The Importance of Fajr in the Masjid

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The same level of Eman outside of Ramadan that's impossible. The goal of Ramadan is we move up a few notches, we go up maybe 100 degrees. When Ramadan finishes, we don't come crashing down to where we began, but we're at a higher level than when we began. So my short reminder today Alhamdulillah Hamdulillah. Today we're praying Fudger in this gathering, and the number of people we have is perhaps similar to the number of people we have in Joomla outside of the month of Ramadan. So one reminder to myself and all of you. If there's only one action that you will stick to outside of Ramadan, let it be this one that you're doing right now, if you will cling on to only one action

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outside of Ramadan that you're doing inside of Ramadan, let it be this one here, which is to hold fast to Salatin Fajr in the GEMA in the masjid, let me remind myself and all of you have 10 blessings of praying Fajr in GEMA 10 blessings that are mentioned in the Sunnah for praying federal by Gemma so that insha Allah Who to honor this will be an incentive for me and you to try our best to pray Fajr outside of Ramadan, as we are praying it inside Ramadan, the first blessing our Prophet sallallahu either he was selling them said mon Sol Sol Phaedra Futurama for whoever feeds him Attila heater. Whoever prays Fajr in Gemma shall be under the protection that Dima of ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada. So be careful if any of you challenges Allah's protection, meaning all Muslims, anybody who prays Fajr in Gemma you had better be careful you don't irritate them because Allah is protecting them. Whoever prays Fajr in Gemma shall be under the protection of Allah meaning for the rest of that day. So the Prophet system is telling those who don't pray for budget in GEMA Be careful you don't bother you don't irritate you don't harm the ones who pray Fajr because if you do so then know that they are under Allah's protection. And whoever is under Allah's protection, what is going to happen to the one who tries to challenge them. So the first and one of the greatest blessings is

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that whoever prays for budget in the GEMA will be under the protection of Allah number two, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the two raka as before Fajr are better than this whole world and all that it contains. We're talking about the two Sooners before Fajr the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said those two raka eyes are more beloved to Allah than this whole dunya wanna feed? If that is the blessing of the two rock as before Fajr What do you think is the blessing of Fajr itself? If the blessing of the two Sooners is more beloved to Allah, then this whole world and all that is in it? Then what do you think will be the blessing of the actual federal prayer itself?

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Number three, our prophets of Allah Who are they he was setting them said Whoever prays federal in Gemma it is as if he has prayed the whole night in Korea. In other words, if you pray Fajr in Gemma you come to the masjid and you pray Fudger then it is as if you are getting the reward of PR Malay for the entire night you will ask But tonight we prayed pm and we pray Fajr the response you will get even more reward than so the one who does not pray to them and he only praise Fajr in the gym and he shall get the reward of having prayed the whole night into June as for the one who praised the head job and then also Fajr they will get an even more reward. And also my dear brothers and

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sisters realize and remember that February in JAMA is more beloved to Allah than the entire pm that we are doing. It is narrated that one of the sons of Imam Muhammad didn't know that he prayed tahajjud for much of the night then he fell asleep and he wasn't able to wake up for the Fajr in the gym. So he woke up and prayed it at home when Imam Muhammad found out he said well Allah He if you had slept the whole night and prayed Fajr in Gemma, that would have been more beloved to me than you pray tahajjud and you overslept budget in Gemma, so the third blessing as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever prays Fudger in Gemma it is as if he has gotten the rewards of the

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entire time will lay the fourth blessing our Prophet sallallahu I said I've said Hadith in Sahih Muslim, mon Salah al Bourdain for the halal Jana, whoever prays the to cool prayers by cool we don't mean the vernacular of the teenagers Cool. Cool here means when the atmosphere is cool, and our scholars interpret cool

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I'm here to mean the prayer of Fajr. And the prayer of Asa, which is Twilight to the sun is setting the sun is rising. These are the Bourdain it's slightly chillier than other times, whoever prays the two cooler prayers, which is Fajr an answer, that person shall enter Jannah so there is a guarantee from Allah, the One who prays Fajr and the one who prays ourselves, they will enter Jannah point number five, which is following from the last point, but not exactly the same. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Len nearly Jana, the one that the linearly gentlemen Salah Phaedra, while also whoever prays for budget and also shall never enter the fire of hell, you will

