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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi delves into numerous magnificent Quranic verses and Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ pertaining to the stark, temporary reality of this world as opposed to the permanence of the Hereafter. 

“And the life to come: that is the real life, if they but knew!” 

This verse of the Qur’an forever reminds us of the world being a place of delusion, enticement,persuasion and temptation enamoring us by the foolishness of indulging in materialism. Yet our weak Iman fails to ignite the true worry for the Hereafter and part with the  transience of this world and how we should be in the pursuit for its preparation.

As is also narrated in a Hadith reported by Abu Huraira RA, the Prophet ﷺ said, “Wretched is the slave of gold, silver, fine clothes, and garments. If he is given he is pleased, but if he is not given he is displeased.”



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In Al Hamdulillah Muhammad ohana Stein ohana still fiddle. When are the villa Himanshu Dorian fusina. Woman say Dr. Medina manga de la who Fernando de la la woman you did who fella hodja washer to Allah Allah in La La Jolla who la sharika wash. How do I know Mohammed Abu humara sudo Yeah, you Hello Xena Manu taco la haka, Ducati wala Jamuna. Illa Allah to Muslim moon. Yeah Johan De Soto Kora como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha Weber salmon humare jangka 01 is what? Hola. Hola de de una de Waal or ham in no la hora con la como la Kiba Yeah, you hola Xena Manu taco la Haku Colin de de de la cama como para la comida robocon. Woman realtor in LA wa sallahu wa

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codifies the fosun of Lima, my birth. Mother, your brothers and sisters in Islam have the most simplest fundamentals of our religion that all of us knows about is the fact that this world is a temporary world. And it is the era it is the next life that we should concentrate on. This is of the most fundamental messages that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with. It is a message that is found in every single page in the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it is a message that the previous nations denied the aurash made fun of they said we'll call you in here in La Jolla tuna dunya Namo. To Anaya una Illa. De the kurush would say, this is only one life that we live hyah

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tuna dunya. We live and we die. And the only thing that will destroy us is time itself. And this belief still exists to this day. Yes, it is. Now in more fancier language, there's a term that our youth use is called YOLO. You only live once. And this is a common term that our youth are now using in order to justify having fun and of course having fun is allowed as long as the hell that the fund itself is held on. But this term YOLO is being used. You know what, don't worry about it. You only live once, go for it. And will law here it is amazing that it's as if they've cut and pasted. Even though it's coming from the mouth of a 16 year old. They have cut and pasted a blasphemy a coffered

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that goes back and is mentioned in the Quran in here Allah heya tuna dunya number two and if you only live once, and the only thing that will destroy us is time itself. The philosophy is the same even though the language is more hip. The ideology has been there since the beginning of gopher, and that is to deny the day of judgment and deny the Acura and therefore my dear brothers and sisters. This short holdover today is a reminder of some of the verses and some of the Hadith that talk about the temporality of this dunya how temporary it is that talk about the dangers of attaching yourself to the temporary at the expense of the permanent. And realize my dear brothers and sisters, that the

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very last verse that Allah revealed to our Prophet system, emphasize this fact. The last verse that Allah revealed was about the reality of this dunya and the reality of the era what aku Yeoman to Jonah fee in a law so much to offer goodness me my cassava to homeless woman and fear the day that you shall really return to Allah, this world will end and the next will begin. Be prepared for that day. What Yeoman Torah Jonah Fie Illallah this world all of it, we know it is temporary. Just like my dear brothers and sisters of fading memory. Imagine, it was yesterday that I was a child and you were a child, think of your memories when you were a child. Think of those fleeting memories, it was

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literally like yesterday, whether you are now in your 20s or 30s 40s or 50s 60s or 70s every one of us we think of our childhood, and we think of a few memories here and there, but we know that is a bygone era is gone. You cannot do anything about it. Now, do we not realize that this entire dunya we will think of it in the same manner in the Acura? Do we not realize that this whole world will be like a fleeting memory, just like our childhood right now is a fleeting memory, the whole dunya will be the similar memory for us. And we will decide whether we will think of those memories in a good way or a bad way. We will decide whether those memories will be sweet or whether those memories will

