Yasir Qadhi – EPIC Umrah Jabal al-Rahmah November 28, 2019

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a speech given by a footballer to highlight the importance of his work and the holy month. The speaker emphasizes the need to protect others from harms and the potential consequences of racism, including economic problems and racism. The speaker also mentions a recent speech by a footballer to highlight the importance of race and the need for racism.
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At this location, a brief reminder of what He himself said. And

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this is where most of that football was given right behind us. And he thought, what if we are done soon, maybe if you have time, we can come up, you can go and go to the top of the mountain, you can also do that. But you're gonna have to walk the other way just appears on the other side is turned around on the left. And we'll do that after the foods that nature tells us is that what you're doing? So very briefly, our process gave what is called the most important speaker this entire life, because it was the combination of 23 years of that work. And it was in front of the largest audience ever that he spoke, over 100,000 people as far as the IPC, this is where it happened. And he stood

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some place over there. And Sahaabah was taken to repeat what he said. So that's all of the masses heard.

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The whole speech is too long for us to get right now, I just want to highlight some salient features of that. Because it's an internal reminder. He began by asking me a rhetorical question, where are we? They said, We are an outside the holiest of holies. He said, What month is it? They said,

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he said, What day is it? They said, it is the night that is the auspicious day. And

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so he said, just like this land is holy, and this place is holy. And this timeframe is holy, and the actor to doing is holding, you are combining the holy upon all the above. Just like that sacredness, he said, know that the life and property and blood and honor of every Muslim is also sacred and holy, you cannot do anything to hurt another Muslim. What a beautiful way he started this whole.

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He made them understand that just like Maca is holy, nada is wholly good picture is holy, the hatches holy, just like you have to act in a certain manner, and be responsible and don't do anything wrong. He said, so to the light. And the honor, and the property of every single believer is How long have upon you to do anything to harm that believer. So we have to protect our tongues, from hurting other people, we have to protect our hands from harming other people, we have to protect us from doing any injustice to other people. And then he also emphasized a number of things, of the things he said is he talks about the economic problems of the time. And in particular, he

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mentioned the dangers of interest. Because interest is something that breaks society. Interest is something that we see it now the top 3%, the top 3%, the top three people in our country of America own more than 50% of the wealth of the entire country. And that's just not right. And that's what happens when you have an interest system. So our purpose, abolished interest. And he said, There's so no longer do, we abolish it. He said, I put it under my foot. It's a very powerful, I'm smashing interest, because the rich don't deserve to get richer just because the rich, that's not fair. That's going to be at the expense of the war. So he's talking about economic interest, if it's

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societal, that's something that impacts all of society. And he destroyed it from its very roots. He then mentioned the issue of racism. And he gave his famous, famous famous speech over here, right here, which is what we learned when we were children. And he said, Now that our be in either our journey, one or the other either in love with Taqwa called local min Adam, what? The momentum to raw, all of you come from Adam, and Adam came from dust. There is no superiority of an hour of over unknown outcome of a white over a black person. And this is something that is unprecedented in human history. In all of human history. No one, no philosopher, no genius, no intellectual, no author ever

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said that all races are equal. Their race does not mean anything in terms of their piety, the first human being to make this a global message. And even in our own country of America, racism is still endemic and it was enshrined in the law one generation ago. That's what the law said racism is wrong. Back in the 60s, one generation ago, and our prophets of the Lord mighty the 14th centuries ago, he told us, we don't look at people through the lens of racism. And he also for warned something very painful. He said four things, some guy

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Really, they are from paganism. But they shall remain in my own mind until the day of judgment for things are evil, and they're from the days of the year, but they should remain in. Number one, he said, racism, even though it is unemployment, he told us that unfortunately, segments of his own mouth will retain those elements of Jacques ad. And we see this still to this day. And we have to be very explicit Dear Brothers and Sisters, racism is endemic and our own. And these days, it's not just the color of our skin for our

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where we were born.

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He is from backlight she is from this village. They are from that village. And we still treat others depending on their background and their origin and our prothesis and predicted that this is something that is from the time of jaggy, and unfortunately, some of my own luck will have it until Judgment Day, whoever has it amongst himself in his or her heart, your brother or sister likely to wait because I promise I'm a lover

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