him that he wrote before He created the heavens and the earth and in that Kitab is written and the Hadith goes on and on. Even Allah has a Kitab even Allah has a you can call it a Shetty, our Constitution, whatever you call it, he has a code of law, but who legislated that law Allah did not us. There is no entity above Allah to legislate are with a biller. So Allah has a code and Allah azza wa jal has said in that code. In Allahu Allah, your level myth kala Daraa. Allah will not show injustice, an atom's wait. So there is

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no injustice that Allah can do, but who defines injustice, injustice is defined in the Quran I recited and so in the Salah right now, that Latin it was rotten, was it Oh God, this is injustice, to say that one person does a crime and the other person will be punished. That is injustice. And Allah has said that's not going to happen. Law says it was either through the Wizard of Oz raw, however, to punish someone for a crime that that person has committed, that is not injustice, and who gets to define a crime? Allah azza wa jal will define there are certain things we might not view them as being as criminal as others, but that's because of the culture and the time and the place

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that we are born into. So that is the first point to answer this question. And that is, we are not in a position to challenge Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah follows his own laws and he has legislated those laws. The second point when it comes to assigning mercy, assigning a verb assigning Heaven and Hell, we have a very, very clear rule. We do not assign individuals to heaven and hell, we do not assign personalities to Jana and not to Rama and adab we talk about generalities, not specifics. Okay. Your friend Michael dies. No one has the right to say if Michael died is a Muslim or non Muslim, he's gonna go to heaven. He's gonna go to hell. No one. Your friend Mustafa dies. No one can

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say Mustafa was a pious man he's gonna go to gender doesn't matter. We are quiet about individuals. Except if Allah has said to Bucha that a biller had been what tab might have an annual model Mercosur sales law what? Nah, Ron, we can say Abu Lahab isn't not because Allah says so. Otherwise, we are quiet about individuals. We never assign any individual to any specific fate, but we speak in generalities. We speak with conditions those who believe and do righteous deeds will go to

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Jana, this is generalities those who reject Allah will go to jahannam This is generalities most of Michael who might have done this and now we are quiet because we do not know what is inside of them. Okay. The third point

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it is very, very clear in the Quran and Sunnah that there is one path that leads to Jana.

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In Dena in the law Hill Islam. The religion that is acceptable to Allah is Islam. Allah says in the Quran Holdco who didn't know sort of the battle but will lead to Ibrahima Hanifa. Were called who then are not salata do, they said, Not Allah. They said, be a WHO THE VENUS Ronnie you shall be guided bell, no bell here is how to drop you in the gate what preceded it? No, I will follow the middle Ebrahim who worshipped Allah alone. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, what a yerba tell he later on Islami, dienen fellow New Cobell Amin who were who are Hirata middle ha city, and this is the most explicit verse in the Quran that is imaginable. You cannot even word a verse that

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is more explicit. It's not even possible in the Arabic language. Whoever chooses any other way of life other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and he shall be in the hereafter amongst the losers. You cannot get more explicit than this. There are other evidences as well. The rejection of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah cinema is a rejection of Allah. For in the home located the Boone Aquila can avoid the media battle he had on whoever rejects the Prophet system is rejecting Allah. This is a very explicit notion. You cannot be a believer in God while you reject His prophets. Allah says in the Quran, and again these are so many verses.

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Let me just see the said the verse here Allah says in the Quran,

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in the Lydian area karuna, Billa Hebrews hoody, he those who do Cofer with Allah and His messengers, while you will do what you need to do in a new Ferrari Kobane Allahu wa rasuluh and they want to distinguish between Allah and His messengers, while your Aluna Nope middleby About then why not Karoubi Bowden, will you read on and yet taco bein early? Because sebelah and they say will believe in some prophets, and will reject other prophets, and they think they want to find a middle ground between this notion. Now before I end the verse, which religions believe in some prophets and reject other prophets Hinduism,

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Taoism, which religions believe in some prophets and reject other prophets tell me

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that you're holding the NA surah. Allah is revealing this verse about them. Those who want to differentiate between Allah and His messengers, and they want to say will believe in some prophets and will reject other prophets. And they think, Well, you didn't do Boehner daddy because Sabirah they think they're gonna find a middle ground. Now listen to this, this is Arabic, so I'm gonna listen to this carefully. Hola, Iike humble curfew Runa how God these are the real gaffe Iran