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be bitter. In fact, we are deciding it right now as we speak. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam how many times is Allah mentioned in the Quran that this world is nothing but Larry Boone. Wha hoo. This world is nothing but playing like our childhood. We have memories of us playing. What is that playing now. I spend so many hours playing

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Riding a bike going outside and and doing this and that computer games, you as well have your childhood memories. Where are they now? What's Have you benefited from that? And this is what Allah says in the Quran that in the manhyia to Daniela Ebola, there are over a dozen verses where Allah describes this whole world as that enjoyment that you enjoy for a while. But then what did you do that was productive that was useful of the most powerful of these verses surah Hadid verse 20. Ariela Mo, it's the command to know realize, animal hyah to junior Larry Boone wala who that is whole world this living it is like a play thing and amendment law and law, who and life is a

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playfulness that you might enjoy something with Allah who is an enjoyment that has no benefit whatsoever. So life is something that you might actually benefit from. So if you played basketball, you played sports, when you were growing up, this is live, you actually benefited your body, even as you spend some time in this dunya and law, who is the type of enjoyment that has no benefit whatsoever. Playing cards, for example, is level it's not even intellectual. It's not even physical. You have completely wasted your time. This is level. So Allah says this whole world you are there wasted and there's a little bit of productivity. And this is when we go to work, we get money we

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feed our family. This is okay enjoyment that is valid and good. Or it is Lahu which means a complete waste of time. In error. No One No One had to do reliable when that one was in tune. And this world is a something that's outwardly beautiful Xena. Yes, you do enjoy it when you look at it. What's a foghorn? bainer calm. What's a castle? And this world is something you compete with one another? to see who has the bigger and the better. The fall for quality takaful for quantity. You compete with one another in what Phil and Wiley will Oh lad in money and in children. What does this world boil down to? You notice somebody has a bigger house than you in your heart comes to desire, I need to

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save up and get a bigger house. You notice somebody has the better job. You notice somebody got the promotion. You notice somebody drove that car. And so you become it becomes your goal. I need to outdo this person. I need to make sure my watch is better my person is better my this is better, my dad is better. And so life goes on. And Allah says nm will realize this is what your life has become. To Catherine default Hold on one second for a while you will know that. Then Allah gives a beautiful example of this whole world come at 38th in like heavy rain comes down rainfall, arguable Cassanova when the rain falls, all of a sudden vegetation sprouts forth. And the cafard who doesn't

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realize that the rain is but one time thinks that the rain is the end all be all. The end is the whole game, though the rain is everything. So the calf here is amazed by this one rain and the vegetation. Then what? Three miles from my Yeah, Haeju then it becomes dry and it becomes yellow and it becomes wrinkled up and it becomes nothing but hay. And this woman hired to do near ilimitado horror. This is the world it is but the promises that are fleeting. My dear brothers and sisters, can you imagine if you met a man who left his house and left his job and left his family. And he concentrated on simply collecting the rainwater of one rain and using that to water his crops and

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said this is what his whole life is about. And he left his job and his family. And he's concentrating on one time that it rains will law he this man we would say he's clinically mad. He's gone crazy for him to ignore his whole life and to concentrate on just one time that it rains. We would say this man has lost his mind. But do we not realize Allah has compared our whole world to one rain? And what happens with that one rain, the world becomes green. But how long? Will it remain green? A day, two days, three days? How long will one rain suffice the world just a day or two? Then what happens? It becomes crumbled, it becomes yellowish and then it becomes like hey, Allah says