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ask me, isn't it the same entering Jana? Point number four not going to Johanna. Point number five, the responses No, because there will be some people who will enter Jannah but only after having been punished in jahannam. We don't want to be amongst them. There will be a group of people, they will enter agenda eventually. But because of their sins, they will go through Jahannam we don't want to be amongst them. So it's not the same to be promised Jana. A higher promise you shall not go to jahannam and that is also promised for the ones who pray Fudger so whoever praised the two prayers of budget and answer, learn nearly Jana he shall never go through the fire of hell. Point number six

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blessing number six for praying budget in JAMA, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the most difficult Salah for the hypocrites is Salah tool Fajr so if they only knew how blessed it is, they would come even if they have to crawl from their beds, well, no one if they have to crawl they would come for Salat al Fajr so what this means the one who prays Fudger regularly inshallah he can never be a more Now Phil, the one who prays budget in GEMA because the prophets are some said the most difficult prayer for the munaf. Euclid is the Fajr of the jemar. That's the most difficult sada so therefore our scholars say one of the signs that you are not a hypocrite, one of the ways to

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battle hypocrisy to fight against NIF up is to pray Fudger in JAMA regularly and so we should try our best because all of us will lie. We are worried about hypocrisy. We're worried about Nephi out one of the ways to fight against it. We pray Fajr in JAMA on a daily basis. Point number seven our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever prays Fudger in Gemma and then sits female Giudice, he where he prayed and he continues to do vicar until the sun rises. So until basically Salah Tada time. So he sits in GEMA he finishes Jama and he just sits there doing vicar until the sun rises. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that person shall get the reward of Hijjah twin dam, as if he has

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done a full edge this hadith is intermediate and it is Hassan it is authentic. So the prophets of Allah Who are they he was seldom encouraged just not only to pray for budget in JAMA, but to do some of God after and make it longer. And by the way, sitting after Salah and doing vicar This is one of the greatest good deeds to raise your ranks higher than from the level of Islam to the level of Imam and our son, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that of the greatest of good deeds is to sit after the Salawat Word of God who by the salah to do the vicar after the Salawat our prophets Allah Allah Who are you send them said, whoever sits after the Salah, and he does dhikr the angels

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continue to ask forgiveness for him as long as he doesn't stand up. So one of the things that we should strive to do for all of the Salawat is when the Imam says salaam we don't rush back to our lives, give ourselves a few minutes give ourselves some time because that is the time when we think we've done something call us we can turn our backs and leave no, this is what separates the Muslim from the moment nothing wrong if you have to go you have to go but if you have time and if you're able to after the Salah, what is one of the best times to do the Earth God to do vicar to do dua to ask Allah's forgiveness. And there are so many of God perhaps another lecture will give about some

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of the cloud the prophets of some would do after every single Salah and this was for all of the five salawat and one of them that we should all do our Prophet sallallahu I said him said whoever recites AYATUL kursi Hola Hola. Hola. Hello. After every third Salah, the only thing that is between him and Jana is his own death with a beautiful Hadith. The only thing that will prevent this person from entering Jana is

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As his own death, so if you make it a habit after every single Salah that you recite AYATUL kursi every Salah you do AYATUL kursi after that, make it your habit, then in sha Allah to other this is another good deed, but especially after fajr if you sit and you make a god, and this is the, the characteristic of the righteous people before us that especially in the early morning, it is narrated once that, if not a yam visited his chef Ibn Taymiyyah, one of the greatest scholars of this OMA and he visited him after fajr and he visited him in a when the sun was risen, he thought he would be you know, awakened about he was sitting in the same place of budget doing of God hours

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after budget, and he motioned you sit down, it will call you and waited, waited, waited, then every time you turned around, and he just made an excuse, and he said, This is my spiritual breakfast. If I don't have my breakfast for the rest of the day, my soul feels fatigued. You know, outside of Ramadan. If you don't have breakfast, you go to work, you get a headache, you don't feel good, you just feel miss something is missing. It had been Tamia said this dhikr after fajr This is the breakfast from my way, if I don't feed my ruin, the rest of the day, I feel irritable, something is not right. This is the characteristic of the righteous the prophets are some of the Sahaba would sit

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after fajr and do a gob and especially as we said, until the sunrises, if you're able to do that once in a while, obviously in the world we live in, it's not possible every day, but if you're able to do it once in a while, then you will get the reward of a full edge as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that is point number who's counting? What number do we get to seven? Okay, I'm gonna quiz you guys. Let's see who has memorized all of this. Point number eight, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you had to our kupuna fie koombana equal to Lady woman equal to know how the angels of the night and the angels of the day they take turns writing your deeds

