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Grave Worship & Intercession

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Neither who want to stay in or who want to stop filming

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what I will do we let him in surely am fusina woman sejati are Melina

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manga de la bufala mobiola woman, Lil feller her de la

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y Chateau La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika

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y shadow Mohammedan Abu who are solo

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My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam we continue with part two Sufism in the scale on the scale of the Quran and the Sunnah.

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We agreed that

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we have some who agree with Sufism

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and some who disagree with Sufism.

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Now the Quran instructed us that when we disagree on something we should go back to the Quran and the Sunnah.

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thermasteel f tomb fi himanshi in Tohoku Illallah.

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Whatever you disagree on, then the final judgment or verdict belongs to Allah subhana wa tada and His messenger of course the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Yeah, Johan ladina Amano after your la Lt. O rasulillah. m remain calm. The Internet Rosatom fishy in photo do who Elon law Do you have Russell? Oh you believe obey Allah subhana wa tada obey His Messenger.

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And those who are in authority, if themselves are obedient to Allah and His Messenger, meaning if they are not those who are in authority, if they are not obedient to Allah and His Messenger themselves, then you should not obey them.

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But you want if we differ on something, then we take it back to Allah Subhana Allah and His messengers

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last session or part one, and it's available, by the way, if you wish to find it, we mentioned that we have three groups of sofas, we have three types of Sufi groups. One group we don't have an issue with even though if they call themselves Sophie's,

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and this is the type which

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works on purifying the knifes

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purifying the knifes because

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you see denouncing and detaching yourself from this world is something that is good. Giving up this world for the asherah is something which is good. But the proper concept of zoo, we talked about that the proper concept of zones, that you still have to provide for yourself, you still have to provide for your family, you still have to help the oma

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what is meant by the concept of zone here, the concept of not being interested in this world, that the world is in your hand, nothing your heart, the will is in your hand, nothing your heart, you're not in love with it, you understand, you're not dying for it.

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That is what is meant by it, but we must strive because if we leave the world to the non Muslims, they will definitely take advantage of it. And they will use the resources in order to islamophobe Muslims in order to defeat Muslims and talk bad about us. So we should have resources in order to be able to address the misconceptions and non Muslims have about Islam in a legal way in a way that is legal within your communities. Brothers and sisters in Islam The second category is the category which you don't want to belong to. And this is where

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big data innovation emerged into Sufism. You know the first brand is is a brand we all strive to be even though we do not call ourselves Sophie's, but this is the concept. What about the second group now? The second group what they ended up doing

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they looked at the Quran and

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The sunlight and they thought there is not enough guidance to purify the neffs. Consequently, we will come up with more. We will do more, we will invent more. We will innovate more.

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Yeah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this religion is complete, I have not left anything which will bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will take you to gender but I commanded you to do it, and I have not left anything which will distance you from him

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and will distance you from Allah subhanho wa Taala but I told you enough to do it. So, this is how, if you think that you can come up with an act.

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I'm talking about dancing, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, the usage of instruments, with the

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VIX, in congregation. Have you ever read one single evidence that any of the companions of the Prophet did that no. Locanda higher on less akuna la, if it was something good, the companions would have

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followed it would have done it. But the companions were extremely careful

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with the term couldn't beat the Akin Bala. Calamos dessutom beat de wakulla beat the akintola waka Lavazza, not every newly innovated invented method in the religion is misguidance and it will lead to hell. It will lead the person to help. Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says men that I see a marina had a Malay salmon who for whatever you introduce into the religion, which was not part of that religion, it will be rejected from you.

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Element medic, brothers and sisters in Islam

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made a statement because normally that brand of Sophie's, they claim that they love

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the Messenger of Allah and they say all type of poem

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you know, in the love of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I want them to hear the statement of Mr. Malik. Whoever introduces something into this religion and he thinks that this is good to do. Look at this *a designer, and Mohammed and sulla levada, you Addy you Asahi wasallam. But Horner is Allah, this person is cleaning that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has betrayed the message. Meaning what? That he did not convey the thing which they innovated and they consider it to be something good.