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this is higher to dunya. This is all that it is when it's all done. When we have finished and gone on, this whole world will look like that one rainfall. And imagine the one who leaves the real house that he's living in. And he wants to build a house just to protect against that one rain. The real house is the architect of the real house is where we'll actually live. Imagine if somebody spent all of his money to just protect himself from one rain to save the water of that one rain. But that is what many of us unfortunately, are getting involved in my dear brothers and sisters. The one who concentrates on something so temporary is indeed foolish, and this is exactly what our Prophet

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While he was seldom said in that famous and very eloquent Hadith, dies out to dinner dies, Abdullah hum dies Abdul camisa dies Abdul Hamid. Camila. Camila that Jaya is a beautiful word that means he tripped and fell over and he destroyed himself. So he tripped, he fell over, he destroyed himself who, the one who worshiped silver and the one who worshipped gold. And the one who worship broke Craig brocades fabric and the one who worshipped a nice garment, Teresa dicer. He is destroyed, he has destroyed himself, he has tripped because he doesn't see the path to go on. And for him, the path becomes to stop where he is and fall down flat on his face. And he doesn't realize there's a

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journey ahead of him. dallisa he's lost the plot, who the one who worships Abdu, Deena,

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Abdul Hamid, Abdul Hamid, an avid, he is worshiped. And what does it mean he's worship? It means he's made it his life goal to get the best clothes and the best garment and the best car that is apt. He has shown servitude to the world. So the Prophet system called him a worshipper of this dunya I have to do dinner.

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Because who is his God? Who does he sacrifice everything for the paycheck, the money, the cash, that's become his God? And this is what our Prophet system said, How pitiful is his state. And he then went on how sad is his state that if he's given, he's happy, and if he's not given, he is sad. He's literally using language that we use for a baby, that how childish is this when he's given something he's happy when he's not given his sad tie. So when Texas and this is like a curse, that may he perish, and may he be destroyed, what either Sheikha financial crash, and this is a phrase in Arabic, which again shows his pitiful state, that even if a thoren pricks him, even if a thorn can

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prick this person, he will not find something to get rid of it. It's a expression that means nothing will solve his pain and misery, even the smallest pain becomes the biggest pain. The one who does not have a law, the one who only has this dunya will law, he the smallest suffering becomes the biggest suffering. Nothing happens except that his heart becomes grieved, except that his life becomes miserable. And this is exactly what the process of said he is pitiful and pitiful, he is destroyed, he's fallen flat on his face, even if a thorn pricks Him, He will not be able to get rid of the pain of that thorn. Why? Because he doesn't have a lot. He doesn't have religion, he doesn't

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have spirituality, his life has no purpose. And when your life has no purpose than will lie, of course, you're going to feel miserable and sad. And everything that happens in this dunya our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us that in the dunya, this world is called era. It is luscious and green. He said, This world is luscious and green, he's warning us that it's very tempting. We're in Allahu taala Mustafa confy, Allah will put you in charge of it Liam blow like a photon balloon to see what you do in response to this luscious and green garden. Allah has put you in charge of it. It is a test for you don't get confused and make this the ultimate goal. Yes, it is

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luscious and green. But just like the world is green after it rains. After one rainfall, it will become green. Don't forget, this is a temporary green plant to harvest for the real season and crop, build a house that you will actually live in, and not just the one that you will occupy for that one day that it is raining. And this is what our profits a little lock while he was setting them reminded us of once our Profit System passed by a dead animal a carcass with the stench coming in the flies buzzing? And the blood is there. It's a dead animal and is left there. And the processes have said How much do you think this animal is worth in the eyes of those who used to own it? And

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they said what to who is going to pay anything for this? I will preface this and I've said that very early. I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul. This whole world is more trivial to Allah than this dead carcass is in the eyes of its previous owners. Allah does not have that concern for this world. Why would he want it is temporary. Why would he want this is not the real world. This is just a test a stepping stone to trial for the actual accuracy in the next world. And one of the amazing things that our religion tells us and it is really mind boggling is that Allah has promised whoever wants this dunya you will get it. You run after it. You'll get what you want. The will make you