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Subhanallah even the angels take shifts. It's not just me and you, but the angels don't take shifts because they're tired. The angels take shifts to worship Allah better. So they come in to do do their deeds of writing our deeds, and then they worship Allah that is their break their break is the perpetual worship of Allah, then they come back to monitor our deeds. So all of us have two shifts of angels yet after Boone a few krummenacher to lay women I don't know how. And when the first batch comes up, the prophets have some said it comes up at fragile time. And Allah asks them and Allah knows the answer. And Allah asked them and Allah doesn't need to ask them, How did you find my

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servants? So the angel say, We found them and they were praying salah, then the next batch will come and they will come at us so time and the switch will take over, they will come up and Allah will say, How did you leave my servants and he knows how they left them. And he doesn't need to ask and the angels say we left them and they were praying. So we came, they were praying, we left they were praying so Fudger and so if the people are praying those regularly, then the continual record is being written, they are praying, they are praying, we left them they are praying, we came to them, they are praying so Fajr and answer once again, the prophecies and linked them together. And he said

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the report goes up to Allah and the angel safe. We found them they were praying, we left them they were praying, we came back to them they were praying so fortunate and awesome. Again, that is point number eight point number nine. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said, I did this and Muslim Imam Muhammad Bashir in mushiya inophyllum, denuded Tommy yo multi Yama give glad tidings give good news. I give you good news be happy rejoice to those who walked to the massages at night that they shall have perfect light on judgment day. They know that term me yarmulke Yama so those that are walking in our case driving the car and it's night there's no sun, we go and of course these two timings are

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Aisha and Fajr this hadith praises Aisha and Fajr other Hadith praises Fajr and acid but pretty much all the Hadith pray Fajr the most praise is for Allah certain budget in Jamar so we have added for all of them but Fajr has the most so in this hadith what do we learn by shooting Masha? inophyllum those that are walking in darkness give them glad tiding that they shall have perfect light on judgment day. What is this a reference to? In the Quran we learn that on judgment day all lights will be extinguished either sham so cool. We're at what are the new job on camera all light will be distinguished. There will be no sun there will be no moon everything will be immersed into darkness.

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And at that point in time the voice will call out go find your way to Jehan to Jana, go find your way to Jana. And in that darkness, all of mankind must cross over the set off to get

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To the Conqueror to get to Jana. How will you find the sloth much less cross over the salt and get to Jana? in complete darkness? Allah subhana wa Taala mentions in the Quran that yo Matata me Nina will meet me naughty? Yes, I've been at him will be Emani him Bush rock, when will you imagine that on that day, the believing men and women, they shall see light coming from themselves, they will become a light. So on that day when the hisab has been finished, and when all of the schools have been tied up, and when all of the good deeds have been judged, the final act of Judgment Day will be to cross those rods that act will not take place in light, there will be darkness and the light that

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will come will come from every single person himself or herself you will become your own torch, you will emanate your own light and the person's light will be proportional to your own level of Eman. The stronger was your iman the more the light will be and the weaker your iman the weaker the light will be so much so the Prophet sallallahu sallam said there will be people the only light they will have will come from their toe it will flicker on they will take one step forward it will shut off and they will not know if it will come on again or not. Those are going to be the lowest of the low and there will be those who will have no light whatsoever. These are the hypocrites and Allah azza

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wa jal mentions them that you're my opponent gonna feel when I feel hot the hypocrites are gonna say Latina Amanu to those who believe own Verona na Khattab is me know they come wait for us, we want to follow your light. We don't have any light you guys have light, just like we pretended to be believers and interacted with you we benefited from you physically in this world. Now, let us do the same in the Africa we will benefit from your light without having any light but Allah will say on Judgement Day will booty Verbania whom be suited level that belted or fear Rama uova hero milkier believe that either there will be a wall Allah will place it on the one side will be mercy on the

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other side will be either so here in this hadith we learn how do we get perfect light on judgment day by shooting and Masha ina Phil volum denuded Tammy Yama, Yama one of the easiest ways to have a flashlight that will be not only any light, a nor a time, perfect light. So the one who prays Fajr regularly in the masjid in sha Allah hooter, Allah, they will have a perfect light on judgment date and that is one of the best blessings of Allah to the budget in the masjid. What number are we on? Nine.