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means you got so close, how could you reject, then you must reject knowing that you have rejected the truth. The one you see when you speak to a Hindu or Buddhist, Tao de confusion, they don't even believe in our God. They don't believe in the concept of prophets. They don't believe in the concept of why they don't understand this. As for the Holy Kitab they believe in the our God what Allah who never would have come why the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael, the God of Isaac, they believe in the same God. They believe in Revelation. They believe in heaven and hell. They believe in the whole paradigm that is coming from the Abrahamic traditions, so out of all of mankind, who should

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recognize the prophets more than anyone else, those who know what a prophet is. So when the final prophet Sallallahu Sallam comes, they should recognize him and they did recognize him. Yeah, the foreigner who come Yeah, the foreigner Urbana home, they recognized him like they recognize their own sons, and yet they chose to reject the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so the Quran the Sunnah is very clear hadith is as a Muslim. The Prophet system said, when the enough CB D I swear, I give a custom by the one in whose hands is my soul, my Roy, he is giving a custom by Allah who controls his own life. He mentioned himself in the custom to show how the status of Mormonism I

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swear by the one in whose hands is my own soul. There is not a single Yeah, who the owner surani Who hears about me and my message, and then rejects it, except that he shall be from us Havana. This hadith

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As a Muslim, the second most authentic brokenness, if so, the evidence is in the Quran and Sunnah, or too numerous to mention. And I will don't mind sharing with you many, many years ago when I was a grad student at the OIC. There was a conference in a university academic conference where

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academics Muslim and non Muslims were presenting papers about the concept of salvation in Islam. And can we find some wiggle room for something outside of Islam, and the majority of presenters, Muslims or non Muslims were arguing that basically, in fact, all of them other than me, were arguing that yes, we can reinterpret the Quran and this and that. It was only my paper that I was very nervous. I was a grad student. And I was going to say something nobody. And these were all big names in the field. This was a very prestigious conference. And they were all big names. As the video is there, you can actually see me sweating and nervous I'm still in my early 30s At the time, and it's still a

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grad student. And it was a very nerve wracking experience to have all these big names, but presented the paper there was some minor controversy, but eventually the paper was published by Oxford. It is published by Oxford University Press, there's a whole book called Islam with the salvation of others and you will find my paper and in it I go into into all of the details and evidences from the Quran and Sunnah. And then I mentioned as well, this issue was so explicit that there has never been a controversy in the history of Islam about it. The not just the formidable Sunni Islam, all strands of Satanism, all strands of sadism, nationalism of sheer ism have evolved ism all strands of more

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tested ism all strands of all strands of Islam said, if you're not a Muslim, and you reject Islam, knowingly, there is no hope for you. This is a new fangled interpretation that is coming that has no precedents in the classical tradition whatsoever. And then I said, Let's put the Quran and Sunnah to the side, even logically, even rationally, does it make any sense for God to send a messenger and the messenger is coming with the revelation and the messenger saying, I am God's final prophet unto you. And my revelation is the final revelation. And the purpose of the revelation is to tell you, you don't need to believe in the Revelation.

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Even logically, it makes no sense. When Allah sends a messenger, the messenger must be obeyed. So from the Quran, from the Sunnah, from unanimous consensus, and from logic and rationality, I proved that it makes no sense to say that there can be salvation outside of Islam. Now, having said this, I then went on and I said, all of this, we are talking about the paths that lead to Allah. And we say there is one path that leads to Allah, only one path. And this does not mean that if somebody says he's on the path, that he is actually on it, ie somebody says he's a Muslim, doesn't mean he's gonna go to Jannah does it mean it automatically, nor does it mean that if somebody is not on the path,

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that they might not be forgiven as an exceptional scenario, and because to enter Jannah? The path does not lead to gender if it's not Islam, but it is possible that somebody on another path might be forgiven by Allah due to specific circumstances. And we all no exceptions are not made the rule. The rule is very clear. What is the rule, whoever searches for a religion other than Islam, whoever chooses a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and he shall be from the losers in the hereafter from the hot seat in the hereafter. So, it is possible that a person is not a Muslim and ends up in Jannah that is an exception. We never make it the rule we never say oh, yes,