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happy, but you'll get it. You're not going to find satisfaction. But if you make the dunya your goal Hello take it

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Go see if you find your happiness, this dunya this world will be given to everybody who wants it. But the Euro? No, that's a different story. Our Eliza just says in the Quran that men can have a little higher to dunya was enough to her. Whoever wants this world and all of its beauty pneumophila Him

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we will return all of his deeds in this world, and they will not be shown any injustice. You want this dunya you will get everything you've done any good that you might have done, you'll get it back in this world. You know, everybody does some good. Even the Carfin he'll give $5 charity once in a while. Even the atheist will help a poor person on the street. It's in our nature to be good. And the law says even that good. Don't worry, you will get it back. If you wanted this dunya pneumophila him Armada hongfa woofie hola you casued anything that you will get Allah said, you will be returned your good deeds in this world and you will not be shortchanged. Woman or are the Hirata was the

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woman for hula kanessa you homeschool, but whoever wants the Hereafter, and he strives for the hereafter.

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While he believes that is the one who's striving will be appreciated and rewarded by Allah. So Allah says, Whoever wants to dunya here's the dunya take it, whoever wants the al Qaeda, there's the al Qaeda take it and then Allah says coolin both of these groups, the ones who want to do near and the ones who want the hero, Kula Noemi, Doha, hula, hula Minato Arabic, this group and that group How will I will How will it This is beautiful here, they will both taste the generosity of their Lord in this world.

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What does this mean? The cafe only wanted the dunya he'll get it. The Muslim wanted the era Allah says he will also taste this dunya Quinlan Noemi Doha,

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Arabic think even the Muslim who's not concerned with this dunya he puts his eyes on the ARCA Allah says, we will give him like we gave the cafe did amazing. It's an amazing verse. Because when the man made the Torah his goal, Allah said, Don't worry, I'll give him his dunya as well. When the Kaffir made this dunya his goal, he's not going to get any IRA. So when you aim for the next world, guess what you want to double price this world and the next. And when you aim only for this world, then you're not going to get the real world of the next and yes, you will get this world but even when you get this world it will not make you happy. nonetheless it will give you your money it will

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give you your risk, your heart will not be happy, you will find pain and suffering but you will get the dunia urine after and this is exactly what we see that the people who want this world and they strive 70 8090 100 hours a week they're going and doing everything they'll get something some of them get rich millionaire multimillionaire but the internal peace and internal happiness that is a blessing from Allah subhana wa tada and this has proven so clearly in a beautiful Hadith and Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever made his ultimate goal, this dunya whoever made his goal, this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala will break up every matter of his and

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Allah will place poverty in front of his eyes. What does it mean Allah will place poverty in front of his eyes, it means either he will literally be poor, or he will always be so scared of being poured that that will become his motivation. Even if he has a million he is going to be worried. What if tomorrow, I'm poor, and his whole life is going to be worried about becoming poor, a law will place poverty in front of him. In other words, he's always threatened. He's always scared. Imagine if you have a animal that's scary in front of you always terrified. So the rich man even if he has riches, his poverty is right in front of him. He's always worried the stock market collapses,

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my business happens, his dunya has become his God, His dunya has become his God. And his fear and hope are related to that God when he has it when he doesn't have it. So whoever makes the dunya his goal, Allah will make his affairs separated means he's not going to find peace. He will not find peace. When he gets involved in a relationship, the relationship will break up his own family will give him irritation and problem whatever matter he wants to do, Allah will break it up, and Allah will place poverty in front of his eyes, and nothing of this dunya will come to him, except whatever Allah other had written. His extra exertion is not going to get him more than what Allah decreed.

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Whatever Allah decreed will come. Whether he works one hour or 1000 hours. It doesn't matter.