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Why did he forget sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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harsh Allah? No. Was he afraid to convey it? Why? Because the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in his farewell had on the day of arafah he decided this verse which was revealed to him and leiomyoma acmella to law comm Dina calm today I have completed the religion for you.

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This is the second group brothers and sisters in Islam, the second

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brand of Sophie's Sufi groups, which is really the mainstream the people who you know, go after them are they go and and they attend the the graves and they they pray to the people engraved there. And, and and a lot of them I want to tell you and that is why this is an invitation brothers and sisters in Islam to the people whom Allah Subhana Allah to Allah given knowledge to please give them the power in the kindness in possible manner possible way we should give them our inshallah. So this is the second group and we kind of talked about this, the third group of brothers and sisters in Islam in my opinion,

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the other minority because you must be learned or you must somehow be special has someone who's special. You see in Sufism, they have that modied and motion. So we're talking about the dumb read here are the people who go after these heads the Lavalier

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You know the every parihaka every way and Sufism like the journey they have heads.

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So, they are few but their belief system is totally is totally a heresy, totally oversea. Those are people who believe in incarnation archy that will

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imagine that Allah Subhana Allah Allah subhana wa Taala and this is blasphemous actually, if you say that made will in your body and you'll become a law and that is why they say lab lab lab do Rob, Rob Bob do

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and some of them actually would say

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pull him in their

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lovers and they see your Ulla one of them in your ice align you for all these things brothers and sisters in Islam are very dangerous and that's the third and group which really promote the belief system of Sufism. And of course, this is what we call extreme Sophie's

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the people who say, Bill Hulu well it had the people who say that the status of oily above a prophet the people who believe that they can receive revelation themselves the people who

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believe that they are a medium intermediary between the

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moody the the layman Sufi and Allah subhana wa tada and they cannot go to Allah through them. This is totally brothers and sisters in Islam a heresy and this is the group so these three groups the first group, even though they may call the call themselves Sufis, but as long as you purify your knifes, the proper concept of Zod and you use the existing guidance which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam brought to us and he taught us your fine

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even if you may call yourself that. But now the second group which innovates the third group which promotes a belief system, which is totally different than the belief system of

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I had a student all Gemma, the Prophet and his companions, definitely they are,

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you know, not on the right path at all. Brothers and sisters in Islam. Let me in this live broadcast.

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Somehow I can review in more details. Some of the things but let me say this to you. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to the Arabs.

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The Arabs used to believe that there is a law there is a God.

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By the way, they used to believe that He is the Creator

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and he's the one who brings the rain.

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Imagine this.

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That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, what an insect Aalto man holla at you will have Bala poulan Allah, if you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they will say Allah

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will insert altia who men had a home layer poulan Allah.

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If you ask them who created you, they will say Allah, so they did not have any issue with that. So Allah there is a God there is a law and He is the Creator. And they used to call him a law to

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tell you what is the issue here. But they used to believe that Allah subhana wa Taala somehow is unable to raise the debt. And there is no purpose behind his creation. And for you to get to Allah, you must go through the idols

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and they say like the kings of this earth, can a person enter into the room of a king without someone who is near the king and intercessor. intermediary.

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You know, for you to meet the president, you have to know you know you at least your senator or your congressman here women here you know, so you need work. So they believe that and that is why By the way, they used to believe in a lot while also my net that they are the shofar, they are the intercession between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala so they never deny that Allah

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is in that similar to the believes of Sophie's group two and group three now. group one, we're not talking about

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them, group two and three. What is the issue? They believe in Allah. But yet for you to get to Allah, you must find an intermediary. an intermediary here is the shape, shift tariqah the valley and the one who will take and he may be engraved he may be buried beneath the ground, brothers and sisters in Islam, but that's spite off. Listen, I'm not going to point fingers, but anyone who believes that you need an intermediary between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala regardless what form it is, what form it is, that person if he does this with a willful intention,

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pass it in with knowledge element.