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non Muslims are entering heaven, no, or else you say something like this, the purpose of Islam becomes meaningless. In fact, let me be even more explicit. Both the calibers are thrown out the window, not even one Kadima. Both the creamers can be destroyed. La ilaha illa Allah, there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah. Somebody says, I'm going to worship Buddha. I'm going to worship Krishna, I'm gonna worship Rama, and you say, Oh, that's okay. You're okay. I'm okay. You have destroyed the first Kadima Have you not? Nothing is worthy of worship other than Allah. That's what the Kadima says. That is exactly what the Kadima says, if you say to a non Muslim, sure, you

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can morally and obviously legally, even in Islamic State, he can worship other than a lot legally, politically, you will have the freedom but morally, is it allowed from an ethical perspective to worship other than Allah? La ilaha illa Allah means what? No. So when somebody bows down to an image of Jesus, we say you are worshiping other than Allah. This contradicts that claim. Is it not the case? If somebody comes and says, Oh, yes, good. Ali Kitab and good. Hindus and good will entertain you

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Have negated the first Kalama then obviously the second Kenema Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and that person does he believe Muhammad Rasool Allah yes or no, the non Muslim? No. And you say, Oh, don't worry, you're gonna go to Jana. So you have negated the second Kalama. To my dear brothers and sisters, please use what Allah has given you. To say that other paths are acceptable is a negation of Islam. It is a negation of the Quran. Is it a negation of both Colombia's and it makes the whole purpose of revealing a book and sending a profit, nonsensical and illogical if everybody is going to gender why reveal a new book and cause more confusion? The purpose is the final

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revelation. Now.

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We said there are exceptions. How do we know there are exceptions? Firstly, Allah says in the Quran, Allah you can live long enough said Allah was Allah. And Allah says in the Quran, wama Conan will either be in a hotel, never I thought or Sula, we will not punish anyone until the prophet has been sent. And that's why our Prophet system said that whoever hears about me and then rejects me. Uh huh. So the one who doesn't hear about our prophesy Salem, or our scholars add to this, the one who doesn't hear correctly, ie he had a very negative image of Islam, and he didn't know what Islam was he never read the books of Islam, he never met a Muslim. So this person, what is his fate? Do we

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automatically say they're gonna go to Jannah, which is what some of our previous callers said, that is also not very logical, because if the one who doesn't know Islam automatically enters Jana, and you are a Muslim, and you meet this person, why should you give him Dawa, when automatically is entering Jana? Think about it like that. This also doesn't make any sense. Some of our scholars said this, but it makes no sense. The correct position is mentioned Hadith and was Sandymount. That our profit system said there will be four people on the day of judgment. And he mentioned them the old man who couldn't think straight when Islam came to me the decrepit old man number one number two,

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the deaf person remember before there was sign language, a person born deaf meant he is not communicating nobody consult talk to him, doesn't understand anything. The you know, Helen Keller, inventing sign language changed the whole world for that group of people that allowed them to communicate otherwise, for centuries and centuries, a person born deaf, could not communicate with anything. And so there was as if they were living in a different dimension. So the one born deaf, and the one born between two prophets, and Alfetta. Right, and the one up to the No Prophet was sent to so the process of mentioned categories, they will say to Allah on Judgment Day, Oh Allah, it's

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not our fault. And each one will give an excuse. So Allah will say, what if I had sent you a prophet? And you saw the Prophet? Would you have believed in him? Of course, on judgment, they will, will they say, Yes, of course. So Allah will say, I will test you, then Allah will send an Angel, and the angel will have something that looks like fire, and they will recognize him to be from Allah as an angel. And the angel will say, if you truly believe in Allah jump into this. And so those who trust Allah and jump in will be saved by Allah and enter Jannah and those who don't will have rejected the point is there will be a test on Judgement Day for those people. We can make chaos upon

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this and say, anyone who did not hear of Islam, and lived in times and places where there was no access to Islam, that person will be tested on Judgement Day, no problem, okay. Now, the real data for the real controversy comes about