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He will get what Allah has decreed. And whoever made the hero his goal whoever made the hero his goal what's going to happen? Allah subhana wa tada Gemma Shimla who will gather his affairs together, whatever he does will be successful. Whatever relationship he involves himself marriage whether or children whatever happens will be Gemma Allah will gather it for him, Allah will give it to him and Jada. Lavina who feel called be, Allah will put richness in his heart. Beautiful phrase here, Allah will make him rich through his heart. What does that mean? richness as we all know, we're lucky every one of us who is above I would say 25 years old. Once you've had your first job

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and you get your paycheck and you realize money does not make you happy. Money does not make you happy. We who are now Mashallah Tabata cola beyond that teenage years, let me get my job, I'm going to be happy. Anybody who is not working in the real force, you get married, you have children, you realize happiness is not dystonia. What is happiness, our process of them said Giada love Okay, now who

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Allah will make cleaner happiness and richness in his heart, which means whatever he has, he will enjoy because a law has made him happy in his heart. It doesn't mean he will get a million dollars it means when he has 1000 that 1000 will give him more pleasure than the mean the million will give to the millionaire whatever he has his Lena is in his heart, his family his children will be the best in the world. Even though if somebody from the outside looks Oh, what a small house you have, or you only have one son I have Mashallah five cents, no, maybe the the quality of that one, maybe the grief that those five will give you cannot ever compare to the joy that that one will give you.

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This is what our process them is saying that Allah will make dinner in his heart and attached to dunya while he around him, that this world will come to him meekly and submissively meaning without him having to waste his time to get it the world will come to him without him having to go to get the world. This is a handwritten urban magic authentic added to summarize this habit because will lie This is the gist of the book. Our Profit System is saying, whoever makes this world his goal, will suffer emotionally, will suffer financially will suffer in every way possible. And guess what? In the end, he cannot outsmart Allah whatever Allah has ruled, he will get not one penny more, not

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one penny less. And whoever makes the hero his goal, that is the person Allah azza wa jal will make every affair of his blessing. And Allah xojo will give him contentment of the heart. And this world will come to him without him having to chase it attached with dunya, whereas the first case the man is running, and always there's *er between his eyes. The man is running after the dunya but he only sees poverty, poverty, poverty. In the second case, the man is there standing worshiping Allah and the world comes to him, despite the fact that he's not running after it.

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And this is the reality of what our religion teaches us My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhana wa tada says, in a Latina, la Jada junonia, call Anna Waterlooville hair to dunya. What an OB ha, the people who have no desire to meet us, the people who have no desire to meet us, and they are content with this world. What are you been hired to do? What am I an OB ha, and they're more than happy if they get this world and they don't care about the next. Allah says these are the ones that the Lr xojo says these are the ones that now the jahannam has been prepared for. These are the ones that they can wait for the noun to Johanna. So the question is very simple. Are you content with

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this world? Are you happy with this world? Are you satisfied with only having this world or do you want to raise the bar raise the standards, you only live once will law here you do but that life is the hereafter and that life that you're living once in the next life will never finish? It is this life? That is not the real life. Our Eliza just says what in Daraa Hirata the he'll hire one that the life of the next world that is higher one here doesn't mean animalism people think higher one here means the ultimate life it is an emphasis li li a one meaning it is the hire to help you clear when in doubt Allah Hirata law he'll hire one local area the moon that the life of the next world

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that is the ultimate life if they only understood about ecological footprint and all the wonderful anyway y'all come be my family it was declared Hakeem odometers marone was tough for a lot of the money what a what is a Muslim include them in first selfie true in number one or photo Rahim.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hilda had a head of Samadhi lady limited wala mula dwolla mucuna. Hakuna had Roberto.

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There are many effects that come about in the oma. When we love this world more than we love the archaea.