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Now we on the last 110 Number 10. And number 10 is the sweetest of them all. Number 10 is the greatest of all blessings. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in concert around or back home, you shall see your Lord, as you see the full moon right now. And he pointed to the full moon it was the 14th of the month he pointed to the full moon and he said like you see that moon you will see Allah subhanho wa Taala learn to the moon or learn toolbar ruler. Both rewards are there. You're not going to be fighting one another. You're not going to be jostling and shoving. Like the moon is there. We're not fighting to see the moon all of us see the moon equally well, no matter where we

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are. We see the moon. So the prophesies that have said you shall see your Lord if your righteous May Allah make us amongst them like you see the moon. Then he told us the main way the main connection, the main condition, if we want to get that blessing for any stata item, Allah to Allah, Allah Salatin, Kabbalah, toleration, MC Wakaba, la Rubia. So make sure that sleep does not overtake you for the prayers before the sun rises and before the sunsets Subhanallah the number one cause for the blessing to see Allah subhanho wa Taala and do you know what is the blessing to see Allah? It is a blessing that is even more powerful than Jana itself. Lavina Arsinoe Allah husana was the those who

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do good shall get Jana and more than Jana they shall get zyada what could possibly be more than Jana? The prophets of Allah who I said them said a Z yada is to look at the beautiful face of Allah subhanho wa Taala would you Hoon Yama, Eden now lira Ihlara Bihar now there are on that day faces will be bright because they will be looking at their Lord and the famous hadith of amount of vinyasa reported in Sudan and Assam

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If I were Prophet so I said I'm used to make dua to Allah What a beautiful DUA and say I mean to this dua Allahumma in nearness Haruka love that another way in which you can get him say I mean our Allah we ask you for the sweetness of looking at your face. This is a prophetic Hadith Allahumma andonis Ruka Leser to nobody in what you can get him to look at the face of Allah is the Greatest sweetness to see that face. It is better than even Jana itself as Allah says in the Quran Lahoma Yasha una fi Ha, they will have whatever they want in Jana. What a day number seed and we have something even more than anything they can desire. What can possibly be more than what you can

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desire, the mozzie the once again is to look at the beautiful face of Allah gender Gerardo, and that is linked directly to collateral Fajr and Salat Al Asad. Now, one point before I finish for today, why are so many of these Hadith mentioning us as well, we understand Fajr Fajr is definitely an issue. But why awesome, I will explain in those days, the Sahaba the people would basically work from for the day and they would work throughout the time of heat and whatnot. And they would then come home in the early afternoon and they would take what we call the siesta, they would take a nap. This was the culture of the Arabs it is still the culture and many lands of taking asleep or a nap

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and that nap is very easy to prolong it is very easy to go until you're almost gonna wake up before sunset. So the prophets have said wake up for us as well in our culture so generally we don't go to sleep in and we are wide awake. So we're wondering why is our so so highly praised, but that is because in their culture, both Fajr and acid were those that they would have to battle in our culture it is primarily Fajr and then hamdulillah acid we're usually home and we are praying us are on time generally that is the case. So the takeaway from this entire reminder is that hamdulillah all of us are praying fidget in this masjid, we sense the beauty we feel uplifted my humble reminder

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to myself and all of you is that let this be a perpetual habit of hours outside of the month. Yes Wallahi it is a sacrifice. We have to drive 1015 minutes we sacrifice of our sleep. But I assure you and I tell you and anybody will tell you, those who pray Fudger regularly in the masjid, the peace that you get in your life and the feeling of fulfillment and the feeling of accomplishment as Ibn Taymiyyah said that is your spiritual breakfast and a day will come when inshallah you will become routine to pray Fudger the day that you accidentally miss it. You're gonna feel irritable, you're gonna feel itchy. Something's not right. I missed my spiritual breakfast. Give it a try for a few

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days. It's gonna be difficult the first few days after Ramadan. But once you get into the hang of it, you will look forward to praying budget in the masjid and you will experience the blessings that our Prophet system said Whoever prays for God in the masjid, he will be in the protection of Allah for the rest of the day. May Allah subhana wa ALLAH blessed us to be of those who regularly pray as many Salawat as possible and especially the Fajr Salah in the masjid May Allah subhana wa Tada bring this month of Ramadan to a conclusion with all of our sins forgiven. May Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses to be of those whose fasting was accepted whose pm was accepted whose Quran was accepted

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whose dua was accepted. May Allah bless us to be standing in dua, Elena to other May Allah accept our doors available to other May Allah writers for those who have been saved from the fire of Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala make the last phrase that we ever say on this earth to be the shahada of la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah may Allah causes us to live as Muslims to die as Mormons and to be resurrected with the prophets and the companions and what a noble companionship they are, which is Aqua Mala who played on the Santa Muerte conversion with Allah He Obata Khatri.