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And somebody explained to him again, he goes out of the fold of this lab.

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Some of you may know, but they're safe. We have that verse in the Quran which says Well yeah, you're Latina, Amano Taka la hora de la hiwassee la. Oh ye believe feel a la have be conscious of Allah and seek the means seek an intermediary. That's one way they like to translate it between them and Allah subhana wa tada Ah, there are four lawful ones for lawful intermediaries between you and Allah. Number one, your righteous deeds.

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Emmanuel, I'm a local Sala

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the three who were

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stuck in that cave, and they could not push the truck to go out. Each one of them seek the means. Each one of them called upon Allah subhana wa tada using their act, something that they thought they done sincerely for the sake of Allah subhana wa. Well, this isn't the Quran. Or bene in Nana ama, no Allah, we believe in you. But I've been at another Santa Ana de una de Lima and I mean, famine, or Allah, we heard a caller who called us to believe in you, we believe in you. Because we believe in Europe first, Elena, Catherine, you see, forgive our sins. So you use this. So this is number one. Number one, number two, another intermediary here between you and Allah Subhana. Not the grace. Not

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that the journey is not enough that people buried in the grave. Those people they need to go. They don't hear you. In that old last mile do I come? If you call upon them, they don't hear your your invocations.

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What I'm sending them they are under the ground? How do you go and call upon them in order to give you something from Allah in order to be between you and Allah? subhanaw taala. The second intermediary here is the names and the attributes of Allah subhana wa, what he labeled as smell or looseness at all. Yeah, only Oh Allah, you're the old rich. Give me your coffee. Oh, you're all strong. Give me strength. So that's the second intermediary. The third intermediary brothers and sisters in Islam is the subluxation of someone who's alive, not dead. who's alive? Not dead. So someone new consider you think that he is good? Because at the end of the day, who is good and who's

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bad? Allah knows this. Not Not me, not you. Nobody knows this, quite frankly, nobody knows this whatsoever. Who, who's good and who's bad. Allah knows this. That's why I'm not to please myself. And if you breeze me, I'll tell you, Allah, forgive me what they don't know about me. You see that? I will say that to you. Because you don't know you. And by the way, the Prophet asked Omar to make dua for him. And, you know, Omar asked away silcone Omar, the one about whom the Prophet said if there is a messenger after me it will be he asked someone who is not a companion away. So and the Prophet instructed him to do this to make up to to ask Allah to forgive him, that it doesn't matter

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that you don't have to ask a sheep, you can ask. You can actually ask somebody who's less less in know and knowledge and then to make to offer you

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that though I have the living, don't say that. During the time of satara calahonda. Muslims experienced a drought.

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So they have to pray salaat and it's this part, there is a seminar, which will you invoke a lot to bring that in down? Oh,

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the prophets of Salaam was buried right there next door to them in the message right there.

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The next element is machine machine. Id. He called the best the uncle of the world yeah best. While the prophets are solemn, was alive. We used to use his dog to ask Allah to bring down the rain. Now the Prophet is no longer with us, you're alive, you are his relative, you're going to make dua

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for the law of the living, someone you consider to be you think that he is righteous because at the end of the day, who decides who's the righteous and who is the person not righteous? is Allah Subhana Allah? The last thing brothers and sisters? Is your condition or alarm secure me like musataha Sam, when he wasn't medion he said Carla be for sakala Houma, la la la, la la la la bien de Lima and delta la em in higher in 40s. For how the whole brothers and sisters in Islam. The Prophet Solomon was straightforward on this imaginisce that he came inviting the Arabs not to use intermediary now the extreme surface whether it is group two, or group three, what they do they

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promote that culture that you can go and seek an intermediary between you and Allah exactly like a lateral Rosa which the Prophet came to tell the Arabs not to do.

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Is my case here, there's a common law fella. It's time to play a shot in Denver subhanak along Mohammed La La Land

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behind me