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There are many symptoms there are many causes, and that is perhaps the topic of another hotspot. But one particular Hadeeth comes to mind, a Hadees that was quoted recently in a lecture I gave here about the events of 1914 100 years ago, and I quoted that Hadith in passing. And I felt that not I did not do justice to that Hadees because that had these tells us what happens when we love this world above the outcome. It is a hadith reported in western Imam Ahmed, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you sheikh who entered a coma, it's only a matter of time you shake is just a matter of time that other nations will call each other to attack you.

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Like people are called to eat from a common plate of food. So only a matter of time that other nations will call each other come you Let's go. When do you want to attack? What do you want this literally you're discussing? What are you going to eat at the restaurant? What do you which portion? Which menu Are you going to order which dish is going to be yours? This is exactly what our processing the missing a time will come when other nations will be lackadaisically without any fear calling one another openly publicly. And we talked about this in our lecture 1914 the making of the modern Middle East. This is exactly what happened 100 years ago, when the powers the Allied forces

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literally gathered around the table with a map of the Muslim world. The Ottoman lands in Iraq in Baghdad, Damascus and Syria for those fleeing fell asleep. This is when it left our hands all of this happen. And they're debating and they're and they're literally arguing with one another. I want this pie I want this pie I want this bite. And France and England and Russia. They're literally debating with one another and they draw out what is now the modern Middle East in that treaty that is called the Sykes picot agreement. You Sheikh who entered on a coma coma today and a color to Allah casati. There was the map there was the kusa, there was the big table, this big laden fruits,

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all of the Middle East with its oil with its natural resources, this is our plate of food, and all of the nations are gathered, salivating, wanting each one a piece of the pie, like our Prophet has said himself. Now the Sahaba they couldn't understand how to sue the law. How is this possible? We were 300 and bothered and we destroyed them. We were 1000 or we were there. They cannot imagine. So they said perhaps you're a pseudo law. We are a very small number. I mean, our men killed a rasulillah maybe we are just a small amount. That's why they can do this. Our process and him said law in the kamikazes No, you're not gonna be small, you're gonna be large, your quantity will be

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much more than you have ever imagined. We are Mashallah tomato Cola, we boast 1.6 billion 1.7 billion, we are more than 25% or 20 to 25% of this world, every fourth or fifth person in this world as a human, we are the second largest religion, and in terms of practicing will lie We are the largest religion. Yes, Christianity is larger than us in terms of number. But in terms of mousseline in terms of people who pray, who believe who fast who do their child who do their science will lie there is no doubt we are the largest religion in terms of those who believe in a religion. As you know, most people of other religions are secular by and large, they don't believe in their fates.

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Yet, you are Cassius, Joaquin Nakamoto is saying, but you will be like the and literally he used the word that in English you can only translate as the scum of the ocean. You know, when you're at the beach, things keep on getting thrown on by the tide. Just junk, trinkets. Wood, something that has no value, it just comes in and the shore washes it aside. This is water. This is water. It just comes and it just it's of no value. You just find somebody who discarded an item few years ago and now it's coming on to the shore. This is what what that means. What does that mean? You will be plenty but you will have no value. You will be plenty in quantity but your quality will be gone.

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When I kinoko San Jose is saying what a enzian Nola human called the Mahabharata calm whether you're a fan of Obi Wan, and surely Allah will remove from the hearts of your enemies, any fear that they had a view, a law will remove any fear which means once upon a time they had that fear. Once upon a time they had that fear. And the best example of course, is our profits of the lock. Why do you sell them in the Battle of the book when he himself went to challenge the Romans

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The only time that he took on the Romans said come What do what you can do. And the Roman Empire and the Arabs who supported them. They didn't even show up out of fear. There was no actual Battle of the book. The test of the battle was for the Muslims to get there and we'll talk about that in the theater inshallah soon the test of the battle was for the Muslims to leave Medina and to walk one month in the desert to get to the book there was no actual battle. Why? Because our process of them said no, sir to be Ravi, merci Lata sharp, they heard he was coming for one month, they heard he's coming one month before and out of terror, they all disappeared and vanished. And this is the mighty