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the categories of people who had access to Islam and Muslims to a library to the internet, they had access to Google, and they were too lazy

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to do their own research. You see, there's two points. Number one, we as Muslims are obliged to preach and teach. Fair enough. Number two, the non Muslim is obliged to ask and learn and research, the two are independent, why geoVax we firmly believe a person born outside of Islam will not be at peace in their soul, something will be wrong with them, they're not going to find comfort in their religion. This is because their fitrah will not align up with their theology, the what we believe why we believe this, I have given a lecture a few weeks ago after Frigidaire gave a long lecture, but they showed the Vitra I don't know if it's online or not. But this is the concept of fitrah, the

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inside internal, innate nature that Allah created us upon, we firmly believe believe if you worship a false god, something you feel is not right inside of you. That should cause you to think to reflect something's not right. I don't believe in three gods three gods can. Jesus can't be God, he's a human being he was born, how could a born person be God he ate he drank, he was on the crop. So the average rational human being the fitrah should clash. When it clashes they should research they should ask they should Google go to a library. So there is an object

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gation on them as well. Suppose somebody was too lazy and didn't do that. The default is that person himself or herself has fallen short, and they will go to jahannam and this is proven by many evidences of them. Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Isha had a great uncle Abu Bakr is great uncle, famous man by the name of Abdullah bin Sudan. It was in his house that the famous treaty took place as well. The famous treaty took place healthful photo took place as well in the house of Abdullah bin Judah and it was right in front of the Gabba was a massive house and it was a very prominent house without another what used to be in that house. That issue said Yeah, Rasulullah Ibadan you know how

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he was and he would feed the hungry and you know, basically he in our language, he's saying he had a good heart.

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Will Allah accept that from him on Judgement Day, this hadith in Sahih Bukhari Aisha Radi Allahu Allah is asking a Nabi SallAllahu. I sent him about someone who is a philanthropist every day his house was open to the Quran Moroccan every day, camels are being slaughtered given to the poor every He is the Most Generous of the college everybody loved him.

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Ya rasool Allah will have been to the and

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get rewarded for those deeds. law you have been to Saudi, no Oh daughter of Saudi Arabia, because he never once said in his life, Rob bill, Phil lira Bill fairly. Now this is a very, very deep Hadith, meaning

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he was not religious in his life. We're talking about pre Islam. If he wanted to see, here's the point. And I honestly doesn't. I don't understand why people are confused at this. A non Muslim who never desired God and Allah and the hereafter. Why are you worried whether he got it or not? He never wanted it. Why should he get it? Yes, agreed. The one who was a religious person in his own religion, the one who was struggling with faith, the one who was searching for the truth, he never heard of Islam. That person is shallow, we hope a lot of good for right. But the one who rejected religiosity I don't believe in religion. A hardcore atheists, for example, we can say generically,

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even though we don't say specifics, generically, an atheist who rejects God is there is no chance for that person. Because that is no religiosity. It's one thing you have the wrong religion and you think you have the right one, it is a totally different ballpark, when you say there can be no god and the signs of Allah are everywhere. Big difference between the two. So even Judah and never was religious, and he never once said about the failure of balefully. And of course, the other issue comes, which is a very controversial one, which maybe one day we'll answer, the fate of the prophets of the low settlement, what is the sorry, the fate of the parents of the prophecies and, and what is

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their fate? And that's a whole other controversy. Bottom line, I went into a lot of detail here. Bottom line, that this question, we understand why it's so relevant, people want to ask it, we understand why people get emotional, but at the same time, from a textual and logical and rational perspective, from unanimous perspective, every single evidence of the *ty and our common sense tells you religions are either right or wrong. There's no middle pass.