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Roman Empire. These are the kasana and Arabs that were supported by the Caesar, the weaponry, the training, the armor is directly from Rome, and they're going to meet a bunch of new converts a bunch of people who have never been trained in the arts of war, the Sahaba and they're so terrified, they don't even show up for the battle. Contrast My dear brothers and sisters 1914 with the Battle of two book when the Allied forces are publicly making promises, the Balfour Declaration and the Sykes picot agreement were both publicized. While the Muslims still believed the British they still believe the Brits are going to fulfill their promise and give us an independent caliphate. And its

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public is New York Times as the articles that the Times of London has the articles while World War One is going on. And the people of Mecca and whatnot are still completely believing. Yes, the British will make us in charge and in front of their eyes in front of our eyes, one by one each land is given away France gets this London gets this England gets this and Allah will some countries given came in the middle and Ottoman turkey went its secular way. Nonetheless, in front of our eyes 100 years ago, exactly this, they had no fear of us, and they could openly publicly say YOLO Hola, this trans Jordan will give it over to the Zionist Federation publicly. Go ahead, do what you want.

00:31:54--> 00:32:40

Trans Jordan is now given over to the Zionist Federation. And what could the Muslim oma do and what has it done? And this is what our profit system is saying that Allah will remove any fear that they had. And then what was the final phrase? And that's why it's relevant to our hotel. And he will put in your hearts a weakness. They said What is this weakness out of Salalah? What did he say dunya. Walker here to mount the weakness because of which all of this will happen. This is why all of it is happening is because you love this world too much. And you have no desire to meet a lot. You have no desire for the death and and for the house the Oculus out of your mind. Now, he only concerned with

00:32:40--> 00:32:41

this dunya

00:32:42--> 00:33:20

and so my dear brothers and sisters, yes, there are many casualties for loving this world. But of those casualties is a communal Casualty. The oma suffers when I love this world more than the archaea, the oma suffers when I'm concerned about my paycheck more than am about my sweater. The oma suffers when all I'm worried about is the quality and quantity of possessions and not the man and taqwa inside of my heart. My dear brothers and sisters Look around you. And I don't need to tell you the status of the oma Look around you and wonder why is this happening? And our Profit System predicted this, that Allah has removed any fear that others had a view and you have inflicted a

00:33:20--> 00:33:58

weakness and a disease? What is that disease? jasola we don't have it now. What is it? Hell, but dounia Walker are here to remote. This is the one this is the disease. This is the weakness that unfortunately, many of us have. If we can't save the whole oma at least save ourselves, save our families, each one amongst us make sure that we prioritize the accurate make sure our goal is the accurate and guess what Allah will give us this world and the next that is a promise from the Quran. That is a promise from the Prophet system. Do we believe in that promise? Aloma niederrhein Aminu llamada? telegraphy Hayami? The manila folder what a Hammond Illa for Raja water deignan illa de

00:33:58--> 00:34:12

Maria, Elijah feta when I see it en la assaulter Allah ma Filipina what the one in Alinea, Saba Puna been a man alumina hillbilly Latina Amano robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Marisa Islam and Muslim in

00:34:13--> 00:34:55

Islam al muslimeen Allahu maricel Islam all Muslim in allama Aradhana orada Islam and Muslim a to be so influential it will be enough to say watch altijd Mira who featured bt Jaco Aziz about the law in the law tada Amara can be ambrym better behaved bFc within the Malacca de Hodo se with LS IB Can you help me know when I'm in Genie he will insert the USB and put it in idema in a law Homer that you could use a lunala nebby Yeah, you handed in amanu sallu ie he was selling them with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Wan Abdullah Sudha Mohammedan while the early he was such a big Marine, anybody the law in the law hotel yeah mobility with a sandwich corba 100 fascia it will moon

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carry well belly Ito Camilla come to the Kuru Kuru la de mayo.

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Come watch guru USA calm. What are the cruel law he talks about? What optimists are