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Either Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior or he isn't correct. How can both be. And that's why even other faith traditions, by and large, are finding this to be a conundrum or call a paradox. Those Christians that are no longer faithful to their teachings, you ask them, Why should I be a Christian then? What's the purpose of being a Christian? Because this is not a politically correct statement that Oh, everybody's okay. You're okay. I'm okay. We're all okay. And that's not okay. Yes, we live in this world and peace and harmony, no question about it. Yes, we have good adapt, no question about it. Yes, we are kind and merciful, no question about it. But on Judgement Day, there is one

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religion that will be rewarded. And there is one religion that is correct, that you cannot both simultaneously be correct. Either it is okay to worship an idol or it is not okay. Either you bow down in front of Jesus Christ, or you don't either you worship Allah or you don't, there is no middle ground. So we say in the Dena in the law, Hill Islam. And this is what we preach to the people. But we also realize there will be exceptions. There might be many exceptions, but we never make the exceptions into A into A what? Into a rule. We never preach the exceptions. Because when you preach the exception, you're negating the rule. You don't go and tell people Oh, guys, don't

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worry. Many people will be forgiven on judgment. They go ahead and commit sins. No, you don't do that. Do you? You say the general rule the sinner is going to be punished. That's what we preach, right? That's the whole purpose. Similar thing goes over here. We preach there is one way and on the Day of Judgment, there will be exceptions. I want final point. Again, I went into a lot of detail, but this is very.

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This is very sensitive issues and people get very emotional understandably, understandably

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The real one of the real problematic issues in our time. So we talked about the one who has never heard of Islam, but was overall religious, we hope good for that person, we hope good for that person on Judgement Day, we don't pronounce any judgment that that person never heard of Islam talk about the tribes of Brazil, some, you know, go back 500 years, the people living in this land, the native Indians, they would never have heard of Islam, we hope good for them, that if they were faithful to their morality, and they tried to live good lives, and inside, everybody knows what is a good life. We are hopeful, but we don't pronounce that judgment. We talked about those who have the

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potential to hear Islam, but they don't do so. And we say that's not good news. With that's not that optimistic, if they just locked themselves shut in their houses, if they just want to live their lives like animals, and don't think about higher cause. They are falling short. So that's a problem on them. Now, we get to a real controversy. And that is, what if somebody is intellectually curious, and they do research into Islam?

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And for whatever reason, they sincerely conclude that Islam is not true.

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This is a very small subcategory of people, by the way, very small, right? The one who is very interested in religion, the one who is saying, I want to know what is the purpose of life, how Hindu come and tell me see, come and tell me, Tao will come and tell me Muslim, come and tell me. And then he does his research. And then he decides, I don't like any of these faith traditions, and he looks into a deep dive into Islam. And for whatever reason, now, why has he rejected Islam for whatever he doesn't understand the filthy ruling of this or whatever. And there are many reasons. There are many rulings in Islam that are not politically correct. And a person born and raised in you know, 2019,

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America has certain notions of morality and gender and sexuality were automatically if a religion says other than what this person is born into, that religion must be false, you get where I'm coming from the right now, this is a scenario. And by the way, is a very small subset.

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Is it possible for a person who is sincere

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and open minded to come to the conclusion that Islam is not from God? Mistakenly? You understand the question?

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You guys following me?

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What is your verdict? Yeah, what would you say? Is it possible to be sincere, and end up rejecting Islam?

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reject your modern formalities for something better. Sincerity is not the same as intellectuality. And rationality sincerity is not the same as common sense.

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Goes back to how pure the Fitzroy suppose the Federer has been corrupted.

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See, this is a very difficult question.

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And I'll be honest with you, this has been troubling me for a long time over a decade, and I haven't come to a conclusive answer. I have done a lot of reading on this. I haven't found our classical scholars discussing it, I came across a brief statement of Ibn Taymiyyah, who just referenced it that

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if a sincere person looks into Islam, can he end up rejecting or not, he says, the scholars have differed over this issue is that hypothetically possible or not, and then he moves on. But he does acknowledge that there is an opinion that says

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that the sincere person might because of his or her own corruption of the fitrah. You understand, sincerity is different than the fitrah you can be sincere. There are many sincere people know, who are sincere that sexuality should be XYZ.

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And when the Quran comes and says sexuality cannot be XYZ plus t of whatever, you get my point, and it can only be

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then automatically their sincerity from their own perspective, oh, this cannot be from God. And they end up project I'm giving a simple example that we understand.

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This is a very problematic issue. And in the end of the day, I will say Landry, I don't know. I don't know how the Hamdulillah we don't have to worry about

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Aclara Allah is just and merciful will leave it to Allah. Allah is just and merciful. Our job doesn't change, and that is to preach and teach and to guide people, etc, etc. Okay, you know, time was gonna just do one quick question, then we're done. Inshallah, this is a very easy question. Two minutes. The second question. A brother actually got at least four or five questions. I'm summarizing them and I won't answer them. I'll explain you why I won't. So the today's second question is why I want to entertain such future questions. Later on. Brother sends me a very long email about a specific

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divorce issue between him and his wife and it says Am I divorced or not? Okay, or does this count as divorce or not?

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I got many questions from people here. My cousin did this, my friend did that. And they send me the scenario, and they want the verdict. I will never entertain a specific photo of divorce on this table.

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That's not how divorce is to be decided. You send an email, my friend said this, and then you send me because you happen to be living in epic, send it to God, or whatever doesn't work that way. Never, ever get a specific verdict of divorce from a generic fatwa. Is that clear? I shall never entertain such questions. I don't mind talking about abstracts does a triple divorce counters that were no problem. Okay? Does this phrase counter no problem. But you come to me say, Oh, my cousin Ahmed said this to his wife, Fatima, and you write me an email? I don't know, did he really say this or not? I cannot pass a verdict on Ahmed and Fatima until, until what?

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Until Ahmed and Fatima come in front of me. And I hear directly from them. And I can ask them Oh, but did this happen? Did that happen? So please, never, ever ask any chef about a very sensitive issue of any specific nature. Unless you are asking one on one. And you are the person involved. Is that clear? I have never and this happens to me all the time. People come up to me say Oh, my cousin in Karachi told me to come and ask you, because I come in, you will lie. I am not exaggerating. My cousin in Karachi, said this to his wife. And he knows that I'm in your masjid. And he come to ask I said, Go tell your cousin in Karachi, to go to his local Masjid in Karachi, and ask the chef

00:31:43--> 00:32:09

directly and don't come to somebody 5000 miles away. I need to quiz I need to interrogate if it's you, no problem, come to me. And we will have a conversation. But I cannot pass a verdict on somebody that I don't interact with about their specific marriage and divorce. And remember, never forget the hadith of that lady who came to the process and said, Yeah, rasool Allah, you know, my husband does not allow me to pray. Salah he beats me when I pray

00:32:10--> 00:32:48

and he never prays Fajr and he gave a long list of complaints and the process he didn't just pronounce the verdict what an evil husband you are said call them out for me. He called the man said what is this? And the man explained yeah rasool Allah I come home tired from work and I need to go to sleep and I want to be with my wife, I only have that much time to be with her. Instead she's standing praying long Sooners anopheles and which one is more obligatory for me to take care of my needs or for her to pray her to her God at that time. So the problem said led to no woman pray Nephal salah, except for husband agrees for a wife the priority after the father is to listen to the

00:32:48--> 00:33:26

husband. So this was gotten rid of was she incorrect in saying that he gets angry at me? No, she was correct. But she's giving her perspective, then the man gives his perspective. Then the question a fisher comes at you Rasulullah. I try. But we have a hereditary issue. My family is known for oversleeping there were no alarm clocks back then. So it runs in our family that we try to wake up. We do not wake up in the morning. So the President said, if you are not then when you wake up, you have to pray Fudger meaning in this case, okay. You are forgiven if you genuinely try. Basically, the woman was correct. She was not lying. But in the end of the day, when you hear the other side,

00:33:27--> 00:34:06

you hear a totally different perspective. And the man was exonerated. Bottom line. Never ever asked a sensitive fatwa third party, never email. Anyone even me if you live in this community come to me directly. Don't just email I said this tomorrow. No, I don't I need to quiz you. I need to ask you. Well, did this happen that that happened? It's a back and forth. So second question, there is no question because I'm never going to entertain specific questions about especially for luck and you should never be done. Rather, we can speak in generics go ahead and ask me does a triple divorce count as one or not? No problem. We'll talk theoretically but do not say Oh, I said this and email

00:34:06--> 00:34:19

it to me and then expect an answer over here and publicly even No, doesn't work that way. Come to me one on one. No problem with this insha Allah that we conclude today will continue tomorrow's or halacha and they will continue next week Inshallah, so don't worry about it.